Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1920's Gatsby Prom Dress, Makeup & Hair Ideas

I love all things vintage! So whether you're going to a Gatsby 20's themed prom, or your want to have your own style instead of wearing the same dresses as everyone else at your prom, or a wedding, or any even where you need a dress, I've got you covered from shoes to make-up!

Let's head back in time for some 20's Prom, inspiration....

I just filmed a tutorial for 1920's Inspired Make-Up for the make-up I did for Jessa, last weekend for her prom, you could actually wear this look everyday too:
We wanted her to look pretty, and not too "costume" or exact 20's, with the shaping of the mouth, and thin down-turned brows, and really dramatic lip color, so we went for "soft, romantic, Gatsby Glam", here's how we did it:


 Here is the same 20's flapper style dress that Aria Montgomery wore in the 20's costume episode of, Pretty Little Liars. It is a 20's replica dress, click here for more info.

This Flapper Style Deco dress, is the same dress, that my beautiful make-up model (below) wore to her prom night: (it was even more beautiful in person)

 60 inch "pearl style" necklaces were all the rage in the 20's, and with this length you can knot them. You can get black, bronze and traditional pearl from Unique Vintage.

Long art deco inspired earrings, will still look great worn today! Just look for a drop-dangle earring with art deco detailing like these I found on Etsy:
 or these vintage inspired earrings from Claire's:

20's PURSE:

Art Deco design is still stylish today, and this Art Deco purse is something I would just hang on my wall too. And it's a bit of a bracelet and purse in one!

 Just look for any purse of clutch with 20's inspired details, beading, pearls, art deco design and patterns.

Of course you're going to want to opt for the 20's T-Strap Shoe, to cut a rug!
These 20's inspired, Classic Confection shoes from ModCloth are as cute as cake:
They also come in Bubble Gum:

And the classic 20's t-bar or t-strap shoe that comes in ivory, black, grey, plum, and this fun navy blue from Zappos:

20's Flapper Gatsby Headband:
These beaded flapper headbands from Unique Vintage are great:

or you can do like Jessa did, and DIY your own 20's flapper headband. Glue a little flower, feathers and netting to a lace headband or ribbon and you can have your own in minutes!

20's Hair:
Finger waves or Rag Curls,

like Jessa did (above with her date) are fun and perfect! Be warned rag curls are not so fun to try to sleep in, but the result it great! If you'd live to see me do a tutorial for finger waves or rag curls, comment below and I'll cook one up for ya!

And for more dramatic 20's Flapper, Gatsby, Vamp make-up,  you can watch this video I did, that might help you win a 20's costume contest ha ha ha:

Huge hugs and hope this post was the bees knees (20's slang for cool, I think we shoudl bring it back)...
your gal, Kandee

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stomping Through The Boonies

Oh the sweet, sweet light of sunset. It's delicate like lace and soft like a painting.
I took a "hike" through some rugged terrain in a pair of ridiculously, not-the-right-shoes-to-be-walking-here-boots, with my camera crew, I mean me, carrying my tripod and camera. And a small man the holds my heart in his hands, who took this picture, who happens to be 6 and goes by the name of Blake.

I filmed a surprise video that may just inspire a new series of videos! ha ha ha ha I can't even give away what the video is about because it's too, well, I can't even say that! hee hee It's gonna be fun, is all I can say!
In case anyone wanted to know, because I already got some questions on good ol' instagram
 LACE CARDIGAN- Free People |  STRIPED TANK DRESS- Forever21  |  LEGGINGS  |  BOOTS - Steve Madden | Hat - I got at a hat store in Toronto  | Gold Earrings - vintage earrings I got at a flea market
Warning: all these items are "old" as in I got them 6 months to a couple years ago, so they probably aren't even available! ha ha ha But they can "inspire" your clothes-hunting-eyes! hee hee

I will be uploading a video today! I was up til 2:33am, editing this's going to be a Romantic 1920's Inspired Make-Up look for Prom that I did last weekend for Jessa, who was actually going to prom after we filmed it! The look is beautiful and you could wear it whether you're going to prom, and went to your own prom 20 years ago! hee hee

I edit in FinalCutPro, if anyone was wondering. I've never taken a class, and I don't think I'm that great at editing, but I do ok, and finally I think the video is good enough to stop editing. Ha ha ha

Set your self free from judging others today. And in the freedom, your heart will be open to have greater understanding and appreciation of other people's hearts...and you will feel more love flowing through you!

