Monday, August 11, 2014

Look I'm In a Dress, At The Teen Choice Awards:

I know, it's a rare occurrence when I am seen in a dress, much less and foncy dress like this:

I made a video about picking out my dress and asked you guys which one to wear....Come see all the options and trying them all on here:

You guys picked the white dress, and it was my fav too, that and the short black dress:
But I chose:
DRESS: Elliatt
RINGS & CUFFS: Vidakush
HAND CHAIN: Mash Style
Big thanks to my friend and stylist, AnnMarie Hoang, who's awesome and pulled all this cool stuff for me!

No make-up but lots of fun hair...

My friend Bethanie did my hair, which I loved! She works at Fringe Salon in Beverly Hills, if you need to awesome hair styling, cutting or coloring! And I love her and have known her forever!

I didn't have much time to do my make-up, so I did some record breaking, speed make-up on myself.

The most glamorous part is that we sat in a car, with AC because it was hot outside, and while the red carpet seems glamorous, it was really just very hot, crowded and lots of people pushing each other...
in the car with Teala and Mandy...

And with my friend, Brittani Louise Taylor....who I love:

Look at her cool Teen Choice Awards nails:

And I we both got to meet and exchange how much we love each other, Genevieve Hannelius , from Dog With A Blog:
I was so excited to be invited to be at the Teen Choice Awards...and it was all because of you guys, that they wanted me to be there to represent the bloggers in the blogger balcony, like this:
There's me, and behind me were the hosts, doing an intro from the "blogger balcony"...and a huge thank you to everyone that tweeted me pics from seeing me on tv, it was so cool, and you guys tweeted me pics from the pre-show where I was interviewed  because I didn't get to see that either.

There was Taylor Swift who walked by me backstage....very blurry I know.....

And here was when the show was almost over...

And now I'm back in non fancy clothes...but I felt like a princess in my fancy clothes....

huge hugs from your felt-like-a-princess-for-the-day, Kandee

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Friday, August 8, 2014

What to do when you feel like a failure.....

"You're no good"
"You're not good enough"
"Look at all the things you've done wrong and screwed up"
"You're worthless"
"No one really loves you"

If your heart has hurt from disappointment, feeling not-good-enough, not worthy of love or  he heartache of things not working out in your life, or you're just feeling attacked with a little depression...I hope something you see in these words will lift your heart up.

Everything that looked as if it's "gone wrong" In your life, which makes your life feel like a bunch of tangled knots, is actually weaving together a beautiful, priceless tapestry. A life that without those tangled moments, wouldn't make you the amazing person you are, full of strength, determination and the ability to say, I'm a survivor. I also say that when you life feels like a shattered mirror, no longer perfect in the worlds eye, but that shattered mirror is going to shine and reflect more light than a perfect mirror ever will. Every bit of broken-ness, every painful moment that's caused some part of your to shatter, is only going to make you shine brighter. Your heart grows bigger, your determination stronger, your understanding gets larger and you become more beautiful, for all the painful things you've endured.

We all have failures in life, and we look forward to the successes.  Failure is a required stepping stone on any pathway to success, if you're not afraid to fail, you're never going to achieve anything worthwhile. And no matter how little or many your successes are, that's not what makes you. I've seen very successful people who are rude, awful, self-centered and lack morals, by the worlds eye from the outside they look like SUCCESS! But if you see behind the scenes, they might be the biggest failures of all.
You are not your failures and don't measure your worth by what the world sees as "success". The world doesn't give awards for being a loving person, or someone who inspires those around them, or leaves people better off for having been in their presence. But those are the most important.

I've been in relationships where I was told I was worthless, no one loved me, I was unattractive, and so on. Those words stung my heart at the time, and made me feel unworthy of being loved, like I had no value, like I was worthless.
I now know, that those words were being spoken from a heart that was so wounded themselves, they  didn't know how to love someone.

