Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fun for Everyone- you need to see this!

Hip Hip Hoo-Friday!
This has been one long week of hear that sickness, get on with yo bad self!

Have I got some things to add some sparkle to your FRIDAYYYYY!

1. Tomorrow I will be posting a RECIPE VIDEO on how to make one of the most, awesome, cute, and D-to-the-LICIOUS treats! All I can hint at is it's how to make a treat for people to "fall in love" with you! ha ha ha

2. Look what I did to my youtube channel! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT- hint: it rhymes with "shmanner". I'm so stinkin' proud of myself! I used this, to make an image "clickable". So fancy.

3. You have to see what The Crafty Chica did! She is amazing! If you love glitter you need to see her blog! The Crafty Chica made a GLITTER FLOOR! I'm not joking! This is amazing!

4. One of my best friends, is friends with Gideon Grove, who I'm now friends with too (thanks twitter)...he plays music and it's beautiful. You can hear his song Cherokee Stars on itunes- it's beautiful and makes me want to go on a road trip for some reason.
I think he looks like Mr. T....just kidding, but this is what he really looks like: 5. If lived in London I would go to THIS to learn all the amazingness of how to be an amazing blogger!

6. I'm not joking, but this is why there is a starting bid of $10,000 for twinkies!

7. This was my most liked picture on Instagram this week...can you see why!?! ha ha ha I want one:
8. How do you feel about these shoes:
hot or cray cray?!? I'm kinda going with cray cray! ha ha ha
9. CLICK HERE to see what made me bust of laughing this week!

10.  Oh Betsey Johnson, this is why I love you (and yes it comes in plain colors like black and white too)- blue suede fringe boots!

Get ready for tomorrow's yummy, youtube video I'll be posting!
And if you missed my video this week (sorry there was only one, but I was so sick this week...boooo):

fridayyyy hugs....and I'm out like a candle in front of a blowdryer, kandee


Anonymous said...

This was such a random blog... I love it! :D

Mirely M. said...

You're already an amazing blogger!! (#5)

Ever since a friend showed me a YouTube video of yours years ago, I've looked forward to your blog every day. :)

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