Monday, August 31, 2009

Tease it high!!! or backcomb it!

hair we go again...ha ha ha ha....(okay that was kinda cornball)...ha ha ha...but I like it!
To steal an ol' "Texas" hair saying...."the higher the hair, the closer to God!"...hee hee hee

I learned how to tease my hair from one of my hair from one of my best friends.....Sarah Rico...I'd say about 6th grade....once I was armed with this new knowledge...and a bottle of hair BANGS would never be the same.......

as I worked with hairstylists...(well and beauty school-shmooty school)...and then celebrity hair can bet I took notes on some hair dazzlery--- such as this TEASING (aka back combing trick)...
what you want:
HAIR -doesn't matter how thin or flat (I have some of the thinnest hair on the planet...refer to my video on getting your dreams and my story..for why this is...)
ROUND BRISTLE BRUSH-any diameter (2-3 inches is great....mine small one is from Aquage and is about 1 inch in diameter....I use it just for teasing!)
HAIRSPRAY- any kind from Pantene to Big Sexy Hair to whatever you like....!
get your hairspray and brushes...and let's get huge hair!!!


this is what I look like in a chair at a hair salon....
"what salon you ask?"....
7769 Melrose AVE. L.A, Ca 90046
here's their facebook page CLICK ON
and myspace CLICK HERE
Jerry Park

he's the hair wrangler that cut my hair..(and let me say...I LOVE IT!!!)..he has perfect hair, is uber stylish, and no, he is not gay....just a killer sorry boys!
he also is the creator of the Barracuda Salon...a hip salon right on Melrose Avenue.... and yes I have cut my hair myself for YEARS........this was the first time someone had cut my hair in almost 5 years....ha ha ha ha.....actually, I have only had my hair cut in a salon, like, less than 5 or 6 times...(my grandma was a hair stylist, then I started doing my own hair in high school...I even did my own head shaving...ha ha ha)...I have had bad experiences in the hands of other stylists....! Hair trust issues!

i get a lot of peeps in need of a hair cut askin': what does your hair look like from different angles...please keep in mind these were taken fresh out of bed...and sans make-up! don't be scared.....hee hee hee

side shot of me hair....(said like a pirate)

extreme side shot
more of the back- you can see how thinned out the ends are
i don't wear my bangs like this...but this will show you how they look forward
fluffing up the back to show the layer-action
then you can watch my vid on blow drying and straightening my do......

PS if you are in the LA vicinity....get your hair done by JERRY....and tell him I said hi......and it never hurts to add Barracuda Salon to you tribe on Facebook!
Happy hair days!!!!! Kandee-Cut

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crazy Kandee and her FAQ's

It may sound like a swear word or some new "Texting" abbreviation...(FAQ you buddy!!!! ha ha ha)
F-Frequently A-Asked Q-Questions...

I get lots o' questions....
number of emails per day on youtube: 438,582 (just kidding...but a lot)
number of questions per day: 92,317,836 (just kidding again, but close)
I TRY soooooooooo hard, to chisel away at them everyday, but I never seem to make a dent.....slowly I'll read every single one....I will!

These are some of the questions I get asked the here we go...
and yes, KANDEE is my real name, on my birth certificate
and here you get to see all her kandee-ness...I am quirky, some people think I'm funny, I have a few bags full of sillyness...and if you ever see me with my sister....oh's kandee to the tenth power...we bring out the silliest in each other...just hearing her laugh makes me laugh.......we both inhale and shriek when we kills me to hear her do it! ha ha ha ha ah

let's get!

( can watch it larger, just click the lower right hand corner that has the YOUTUBE logo!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

portraits! snap shots! school pictures! (make-up for pictures)

this is me....circa 8-9 years old...fancy outdoors portraits with lots of dried flower props, complete with the dried flower wreath I am sporting....I was in dried flower heaven!

here is lil' Kanny.....I'm guessing about 2-3 years old....

yee-haw! me and sasster be posin' for sum pitchurs..... me on the left...lil sister (AKA the cowgirl), on the right

back with the dried flowers again! from mustache-wearin' dad, my beautiful mama, the kandee-nator, and my lil' sissy..

ahhhhhhhhhh...high school portrait!!!!! look at my eyebrows!?!

well there may not be any dried flowers...seems we upgraded to dried grass! ha ha ha...and we added my favorite dog, our cocker spaniel, Whisper...(hint:....I'm on the right)

The point of all this show and tell ....? Pictures man! I've been getting requesters...for school pictures, portraits, work here's a sampling of some of my past "portraits"....