It always seems, just like in the movies, that things are looking really bad before the victory takes place. I know in my life, I've felt like a complete failure, that none of my dreams would ever come true, and pretty hopeless. Had I only known what God knew was waiting for me up ahead in my future. You never want to give up, because the greatest day of your life could be tomorrow, next week , next month, and the most mind blowing awesome, dream come true, can be just ahead, if you just hang on a little while longer!

If you've been told things like this, whether from a "loved one" or some angry, and hurt people at school or work, or you just feel these thoughts on your own, I want you to know:

know that you are great, and every great person has failed so many times.

Your failures are just making your success story that much more amazing! I feel like a failure, more times that I'll ever admit. I feel like I'm no good, nothing I do is very good, and that I'm not as good as "so-and-so"...and I want you to know if you feel that way, it's ok. Just make sure you hear my voice in your heart saying....
You are amazing, incredible, strong, and beyond compare. You are precious and deserve to have your heart held only in hands that will cherish it. What the world sees as success is nothing...I want to store of my success in the hearts of people who's lives I  have touched and in heaven where our greatest rewards for out lives down here on earth await us.

I am sending you ginormous hugs and so much love, from your friend who loves YOU, Kandee

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Dream In The Colors of The Sunset: things I'm in love/obsessed with

It's Wednesay and here's some things I'm liking....

I like the cotton candy pinks and pastel turquoise colors of the sky in the desert at sunset.
I like that my closet looks like someone who's style is all over the place.
I like being all over the place.
I am totally in like with this song and have listened to it 8 times in a row:

Echosmith -  Cool Kids

I am in love with this shade of "faded denim/stormy ocean sky" blue hair:

I am slightly in love with everything from Free People, and I wish they would want me to be their fashion ambassador and send me their clothes to wear! ha ha ha ha

And I love all these things and wish I had them to go walking around the desert, not practical, but it'd make for cool blog pictures:

Leather Fringe Poncho... I am semi-obsessed with kimonos and things with fringe.

HAT: brown felt hat, you know me and my love for hats.

you know I've been rocking the off the shoulder shirt, since my tutorial back in 09'... does anyone remember this video:

FRINGE MOCCS - Here I go with the fringe again.... but I love moccasins:

Romantic Gladiator Sandals anyone:

And I love this necklace..... "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" - Johnny Cash...
because everyone needs to keep a close watch on their hearts....
I saw them on etsy from Natashaaloha

Seeing this, makes me miss when I made jewelry, makes me miss when I'd spend days just making, painting, furniture.....oh the moments when time has no meaning because you love it.

And my JULY FAVORITES is up if you missed hearing my voice say my favorite things out loud, there's some fun stuff in here, please for give the loud music, I had no idea:

Happy Wednesday....
Hope this adds some sparkle to the middle of your week, and it's National Hot Dog day.....
Hot Diggity Dog, your friend, Kandee

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4 Tips On How To Get Kardashian Level Likes On Instagram

I love Instagram, I love looking at other people's instagram pictures, it's just fun and I keep up with my friends lives via Instagram.
But how do you craft the perfect picture to get you into Kardashian level likes....
well, this is just my theory, using my own AWESOME, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE (don't you wanna go follow me now?!? Shameless plug for my instagram right here @kandeejohnson) as examples of my most popular pictures on the Insta....

Feel free to regram any of these pics as long as you tag me up in there @kandeejohnson so I can go comment on it too!

I don't have any pets, so I just took a picture of my sister's Lionhead bunny, that had the most awesome hipster hair-do, I actually even regrammed this from my sister, Tiffany's Instagram, her pictures are hilarious.
LIKE COUNT: 204849
And people still like it all the time! 
Go cute bunnies!

You mix cute and disney together and you've just baked a "likes cake"! Likes Ahoy!
This tea cup of Chip from Beauty and The Beast, just made me fall in love.
LIKES: 51475
(not Kardashian level, or even close to Bernard's picture, that was my sister's bunny's name, form ABOVE, but still pretty good!)

