Friday, November 30, 2012

Awww this might be your new go-to look....

 awwwwww's tutorial time!
I've been trying to upload this baby all day (reason why this is going up to latey-late-late)
but it's a good one!

I wore this make-up this over day in my "loos curls video" (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT) and everyone asked for a tutorial!
PLUS: I'll show you how to turn any black eye pencil into the perfect winged liner!
AND here's some of the make-up I used to make this video:
 I show ya everything from drugstore to high end options and the colors that look similar!
YES,you do see the new NAKED BASICS PALETTE from URBAN DECAY in this picture! hee hee


Now come hang out with me for a few minutes and it'll be like you're going to "beauty school", but not like the normal, awful beauty school..ha ha ha ha


FOUNDATION: L'Oreal Lumi Foundation and RCMA Concealer


DRUGSTORE EYESHADOW: L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Pearl

MAC EYESHADOWS: Brulle (my favorite nude from MAC), LLAMA and ORB

URBAN DECAY Naked Basics Palette  (you can also use some of the shades as brow colors too!)
I kinda love all these matte shades, which makes me like it more than the previous NAKED palettes!

BROWS: any brown or taupey-grey brown shadow 

drugstore nude lip liner: Maybelline Lipliner in TOAST

high end lipstick (and the one I actually am wearing!)  YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk

MAC BEAUTY POWDER in PLAY IT PROPER (but I think it was limited edition- that drives me crazy!)
* you could use SILVER DUSK from MAC which looks similar.


This may be my new everyday, make-up look....hugs and yay it's FRIDAY, your kandee

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I get kinda' obsessed sometimes...

 Just like when I like a song and I play it over and over again....
yes, I do the same thing with nail polishes....
I am loving the HALO silver and gold nail polish like crazay.
 On the left is good ol' HALO from Orly and on the right is, LIQUID VINYL from ORLY (AKA black nail polish). If you've ever tried Orly polishes you know why they're so looks like a glossy paint job on a car and the rubbery handles are the smartest idea.
 I like how it looks like it snowing, silver and gold glitter down my nails! Yes, I am singing "silver and gold" in my head!
Do you ever get obsessed with a certain lip gloss, song, food....?
ha ha ha I do to all of the above!
I am also semi-addicted to the Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbuckles, but since I have them make it without coffee I guess it's not a latte...but that's how you roll when you don't drink coffee.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Who's ready to give a swift karate chop to their bad hair days?
And who doesn't like to spend an hour doing their hair?
(I don't even like spending 15 minutes on my hair)
If you answered yes to either of on my "good hair day warrior"...
I've got some hair greatness on it's way-(yes I made a tutorial for ya)
cute, tousled, waves!

*1 inch curling iron (anything bigger will just make curls fall out)
*flat iron (if you wanna straighten your bangs or fringe)
*hair clip- for sectioning hair
*hair spray- to help make hair obey you
*smoothing cream- to make your fly-away hairs really obey you
*and 5 minutes for thin to average hair AND more minutes if you are blessed with thick hair
*and you need to watch this video I made for you and your hair:

(here's a lil something-somethin' you can pin or print out to remind ya)
Hiiiiiiiiii-yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh bad hair day....
your karate kandee

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Skinny on the New NAKED:

 yes, here's the naked-skinny, on the NEW Urban Decay Palette that's gonna launch on the 29th...
I don't know what these colors look like in person, or on the skin, since all I have is this paper with the pictures on it.
Sorry these pictures kinda looks like it's from a 1970's ad...ha ha ha ha...but that's all I got to show ya!

So here's the scoop of naked-ness:
This is the NAKED BASICS palette.
*It's basically the multi-purpose MATTE companion to the (OG) Naked Palette.
*It's a bunch of neutral shades to use as bases for any or all of your eye looks.
*These mattes are said to have a luxe-finish, to make sure the mattes are NOT chalky or powdery.
*Venus- is a demi-matte, which has a hint of satin to give a bit highlight and dimension.