Huge hugs and ridiculous-to-walk-in-the-rocks-fringe-boots, your Kandee

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Friday, April 11, 2014

9 Of The Funniest Photoshopped Celebrities

Celebrities are just like you and I. Without fancy wardrobe stylists, make-up artists, trainers, chefs, well, they were just one different choice away, from being a regular person. So here's, quite possibly the funniest celebrity photoshop creations by the Photoshop Genius, Danny Evans. He has just put the actual faces of these celebs on some pretty awesome, everyday peeps portait bodies! I love this!
The next time you see a waiter, hostess, sales clerk, just imagine them all glammed up, they still could be the next big thing!

Yes, that up above is none other than JAY Z and BEYONCE!!!




looking as fashionable as ever.





And I'm not saying I'm a celebrity in any way, I just couldn't help but want to be photoshopped onto an awesome 80's portrait, so here's mine too, horrible photoshopping courtesy of myself:

Hope this brought a smile to your face or at least gave you fun pictures to post, pin to pinterest or whatever....

PS. Don't forget to watch THIS, it's a a video revealing my new hair, starring my "twin", well not really a twin, I'm older, but just watch this for more laughter, but THIS is my real new hair color:

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday and 10 Things About This Picture

1. This was not my horse. This was my sisters horse.

2. Did you notice how my silk, yes I said silk, shirt matched the horses halter.

3. A halter, is the strappy looking thing on the horses head, to lead them around with a lead rope.

4. I also seem to be wearing a decorative pin up at the collar of my shirt, yes this was the 90's. And yes, like a bolo tie but without the dangly tie parts hanging down. I know, I know, I was cool. ha ha ha

5. Silk shirt are hot. Not as in, hot = cool, but as in hot = sweaty.

6. I like horses but was always more afraid of the distance at which they could eject me from the saddle on their back. Once we were doing this demonstration of riding horses for all these little Girl Scouts at this indoor Arena, and a bird flew all crazy out of the rafters and scared my horse, and it took off running and jumping all crazy with me on the back and it scared all the little Girl Scouts, AND ME!

6. Silk shirts are not flattering for your figure.

7. This was my daily make-up look in high school. Yes, there is make-up on my face.

8. The horse's name was Leo.

9. I have never, and will never buy another silk shirt.

10. I look like I stole my clothes from a 90's boy band. Just cover up my head and yep, Justin Timberlake

And get ready to see MY BRAND NEW HAIR.....
After you see this awesome picture of me and my "faux twin" sister (I'm 22 months older than her)

Here's our before picture, and watch to see what color my hair is under this wig:

Huge hugs, from me and my huge silk shirt, your friend, Kandee

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Before and After and The Reason You Have To Not Blog Sometimes

 This is not me, hee hee. This is my beautiful sister, who didn't need a drop of make-up, but I added a little to her face, for my niece's birthday party. My sister's inner beauty and peace shine from her heart, and I just added some, "outer shine" to her lips and eyes!

Sometimes in life you have to push aside your "priorities" and make what truly matters, your priority. And that is my sister. After losing my dad, well we didn't lose him and that term is so weird sometimes, because I know he's in heaven, he is not lost, I just can't get to him. But, it puts life in perspective that you never know how much time you have left to enjoy the ones you love and to make memories with them, so we headed to my sisters to help her with my nieces party and to help her go to Disneyland. You see, my sister doesn't get to leave her house too much since her Lyme Disease has really gone into high gear.

