Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Things You Need To Know To Make 2014 Awesome

Here it is my very last blog post of 2014, and instead of leaving you with some silly tips on how to look good on NYE, I want to make your heart feel better than any make-up can make you feel anyway! (But below I will post my favorite New Years Make-Up video, to make you smile)

But here's what might help to save these words away in your heart for 2014....

1. Leave the disappointments of your past, where it needs to stay, in the past.
We all make mistakes or have things happen that we wish we could undo, whether it was eating an entire cheesecake of feeling you failed at something. But know that you are free from those things, today, this month, this week, this new year...are all chances to feel like you have a fresh start. Our pasts don't keep us marked as failures, but any moment we can choose success, and all paths to success are filled with the stepping stones of failures!

2. Let your problems be history.
No matter what problems you faced or dealt with last year, let those stay wrapped up in the history of 2013. Just like you can't go back and relive July 2013, don't go back and relive your problems either! We've got new things to concentrate on!

3. This may just be another year on the calendar, but this can be your fresh start to make something new, awesome and incredible happen this year!
2014 is a total blank slate, and empty calendar waiting to be filled with days and moments that you can make amazing. You try to do something awesome or kind to go after your dreams this year and to add some joy to someone's day, every day!

4. Anticipate greatness, the negative people will always have their hands, minds and heart so full of negativity that they make no room for positivity or any positive changes.
Any time you feel negativity creeping up in your thoughts, in words, in a remark you want to make STOP and think: if you are full of negativity, you're leaving no room for positivity to grow or shine. And who wants to be known as a negativity spreader?!? ha ha ha

5. Be the sparkle of 2014. 
Everyone you go, let your smile and the love in your heart leave a trail of people, happier, for having been in your presence.

Let's make this year different, let's make this year,t he year for an awesome change. The year to stand up for your dreams, the year to live bigger, do things that scare you, be the you that wants to shine from your heart, try new things, be bolder, happier and braver...we CAN DO IT!

We can do it together! I love you and I'm sending you all the YOU CAN DO IT-ness and love from my heart, huge hugs bigger than all of 2013 from my heart to yours, your friend Kandee

And just because it's not NEW YEAR'S without a  "YONYO"...please enjoy this "MUST DO" New Years make-up look ha ha ha ha, where I explain why goes DO NOT love glitter:

And if you want a real NEW YEARS MAKEUP LOOK, you can go wrong with this, and you could always add some glitter to it, oh gotta love my old videos:

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Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Party Like Your 94

Yesterday was my great-grandma's 94th birthday! My grandma is more youthful-minded, fun, funny and positive than most young people I know. She has been through many hard things in life, has never complained and is always making people laugh. She had a stroke when I was younger, and she couldn't use her right side anymore, so she taught herself to crochet, only using her left hand. I love her so much...

(This awesome rainbow cake is from Costco, and they make the most delicious cakes ever.)

My Grammy has always given me great advice, and one of my favorite things she told me when I was in high school was:
"If anyone makes fun of what you're wearing, you just tell them: Well, just be glad you don't have to wear it then!"

and this is what I chose to wear to go get my grandma's cake, pizza, flowers, and to party late until 6 o'clock when it's my grammy's bed time...ha ha ha

I tried to do my grandma's make-up and give her a birthday make-over, but she got too sleepy, so we said we'll play "grandma make-over" later this week. I'll try to film it and upload it, because my grandma is hilarious and adorable!

My turquoise kimono, I got from WAYF  (turquoise is my favorite color, well and pink too), my favorite black leggings, because they have a fold over part that doubles as a skirt, the Raffi Legging from All Saints,
my earrings are "vintage" aka I got them at a flea market, and my hat is from a hat shop in Canada, that I can't seem to find anywhere, plain old men's Hanes tank top, and the turquoise hoop earrings I got at these boots, oh these boots......
I am in love with these Freebird Drover Boots. They are a cool boot line, that are all one-of-a-kind, hand made, hand distressed to look like you've been wearing them for years, and they're juts stink in cute! I bought them for myself for Christmas...I love when I buy myself a present! ha ha ha

 And this was my make-up of the day:
I went for a nude-with hints of plum-grey eyes and a pinky-nude-rose mouth:
On my lips:
Too Faced Lip Liner in Perfect Pink (get it here)
with Naked Lip Pencil From Urban Decay on the outside (get it here) and the lipstick I ave on top, which also makes me upset, was a limited edition collection color (Those drive me crazy! If you like a color, you can't go back and buy it!), it was called Beauty from MAC and it's a glaze, and I don't have anything that looks like it to compare. It's a very cool nude-pink, much pinker than Myth.