#3. Funny or Kids:
Again, you mix kids and funny...BAM! Ellie got into my Special FX stuff, and put these on and cracked me up and I thought it'd make others crack up too.
LIKES: 44,742
I mean, it's not lion head bunny pic of Bernard, but still my #3 most liked pic, and I love Ellie.

This picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as Elsa and Anna, from Frozen, is cute, funny and filled with Disney. Voila you have my 4th most popular picture on instagram.
LIKES: 43,764

To summarize, selfie's are not popular, at least not of myself. Animal and kids slay it on instagram. So for the rest of us who's last sir name is not Kardashian or's to posting pics of animals and the Olsen twins.

And if you don't get any likes at all, who cares, it's just a like a cool diary and collection of moments, meals and things you like! Most celebrities just buy followers and likes to look more popular than they are anyway! ha ha ha ha ha ha 

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Come see what happens when a make-up artist, being me, forgets her all her makeup and she is flying there to film something, and I couldn't go without makeup:

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey, I'm still here.....birthday lips and all:

I know, maybe 1 or 2 of you might have missed my blog posts....hee hee
So here is an incredibly imperfect "birthday cupcake lip art" I did for fun. Before anyone points our the obvious, yes, I know the lines are crooked.  But I still thought I'd share some unseen on instagram pics from my bday...

Me with a couple of "fanboys" on my birthday...ha ha ha ha
Ryan (Jordan's friend, me and Jordan)

And then these pictures were already posted on instagram, but here they are again:

The amazing and delicious flower cake my cousin made me...

The awesomest of awesome birthday sunglasses, that Sunstaches sent me, thanks guys!

And me and my mamma, who is the one who made my birthday possible, literally. Without her, I wouldn't have a reason to celebrate my birthday or probably even be here:

And 5 facts about my birthday-ness:
1. Best Birthday I ever had, might be when my mom made a Hula party and painted a giant monkey cut-out for your face to replace his and take pictures.

2. Worst birthday, ummmmm after I thought about it, I'll just skip it, because it's depressing to think about. ha ha ha

3. Birthdays are great because each year you get wiser, stronger and just antiques or wine, you just get more valuable and awesome.

4. Tom Hanks also share my birthday.

5. And this is not the same Hula Party, but as you can tell I had a fondness for Hawaiian parties....just enjoy my stupid 12 year old, headband-trend and my sister making sure everyone Chills Out, in her shirt:

And I thought it might be fun to virtually take you all along with me on my birthday, so I made a video about it, come and see it here, and don't be fooled, that is not a bowling-stunt-double, that's me ha ha ha:

Huge hugs and so much love from my heart to yours, thanks for all your birthday love and making me feel loved and special, you guys all, mean more to me than I can even describe, you are my Kandee Family.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

7 Reasons To Try Teal Hair

I'm blue bee-dat-ooh-deee-dat-do-dow...
No blue in mood, but blue in the hair. And not in the little ol' lady blue hair either! ha ha ha

So here's 5 reasons why I died my hair blue:

1. When my hair is short and dark it just look more manly, I think.
2. I missed my pink hair, but have to bleach it way too light so the pink shows up.
3. One of my fav colors in turquoise, and this is sorta' close as teal.
4. My mom actually agreed that I needed a fun color, and helped me pick the teal. I love my mamma.
5. I've realized I actually like this color with my skin tone! ha ha ha
6. And more people seem to interact with you and say they like your hair color when it's a fun color. People everyday stop and say they like my hair color, which never happens when it's just brown. ha ha I've had a lot more fun conversations started all because of my hair!
7. The teal actually look really good with my skin tone and makes it look more golden!

You can see it's "bright" teal-ness, in this pick of me, when I ran into Amber Rose in the Nashville airport. We are both good friends with Priscilla Ono, who does her make-up!

And in the more darkly lit areas, it looks more dark teal like this!

