Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Day - going to Seattle...

My Jordan on the plane.... window seat, my favorite seat!
you can see the water from the entrance to the W hotel!
Me and one of my most precious friends Tamara...she lights up a room with her joy...and I just adore her! So excited she calls Seattle home now...and I get to see her sparkling eyes! She has been with me through some of the not-so-fun times in my life....I love you Puddin'!
Seattle is beautiful! It is green and so clean. (oooh  i rhymed)
The W Hotel where the Glaminar will be tomorrow is GORGEOUS!!!!
We spent the afternoon making giftbags, setting up the room, arranging everything, unpacking boxes...which is where I sent a box-cutter into my thumbs trying to cut this plastic zip tie of the Vanity GirlHollywood Pink Starlet mirror that will be given away tomorrow....nothing a tightly applied band-aid couldn't fix!
 Tamara drove us to dinner...then the best part....we waited in line to get homemade ice cream at Molly Moon's, this line practically wrapped around the street for the tastebud wonders inside!
My flavor pick: Salted Caramel Ice Cream
oh my deliciousness! The guy scooping mine up said it's there most popular flavor...and I know why!
then we returned to the hotel find a beautiful tray of chocolate cupcaked with gold leaf on top, sunflower seeds, a fruit basket, and a big bottle of Fiji water...with a precious card from Casey that works in the W bar, saying she is a fan! I had to go find her and hug her and thank her!

I am beyond tired and hope this blog post isn't crazy-tired-typed...ha ha ha ha
I heart Seattle! (oh then I asked my mom, "what's that movie where they are dating in Seattle?"...and she says, "oh, you mean SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE"?....ha ha ha ha...and i said yes, i need to go to bed right this second in Seattle! ha ha ha ha

typed with love and tired fingers....your kandee

Friday, July 30, 2010


HERE WE GO...I am squeezing in one more birthday-month-give-away.....for the WEEKEND!!!

You can win this awesome BOOT CHAIN from FLEET JEWELRY (the ones that gave me the killer EARRING CHAIN to give away too!)

This Boot Chain is the business!!! You can wear it on a boot, sneaker, hi-tops.....I think they are the coolest hing on the block!

Only the styliest stomp the streets with dazzle on their feet!!!

Get ready!!!


1. CONTEST ends sunday night at midnight (pacific standard time)...

2. All you have to do is comment below (right here on this blog! No youtube or nothin' for this baby!)
(comment anything you want: shoe dazzle, i want that, anything!

3. Oh, I guess you do have to be a SUBSCRIBER here on my blog or I won't be able to contact you if you win! ha ha ha

4. Get commenting! Comment as much as you like!

OH and if you don't win and wanted this boot chain or the chain earring shown here:
FLEET is offering a special discount from MONDAY AUGUST 2nd til MONDAY AUGUST 9th...
to all the Kandee Krew.....enter discount code: EARKANDEE
to save 20% on everything on their website!
go to:

Enjoy one more little treat from me and Fleet! Have a fun friday and weekend....
typed with love, kandee

Flawless Friday: How to Get Flawless Skin!

I always get asked how I take care of my skin...
what my daily skin routine is...
how to have nice looking skin...

So this is the basics for getting smooth, clear, even skin.

How to get rid and clear up acne. Reduce blemishes. And some bonus tips on staying young looking and how I try to battle of wrinkles!

Watch. Enjoy. And I hope you learn a little something...
made with love...and typed with care....
your kandee

and if you want to see how I did the make-up in this video....
watch below, it was a Kat Von D inspired look!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you a Dream Fighter?

I was looking back through all my old blog posts...and found this one that I posted exactly one year ago to the day...
it's funny how in this year, so much has happened it kinda feels like 5 years ago.  I want you to know that when all hope is gone, when you feel like your dreams are over....that's usually when gears are turning for your dreams but you just can't see them.

It's like turning your car're in the car, you can't see the pistons firing and all the stuff turning and getting ready to make the car go...but you know you are going to go somewhere...even if you aren't MOVING YET!!!!

Get the idea here?

You may be in your car thinking...."oh man!!! I'm not even going anywhere. We're not even moving...we're never gonna be able to go anywhere like this. What if we never leave the driveway?!? oh maaaaaan!"

Yes you will!

Just like when you're sitting there, you can't see all the parts of the motor preparing you to move on out....but you know they will!

Sit back in the comfy seat of life, no matter what your car looks like, what your driveway or garage looks like...and know that gears are getting ready...turn the engine of your hope on...and believe that your "car" is gonna go somewhere!

here's the post I wrote one year ago today (actually since it's now 1 am, it would technically be yesterday, but I've been working all day and night! ha ha ha...may it touch your heart and inspire you....
Please share this or pass it on to a friend that could use some "heart & dream" encouragement....
made with love, kandee

hi all my precious people....
my heart has been so touched and encouraged by all your emails and videos....
and it made me realize it's time to share a bit about me, that might encourage all of you...
I want all of you to become Dream fight for your dreams....
and here's a little bit of me trying to share a little bit of me...which is hard to talk about...since a lot of people don't know a lot of this....

