Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Wearing: My Fav Nude Lip & Stars

I love stars, turquoise and the classic pin-up here's what I have on, you may have seen this look in my FOREVE21, ZARA & MARSHALL's HAUL (AKA Shop N Tell VIDEO) CLICK HERE IF YOU WANNA SEE IT!

My Fav Nude lipstick of all time: MYTH from MAC
L'Oreal HIP gel eyeliner in black - I love it because it doesn't get all dried out
Make-Up Forever Lip Liner Lip Pencil in 7C - a warm spicy light brown (to add depth to the nude color)
Narcotic (a pale, turquoise) eyeshadow from Urban Decay, but I think it's discontinued- like all my favorite things! (comment below if you have a color that looks similar)
L'Oreal False Lash Mascara - because it's my favorite right now!

Star shirt I got at Marshall's (watch the video here to see all the stuff I got!)
Red Bandana
Jelly bracelets
Silver Hoops

Hope you likey the beauty breakdown- comment below, what are you wearing today!
Happy Leap Year Day!!!

hugs and headbands, kandee

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today I wore my Nicki Minaj and this, (OOTD, baby):

Alright, I know I've been slackin' on the OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) here's form today:
(me with 2 awesome girls, that made my day happy by coming up and saying hi, Angela & Alyssa.)
Shirt from (man, I'm gonna tell you, but I hope everyone doesn't buy all her stuff on etsy, because she has a really cute "heart & stripe" shirt I love! ha ha ha):
My shirt is black and white striped, with a pink striped broken heart.
 (she sells her awesome shirts at the Melrose Trading Post- I'm gonna blog about all the cool stuff I saw still, too!)
Men's Hanes Tank Top underneath
Black Harem Pants (yes, I love the comfy harem- it's like sweatpants for me) from American Apparel
Black Minnetonka Moccasins (that I literally, have worn the soled off of, today the sole started to come off- most worn shoe & most comfortable, feels like a slipper)
Turquoise Earring- got that at Melrose Trading Post too.
MAC VIVA GLAM LIPSTICK in Nicki ( I kinda love it!)
with Plum lipliner from MAC 

And remember: "you only live once, you better dress like today's your day to shine, baby! Wear a fun pattern, something bright- just bright socks or a bright scarf, something to dazzle it up!"

dazzle it up my darlings, dazzle it up, the world is your red carpet, your kandee

Monday, February 27, 2012

HAIR COLOR HOW TO: Hair Chalking

 Get ready to paint the town, I mean, your hair, hot pink, or any color you like. All temporary- to wash out at your next shampooing! Fun and creative, without the commitment!
I'm gonna show you how to do HAIR CHALKING.
This is not new, it's been around for a while, but I thought I'd do a "hair chalking" tutorial for you guys to inspire you and have fun with!
So watch the tutorial below!
 I wouldn't normally put the red with the green and turquoise, but I wanted to see how the red would show up in my dark hair! As you can see, it showed up and was there to partay-in-my-hair!

1. Soft Pastel Chalks -I got mine at Michael's craft for under $5.
***DO NOT use Oil Pastels- they will stain your hair and everything else!
2. Spray Bottle of Water (this is optional- you could just wet the strands with your hands too)
3. Protective Gloves- either latex gloves, latex free ((ofcourse) gloves, or even dish washing rubber gloves)
4. flat iron or curling iron to seal in the color

Now let's see how it's done:
*The chalk might come off on your shirt- you can try misting the hair with hair spray to seal it in even more.
*Do not brush your hair too much after you chalk, it will come off on your brush and get everywhere.
*Do NOT put any wax, styling creams or anything on the "chalked hair" as it will make a huge, greasy mess!
*If any chalk comes off on your flat iron or curling iron, it wipes off easily.
*If you have blonde hair, you can skip the step of getting your hair wet- if you do, it may make the color last longer than you'd like!
*Have fun trying all kinds of colors, 2 or 3 starting with the light then going over it with darker colors.
*Blues, greens, reds and pink really show up on dark hair.
*If your hair is light, all colors will show up great!
*The chalking can be pretty drying to your hair, so make sure you condition your hair really well after you wash this out!
*This looks really cool when you braid hair, the different colored strands will look beautiful braided!
I still cannot believe how how well this colored my hair!
It is so fun! Wait til you try it!
And if you sleep in it- wait til you see how pretty your pillowcase looks in the morning! (but it washes out, don't worry) 

Post below the pictures of your "hair chalking" or tweet them to me, I'd love to see!!!
CLICK HERe FOR MY TWITTER: @kandeejohnson

turquoise hair tips, your kandee

~and as always feel free to share this on facebook and twitter with all your "color lovin'" friends!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who needs angry birds and POCP's!