THE SHADES- 4 totally new colors (WALK OF SHAME was already available in the other build-your-own palettes and FOXY was already in another palette)
VENUS- soft, off-white demi-matte
FOXY- very light yellow/beige matte
WALK OF SHAME- very light pink nude matte

NAKED 2- rosey taupe matte
FAINT- warm, dusty brown matte
CRAVE- deepest darkest brown/black matte

The packaging is that same "rubber-suede" that the last palette was in. The only bad thing is it gets dirty super easily, and doesn't really clean well. All shadows are full size. You can do a lot with this palette, it's a great set of "bones"- to build a good eye look on.

* I can't really tell exactly what these babies look like, as all I have to go from is this paper with pictures on it! ha ha ha But hopefully it gives you a sneeky-peeky!

Bottom Line: it's a small lil palette loaded with  neutral nudes for all skin tones.

You can get your hands on a NAKED BASICS palette for (SRP $27) at SEPHORA, ULTA, certain MACY'S stores and online at:,, and

and I'm out like the dated,  70's style pictures I had to post today (ha ha ha ha), your kandee



PS. I am editing a new tutorial that will be up today and it's easy-peezy-awesome!

Monday, November 26, 2012

What happens when I buy a YSL lipstick...

 This is what happens when I buy my first YSL lipstick, Rouge Volupte in #2, Sensual Silk.
Yes, I convinced myself that this lipstick was worth spending $34 dollars on at Sephora.
And I have to admit- it is kinda', pretty amazing.
The shade is perfect.
The packaging makes you feel like your last name should be Kardashian, or Hilton, or Winfrey.
 As you'll see precious Blake (who's 5), saw this beautiful tube of lisptick on the kitchen counter. (where I took it out of it's box and stood just staring at it's beauty.)
This doesn't look like any of my other lipsticks. And it weighs more than any lipstick tube I own- it almost feels like you could use is like hand-weights to work out with.
 anyway....he twisted it, wondering what it was, and SMASHO-INTO-THE-CAP-O!
No, my cheapo lipsticks look way too boring to want to play with, but this...this lipstick begs to be touched. It's like an art piece in a museum- your fingers feel magnetized to it's case!
I was a lil' saddened, but I couldn't be mad at him...he didn't know it was a lipstick- he just thought it was some cool golden thing, that was way too heavy to be some boring, ol' make-up- it must be a tool or something that needed to be twisted!
Just look at what's left in the tube! It's beautiful!
The pigment is unlike any drugstore, or even MAC lipstick! It feels like velvet, it's got some miraculous ingredients that make your lips look plump and smooth as butter, it's lasts super long, and the pigment in this lipstick is out-of-this-world.

I may not be able to apply it right from the tube onto my soup-coolers, but you bet I will scrape every last trace of liptsick out of this baby with a brush! Then maybe I'll just save the tube because it's so pirty and makes me feel fancy, just looking at it!

fancy-ness, your fancy kandee


Wanna see my newest YOUTUBE VIDEO- click here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Have a Thanksgiving Smackdown...

This was our traditional Wrestling Smackdown...just kidding, but but it was really me trying to tackle Jordan to hold still for a picture, wearing the Turkey hats my sister got!
And to think he didn't want his picture taken with this hat on!
 Earlier in the day, I had to make a run to the grocery store for a pumpkin pie ingredient I forgot when I went grocery shopping like a boss. *Caramel Brulee Frappuccino without coffee- my fav! (since I dont' drink the coffee)

 VIEWS of THE FOOD: our fav, yummy sweet potatoes covered in toasty marshmallows and cranberries.
 Roasted Brussel Sprouts- I normally don't like them, but the ones my mom makes are pret-teeeeeee tastayyyyy.
 This is how one, Kandee Johnson's plate looked... ha ha ha
And this is how I bury my pumpkin pie in ice cream and whipped cream! IT was so good, I ate three slices! Yeah boi!