Life is far from perfect for anyone. And beneath the joy of Disneyland, where we went for my niece's birthday, there are always the things that are imperfect, still going on in life. As much as I wanted to hear my sister screaming and laughing next to me on Space Mountain, she couldn't go on it with her more delicate heart. And her mode of transportation was an awesome wheelchair, which all the kids preferred to ride on her lap that sit in a stroller. She has a very rare form of Lyme Disease which only 1% of people with Lyme get, so she's pretty fancy! ha ha ha

And when I found out my sister wasn't doing well, and I had gotten separated from everyone, without my cell phone...when I finally found they were at the hotel, I sprinted all the way from inside Disneyland, through the crowds, through Downtown Disney, to the hotel to get to my sister. People moved out of my way, and no crowd was gonna stop me from racing to her.

I love her more than words can ever say. And even though some people's lived might seem to be perfect or seem fun, you never know the heart ache, struggle and frustrations they are dealing with. I've had a heart that has been a little heavy the last couple weeks. Two people I know, passed away, and my heart hurt, not just for them, and it broke for the pain of the families that are left with shattered hearts in their chest. Scary medical news seems to be waiting around every corner...
and I need to just take time to be with my little family and my sister and her little family. I didn't edit a video or write my blogs while I was with my sister, because I just wanted to spend every moment I could with her and her lil family. But I'm back home now, and ready to upload a little something!

I wanted to thank all of you who have been praying for my sister and her lil family. Her attitude and her faith in God, that He will be her strengthen her and her faith through all of this, is just incredible. I won't bore you with all her medical things that are scary. But I just wanted to thank you all for each prayer. I know the world is full of people in need of prayers and I just wanted to thank you all that have added her and her little girls into your prayers too.

Life gives us many before and afters. My life will never be the same without my dad, but I can live on with his joy and memories and God will strengthen me for the "after", without my dad. No matter what your after is, know that you are amazing, and greatness is made in the times of struggle and pain. Muscles don't get made without some struggle. Greatness and success don't get made without challenges, struggle and things failing.

Giant thank you hugs to everyone, and always remember that you are not alone. There is heart ache and struggle in all of our lives, and that's why an extra kind word, smile and thoughtful action goes a long way to share some love with everyone else who needs a little extra love in their day.

PS. I filmed a very special video, because my sister is in it, to upload to day, with some "semi-exciting" news! ha ha ha Not really exciting, but a change anyway! Click here to see my youtube-ness!

I heart each one of you reading this and send a hug and prayer that your day would be filled with sparkled of joy no matter what is happening or what you are dealing with, your Kandee

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Big News,Magazine Covers, Kim Kardashian, and make-up I used:

Here's the side by side of me recreating Kim K's look....I photoshopped her her on and left the outlines of my hands and legs that were almost as close as Kim K's, and all tell you all the stuff I used in the video below!

This as close to being on the cover of a magazine as I've ever come...and I'm not really on the cover, but here is my BIG NEWS VIDEO to find out more BIG NEWS (and I wasn't squinting my eyes, sultry enough in this picture ha ha)

Here's are some behind the scenes iphone-tography pictures I took, and had random other people take, with my phone hee hee:

Here's me as Kim Kardashian, with the awesome sound guy, getting ready to microphone me up for the video.
That is my listening face....

Me closing my eyes, because that's how most of pictures end up, coming out....ha ha ha

Every make-up artist, or girl who doesn't want to mess up her lipstick, needs to carry around a supply of straws. It's like lipgloss and lipstick won't smear your lipstick this way!

This pose doesn't look hard, but getting my leg to stay on the little stool and move my hands just like Kim K's was hard, my leg didn't want to be up on that stool! ha ha ha
So, I am beyond excited that I am doing this series with Glamour Magazine! Make sure you subscribe to the Glamour Channel on Youtube so you can see all the videos of all the other celebritiy covers I'll be recreating: CLICK HERE

And here's the VERY FIRST episode of BEAUTY RECOVERED with tips and tricks galore (get it, because I'm recreating the covers...hee hee):

And for even shorter fun, here's Turning Into Kim Kardashian in 30 seconds:

And here'e everything I used to get Kim K's look, I used high end stuff, because I know that's what she uses too, so here it is:

Hour Glass No. 29 Primer Potion- click here

YSL Le Teinte Touche Eclat - click here

Givenchy Mister Light - click here

Contour Color:
RCMA VK Palette #11 - click here

Contour Powder:
Benefit Hoola - click here

Tarte Cheekstain in Blushing Bride - click here

Nars Illuminator in 413 Blkr - click here

Powder Highlighter (I actually used an eyeshadow):
Chanel Eyeshadow in Complice - click here