Life is too short to just have one hair color! ha ha ha

Who knows how long I'll keep this, blue is a hard color to keep in the hair! But hope it's a fun visual change!

PS. I will be teaching 2 make-up classes this weekend at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas this weekend, a High Definition Make-Up Class on Saturday and a Bridal Make-Up Class on Sunday, click here to find my classes and sign up, if you are going! Can't wait to hug you!

Teal hugs, your homie Kandee

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Today is Friday the 13th and A Reason To Celebrate

This is my dad, a very little Ellie and yours truly... just 6 months before my dad went to his new and glorious home in Heaven...

2 years ago today was the hardest day of my life. It was a day that felt like a wild tornado of pain, shock, grieving, mourning, and emotions that can't even be described with words. On this day two years ago, I had texted my dad and was heading home to the airport, where my dad was going to pick us up. But on my way to the airport, I got a call, that my dad had been in an accident and had been "promoted" to his new heavenly home.

I think of my dad every single day, waves of sadness and missing my dad, overwhelm me sometimes, but that's part of missing someone with our little earthly hearts. My dad would say: "No, don't you be sad! If you knew how awesome Heaven was, you wouldn't be sad! I want you to be happy and enjoy every day to the fullest while you're still on Earth! Go make me proud! Show this world what you got! Share love with everyone around you, everywhere you go! And make today better than yesterday!"

Today is not a day to be sad, or wallow in sadness or a day to force myself to imagine the pain that I went through or relive any of the moments or emotions from that day. Today and any day that marks the day you've lost a loves one, is a day to celebrate them, their life and the love you have in your heart! It's a day to remind you, to live bigger, better, bolder in their honor! Don't live small when you need to live extra large, in honor of that loved one. Let your heart shine more love, let your smile be bigger, all in their memory, and to shine more of all the sparkle, that they've left in your heart!

I watched videos of my dad, and re-read a bunch of texts my dad sent me this week. My heart was filled with love and I took in every bit of my dad's words. And even though my dad may not be on Earth anymore, all his memories are alive in my heart. Whenever I get sad and wish I could call my dad, I know his words stored in my heart so well, that I can just imagine everything he'd tell me.

Today I can't promise I won't cry, I might even cry while I'm smiling! Crying is good and heals your heart. My grandma said, "tears water the rainbows of healing to come out over your heart." So let the healing tears fall, let the rainbows of joy come out over your heart.

We can cry, but we don't need to wallow in the sadness. Don't let the death of them, be the death of your joy. Anyone we've lost would want us to, pick ourselves up, lie with some extra spunk, extra love, extra boldness all while we carry a banner of love and remembrance of them over our heart!

I know my dad is waiting for me in Heaven, that I have the wonderful hope that I will see him again, for eternity in heaven, which is far longer that this short little life, here on Earth filled with problems.

And if any of you are hurting and grieving with the pain of losing someone, I pray that God wraps you up in His heavenly comfort, like a big cozy blanket and that hope and joy start to fill your heart back up again. And that you choose, you decide in your mind, right this moment, that you will NOT live a life of unending agony, wallowing in the pain, but that you will choose too live a life that would make your loved one proud of your strength but mostly your joy!

Losing a loved one doesn't mean you need to become bitter, it means you know how more understanding of that pain and you know can comfort others that have gone through the same thing, and that that you are going to make this life better, in someone's honor!

My dad used to say: Make today better than yesterday.

And today, I will make it better than yesterday and I will keep doing that until the day I see my dad in heaven again too!

Huge hugs and so much love, your friend that knows the heartache of loss, but has decided to make my life "a gain" of joy and love, in memory of my dad. And thank you, Jesus (whether you believe in him or not, this is just what my heart believes) for being the sacrifice, so that this life isn't all we have, your friend Kandee

Let's live big, bold, better and with more fun and happiness today. I'm gonna make today as great as I can, for you dad!

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