I saved all the more embarrassing photos of my family wearing the Turkey hats for my Kandeeland blog (it's less popular, and that means Jordan won't be so embarrassed that I put it on my "main" blog, here! ha ha ha

And I will NOT be caught at any stores, trying to avoid getting run over by crowds of crazy shoppers today for Black Friday- the craziest shopping day of the year!

I might just go try to eat some left over pumpkin pie...ha ha ha ha

and I'm out like the stores were of all vanilla ice cream yesterday, kandee

Click this is if you want to see more pics from our "Turkey-hat" Thanksgiving night!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Time Machine & Recipe o' Pie

consider my blog as a time traveling device...
we wil now travel back to last year, when I looked like this (above)
and that (below)
psssssst: look how lil' Ellie is

 Blake looked like this....those pants would know look like capri's on him....and he hasn't been able to fit in those shoes for a long time...
Alani wore this....and looked fancy.

If you want to taste one of the yummiest Pumkin Pie can watch me cook this, even more Thanksgivings ago.....and I'm thankful my dad is in it:

I am off to go cook stuff...ha ha ha
hugs and lots of thankfulness not just today but everyday...thank you each of you for letting into your heart and days, to hopefully encourage or inspire you and fill you with some extra love and hugs, your kandee

CLICK THIS to see what's been happening in KANDEELAND.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Confessions of a Nail Polish Hoarder

 Ok, I'm not really a hoarder, but I am, an un-certified, nail polish collector. (you like my title?! You can borrow it, if you want!)
I added these babies to my collection last night, as we ran into Sally Beauty before I began my Thanksgiving shopping!
 1. This rainbow glittery polish that looks like the Deborah Lippmann glitter polish, from China Glaze, in Pizzazz, had to come home with me.
 2. Oh, you lil' sneakin, beautiful neons China Glaze polishes, you!- that caught my eye and wouldn't let go...(on the left, in a neon coral is: China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy and neon pink in: Shocking Pink)
3. It's about to be a White Christmas on my fingertips...yes, this is what I call "The Snowglobe" nail necessities: Orly French Tip Polish in White Tips, Finger Paints polish in: Sparkle Top Coat and a little Sally Girl Glitter polish that is so sad because they didn't even give it a name!

and this is the whole pirate polish booty that I hoarded brought home to my hoarder collection.
Oh yes, the periwinkle-lavender color is: China Glaze in Secret Peri-wink-le
The mini red is from: Orly in Monroe's Red
Black polish is: Orly in Liquid Vinyl

*kind of obsessed with Orly nail polish- it just looks amazing with even one coat! I'm not nice to my nails and I've never seen a nail polish resist chips like Orly!

And that's how I go grocery shopping, I stop and buy a little sparkle right before!

huge hugs from your favorite polish hoarder collector, kandee

If you wann see how I "Thanksgiving Grocery Shop Like A Boss" CLACK ON THIS.

and you know I got your booty and abs about to look like a fit-boss, did you see this, yet:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to get in shape BEFORE New Years!

This is the look of sheer laughter as I work out! ha ha ha (But for reals, I was laughing- you'll see in the video!)

Since I get tons of people asking to see a workout and get in shape video from me, I thought I'd ask for some help from super fitness expert, Natalie Jill!

Not only did she give us some quick workout moves to help us stay fit through the holidays, but to get us in shape for any New Year's Resolutions (even though, I think ANY time is a great time to start feeling great and lookin' great too!)...
Be warned, I had no idea I was saying "okay" so much until I edited this! ha ha ha
Enjoy me laughing through this workout as Natalie tries to sit on me! ha ha ha

Also, Natalie is so awesome- she decided to offer her home workout book for FREE!
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE HOME WORKOUT BOOK FROM NATALIE JILL (Check your email...access details will be EMAILED to you!):

Plus- if you want to download her AMAZING 7 DAY JUMP START program or any of her other things she wanted to give everyone a special 10% off too, go here and use discount code: kandee

(huge thank you to Natalie for offering this to all of us! She is so nice!)