I love you all and want you to know I'm your biggest cheerleader to go after your dreams!!!!
huge love.....and here's the video

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this is it!!!! the last of the birthday month giveaways!!!!!


Get your comment fingers ready!!!!

(home of my favorite big white hello kitty head purse) is donating this for my last birthday giveaway prize!!!!!

 (i know, we have to have rules or it would be complete chaos!)

rule #1. You must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

rule numero must comment below the youtube video (below) for it to count ~
click on the lower-right hand corner of the video on here, and it will take you to the youtube page to comment!

rule #3.  you must comment different words or sayings, or names each time you first comment: my name is........., 2nd comment: my fav color is yellow, 87th comment: my middle name is Oh Suzanna...(you get the idea!)

CONTEST ENDS: August 1 at midnight (pacific standard time)
winner will be announced MONDAY AUGUST 2nd 
here on the fabulously fabulous blogsy

WINNER CAN BE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, said they'll ship anywhere!!!!!!!

YAY!!!! so get your hands a typin' in Lithuania to Estonia....Chile to Taiwan!!!

Winner must respond within 48 hours of posting winner on this blog, if not a second winner will be chosen!

HAVE fun and warm of those comment fingers!

Happy-July-is-my-birthday-month! And happy birthday to all other July babies too!

huge love and hot pink Hello Kitty Purses!!!!

It's Show Time!

You guys are awesome! 
You came up with so many great show names, and since you all know me so well, they were
all names that I was so hard to pick...but we decided to combine a bunch of different ideas!

So here we have it: KANDEE UNWRAPPED: life make-overs

The first episode launched today!!! 2pm (pacific standard time)

Check back later today to celebrate the show and the last of my birthday giveaway prizes!
The hot pink hello kitty purse is ready to be given away!

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much for being a part of this with me!

huge love my kandee family.....your kandee

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am honored to be a part of your encourage, inspire and pour some love into your lives...
and like I've said before, each of you are my little "treasure dreams".

I want you guys to be a part of all that I do, especially when it is for you...your opinion matters!

So it's time to call on my "Kandee Fam" to help me!

Tomorrow my "name-less" show on, will premiere Wednesday at 2pm, Pacific Standard time....
BUT THE SHOW NEEDS A NAME!!! (we need a name by the tonight!!!! Tuesday July 27th at midnight!)

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY ideas you all have for a show the show teaser (CLICK HERE TO WATCH SHOW TEASER!)and tell me what you think a great name would be based on the video and the other clips on there!

THANKS TEAM KANDEE....I want you all to be a part of success is your success too! YOU  ARE ALL COMING ALONG THE RIDE WITH ME! This is not just me doing this, this is me and my Kandee Family..each one of you!

So let's name our show!!!

huge love my team.....your kandee

Don't Dream A Little Dream...

I am "recycling" this posty... some of you may remember this post from a long time ago....I found it and wanted to share it again....I think we can all use this sometimes (feel free to pass this on to friends that could use it!

(I took this "big" view from on top of the Empire State Building in New York...sometimes you just need to have "big vision" for your's a view to inspire you...)

dream a big dream...
people waste their never doing anything to make them happen! Let's be dream makers....not dream wasters!

Just like each person has their own fingerprints and likes and have your own personal dream...and your own one else will say they same things you will, paint a painting the way you will, sing a song the same way...or even draw out the beauty in someone by doing their make-up, the same way...

Whatever moves you, excited you, whatever you have a "knack" for.....go after it! Go after it, big time! The small details are what will make your big dreams....come true!

And don't listen to the dream-stopper lies that try to prevent your dream from happening...
your never:
*too old, or too young....(The world famous chef Julia Child, didn't start cooking until she was in her 50's)

*not talented enough...(some of the most famous people were told they had no talent! From Frank Sinatra to The Beatles!)

*have no time...(some of the most amazing inventions and books were written when people had to do them at night, because they were busy with work or kids during the day)

*you have lost hope....(whatever is lost can be found.....find your dream and your hope..and work hard to keep it alive...water your dreams & hopes, one can make them grow except you...and God...but we have to do our part!)

*too fat or thin, not attractive enough.....(Oprah has struggled with her weight, but she became the most powerful women (person) in the media...true talent doesn't have a size or a beauty rating! I've seen some "pretty" people that were the ugliest people I've ever seen, and no one wanted them around!)

