Monday, November 19, 2012


How adorable are these gloves!?!
They are like spats for your gloves!
I scored them yesterday at my favorite antique store...
look they still had their original Macy's tag attached!
 and they fit my good ol' hands "like a glove" ha ha ha (that's where it said- insert bad joke!)
Weird thing- when I was a kid, I hated going to antique stores with my mom and gramma. Then when I was a teenager, I loved going to hunt for cool treasures...ha ha ha And I still love it!
How awesome is this mirror!?! (look at Ellie frowning in the reflection...ha ha ha)

since I was sick all last week I have no pictures to show of me with any make-up on...ha ha ha or really in anything other than sweatpants or jammies...ha ha ha
(you can CLICK THIS TO SEE...what other "antique hobbies" we're bringin back in my kandeland blog)

and yes, I uploaded a video over the weekend- how to make "heart shaped cinnamon rolls"- you can use pre-made, or you can make them yourself- I'll show ya how to shape them and the yummiest frosting ever:

happy monday everyone!!!
monday hugs, your kandee

PS. I'm extra excited because my sister is here to visit me for Thanksgiving! Should we do a new "SISTER TAG" (where we ask each other questions) video?!?

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Meg said...

Oh my gosh I love the new banner but is anyone else having trouble with new I can't get it into mobile version so I'm scrolling all around... It's hard to navigate. It doesn't look like her kandee land blog anymore. Is anyone else having an issue? Anyway..Yes do a sister video kandee! Hope your feeling better. Food poisoning is the WORSTTTT.

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