Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Better than the Boyfriend Tag....Velcom Roll!

 So lots of people on youtube did the "Boyfriend Does My Make-Up" video....well, I think we have one that's better...this is "Blake does my Make-Up"....
He is my lil' man. He was 4 when we filmed this, but now he's way older and wiser at 5.
 He called this look 3 different names in the video, but ended with VELCOM ROLL!
I think it is going to Fall's GO TO Make-Up look! ha ha ha ha
MY FAVORITE PART: When he asks if the hot pink lipstick, feels hot.
BLAKE'S FAVORITE PART: At the end when he starts waving his hand saying, this is what my hand looks like!

Now sit back and enjoy...Blake does my make-up, it's full of beauty twists and turns ha ha ha:

And I'm pretty sure if you wear the VELCOM ROLL make-up look to a job interview, you will be hired on the spot! ha ha ha ha

hugs and HOT pink lipstick, Kandee and her make-up artist, Blake

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Have a day that no matter what goes wrong, you're still gonna smile and laugh!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here's my TOP 5 COSTUME LOOKS (according to youtube...ha ha ha)...
It's fun looking at all these costume looks I've done for you guys...
(yes, this is actually one of my favorites too!)





Hope you had fun!!! And comment below if you want me to post my TOP 5 LEAST POPULAR LOOKS bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha

Which one of these was your favorite! I think I'm going to do costume looks all year long, instead of just in October!  Costume looks are one of my favorites...and I want to do them all year! I will be uploading a VERY SPECIAL Make-Up look on Youtube today!!!!!

huge and piles of costumes, your kandee


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kit Carson & Everyday Duds...

This is what I wear to a Punkin' Patch....
and this is what "Kit Carson" wears to a Punkin' Patch...and yes I like to say "punkin"..ha ha ha
SHIRT: Forever21
JEANS: Hudson Jeans
SHOES: black checkered Vans
BLACK CUFF: I made it, and some day will get around to making a tutorial for it! ha ha

I have no clue , but I loved it!

Sometimes I wear sunglasses and then forget them in the car...I lose more sunglasses than anyone I know- didn't lose these just left them in car. They are from Sabre, if anyone cared to know....
Me, holding Ellie, on the "fake" horse....just her style, doesn't move.
You can see all the rest of the pics from our adventure on my Kandeeland bloggy.

 Can you see the moon rising up above the's to the left a little under the cloud...just beautiful!
 and on the other side of the sky.....the sun, that looks like a diamond-sparkle, was sinking behind the mountians....
and the next day we went back....I wore more jeans and Vans, and my famous "cut-up T-shirt" I got at a thrift store, and a star scarf from Target.

And I listened to this song, by Domenico Modugno: Nel Blu Dipinto De Blu (Volare)

 I love it and feel like I'm Italy, back in the 50's.......

my shoes are covered in dirt and I'm listening to this song for the 10th song, cuz I do that with songs, your kandee

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Random 5- Lions, Tigers & Hair!

It's Saturday Happy Time!!!

And I've brought me some tiger-action for the SATURDAY RANDOM 5 Facts & Fun!

#1. This was me with, Lyle (an amazing hair stylist from Vegas, that looks like Psy, the gangnam guy)- I got my tiger shirt at Forever21, that's a fact!

#2. I did not do my awesome hair (i didn't bring any of my hair brushes, hair tools, or hairspray to vegas last week- so the amazing educator from Schwarzkopf USA made my hair look A-to-the-MAY-zing!
(that was me before I put my make-up on....and I was ready to fall alseep...go to fact #3 to see why)
#3.  Whenever someone does my hair, brushes my hair, or anything besides "pulling my hair" ha ha ha.....I just feel like I want to fall asleep- it's so relaxing to me! 

#4. I made a video last night for these "special cinnamon rolls" I'm gonna show you guys to make...well, they were GIANT...and I ate 3 of them! ha ha ha ha With the "DEEEEEElicious" icing I'm gonna show you how to make too!

#5. I worked in a clothing store in a mall when I was a teenager and used eat Cinnabon cinnamon rolls or drink these frozen vanilla drinks! My favorite part was when I'd get to dress the mannequins in outfits!

And that's 5...come back next Saturday for more of the Random 5!!! Happy weekend hugs, your tiger-shirt-lovin', kandee

and if you didn't see it....Here's my, HOW TO LOOK GANGNAM (not to be confused with my "Kang-nam Parody"...this is how I cut the wig, made the costumes, painted the shoes, danced...ha ha ha...enjoy:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Back by Popular Demand- It's the Flo Costume!

Yes, back by popular demand, and finding out that a few websites have featured this costume look this year- and I got tons of messaged from people saying they won costume contests with this look!!!!
 I thought I'd re-post my FLO the PROGRESSIVE LADY COSTUME!