*you have kids and don't know how you'll do it....(I know of an actress, that was so desired, the studio paid for her to move to Hollywood, they paid for her house in the Hills, and they paid for her to have a Nanny service at her disposal...a lot of my friends are moms, or single moms...and they have been able to make their dreams come true, with their babies right by their side!)...everyone knows, moms have incredible work ethics, they can multi-task like nobody's business....maybe you can't answer the phone when kids are yelling...but thank goodness for email and texting! ha ha ha ha

I made small decisions to help get my "big dreams" jump started...
*I made the choice to enroll in beauty school (that's all I knew to do at the time)
* I decided I was going to talk to salons and see if I could do make-up for prom
*I made flyers and put them up advertising my make-up services
*I made lil postcards and business cards to give to people, so they knew I was a "make-up artist"
*I made a little portfolio of all my friends I had put make-up on
*I made appointments with all the local photographers and advertising agencies to show them my "portfolio"...and I started getting work!
*I decided I was going to go talk to an award winning make-up artist at a hair show...

and before I knew it....I was walking onto movie sets, into the offices of MTV with my make-up kit to work, and being listed as key make-up for tv shows and commercials...and hiring my own team of make-up artists and hair stylists for jobs!

Each small decision I made, was going to have a huge effect!

(not only does Janice Dickinson, have a bigger than life personality, she coined the bigger-than-average-model term, "supermodel"....this was me and Janice, after I did her make-up)

So today...or even next week...start making tiny decisions to power up your big dreams!!!

Remember, every giant made up of a bunch of little steps....
typed with huge love for you and your dreams...kandee

Monday, July 26, 2010


this week will be very busy...
I am getting very little sleep, with lists as big as phone books of the things I need to do...I also so got some crazy reaction to a new self-tanner I tried, Tan Towels, which made my face and neck break out in a horrible itchy rash! I was going to make a video, but my skin looks awful and kinda hurts!

I have a lot of other non fun things to prepare this week, and things to work on...but I won't bore you with all the "non-fun-ness"....these things in life will make me stronger!
I will also be packing and traveling to have our SEATTLE GLAMINAR this weekend, JULY 31st!!!
(sign up soon if you want to go!!!)
Just when I start to feel overwhelmed and like I can't possibly do all the things I need to, read all the emails, call all the people I need to...
I say, yes I can do this.
I ask God to fill me with peace...and strength.
I break everything down into the order of urgency.
And start taking little bites of the giant mountain in front of me!
and then I rejoice in the small wonderful things...
some WONDERFUL things this week!!!

(should be launched tomorrow)
for this awesome HELLO KITTY PURSE!!!!

#2. My premier show on BIGtv premiers wednesday at 2pm (pacific standard time)...
go to:
to check it is like youtube meets a tv show...internet style!
I can't tell you what it means to me to hear your stories and meet you all....meeting these girls, inspired my heart so much!
I really want you to know that each one of you... are dreams in my heart! I love you all so much...and being a part of your lives and hearts is the most amazing thing that I could ask for as a "dream career"!

#3. Pack and leave for the SEATTLE GLAMINAR this WEEK END!!!!!

I can't wait to meet all of you attending, and encourage your hearts, teach you, and help jump start all your dream! This is going to be amazing!!!!! I am so excited!
I have lots...and LOTS of work to do to get ready!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We have a WINNER!!!!!
(the winner has 48 hours to contact me or I'll have to pick another winner)

OUT OF THOUSANDS of COMMENTS....our random winner is:

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW THAT YOU RECEIVED THIS & I SENT ya a message on youtube with directions to get a hold of me!

HERE'S A SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT IT IS.....can you say hot pink hello kitty purse!!!!??!!
this giveaway will be sometime this week...check my blog for when it's up!!!!

have fun and happy july!!!!!! I am so happy to be able to give you guys fun giveaways for my birthday  month! I  wish I could do this every month! Maybe I can do one giveaway a month...if you guys like this! Let me know below!

huge love and fun giveaways....your kandee

GIVE a SMILE and even a hug, it's the easiest gift to give...and it's totally free, and you never know how much someone could use a smile!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have always had a fascination and "semi-obsession" with eyebrows. Changing your eyebrows can change the WHOLE look of your face:

*make your face look slimmer

*make your eyes look closer or farther apart

*bring out the angles in your face

*if you face feels to angular, a curved eyebrow can soften your face

*frame your eyes like the trick that old Hollywood make-up artist used on stars like Marilyn Monroe

So as I scan peoples faces or have them in my make-up chair, the first thing I always do is re-shape their eyebrows....then I define them.

All old Hollywood stars and pin-up girls, even modern day glam girls have perfectly defined eyebrows!
Think of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren to modern glamazons like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Linda Evangelista, Megan Fox and Haifa Aishwarya.

Look at this "eye defining" before and after of one of my fav celebrities, Gwen Stefani. See what a difference a little defining makes?

I'll be posting the "fast eyebrow re-shaping video" soon too!


* an angled brush

*eyeshadow or brow color, close to the same color as your hair


*a waterproof eyeliner or waterproof cream liner


so get ready to bring some WOW to your BROW!!!

huge love LOVE & PERFECT EYEBROWS....kandee

Friday, July 23, 2010


 (oh noooo, it's your last chance all you west coasters to go the GLAMINARS!.....)