Now maybe we can all find our "top secret" abs...ha ha ha ha
huge abs, I mean hugs, kandee

And then I go and post a video about how to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls! ha ha ha

Monday, November 19, 2012


How adorable are these gloves!?!
They are like spats for your gloves!
I scored them yesterday at my favorite antique store...
look they still had their original Macy's tag attached!
 and they fit my good ol' hands "like a glove" ha ha ha (that's where it said- insert bad joke!)
Weird thing- when I was a kid, I hated going to antique stores with my mom and gramma. Then when I was a teenager, I loved going to hunt for cool treasures...ha ha ha And I still love it!
How awesome is this mirror!?! (look at Ellie frowning in the reflection...ha ha ha)

since I was sick all last week I have no pictures to show of me with any make-up on...ha ha ha or really in anything other than sweatpants or jammies...ha ha ha
(you can CLICK THIS TO SEE...what other "antique hobbies" we're bringin back in my kandeland blog)

and yes, I uploaded a video over the weekend- how to make "heart shaped cinnamon rolls"- you can use pre-made, or you can make them yourself- I'll show ya how to shape them and the yummiest frosting ever:

happy monday everyone!!!
monday hugs, your kandee

PS. I'm extra excited because my sister is here to visit me for Thanksgiving! Should we do a new "SISTER TAG" (where we ask each other questions) video?!?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls & Frosting Better than Cinnabon

oh yes! Nothing says love like baking up a fast batch of HEART SHAPED CINNAMON ROLLS!
These babies are so cute and wait til you try my "TASTEBUD PARTY" Frosting! Kids, boyfriends, hubbies, neighbors, pals, homies, parents, gramma's...everyone will LOVE these heart shaped treats! 
You'll never want to eat a boring ol' round cinnamon roll again.

I'm not even joking....this frosting is better than the Cinnabon Icing! This will be your new favorite frosting. I don't even like frosting, and I wanted to just eat this with a spoon!

1 stick of butter (I used salted butter)
1/4 cup cream cheese
1/2 -1 cup of powdered sugar (I used 1/2 cup, but you can go crazy and use 1 cup if you need to)
(optional) 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Put stick of butter in a bowl.
If it's not at room temp, I zapped mine in the microwave for 20 seconds.
Add cream scheeze (it's more fun when you say it like that) and mix til smooth.
*this is bout' that time you'd wanna add yo' vanilla extract.
Mix in your powdered sugar- slowly or you'll be coughing on "powdered sugar smoke".
Mix til smooth and try to save some for the cinnamon rolls, if you just wanna eat it by the spoon while they're baking.

pre-made cinnamon rolls in a can
(you could make them from scratch but I didn't have time for all that jazz)
cookie sheet
(that's all)

And now cozy on up to your screen and come into my kitchen as I show you how whip up these dangerously cute and wildly delicious cinnamon rollies:

WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for how excited people get when they see and taste these!

happy Saturday and lots of hugs and hearts and frosting..yum-tastic, your baker-buddy, kandee

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fun for Everyone- you need to see this!

Hip Hip Hoo-Friday!
This has been one long week of hear that sickness, get on with yo bad self!

Have I got some things to add some sparkle to your FRIDAYYYYY!

1. Tomorrow I will be posting a RECIPE VIDEO on how to make one of the most, awesome, cute, and D-to-the-LICIOUS treats! All I can hint at is it's how to make a treat for people to "fall in love" with you! ha ha ha

2. Look what I did to my youtube channel! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT- hint: it rhymes with "shmanner". I'm so stinkin' proud of myself! I used this, to make an image "clickable". So fancy.