1. Here's my POCP (pop of color pants)- nothing says "walking on sunshine" like a pair of sunshiney yellow pants.
 2. Forget angry birds- look at these angry geese! I went to take the kids to the park, and then this pack of angry geese- JUST LOOK AT THEIR LITTLE GEESE BILL MOUTHS ALL OPEN AND ANGRY LOOKING!- as soon as this group of geese and then their back-up army of ducks started to run for the car doors- I said, "let's get back in the car!".....and we watched the same group almost attack a dad and his kid! Look at the  "man" goose with the black beak- he was not nice sounding!

and for numero 3....
I ve got a quote for you:
"a smile is worth a thousand words and kind word is worth a million hugs- today you can give a thousand words worth of thousands of hugs"....

AND IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Don't forget I've got a contest to give away 50 Eyeko Mascaras- yep, that's 50 winners baby! CLICK HERE TO ENTER- you've got a huge chance to win!

AND HERE'S A LOOK AT MY WEEK IN VIDEOS, in case you missed em- (and I still need your help!- please watch the video belowzie and let me know what you think, want and like!)

and here's what went up on my other Kandee Johnson Show (random, baby, mommy channel) :
and when she does her "what happened" hands I just melt!

PS.... just wondering because I know a lot of bloggers don't blog on the you guys still like that I blog on the weekends? Do you likey my weekend randoms!?

huge hugs and happy Sunday...wait til you see what videos I have to upload this week- so fun!!!
huggles, kandee

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Decor: How to Add some Dazzle any Room!

 I love my "pink room" or "barbie room"...
And somehow a Barbie painting just makes any room fun.
Now I know some people might think "oh, I could never have a pink couch- that is too girly" or things like "i don't think any guys would like that room"...
well, oddly enough, I've gotten tons of compliments from guys that love the room, too. My friend's husbands, the FedEx guy that had to carry a box inside once, the repair man...and even when Jordan (my son) had his birthday party here last weekend, it was filled with teenage boys that even thought the couch was cool...but they really like the "chrome" looking ottoman the best.

I thought I'd give ya' a little "where I got my trinkets and treasures" from...
So let me break down for ya':

Gold Zig Zag pattern pillows: from Target (AKA Tar-jay jay baby!)
Barbie Painting: was one of the most awesome gift ever
Peony flowers: From Pier 1 Imports (i love peonies and used to live near a place that grew them- they smell divine!)
Giant White Vase that peonies are in: Home Goods, again!
Mirror Lamp: Home Goods (love Home Goods Hunting!)
Zebra Rug: Home Goods
Flower Ball: (you can click here to learn how to make one)

"where'd you get your hot pink couch?"...
One of my super creative and artsy friends I've known since high school, were talking about how I wasn't finding any cool couches I liked, then he told me where he ordered his couch. He said you can order all kinds of shapes and then get them in any color you want!
I was thinking a red or bright yellow couch would be then I said, "no way! You only live once- I'm getting a hot pink couch!"
Now I shall reveal my where I got it: Stendmar
Now a few things you should know:
 *wait for the sample swatch of fabric they can mail you, because the colors DO NOT look that same as on the computer screen!
*you have to be patient, it feels like it takes forever for your furniture piece to be finished- but really it's only like 6-8 weeks!
(the cool silver ottoman- which is a great kid-safe-friendly, alternative to a hard coffee table- is also from Stendmar- yellow chair in the background is a thrift-vintage treasure!)

If you love things that are different, fun colors, and unique this is the place for you! You can get the same look as fancy furniture design places, for way less! Now you now my super, cool, artsy friend's secret furniture place- and mine too! Who doesn't love affordable cool!?! (now I' haven't had my couch for 20 years, so I don't know about durability, and you do have to assemble the legs on the couch yourself- but hey, it looks cool-And it didn't cost thousands of dollars! ha ha ha

I love Home Goods...if you've never been to one, you will be in in treasure hunting heaven! I have found some of the coolest things there. But the only bad part is- it's like they get the close-outs of big stores, so you just see things there like 1 time, and if you don't buy it, it will be gone! That's where I got my giant mirrored disco balls too!