Hi Everyone....just want you all to know...this is my LAST DATE WE HAVE FOR A WEST COAST GLAMINAR...

I just wanted to make sure than anyone that lives on the West Coast of the US, and wanted to attend a GLAMINAR knows that this is our last stop. 

I wish I had more time to go to more cities, but just wanted to make sure if any of you west coasters....California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and any of the states NW of that...this is your stop baby!

This is something that will not only teach you many amazing things about make-up that you'll never learn from any school or youtube video...but it will change your life....inspire you and your dreams....and touch your heart forever.....
I cant't here for more details...

I have to go back to my work for setting them all up and trying to get some special surprises for you all coming!

can't wait it's going to be an amazing day!!!1
huge love.....your kandee

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have something so awesome to show you guys! I think you all know that you are my dreams..each one of and your precious stories and hearts...any dream that I ever had, has been replaced in the garden of my heart by each of you.

My life is incredible because of each of you...your stories have inspired me,  touched my heart, and have made my heart grow larger. I wanted a chance for some of you to share your incredible stories with the world....and now I have been able to.....

I want to thank the brave and precious girls who told me their stories...and let me into their hearts and lives...
(this is a screen grab from part of the the pink letters below to watch)

here's a sneak peek at what we've been  on...
BIGtv is an awesome and exciting new platform to feature personalities on the's like a mix between youtube and a tv show...
watch and enjoy....
the whole shows will be up soon...


huge love to all my little dreams reading this...your kandee


ok, so here's the scoop....AND NEW RULES!!!!!
Youtube pulled my video for having too many comments with the same words! So a BIG thank you to youtube for pulling the video and all the comments that you guys typed! So sorry about that! Ain't no one gonna stop us from having this contest!!!

youtube has made this much harder! ahhhh
(bonus points if you have one of my videos favorited when I check out your youtube page!)

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT COMMENT "EAR KANDEE" or the same repeated comments...or YOUTUBE will mark them as SPAM and delete the video again! we don't want that!
type your first name,  or middle name,  or nickname, anything nice, just MAKE SURE each comment has says something repeated comment words or youtube will pull it again!:(

(click the LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the video on here, to take you to the video on YOUTUBE...comment underneath there!)

WINNER MUST reply within 48 hours of winner announcement!

THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES! I'll pay the extra shipping to send it anywhere in the world that the precious winner lives!

MY WINNING ADVICE: comment several different times a day (with your different words or names, or just nice things to say!), every day until the contest ends, so your name will be all throughout the comments for the random selection!


have fun, start commenting (again...ha ha ha ha) and I can't wait to see who wins!
love and earrings, kandee

PS. with all the problems I had with youtube and my blog, this took me over 3 hours to fix, re edit video, and re-upload it to youtube (2 times) ahhhhhhhh WE finally got it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strength in Beauty, Beauty In Strength

I always say: "you're more beautiful than you now, more talented than you think, and more loved than you can imagine"....

but I love these words written on this boxing glove too!

Abby sent me this awesome GOLDEN BOXING GLOVE which she wrote on with the words:
"Strength in Beauty, Beauty in Strength". This was a birthday present she sent to me! And I cried as I read the precious words she wrote to me.

I had the honor of coming to know a beautiful girl named Abby. She is one of my new heroes.

Abby is on the LEFT, my head is circled on the right! ha ha ha (this was at the GLAMINAR in Pasadena)

I gave Abby the best seat in the front row of the Glaminar, it had her name on it with a special pink ribbon tied to her chair.

You see, Abby NEEDED to be in the front row to read my lips...she is losing her hearing, and need the help of special hearing devices (which she chose to be sparkly and bedazzle with sparkly decorations!) to hear me.
Not only is she losing her hearing, but she also told me how she received even more bad news, that it is now affecting her eyesight. Precious Abby commented that at least the medication she's on will make her eyelashes look thicker! How incredibly optimistic is that!?!
Not only is this sweet, precious and incredibly strong girl slowly losing her hearing, but to get hit with the fact that your eyesight is now being effected!
ABBY is the new hero of my heart!

She is energetic and joyful, despite all that is going on in her world. She is optimistic and full of twinkle.  When we think we have obstacles...people that are discouraging, a horrible job and lots of bills, babies or children to take care of, we live somewhere we don't like, we have no friends...I re-think, my thinking. Here is Abby, this gentle spirit with obstacles that would send most of us into a deep depression, and instead of thinking her future is ruined...she goes on with a determined heart and mind, with an attitude and spirit we all need to have that says... "I am strength! In my strength I am more than beautiful. I will find a way, make a way, where no path has gone before, no story like mine has been told, I will pioneer new frontiers and do things that no one like me should have done! I will rejoice in my strength. And when I feel weak, I will pray for God to strengthen me and be the footprints in the sand carrying me when I can't go on. I will not let my circumstances decide how I will thoughts are going to direct me to greatness!"

Remember: You're better off with a disabled body and enabled thinking, that an able body and disabled thinking!