Eyeshadow Palette:
Dior 5 Couleurs Palette - click here

Lip Plumper:
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme - click here

Lip Liner:
MAC Naked Lip Liner (I used this to line the rims of the eyes and to fill the lips in as lip color) - click here

MAC plum liner to line the edges of the lips

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Chocolate - click here

I love the Flutter Lashes and this is the "Kim" style too - click here

I hope you guys liked this and thank you all so much, all you guys who've left me the nicest comments on the my channel and the Glamour channel videos! I love you guys so much! It's your support and love and God's blessing that is a true blessing to me!

Huge sultry eyelash winks and hugs form your girl, who totally misses my long hair after these picture, Kandee

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8 Tips To Look Younger With Make-Up

Most times when you add make-up to the face, it just ages everyone, makeup sinks into lines, dark contouring can add more depth that take away from a rounder, youthful I'm gonna give you some make-up tips to add some fountain of youth to your face!

Here's my Make-Up Tutorial for how to look as youthful and dewy as possible, BABY FACE SPRAY, not sold anywhere ha ha ha:

A little contouring can add depth and dimension, but too crazy and you add 5 years to your face. Contouring can add full roundness, but most "how to contour" images I see everywhere, just make someone look aged and a little crazy! If you are going to contour add some highlight to emphasize roundness too!

Avoid foundations that aren't going for a "non-oily" look, those kinds will dry the skin out too much and give you a more "wrinkle and fine line" look! Cover up under eye circles and the eyelids, this will make you look less red and veiny, and more like baby-face perfection!

Only powder areas that are oily, like the nose, forehead, chin and the eyelids to give an "oil-free" zone to apply eyeshadow, or it will just settle into the creases. Powdering the entire face can give a cake-y, dry look that will exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles everywhere!

Pink hues give a youthful, glowy appearance to the face and eyes. Add a soft light pink-pear shimmer to the eyes for  a bright-eyes look, and don't worry it won't LOOK pink, it will just draw the eye in a different way. Pink on the cheeks always look more youthful than any other shade you can use!

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: The Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride It's a cream cheek stain so that always makes the cheeks look more dewy, than a dry powder blush alone, and this shade is so pretty I just want to eat it!

YOUTHFUL TIP #5. Darken Up Those Brows Baby!
Just filling in the brows, will give a more youthful frame to your face. As we age, our eyebrows lighten and thin and eventually turn grey, so the darker your brows, the younger you'll look! WARNING: for those looking to take off 20 years, black eyebrows won't do the trick! ha ha ha Always go for a shade that matched the deepest tones of your hair (if you have colored hair, just go with what the natural shade of your hair, or for blondes 1-2 shades darker than you hair)
WHAT I USED IN THE VIDEO: Tarte Amazonian Waterproof Eyebrow Mouse in Taupe applied with a good synthetic fiber, angled brush (*you can even get good and cheap ones at the art & craft supply store)

Dark colored lips add drama and a little bit of lip-maturity! ha ha For a younger looking kisser, go with a nude-rose-pink colored lip, and a light pink gloss or lip color will make the lips look more youthful and plump!
MY LIP FAVS: Too Faced Perfect Pink Lip Liner, Urban Decay Lip Liner in Naked and Urban Decay Lip Liner in Native (it's a super light nude pink, I use it as a lip color too!)

Smokey eyes, add a sultry look to the face, which isn't really youthful. A black winged liner on the top lashline, really gives an innocent, yet glamourous look, think Audrey Hepburn- fresh, youthful, yet classic and beautiful!

Avoiding the desire to darken the lower lashline, will give a "eyelift" illusion to your eyes and draw the eyes upwards.

Now you're ready to look like "the cutest little baby face"!!

And I hope you loved my "How To Look Younger With Make-Up Video" and my special, extra baby faced, guest, Ellie!

Huge baby-like hugs, your toddler-faced friend, Kandee (ha ha ha)

PS. I'm uploading another video today with a huge announcement! Yayyyy!

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