3. You have to see what The Crafty Chica did! She is amazing! If you love glitter you need to see her blog! The Crafty Chica made a GLITTER FLOOR! I'm not joking! This is amazing!

4. One of my best friends, is friends with Gideon Grove, who I'm now friends with too (thanks twitter)...he plays music and it's beautiful. You can hear his song Cherokee Stars on itunes- it's beautiful and makes me want to go on a road trip for some reason.
I think he looks like Mr. T....just kidding, but this is what he really looks like: 5. If lived in London I would go to THIS to learn all the amazingness of how to be an amazing blogger!

6. I'm not joking, but this is why there is a starting bid of $10,000 for twinkies!

7. This was my most liked picture on Instagram this week...can you see why!?! ha ha ha I want one:
8. How do you feel about these shoes:
hot or cray cray?!? I'm kinda going with cray cray! ha ha ha
9. CLICK HERE to see what made me bust of laughing this week!

10.  Oh Betsey Johnson, this is why I love you (and yes it comes in plain colors like black and white too)- blue suede fringe boots!

Get ready for tomorrow's yummy, youtube video I'll be posting!
And if you missed my video this week (sorry there was only one, but I was so sick this week...boooo):

fridayyyy hugs....and I'm out like a candle in front of a blowdryer, kandee

Thursday, November 15, 2012

back in the day I looked a lil' somethin like this...

yes it's "throwback thursday" posting time...and I dug this gem up for you!
Yes, back in high school I had red eyes! ha ha ha No it was just the lack of "photo advancements" then!
This was me in high school at some family friend's wedding....hence the dress. I wasn't much of a dress wear-er.

Well, no, I take that back...I did wear dresses and skirts, once I got my job working in a mall at Contempo Casuals...then I was obsessed with wearing skirts or baby doll dresses and knee high socks! ha ha

Look at all my earrings...I can't even remember how many piercings I had in my left they are just a bunch of keloided scar tissue in my ear! ha ha

and this is what I look like today, or rather yesterday....blehhhhhhh I'm still sick.

Trying to get well...your kandee

Ps. if you missed the video I posted up on Youtuber the randomness here:

Wanna see something awesome?!?! CLICK HERE to see the TOP 10 most AWESOME Thanksgiving cupcakes everrr.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turquoise Obsessions

to know me is to know my love of the color turquoise...
These turquoise goodies looked like eye candy on my table and I had to take a picture!
What's in the pic above:
Too Faced Love Sweet Love Collection Make-Up Bag, MAC Primped Out leopard Print brush bag and turquoise bristle brushes  (FYI: when I do my December favorites video I'm gonna be giving away the pink leopard print set! yay!), Orly nail polish in Gumdrop- it's my nail color obsession at the moment, The adorable round  box with the bow is from MAC's Guilty Passion Holiday Mini Sets, little "upholstered" compact is Mac's Fabulousness Holiday Eye Collection,  Turquoise Eyeshadow from MAC's Glamour Daze Collection in Divine Blue , Minty Green nail Polish from MAC's glamour daze collection in "In the Limelight" (but I like the Orly Gumdrop better.
I love this turquoise luggage set.
It was, yes as in no longer for sale (boooooo), at H&M, for the line that Anna Della Russo designed for them.
I love the princessy gold accents, the gold crown, and yes the color! I would feel so extra-fancy if I pulled these through the airport.

and yes, I already blogged my pale turquoise nail, but had to show you again because I'm so in love with this color!
As you probably already know, this is GUMDROP nail polish from Orly, and Halo from Orly on the tips to be all glittery!

Ahhhh, do you love turquoise too?!?

Click HERE to see why I didn't get to upload my "what's in my purse" video yesterday.

I would love to paint a wall in my house a pale turquoise....turquoise and gold-metallic stripes would be amazing...ohhhhhh, your kandee

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PS. My "what's in my purse" video will be up soon on youtube!
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