 The "Progressive Lady" is hilarious! And being in her costume was so fun!! And it's easy!

(PS. my favorite part is the "ALTERNATIVE FLO LOOKS", like HIP HOP FLO:

sit back and don't forget the funny blooper at the end:

All you need to look like flo:
WHITE POLO SHIRT (Mine if from American Apparel)
THIN BROWN WATCH (You can get a cheap one at Wal-Mart or the thrift store)
BLUE OR BLACK CHUCK TAYLOR'S CONVERSE SHOES (I have both colors in my closet actaully! ha ha ha)

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BADGE & NAME TAG- it's pretty cheap!
You can click here to get her whole outfit, apron, badges, wig and headband!

And now you may just be "insured" to win any costume contest you may be entering too!!! ha ha ha

Hugs and insurance ladies, your kandee

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

7 Reasons Why You Need to Sleep Naked (faced)

...sleep with a naked face that is!!!

Ofcourse we all know we're supposed to wash our faces at night...but did you know only about 50% of women wash their make-up off at night!

Here's 7 REASONS why you may always wash your face at night now!
(no matter how tired you are):

#1. Your pores will look smaller. When makeup gets stuck in your pores, it can make them look bigger.  (I may wish my boobs looked bigger, but not my pores!) When your pores get larger, this can lead to more bacteria building up inside them which can even cause acne, not to mention, irritate your skin!

#2. Most makeup products are loaded with different types of chemicals. The longer they stay on your skin, or you don’t remove them properly, the worse it is for your skin! You don't want to sleep with those chemicals on your face for them to have more time to penetrate your skin and can cause more damage for the long term.

#3. It allows the natural exfoliation process of shedding your skin, which will prevent your skin from looking dull. TIP: Incorporating exfoliating into your skin care regimen will encourage healthier looking skin.  That's why I use the Burt's Bee's Citrus Face Scrub, everyday, to buff of all the junk and dirt, and really clean my pores

#4. Makeup removal helps prevent skin inflammation, which can generate free radicals and collagen breakdown - associated with aging. No one wants to look older faster than they should!

#5. It allows your skin to breathe and helps maintain its natural tone. The skin is your largest "organ" and needs to breathe without pore clogging chemicals junking it up and causing acne!

#6. When you leave eye makeup on overnight, it can dry out the skin on your eyelids. TIP: After I wash my face at night, I moisturize and coat my eye area with ALBA Un-Petroleum to add extra moisture to my eyes!

#7. Proper removal of lip makeup will protect your lips and keep them from looking wrinkly, dry, chapped, or just prematurely aging! TIP: I sleep with a TREAT BEAUTY  JUMBO LIP BALM next to my bed to make sure my lips are coated in their yummy and organic goodness before I go off to dreamland!

If you want more tips on how to remove eye make-up (from the Remove It RIght Campaign) CLICK HERE.

Sleeping Naked Faced....the rest of me will be fully clothed, ha ha ha ha,  your Kandee


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The BEST COSTUME idea of the Year!

Who wants the best,  most AWESOME COSTUME idea of the year....Psy and the Gangnam Style COSTUME!

It took me over a week to collect, get supplies and make all these "gangnam costume" pieces and props. It took over a week to film all this and another week to edit it!ha ha ha ha
I hope you guys love all the costume DIY and that it makes you laugh!

AND HERE's some links to help you GET YOUR GANGNAM GLAM ON:

Gangnam Hair-
For Psy's sleek, black hair I used: 
Temporary Hair Color Gel that totally holds your hair in place, whether gangnam sleek or into spikes, and it washes completely out- we even used it on lil' Ellie's hair, it's kid friendly!

For the yellow "gangnam" guy-
I just got a cheap wig from the costume store that had bangs (or fringe)

Psy has amazing skin, so if you want to get his very even, perfect, no traces of redness skin, you can slap some foundation and concealer on.
Psy has really light eyebrows, so I made sure I coated my brows with extra concealer to lighten them!
Then dust entire face with powder.

I tried my chances at the thrift store and online too!

ORDER A GANGNAM COSTUME JACKET and it comes with a bow tie from:   (they come in blue and green, he's worn both colors, but I like blue)
I got all these at the thrift store, even lil Ellie's Mini Baby Gangnam jacket!
The yellow jacket and pants.
The black gangnam jacket and pants.
The Gangnam Bowtie.
The white and black Gangnam jacket.
I even got a white tie and show how to cut and pin it to resemble un un-tied bow tie!
*you could just paint the black trim on a blue jacket if you can find one too, or just order the jacket online above! ha ha ha ha

Black Spectators-
I just got some cheap men's dress shoes and painted them with 2 coats white acrylic paint.


 I found some white adidas at Ross, and just painted them yellow with acrylic paint and black paint pens.