And in summary, I ate about 7 slices of pizza and 5 pieces of cake to help celebrate my Grandma's birthday. Oh and I ate a bunch of English Toffee she had too. Oh it was a delicious, high calorie day.....

I love my Grammy, and I hope as as fun, happy, and full of life and youthfulness as my Grammy is at 94, when I'm her age....

huge hugs, your virtual pal, Kandee

PS. I filmed a "What's in my Purse" video that will be up soon on my Youtube Channel!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Make A Snowman Tree

This is my sister tree. She is adorably creative and funny, and I busted out laughing when she texted me this picture of her "Christmas tree".

The first thing I asked was:
How did you make that?!?!

She said she bought:
* 1 White Christmas Tree from the Jacqueline Smith Collection at Kmart
(or you can get a good deal on a white one from Treetopia right now)

* Any "ball" shaped Christmas ornaments in large and small size

*Black Krylon Spray Paint

*A black fedora hat (she also got this from the Jacqueline Smith Collection at K-Mart)

*scarf and/or a big red bow

*empty paper towel or toilet paper roll

*orange tissue paper

*branches or decorative winter branches (she also got at Kmart)


First spray paint your ornaments black to look like the charcoal nose, eyes, buttons and mouth.
Then wrap your orange tissue paper around the paper towel/toilet paper roll, and place on a branch on the tree. Then simply hang your eyes, mouth, and buttons when they are dry. Place the hat and scarf/bow on. Place your branches on the sides and prepare to wow and impress all your friends next Christmas with the most creative, awesome and adorable tree ever!

Huge hugs and thank you first, to my amazingly creative sister who made this, Tiffany. You can go HERE to follow her instagram because she posts the funniest things ever.

And huge hugs to all of you reading this. My Christmas was kind of poopy, but hey, there's always next year!

Come watch the video I actually filmed yesterday on Christmas, it's festive, fun and shows some of my holiday favorites and addictions and my favorite Christmas present:

Hot Chocolate thoughts, your virtual best friend, Kandee

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mascara Smackdown: COVERGIRL Bombshell VS Benefit They're Real

I know the new COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara is the newest mascara to hit the drugstore mascaras and the Benefit They're Real has been my favorite for a while now. So I thought I'd do a review/comparison and you can see what you think...
and you can watch my video below where I do the wear, rub and wash test...

So here's the scoop on the COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara:
*double ended mascara with 2 different formula's and brushes on each end
*side #1 is for thick voluminous lashes
*COVERGIRL says they have a proprietary micro-thin formula that allows for multiple thick layers without the normal clumping of mascaras with waxes and clays
*side #2 is for adding extra dark coats to seal in the mascara and add deep darkness on top
*the tube is way thicker than normal mascaras but it doesn't change how it goes on and I actually like it because the extra larger size allows extra volume of mascara

*specially designed brush with a spikey-ball tip to get in the corners really well.
*jet-black long wearing formula

Now let's get this showdown on.....

#1. Here's me with my eye make-up on, but NO MASCARA:

#2. I applied 3 coats of the #1, volumizing side:

#3. FINALLY....
on the LEFT SIDE is the BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL (my old favorite) 
with about 5 coats of mascara.
and on the RIGHT SIDE,
with 3 coats of #1 and 
2 coats of

What do you think?
What I think: 
I can't believe how well the Covergirl Bombshell did, since the Benefit They're Real, has been my favorite for months, I was expecting it to take down the Covergirl Bombshell.....but, actually after I did this "EYE by EYE" comparison, the Covergirl actually was way thicker and fuller!
You need to apply the Bombshell pretty much like how I apply it in the video, 3-4 coats of #1, from root to tip, 2-3 coats of #2, or it might not come out as you had hoped! But overall, I was super impressed and I like the bargain price, compared to higher end versions. I noticed that the Benefit Mascara is slightly softer to the touch, but the Bombshell is not stiff or hard like waterproof mascaras, the They're Real is just slightly softer.