Abby you are my hero and I am so honored to know you. You encourage me and inspire me! I love you!

Please pass or post this blog today to anyone that could use this story of strength and encouragement in their life!

written an typed with huge amounts of love and encouragement and STRENGTH!!!
i want the best futures for all of you reading this....huge love and hugs, kandee

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm STILL CELEBRATING my BIRTHDAY this month, by giving you guys goodies!!!
my awesome, super rocker CHAIN EARRING from FLEET JEWELRY, made and designed in the heart and soul of Downtown Los Angeles, by Kate Power and her posse.

Yes, I said earring, as in one! As you all know I have a hankering to wear  only one earring, or mix match earrings...examples here:

and now my new fav...the ONE-EARRING-CHAIN baby!!!

WINNING TIP: if you comment everyday of the contest, every few hours, you have a better chance of being the winner!
CONTEST ENDS JULY 25th (Pacific Standard Time) 
WINNER will be announced here on my blog!

to check out more killer style-dazzlings by FLEET JEWELRY go to:

how I found fleet....
my photographer friend Ian, told me about his jewelry designer friend, Kate Power...he was telling me about her awesome passion for designing and creating jewelry, how she doesn't do it for money, she does it for her love of creating...and how she doesn't like all the fake LA scene ( i like her already!)....once I saw her creations....I was like....."I love me some of these!!!!....I've worn mine almost everyday since I got it!!!! So you can rock your ear chain all kandee-twin-style!...get your EAR KANDEE on....go comment away and you could have your precious ear lobes decorated just like mine!

huge love and dazzled ears....your kandee

Monday, July 19, 2010


I have just found out that there are a few people saying they are having "GLAMINARS"...some have even copied images from my website and wording from there too! Please know that the official GLAMINAR website and sign-up are at:

I have worked very hard, and even made up the name Glaminar (because I wanted it to sound like GLAM + seminar)...I spend nights until 3-4am in the morning working on this, and it is very upsetting to know that someone would try to "steal" images, wording, and even use the name GLAMINAR to trick people.

These are the official GLAMINAR can click on the website link and some of the details about certain locations are on the website! SEATTLE is JULY 31st!!!!! (we're getting FULL!)
and CHICAGO IS NOW OPEN FOR SIGN-UPS!!!! (just go to locations and click on the cities name!)

I don't want any of you to be fooled by these imposter GLAMINARS! I love you all and want to protect you like I'm a mama cat and you're my lil kittens!

oh yes, a new make-up how to video is going up on youtube today! AND another CONTEST!!!!!

have an awesome day my loves....kandee


WOWZIE! There were over 185,000 comments for the SABRE Sunglasses!!!
You're gonna love these!!! The awesome thing about this winner is, when I went to her YOUTUBE channel page, her favorite video she had playing was one of mine!!!! If I could giver her bonus points (ha ha ha) I would!!!!!

Oh yes, the winner IS:
To 5kittylove, please, email me with the address I gave you (if you got it) on a youtube message...also message me here on my facebook linke (CLICK HERE TO GO THERE!), and please comment below that you received this and that you've messaged me.

If I don't receive a reply from 5kittylove within 48 hours, then I will pick a NEW WINNER!

CONGRATS to 5kittylove!!! You're awesome sunglasses are waiting to be sent out!!!!

stay tuned for my NEXT BIRTHDAY MONTH GIVEAWAY!!!!! It is super-awesome!!!!!

huge love and still celebrating July (my birthday month!)....xo kandee 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My 3 Daily Delights

Everyone should have their small pleasure, their daily delights, their little happy makers. These things are usually little items that bring a little bit of "cheer and wonderfulness" to our days, most of the time no one will even notice these things but us. I've always had a little purse (since I was little), to carry around my little delights...and there was always a lip balm of some yummy sort involved!
(oh the Soft Candy lip balm...more on that in a it! luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it)

It's funny but all mine are very sensory, and smell delicious! The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses (10,000 times stronger than all other senses, because it's the only direct, un-interrupted straight to your brain sensory line!...that's why a smell can instantly bring up a memory)

No wonder we like things that smell good. So here's some of my daily favorites!

I've included the links if you guys want to buy any of these treasures for yourselves...I realize how hard it is to find online, because I get all kinds of emails from people saying they can't find what I I hope this helps...I put the links to buy them (if you want) right here!

#1 ~ dessert for your lips and not your hips!

BEAUTY TREAT Soft Candy Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm
this is like icing for your lips..i love it, and it's GIANT! It's 100% natural & 100% you're-gonna-love it!!! It goes with me everywhere....and the best part is it's guilt free!