(look at this cool light me and my sister saw at a vintage store near San Diego- both if us loved this light and envisioned it hung on a light, barbie pink wall- heaven! Neither one of us bought this- but I wish I did!!)

 Add a little color. -  life's too short to live in beige.
And some fun pieces that you love. - whatever fun object catches your interest!
Add something girly and flowery.
Flowers always make a room feel more beautiful- real or fake!
A cool lamp will add the most delicious lighting at night time.
And just adding some new pillows in a fun print, pattern or color can give new life to a couch, chair or your bed!
Make your room smell mah-velous! I love scented candles or those fragrance sticks in yummy scented oil.- I have tons of vanilla scented candles- I love walking in my room and it smells like cake!

i hope this gave you some decor-spirations! Live out loud, live in color, add some fun to your house...think of your room as an outfit, that's waiting for some fun accessories,
bangles and Barbie paintings, your kandee


Friday, February 24, 2012

EYEKO Mascara Friday GiveAway - 50 winners! 

ME: wearing the EYEKO CURVY BRUSH Mascara on one eye and the EYEKO SKINNY BRUSH Mascara on the other eye (and me missing an earring)

EYEKO Mascara is the awesome mascara that you probably saw featured in VOGUE last this month!

To celebrate that Eyeko is available at Sephora now, they asked if you guys would want to win some mascara- to which i say: "Heck-a-yecka Yes!" Here's what you're gonna win and why I like it!

 instantly enhanced, doll-like lashes for BIG EYES. Use to add CURL.

Insta Results with Lash Care! Dramatic lash lengthening effects with conditioning Pro-Vitamin B glides smoothly onto lashes with a single stroke of intense jet-black colour for a flawless finish.

* The Packaging- I love that it comes in a tube, so you can get every last bit of mascara out of the tube!
* I love that the mascara DOES NOT FLAKE off, SMUDGE OFF- NOTHING- I even slept with it on- and woke up with no mascara mess! (i know, i normally wash my fCE, BUT I FELL ASLEEP
* Lashes looked natural and full, no clumps or chunks!
* No weird "masacara stink"- I know this may sound weird, but some mascara's have those most disgusting smell to them- like a "stinking rose scent", and I can't stand smelling that all day! This smells like absolutely nothing!
Pro-Vitamin B, natural oils and waxes condition lashes to promote growth and prevent premature breakage. Mascara doesn’t smudge, crumble or flake even if you rub your eyes. Intense water resistant formula locks in color and hold for 12+ hours leaving lashes feeling feather light and supple. 

I get to give away 50, yes that's right 50 winners, will receive an EYEKO Mascara!
(worth $19!)

WINNERS will be contacted through facebook by the lovely lash team at EYEKO!

Just sign below with your facebook-
*make sure you like the EYEKO facebook page and my facebook page to get notified of winning!
Then just sign into the contest widget below with your facebook and
 click on each way to enter, and each time you do one of the "entry tabs", you get an extra chance to win!
Some of the entry options you can do every day to increase your chances of winning!
*just look at the contest timer to see how much longer the contest will be going on for!
*EYEKO can only ship prizes to the US &CANADA (so if you live somewhere else, hang on, I've got some more international prizes headed your way!)
*if winners do not reply within 48 hours of being contacted, new winners will be selected.
*winners must be patient- it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the shipment to arrive.

a Rafflecopter giveawayg  Happy Friday!!!!
Huge lashes and even "huger" hugs... your kandee! 
PS. Don't worry, all my international lovelies- I'll have more giveaways that are international! If it weren't for customs and shipping issues, ALL contest could be international! Darn you, customs!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Kandee's Short Hair

I found this old picture of me.
Back in the day, when I had "the fastest hair to get ready of my life" hair cut.
It was short.
I did it blonde when it was short, except I let this girl I met, who was an out-of-work hair stylist, lighten it for me (which I don't know why I let her do it, I'd been lightening it perfectly platinum, on my own, prior to her attempt)...and I remember it came out more banana yellow, than platinum.
I went back to me lightening it myself after that.