Want to see the Covergirl in action, check out my first, First Impression Video I did using the Bombshell Mascara last week:

Huge hugs and happy Christmas Eve day, your virtual bff, Kandee

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Monday, December 23, 2013

17 of The Most Awesome Paintings on Hands You've Ever Seen

Prepare for you mind to be blown away that all of these creatures are painted on hands! Guido Daniele,  an Italian painter, is the incredible artist who studied fine art, and became a hyper-realistic illustrator in 1992. He began body painting in 2000, and after much researcher on each animal, began his "handimals" collection. His work can be recognized all over the world in different ads (I'll show you some below)...
but just get ready to be totally amazed at what he's done with his painting on hands...

#1. Flamingo

#2. Eagle

Now I'm not a fan of snakes, but this is amazing.... and i like this kind of snake, because it's not real!
#3. Snake

Look at the detail of each scale, just incredible! I can only imagine how much time this must have taken:

#4. Iguana

#5. Zebra

#6. Kitten

#7. Big Cat

#8. Chimpanzee or "chimp-hand-zee" ha ha ha see what I did there? heh heh heh

#9. Rooster

 #10. Fish

#11. Elephant (look at how perfect the wrinkles of the hands help make it look even more realistic like a wrinkled on an elephant)

#12. Horse (this is dedicated to my sister who loved horses)

#13. Lion (King Hand)

#14. Dolphin

#15. Owl

And here' some of Guido's amazing works featured in ads:

#16. I know it's Snake  and again, me no likey the snakey, but this is crazy good, for Toy Watches.

#17.  English Teapot Hands for AT&T

Guido, positioning, German actor, Ralf Moeller's hand into shape for his art exhibit. Not only is he a genius with paiting, but also in "sculpting" hands and arms into shapes and positions to make his artwork really come alive. I guess his the fact that he mastered in Sculpture really helps too!

Huge hugs and hope this inspired and wowed you today, your virtual BFF, Kandee

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dangerously Delicious Whipped Hot Chocolate Recipe

I MUST WARN YOU: once you learn the secrets of making this, you may become extremely addicted to this and feel the need to make this on a daily basis, because it's so stinkin' delicious!
You will also become and instant "hot chocolate hit" because people will also fall in love with your mugs full of perhaps, the best hot chocolate anyone has ever had!
* I can also whip up a batch of this wayyyy too fast, because knowing that, makes it even more dangerous. In a mere commercial break, I can whip up a batch of this for all the little lovies in my house and myself!

I couldn't decide, pick any picture you want, if you're going to pin it to pinterest, #whyamIsoindecisive

SERVING SIZE: 2 BIG adult size mugs or 3 little mug fulls and 2 regular mugs full

2 cups milk
1 tbs vanilla extract
1/4 sweet ground cocoa (I used Ghirardelli)

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Place a mixing bowl in the freezer. (You'll get it out in a sec for the whipped cream. Just trust me, it helps the whipped cream mix beautifully!)

In a pot, pour milk, vanilla extract and sweet ground cocoa, turn heat to medium and whisk all ingredients together until smooth and chocolatey. Turn temperature down to low and let simmer.

Now go get your bowl from the freezer and pour in the heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and you can either put the powdered sugar in after you whipped the heavy whipping cream, but I like to put it in first, I think it gives it a different texture, but I could be crazy, it's just how I do it!
You can use your kitchen aid, hand mixer or I like to whisk it by hand, because I like to think the calories I burn hand-mixing it, make me not feel so bad about the calories in the drink! ha ha ha

Whip, whisk, beat it until it looks like whippy, clouds of deliciousness. Then turn your stove off. Pour the hot chocolate into mugs, about 1/2 to 3/4 full. Then spoon in big heaps of the whipped cream. I take the whisk and slowly whisk the hot chocolate and whipped cream until all smooth, thick and rich.