#2 ~ Did you ever have a Strawberry Shortcake doll?
My sister sent me a text that I had to buy this soap because it smells JUST LIKE Strawberry Shortcake Doll Hair! Oh, the flood of sweet strawberry shortcake goodness....Angel Cake and Lemon Meringue...oh the hand washing I'm gonna do now. People will really think I'm a germaphobe... but I just want to feel like I'm 5 again with this delish scent! And I don't have time to go to Bath and Bodyworks so I'm just gonna order me a ton so I won't run out! ha ha ha
Tropical Passionfruit Soap from Bath &  Bodyworks

#3 ~ last but not scent-ual DELIGHT!!!
Sud Pacifique Perfume in VANILLE EXTREME

this is what I smell I like! It is my most FAVORITE PERFUME in the WHOLE WORLD! People ask what it is all the time. I've worn this for years and years! Then I was so sad to hear Sephora and a bunch of other places aren't selling it! I asked everyone to get it for me for my birthday...and my poor boyfriend, couldn't find it anywhere in the US, so he had to order it from a French website, and try to read everything in French (which he doesn't know how to do! Well, actually he did good, because it just came in the mail yesterday!) I found this link on Amazon though, so maybe he missed this one! Poor baby, he gets a gold star for trying so hard!

Brighten your day with the gift of "aroma-wonderfulness"'s like a special little present just for you! I smell good for me...and it's a bonus if others enjoy it too! hee hee hee

huge and lots of yummy smelling delights in your secret treasure stash, kandee

I always have had a little nightstand next to bed with yummy smelling lip balm and lotion, to apply right before bed...and sweet smelling dreams!

Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Daily Steps to Perfect Skin!

Here's my daily skin routine and what I use to get my skin in great shape!

I went through a bad year or so with horrible skin....I changed a few things, and use different products, stop using some other ones...and voila!My skin is back to shiny, smooth goodness again.

so here's what I do everyday:
(i took this picture at Whole Foods, my go to health store, yesterday when re-stocking on this!)
I use Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, EVERYDAY! I wash my face with it in the shower, it is gentle enough to use everyday.
When I ran out, or when I've tried other scrubs, they contain too many  "bad" oils, or lanolin, or mineral oil, all which make me break out.

TO REMOVE MAKE-UP, I'm going to do a video on the eye make-up remover I make, made from Olive Oil. It works wonders and is so good for your skin.

After I wash my face, I dry it and apply moisturizer.
I have a couple favorites:

One is a little too pricey, but it's so's actually called, Immortelle Divine Cream from L'Occitane. (It is their BEST SELLER!) L'Occitane uses all natural ingredients, never tests on animals, and the essential oils in this cream, made my skin look AMAMZING! I received a free jar in my prize box from winning the ELLE Video Star contest, and I haven't been able to afford to buy a new jar yet, it's $95! But if you wanna see the most amazing skin you'll ever have, and if you're worried about aging ~ this is the CUPCAKES, baby!

What I have been using for months now is: Exuberance, it's the: She's So Lovely Rose Daily Moisturizer. Exuberance is made with mostly all organic ingredients, and definitely all natural! It comes in a beautiful pump dispenser which is very sanitary, love that! It is a great daily moisturizer that just makes your skin glow! IT travels with me everywhere, well except for when the bottle broke during one of my travels...I was so sad, but now I've got a new bottle and I'm good to "glow"!

NOW FOR MY "SECRET" (well, I guess not since I talk about it in a video, ha ha ha) MOISTURIZING TRICK:

After I've moisturized...AND ONLY AT NIGHT (you don't want to put this on, and then try to put make-up'll me a melty mess! ha ha ha), I put it on at night after I've washed my face:

I glide on a layer of ALBA Un-Petroleum, over my moisturizer to seal in the moisturizer and provide the most deeply moisturizing power ever! It is all natural, contains no PARABENS, or mineral oil (which is the result of making petrol products like gasoline, yuck!) This is the ultimate skin-multi-tasking-moistutrizer! Put in on your nails or feet for perfect looking manicure / pedicures! I apply a little to dry, chapped lips, to soften them up really well. AND DEFINITELY SLAP A BIG HELPING AROUND THE EYE AREA, to keep those wrinkles away! I can't tell you how I love this stuff, and it's super cheap!

My LEMON FACE SCRUB...I was even in a hotel, and my skin was having a horrible reaction to some moisturizer I had to by at CVS, because I had forgotten my whole "beauty bag" at home, and I quickly got some lemon slices for the tea in the room, some sugar packets, whipped up a little scrub, rubbed it over my skin for a few seconds...and instantly my skin looked and felt better!
So here it is again! I love this!

Now you know how to get the glow! Hope my tips and tricks help you want to show off your your face even more!
huge love and glowing skin... Kandee

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shattered Dreams, HEARTS & Disco Balls

Hello,  my name is Kandee and I have a shattered dream.

Do you have a shattered dream or heart that's broken into pieces?

I remember when I drove home, from Hollywood, with the load of all my belongings, my hot pink couch and all my vintage collections of Hawaiian tiki cups. I felt like I needed a separate trailer to haul all the pieces of my shattered dream. I was driving home to go live with my parents who were going through a divorce, with my little 4 year old in the backseat. But little did I know, this shattered dream would shine more light and love into my life than this old dream would've ever have given to me.