And I purposely, did not lighten my eyebrows to match the blonde, so that people would know..."yeah, I nearly burned my scalp off, to get my hair this blonde- no way is this natural!"....ha ha ha ha ha

This picture is like 87 years ago, or at least it feels like it sometimes.

I miss my hair being short...and each day that I reach for my blow dryer, then my flat iron, then maybe a curling iron, or maybe more flat ironing...
I think, "man, kandee, remember how much time you saved, when you'd just rub your hair with a towel, put a little dry wax or texturizing cream in your hair, twist it or smooth some pieces and you were done!"....

What was your favorite hair cut that you sometimes miss?

big biceps from holding a blow dryer so long, your kandee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Need Your Help!

 Hi Guys!
I need your advice.
Your feedback.
I need you to tell me what you want!

January was 3 years of me being on Youtube! And it used to be much easier for me to ask you guys for exactly what videos you wanted to see! Now it's very hard for me to read all my emails and messages to get your feedback!

But I have tons of ideas for DIY videos, craft projects, fashion and style projects, costume looks, fun hair videos, DIY beauty treatments, cooking videos and more, but I want to know, what do you guys want to see most!

So watch this and help me out!! I want you to remain the biggest part of my channel!
You guys, each one of you, is the very heart of my channel!

So after you watch the video, comments on any of the ideas I had the "weekly wrap-up" and "shirt off my back" or maybe "ring off my finger" (ha ha ha)....

thank you so much guys....
thanks for watching my videos...
thanks for liking me...
thanks for always leaving me awesome comments...
thanks for being kind people in what can seem to be a very cruel world...
thanks for being a part of my youtube channel...
and my kandee "fandee" (see how clever you guys are?!? that came up with "Fandee's") family...

huge hugs and can't wait to tell you guys what the results are!!!!
your kandee

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laptop Make-over: How to "pimp your mac"- Snow White Style!

Once upon a time....
on a kitchen table or my couch, or my lap, or on the counter...
 sat a very plain, and generic looking laptop...
 Until one day, I found a beautiful princess, named Snow come and hold my lonely apple...I rescued her from the land of
 And carefully placed her little "sticker" self onto boring old laptop, smoothed out all her bubbles..
 And now she can love her apple...which is free of poison, but just a lot of files!

I love Snow White. I love that someone came up with this brilliant idea of a Snow White Laptop Sticker! I got mine on And it was the best laptop make-over!

Friends don't let friends have boring laptops.......ha ha ha.....

Remember my snow white tutorial?!

I love her!!!
If you want one too, just search for "snow white laptop" on etsy! I love this!!!

may your laptop be happily-ever-after-a-princess-make-over, kandee


Monday, February 20, 2012

TOP 4 Hair & Make-Up Things Guys Don't Like (According to 15 Year old Boys)

When Jordan had his friends over for his birthday, the topic came up of what they think of girls hair and make-up...
It was more about what they think is ugly rather than what they like... (ha ha ha) here goes,
Beauty No- No's According to A Group of 15 Year Old Guys:

Apparently, none of them are fans of ponytails, in any form. (they just made hand gestures of hair being pulled straight back and words like, "lazy" and "sloppy" were used, and lots of head shaking and "yuck" faces were made.)

They said, "Dreadlocks only belong on Bob Marley."

They said they don't like when girls have glitter everywhere. (and again hand gestures of glitter from the eyebrows to the cheekbones were made)

I don't know how many girls have shaved eyebrows and draw them in with Sharpie pens anymore. I think they just thought this was funny to talk about.
(side note: if you no longer have eyebrows for any number of reasons- you can "sketch" them in with a waterproof eyeliner pencil, dab a similar shade of eyeshadow to knock down the shine, and they will look natural and not like black shiny sharpie pens!)

So as long as you don't wear your dreadlocks in a ponytail, with glitter all over your eyelids and shaved'd get a thumbs up from this crowd! ha ha ha ha

and there you have it...the opinion's on beauty and hair from a group of 15 year old boys...
if you are a 15 year old girl...hope this gave you an insight into boys thoughts on shaving your eyebrows...and to everyone else....maybe it made you laugh! ha ha ha
Sharpie eyebrows! They are too funny!

sharpie pens and glitter, your kandee


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Jordan

I can't believe my Jordan is 15 today...
it seems like he was just this little...
and now he stands way taller than me.