The famous glasses:
I got 2 pairs.
The black pair from the thrift store.
The tortoise shell from a costume store.
I painted the sides gold with Sharpie pens.
And that my friends is just a peek at all the awesome I show you in this DIY GANGNAM COSTUME VIDEO!!

PS. My mom who is a good artist, drew the horses on to foam board and I carefully cut them out with a knife and taped them to yard sticks! ha ha ha (thanks mom!)
 And yes, Jordan, my son is the one telling me what to do in the bloopers at the end, in the red- he's the tall one!

Heyyyyyyyyy get, get readaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!

dancing like a "gangnam cowboy", your kandee


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Battle of The Strands night of awesomeness!

 9:29 am Vegas-
I'm typing this so fast before we head to the airport!
I have no clue in that photo why I was doing that...I know it was something funny...but now it's just funny to look at! bwaaa ha ha ha

I got to meet so, so, so many amazing hearts at the meet and greet before the Battle of the Strands show...and The Facebook guy officially "liked" this group of ladies!

 Kim Vo and my awesome "rapid hand movements" got to walk on the red carpet- I felt so fancy, like I'm a fancy person! Maybe feeling fancy makes my hands move fast! ha ha ha ha

 My view from the judges table of all the amazin contestants with their incredible hair, make-up and wardrobe!
 My judging to me at the judges table was, Nick Verreos from Project Runway! He is so funny he made me laugh the whole time!
 I make this face when I'm excited! I look like I'm gonna eat that microphone! This was before the show!

 Me backstage with my personal "Psy"...AKA my new friend, Lyle who is part of Battle of The Strands and is an amazing hairstylist, salon owner!
I had such a fun, and amazing night....I was beyond honored to be there and work with everyone that was so nice and just wonderful!

My outfit:
forever 21 jacket, white men's tank top, men's levi's that were actually my dad's, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Betsey Johnson clutch, necklace and cuff ( I made my lil' ol' self)!

And we're out of Vegas like  Psy was after he performed Gangnam style....your kandee

If you want to see the Battle of The Strand Show, you can watch it on their YOUTUBE CHANNEL- click THIS!

don't forget to enter my PRINCESS GIVEAWAY- CLICK HERE!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

You just hit a Jackpot of pictures from Vegas Baby!

 Me and my personal Gangnam impersonator! ha ha ha Just kidding, it's Lyle who is one of the judges with me for Battle of The Strands, and the finale is tonight! We put are serious faces on...even the tiger on my shirt is has his "fierce face" on! Do we look like serious, super models!?! bwaa ha ha ha
My new homegirl, Cassi, from Scharwazkopf, who dazzled up my hair into a "faux-hawk-of-curls"...if you didn't see on twitter....your homegirl, kandee, didn't bring any hair styling things like, products or a brush or comb...ha ha ha ha

Me and my friend and hairstylist to the stars, Kim excited to be back together for a show!  He makes me laugh so much! My favorite was backstage after we both hosted the runway show (I'll post the amazing picture tomorrow maybe!) one was around and he was lip-syncing techno/opera music and I thought I was gonna fall down laughing!

 And this was as close as I got to the real Psy! I was so excited to see him perform, since I made my Gangnam Video (CLICK THIS to see it)...but I missed it by like 15 minutes...ANNNNNND, they required you to wear bathing suits (it was at the silly "pool-dj-club-thing" at HArd ROck and I wasn't trying to be seen in a bathing suit)!
 Me with one of the beautiful and talented contestants, Bei, that's in the Battle of the Strands. She was so cute and sweet, I just wanted to put her in my purse and I loved her necklace and dress!
This was the rest of her team....I seriously thought that Kat Von D had dyed her hair blonde and was really tall, and was in Vegas, but it was just her team mate all done up in drag-tastic-ness!
And only in Vegas would the next hair challenge be inspired by this gold guy! He was the model who had to hint at their theme of GOLD!
I had to get a picture with him....he had so much body paint on it was cray cray!
Can I just buy abs like his please?ha ha ha

 And sometimes I wear hats...and one gold earring...hee hee hee

I'm so excited to be here and to be a judge and most meaningful to my heart is to get to hug everyone who's here in person....I love meeting you guys! I've got more hugs to give away tonight at the big finally- if you're in Vegas and want to come- CLICK HERE FOR THE DEETS!

I can't wait to hug you all, our kandee the hug machine

PS. I am shamelessly asking for you guys to go vote for me to win for my Charity in this contest I'm in! My link didn't work, I'm in last place, and another girl in the contest is bff's with the Kardashians and they are tweeting for her to you think we can outpower the Kardashian votes...I just realized that people can only see the app to vote for me from a computer, not phone..ugh, I know...but you can click this from your computer to help meh: VOTE FOR ME HERE

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