I had struggled in LA (and later worked there without all these struggles! ha ha ha), with not really any "true" friends, trying to work as many make-up jobs as I could, trying to go on auditions, and work a waitresing job, to help pay for all my son's preschool.
I had dreamed of being an actress since I could remember, I would write movies and credits for movies and I would pedal my bike down the street and imagine the movie I was in. I was in musicals and plays all throughout my childhood. When I worked on my first movie, I cried because my heart was so overjoyed that this was MY DREAM!!! I remember being on jobs, working on celebrities, on movies or tv shows, thinking...I wish I was the one getting my make-up done to play this role. I would walk from the make-up trailer and go talk to the lighting guys, and watch as the star that I just made up, was about to go do the very thing that I dreamed of doing.

I remember tears rolling down my face as I drove home to my parents,  I felt like not just my heart was broken, my hope and my dreams were too. (I've felt this way over guys before too, it's not just for dreams either!)
Later I realized that I could've sat among the broken pieces of my dream, looking at each shattered, sharp piece, asking why and letting those broken pieces cut me,  make me bleed and hurt me. That is what we tend to do sometimes, we sit in the middle of our broken-ness, and we keep staying there hurting ourselves even more, instead of gluing the pieces back together to make an amazing mosaic of beauty, to shine more sparkle and love into our future.  I've done this with a broken heart too, I'd sit and only remember the best of times with that person, I'd sit and hold the broken pieces of how I dreamed our life to be. Not realizing that the ones that break our hearts, give us a shattered piece that will shine light on a new path, to find the real one, that will never dare hurt our heart or leave us.

Those shattered pieces began to reflect more light, like a glittering disco ball, onto a new, even more amazing dream that I could've ever dreamed!

What I have been able to do, with this blog and through Youtube, is a dream that began sparkling from one of those shattered pieces. Knowing that I have inspired any of you, touched any of your hearts, and changed any of your lives, is a dream more amazing than getting some role in a movie, could ever be! I was put in a place, far from my dreams, but with no way of making them happen, but by being there, I found a  way

Each of you are my sparkling dreams. Each comment or message or precious heart that I meet, each one of you are little flowers in my dream garden!

I want you to know, no matter how badly your dream or your heart feels shattered, know that in those shattered pieces, is where the most beautiful treasures are waiting to make your heart sparkle! Many times our hearts feel shattered, but in that broken-ness, just might be the sparkle to shine light on a new love, a new dream, a new hope.

I am thankful for every guy that shattered my heart, because one of those broken pieces became a twinkly light, that shined out onto the one that I love no. The broken piece of my heart that they cracked, has been put back together to be such a beautiful mosaic (like the picture above) of sparkling love.
We are like twinkling disco balls, made up of lots of little bits and pieces of broken mirror, shining bright to light up the world! If you feel shattered and broken....REJOICE! You are about to put back together something more beautiful, more sparkling, more bright and more amazing than you even can dream of!

huge love from your super-shattered, disco ball of twinkle.... kandee

*please feel free to share this with someone who has a shattered heart or dream...keep the love going!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


YAY! I have stayed up til 3 or 4am, each night for the past several days to get this website and GLAMINAR planned!!! It's ready for our FIRST KICK OFF DATE & LOCATION!!!
SEATTLE JULY 31, 1020 (this will be our last WEST COAST location!!!)


Now the cities were chosen by most requested locations from everyone on my FACEBOOK "Kandee Fan-FAMILY page"!  Certain cities will cover a range of "travel-to-cities", Seattle will cover Vancouver to Portland, to any of the surrounding areas people can travel from! (We have girls that traveled to LA from Germany and the UK!) TORONTO's date is set up yet, but we're looking at November 6th for IMATS up there!

I wish I could go to more cities, but this is all I can go to because I only have so many weekends available with my kids schedule! And I don't know if or when I will be able to do more Glaminars next year, nothing is work schedule may be changing, and I'm not sure if it will allow me to do more Glaminars! So these ones are going to be great!!!!!! If I never get to do one after these, these are going to be the MOST AMAZING, LIFE changing ones ever!!!

Here's a little taste of what my "glam girls" say about the glaminars:

But makeup knowledge isn't the only thing you will take away from these classes. Your heart will get a complete makeover as well. You will leave inspired and ready to do anything. You will leave happier than you've ever dreamed of. Kandee is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. And every single girl that was there was beautiful... from their smiling faces, down to their gorgeous hearts. I've met friends through this that I know will last a lifetime. We laughed together, we learned together, and we cried together and we all left the Glaminar ready to reach for the stars!!!