He is my first born.
He has been such angel in my life, bringing me joy and being my inspiration!
He is hilarious, fun and laughs easily.
These 15 years have gone by way too fast.
 I think Elyse looks a lot like Jordan in this picture. And I was so young in this picture too. Look at my overalls! ha ha ha I was feeding him in his Excersaucer, which is where he preferred to eat- he liked it much better than a high chair!
Oh, I miss him when he was this little...he's been melting my heart for 15 years now...actually even longer...he melted my heart long before I even saw him. Each little kick I'd feel when I was pregnant...melted my heart too. Every day, as a new mom, I would just spend, holding him, feeding him, dancing him around, staring at his precious face, singing to him, and just showering him with my love. It was just me and him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...and I loved every second of being his mama. I wish for only a minute or 2, I could crawl into these pictures and just hold him as a baby again. I remember the exact moment I took this just makes me want to cry. I loved that baby so much....I still love my "giant baby" now. Enjoy every second of your babies now, or one day when you have'll never get that time back and it goes by too fast for you to enjoy every second enough.

I love you so much. I am so proud of you. You are the best big brother and son. The moment I learned I would have you, my heart was yours to keep. My heart grew bigger that day to hold all the love I have for you. You make me laugh so hard and we are always laughing. I feel like I already miss you, because you are growing so fast and I will miss hearing you laugh one day, when you move out on your own. Sometimes my favorite sound is just hearing your laughter come from your room while you're talking to your friends. I am happy and honored to be your mom...and my heart does cartwheels when you come to talk to me, joke with me...or show me something funny. I don't even mind when you tell me you don't like something I'm wearing or the color of my lipstick.
Even though it's been years since you said it:
You are still the apple of my eye.....
And I will never forget how you replied: "and you're the carrot of me".....

Happy Birthday my Jordan....
I love you...more than more than more, your mama kandee

Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 Random Facts Saturday

#1. This is what it looked like when I typed my blog yesterday at Starbucks.

#2. I ordered a Peppermint tea with vanilla syrup in it.

#3. I ordered a bag of Petit Vanilla Scones (for my Blakey, they are his favorite- so I didn't eat any.)

#4. I had to bring all my make-up with me to blog about the names and colors. I bet people thought it was strange that I kept reaching in a grabbing beauty products out of my computer bag. hee hee hee

#5. I will not show my outfit of the day, because it was not good. I was in hurry to just get to Starbucks and just threw on my running shoes, workout pants, a hoodie- NO make-up, crazy hair, and not one flower ring, mix matched earring or even my watch. And we ended up staying out all day doing errands until dinner time! I had thought, "oh I'll just run home and get ready to go do errands" after we go to Starbucks, but that didn't happen!

#6. I was going to try to upload a video- but when I saw how long it was going to take me to do that in Starbucks, and since I didn't want to spend the night at Starbucks....I'm just gonna have to wait til they fix the internet in my area. (hurry up internet guys!)

Happy Saturday Everyone!
What's your favorite Starbucks drink? Is it peppermint tea too!?!

vanilla syrup, your kandee


Friday, February 17, 2012

MAC Makeup: New Vera Collection (no Wang, just Vera)

It's time again- time for the next release of MAC goodies everyone! 
This is the Vera collection- I first thought, VERA WANG! But it's not- it's an artist known as VERA (no Wang)!ha ha ha
I am not familiar with Vera, but I can say I love all these colors! They are like colors poured straight from a garden full of blooming flowers! Spring is MAC anyway!

Please just look at that nail polish, in PLAY DATE! (I love it, and you can bet I will be teaming this modern, pale, coral color with turquoise!)
The PEARLMATTE face powder, in SUNDAY AFTERNOON- a clean bright pink/ bright pink fuschia/ soft pale pink with white pearl- is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHLIGHT COLOR- a pink wash of delicate, beautiful shimmer- I think I'm gonna love this!
The other PEARLMATTE face powder is more gold, coral, salmon and silver blue pale pink- perfect for warm to deep skin tones!

