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Sunday, January 3, 2010

majestic mornings.....

this was the view from the
Motel 6 in Mammoth.....the first morning of the new year....
I walked outside to go buy a Vitamin water....and the beauty of the mountains stole my breath away...all around...are the most beautiful, more-than-your-eyes can take in....mountains. The tallest mountain in the contiguous United States is in this mountain range, Mt. Whitney.

Sometimes it may seem like we have the tallest mountains of difficulty in our lives. We may look our lives and say, oh this is too big to ever overcome...this pain is too much, the frustration is too overwhelming.

Instead we need to develop our wings...wings like eagles. They make nest in the highest, most dangerous locations. Instead of running and hiding like a chicken would when they see danger...eagles just fly higher! That's what we need to do. When we see things in life getting more difficult....instead of shrinking down and hiding, and saying "oh well, it's too much, I'll never be able to do that...I'll never be able to be happy"......We need to fly even higher....go even farther...we truly can "fly" above our problems......
No one said we need to just sit and take whatever problems or hurts, we have in our paths! We need to just decide that we are going to have wings like eagles....and fly above them!

When you're feeling hurt or sad...or discouraged....that's the time we need to put our "eagle wings" on and soar beyond the hurt and the sadness. God even says when we "fly" with him, it's like we are soaring high with wings like eagles!

So let's soar high above all of life's troubles this year with wings like eagles!!!

huge love....your fellow eagle flyer...kandee
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