Then I add another dollop of whipped cream on top! My kids love it because they say it helps cool the hot chocolate down too!

Then prepare your taste buds, by telling them not to explode with amazement. And prepare to make a second batch! ha ha ha ha

And if you want to watch me pretend I have a cooking show on the Food Network... watch this video and I show you how I roll in my kitchen and make my yummy Whipped Hot Chocolate:

*side note: my Santa mugs and cups I got at an antique store and my gingerbread man mugs, I got at Michae's crafts.

Huge hugs and GIANT mugs full of Whipped Hot Chocolate, your virtual bff, Kandee

PS. I'll be uploading a NEW video tonight (it's the first time I've ever uploaded one like this) and another one on Sunday too!!!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 Celebrity Photoshop Before & Afters That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

I thought, especially since it's the holidays and maybe our extra cookies or holiday drinks have made our jeans a little extra snug, this post make make you feel better, knowing that perfection is created all by a little program called, Photoshop. Of course they look better in the AFTER, but personally I like the before's myself!  And this can help women feel better, knowing that you are beautiful just how you are, and that if we all had to be on the cover of a magazine, we'd know we could all look flawless too! hee hee hee

1. Jennifer Lawrence: (I love Jennifer Lawrence, and think she's adorable, and think she looked gorgeous before!)

2. Britney Spears: Aww, I think Britney is cute with her fly-away hair and freckles too!

3. Katy Perry: I think Katy looked totally awesome before!

4. Kelly Clarkson: Am I the only one that loved how she looked pre-photoshop?

5. Madonna: Madonna is looking good no matter what, and that she was the highest grossing musical performer this year, says, age ain't nothin' but a number, she's still amazing!

6. Kiera Knightly: I like the before picture, because my boobs look more like the before than the after! hee hee

And guys are not free from the photoshopping either....

7. Look at good ol' George Clooney, who happens to look good both ways: Guys have it easy because as they get older they just look for rugged, think Sean Connery, and salt and pepper hair looks good on guys!

What do you think? Do you like the real before's or the photoshop masterpieces of perfection, after?!

Huge hugs and I hope this silly blogpost helps distract you for a second from the troubles of your day, or entertains you for a second...
Huge hugs from your virtual bff, who needed a distraction today too, ha ha ha ha
KANDEE (KANE, I added that on for the holidays)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Blog Post was photographed by a 2 year old:

Well, today's post had nothing to do with beauty, fashion, or style, really....
but this is my day and this is all I've got to give today! ha ha ha

This morning I went straight to the lab to finally get my Lyme disease blood work, which I never really thought I needed until my sister was diagnosed with it, so many months after my doctor wrote the paperwork for me to get it, well that is what my arm looked like after they drew my blood this morning. Note to all those getting blood drawn, make sure drink lots of water before you go, so you're not dehydrated like I was! ha ha ha

Ellie took about 62 pictures while I was doing all my paperwork and here's some of the pictures she took.
This one is of the amazing woman that works at the Lab, she was awesome and had me laughing the whole time. Ellie took about a dozen that looked like this.

This is a lovely office shot that Ellie got. And she got about 20 more variations that looked exactly like this too.

She also took about 30 pictures of this doorhandle, that all look exactly like this one.

A huge thank you to Ellie, my little 2 year old photographer, who took all these fine pictures. Just give her an iphone and she's like Annie Leibovitz!

I just want to thank you all so much for your outpouring of love, support and kindness for my sister, on my blog post from yesterday. I can't thank you enough for all your prayers and just feeling the love you you can send in just a kind comment or post!

I love you all more than I can say, and I promise that tomorrow will be a fun, full of happiness post! I'm off to go drink some water, take my vitamins so I'm not so dehydrated, my poor bodies trying to replace all that blood! ha ha ha

Huge hugs and no matter what happens today, no matter what goes wrong, no matter what heartache you are dealing with....
Know that you are not alone. You are stronger than you think. You can be happy, you can spread cheer and when you brighten someone else's day, it starts to brighten yours more too...

Huge huge from your virtual bestie, Kandee

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