I don't have ALL the colors, but all show a pic of the whole collection below!
 The Crushed Metallic Pigments are like shining diamonds and have pigment for days- you barely swipe these babies and you've got concentrated color!
They also have a purple and blues stack, called BUTTERFLY PARTY- that looks AMAZING-A-DING-DONG! (see pic below)
THE TOP 2 pink come in a set called STRAWBERRY PATCH and the BOTTOM 2 GOLDEN SHADES come in a set called ALOHA!
On top: STRAWBERRY PATCH- a cool, lavender pink
On bottom: MOON ROSE- a warm, rose pink
 On top: STAR CRYSTAL- (a-to-the-may-zing) I love light pearl gold, it's a beautiful highlight color!
On bottom: ROSE LIGHT- a warm, light golden rose color (this will really make blue eyes glow!)
 On top: SHIFTING SANDS- an amazingly pigmented, light-looks-good-on-everyone gold. This is like a J-Lo gold shade, that will bring some glowing sizzle!
On bottom: ALOHA- a bronze gold- that will look INCREDIBLE on EVERYONE! (this may be my favorite set)
 On top: LANTERN LIGHT- a warm peach gold, this will look soooo good, on all medium to deep skin tones!
On bottom: CAMPFIRE- a deeper coper gold- if you are a "copper" lover- you will flip over this!

These Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner have the most incredible blendablility, color, and shimmer!
They are soft like a kohl pencil, which I love for blending, smudging, and these would be a great base color to blend all over the eye, then put the shadow over too!
They are soft like kohl, so if you are a heavy-handed eyeline "draw-er"- you might smash the tip! So just be gentle, like with a kohl pencil.
UNDERCURRENT- a deep emerald, teal color
LORD IT UP- a warm, chocolate brown
DESIGNER PURPLE- an incredible, royal purple,
ABOVE- in sunlight and below in "non-direct-sunlight"
These are amazing, and took me quite a while to scrub off my arm! These definitely have some good-long-lasting-color power!

 Now, as you will see below, they have some brighter colored PLUSHGLASS shades- but I pretty much love the nude and pale colors sooo.....
 On top: PRETTY PLUSH- this is a "gor-gee" sheer, with a warm, pink pearl color.
on bottom: FASHION FANATIC- (this is my fav) this is the perfect nude gloss, like Turkish Delight from NARS, nude with a hint of color so it looks alive- and this one has the sweetest, yummiest scent- unlike Turkish Delight! ha ha ha
And here is the whole kit and caboodle....

And there you have it! This baby launched yesterday in North America and will be available internationally at all MAC locations in MARCH 2012...
and they will only be around until they sell out....great! The race is on if you want to get your pretty hands on any of these!

huge hugs...and beyond can shine more brightly than any color with a smile and kind go smile it up today, your kandee


Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Bigger Way to Store Your Eyeshadow

 I love, love, love, love Z Palettes!
They are the only magnetic eyeshadow or blush palettes, that have a clear, see-thru top.
I fit my eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, you could even put pressed powders and foundations in here!
These are a must if you are a make-up artist or a make-up lover that wants an easy way to get to all your pretty colors!
De-clutter, organize (as you can see my "blue-grey" palette above), and really feel like a "painter" when your eyeshadow palettes now!
 And this is the new PRO palette they've come out with!
The new palettes all come with 20 magnetic stickers to put on your de-potted make-up, for extra "magnetism" to the case!
You can see the PRO Z Palette on the LEFT (in red) VS. the Large Z Palette on the RIGHT (in leopard)
The PRO has a deeper tray now, deep enough to hold a few brushes inside too, but still slim enough to pack in your make-up kit or vanity drawers.
You can see how, even brushes will fit in the new PRO palette! Which is great for travel too- just pick your fav colors for your trip, pack your brushes and you're off to look beautiful on your getaway without a bunch of make-up packaging!
AND, especially if you are a make-up artist on set and need to create a palette for a certain actress or model. You can put the colors you used on them and "their" make-up brushes in each palette for each person, slip them in your set bag and your off to do your touch-ups!
I just popped a make-up forever blush and a few make-up brushes in the PRO palette to show you how easily they all fit with the lid closed.

15 STILA EYESHADOWS (because they are huge)

EVEN the regular LARGE PALETTE You can fit 28 MAC EYESHADOWS

 And I love that Z Palettes were created by a make-up artist! She not only still works on shows like Dancing with The Stars, but is so sweet and I just love her idea!
And the packaging is so protective...I have even dropped my Z palettes on the ground, travel with them, and no broken shadows at all!

And, who can resist an animal print! Plus, she has the smaller ones to pop in your purse too! I love these!

Huge hugs and leopard print palettes, your kandee

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