It hasn't even been a month since the Glaminar I attended, but I can see the difference it has made in everything I do. I am now a Professional Makeup Artist, confident in myself, and ready to accomplish anything! If any of you are wondering if you should attend these classes, they are so worth it. Only you can take that first step towards your dreams. So stand up and just do it! You will be so happy you did. Its your life, and now is the time to make it what you want it to be!- Tabitha

Then in June I was blessed with the opportunity to attend her Pasadena Glaminar and because of that, my life will never be the same. I walked into the morning session, just another face in the crowd, and I left a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist. I am now confident in myself and my abilities, have a brain filled with priceless knowledge, a support system in my new found friends {the other girlies at the Glaminar}, and most importantly, a fire in my heart. I knew exactly where I wanted to be and what I had to do to get there.
In the 2 weeks since the Glaminar, I have booked 4 weddings, 8 photoshoots, and was most recently offered the opportunity to work on a feature film movie {which unfortunately I had to pass on, due to already being booked 3 of the four weekends of the filming!}
Kandee and her Glaminar is much more than makeup. It's life changing, motivational, inspirational, and simply amazing. -Cortney

SIGN UPS FOR SEATTLE ARE OPEN TODAY!!!! go to to SIGN-UP NOW and pick the class or the best deal of going spending the whole day with me!!!! You'll leave a different person!

off to schedule more rest for those who want to be successful! ha ha ha ha

huge love....your kandee

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Questions to see if you are HIGHLY SENSITIVE

Have you ever been told: "You're TOO SENSITIVE!!!", "Why are you so sensitive!"? 
If you've ever been in an abusive relationship, (with a boyfriend/girlfriend, family member or friend), you've probably heard something like that.  After they dish you out a truckload of unkind words, and insensitive comments, they like too blame you even more for their lack of kindness, and selfishly find a way to make it your fault...."You're just too sensitive"!
I used this picture of my "Edward Scissorhands look", because Edward was "highly sensitive", and that was his beauty, that's why you fell in love with his character.

Well HOORAY! I'm what some Self-Help books and websites would label, A Highly Sensitive Person!

(taken from a list of "HPS" traits from, I'm serious, that's a real website!)
1. Are are very creative?
2. Do you have a deep, rich, inner life, are very spiritual, and may also have vivid dreams.
3. Do you get a sense of comfort and well being when around a lake, river, stream, the ocean, or even a fountain?

4. Are  you very intuitive, can you usually tell if something is bothering someone?
5. Were you considered quiet, introverted, timid, or shy as a child?

6. Do you get concerned and think or worry about many things, and have also been told "you take things too personally."

7. Are you affected by other people's moods, emotions and problems?

8. Are you very conscientious, hard working, and meticulous, but may become uncomfortable and less efficient or productive when being watched or scrutinized?

9. Do you feel compelled to file and organize things and thoughts, also enjoy simplicity and may become overwhelmed or even immobilized by chaos, clutter, or stress?

If you answered yes to one of these, YOU ARE HIGHLY SENSITIVE! Just kidding! But honestly as I read through those, I was thinking, "Yes! Yeah. Who doesn't feel peaceful around a lake or the ocean, or watching the sunset? Ok, yes I was pretty shy. Oh yes I get effected by other people's emotions." Ok, ok,  I'll join the 15-20% of society that is HIGHLY SENSITIVE!

it makes you want to ask...

"what the heck is so bad about being sensitive?" "who said sensitivity is a bad thing anyway?" 
....your football coach, your abusive ex, the hard-hearted person that is too selfish to think about others' feelings, maybe even your parent or a "well intentioned" friend?

Society likes to put a label on everything. What better way than to make the precious hearts of the world, feel even more upset over something, to ruin that invaluable ability they have of being aware of others feelings, than to give them some "social term" like, HIGHLY SENSITIVE, like it's a problem or a bad thing?


They are the heart of the world, the ones with compassion, that feel others pain, that celebrate others happiness, the ones that not just look up at the stars, but see the beauty of the twinkling glitter int eh night sky. 
They are the ones that make sure you feel loved, and make you feel loved on your birthday, with a card or flowers. They are the ones that not just see a sunset, but see and feel the beauty of that glowing orb, grandly sinking to wake up another part of the world with it's warm glow. They are the ones that feel the ache of a broken heart or joy of a new love, and turn it into a song, with words to the paint feelings in your heart.

The sensitive people are the true wonders of the world. They are the hearts and hope and artists in the world...the dancers, singers, painters, musicians...the ones who notice beauty, where others just walk on by.
The sensitive people are the ones that notice the cotton candy color or the sky in the afternoon, they stop and smell the sweet perfume of flowers, they enjoy the sound of laughter and hear beauty in it, they take their shoes off at the beach to feel the sand. Music and art, and beauty (not the beauty that Hollywood promotes, but the beauty in the small things) are in important part of their life.
I am thankful I am so sensitive. All the great artists and people in the world, the ones that made a difference were sensitive, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and many countless people who loved, felt, and felt others' emotions, and by doing so, changed the world.

We are not just "highly sensitive", we are the heart and change in the world, we are "highly awesome"!
Go out today with your senses...and feel and see the beauty all around, and rejoice that you are sensitive....just like me!

huge love and lots of sensitivity, kandee


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