And since I've been a make-up artist for movies, print ads, fashion shows, celebrities, tv shows...I know a trick or two on how to make you (or anyone) look great in photos....
so here goes a little (quick and natural looking) how to on looking gooooood for your next photo op...whether it's your school pics....your new driver's license, work id photos....or some family portraits....I got your back...or actually your face! ha ha ha ha
cozy up to the monitor.....
and get ready to say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese............

My Hot Date

On my friend's comment: "You have to go see this movie!"......I told myself.."okay, we will"...
the "we" consisting of me, and my two closest companions: MYSELF and I!

Above is what I wore to my hot date....

I was WITH myself...NOT BY myself!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

I talked to my sister on the phone while I drove the 40 minute drive to the only theater playing "500 Days of Summer"....and as I whipped out debit card after debit card and none of them would work (i know I had money in the bank! ha ha ha)......the manager finally let me go in for FREE...because none my cards would work!!! AWESOME!!!!

And as weird as you think you're gonna feel going to the movies by yourself...(like why didn't I just bring along 30 of my 100 cats that I live enjoy this with me! ha ha ha)...I just pretended I was this cool, artsy person...that does this all the time! ha ha ha ha....I actually have gone to the movies with myself (I will no longer say BY MYSELF!!! ha ha ha) a lot....this first time was to see of my favs!

After the and myself were hungry...first we got some frozen yogurt at a copy-cat of Pink Berry....but it was not nearly as good! then we got some SOOSH (sushi) was so good...I got all the rolls that were somehow "tempura-ed"....ha ha ha......we had an awesome night....
me and myselves......
PS. and yes I started to cry in the end of the movie.....and I had to dry em' up real fast...they turned the lights on when the credits started rolling! I was like, "No, I am not with myself at the movies AND crying!"....ha ha ha ha
I am such an awesome date!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Friday, August 28, 2009

Straighten that HAIR out!!!!

The hair straightening Olympics are quickly approaching....and guess who'd been in training for years now!!!
yep...yours truly....the confectionately name one.....the kandee-nator..AKA kandee-straighter..well not really..but you get the idear!

Bust out your round and flat brushes....
(I use the Cricket Flat Sculpting Brush...and I any round 2-3 inch in diameter bristle brush)

Then Blow-Dry....
I love my pinky FHI nano blowdryer...the fastest blow dryer I've ever dried me hairs with!

AND my favorito flat iron EVER.....the GHD Pure IV flat iron.......i love it so much....I got one for my mom and sister for presents!!! This is every amazing hairstylists fav flat just have to try it to see how stinkin' straight it gets your hair! I was a little worried because it's an investment...but everyday I use that baby...and my hair looks good.....I say "this thing was worth every penny!" it!

(You can get them here:
and if you get it there you'll get a FREE cortex curling iron...yay! free stuff!!! oh yeah...use this coupon code there:

here's to many beautiful and good hair days!!!!
get your hair ready.......

Kandee Style - wardrobe breakdown

kandee's philosophy on clothes and style:
"wear what makes you feel confident, happy, and what feels fun!".....

I've worn things that were fun since I was little...whether it was a purse that was a sneaker, or white leather studded boots, or jelly shoes, or bandanas as belts....or thermal pants as leg warmers....
that is one area in my life where I never felt embarrassed to do clothes have been my free fun zone of expression.....
so here's an outfit breakdown request:

leggings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE (like 10 bucks)
white tank: Hanes White Tanks $8
Black Shirt: Urban Outfitters (they were on sale for $29)
belt: old belt from ROSS (like $6)
chains: 3 tier chain from HOT TOPIC $16.99
chain necklace: from Charlotte Russe or Forever21 (around $10-12)
earrings: Forever21 silver hoops (about $3)
hi-tops: Royal Elastics (they were around $100 but my friend haggled for $50 off!)

get your popcorn out and watch the movie.....roll em'!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a song for lil' ol' me!?!

this beautiful lil' lamb....wrote a song for ME!!!!!!
she is from Australia and has a beautiful voice....

I'd like to introduce you to Sara is her "kandee" song....
thank you so much Sara...I am so honored that I was dancing around in your mind while you came up with this song!!!!
Huge Kisses.....Kandee

Lions and Tigers and ZEBRA nails, oh my!!!

Kid Sister (below) blew up with her song "Pro Nails"...and as she makes statements with her can you....

to know to know my love of animal prints...ha ha ha ha
I like how classic animal prints are (think 50's glam)...and how they always come back in style...
I never think they are out.....but that's true wear what you love, no matter who says what's in style! ha ha ha ha
So let's head to ZEBRA-town....

and yes....I did my toesies too! They don't want to be left out in high toe-bearing season!

I watched the lady in a salon do it...and I thought "I can do that...she's just randomly wiggling the brush every, here and there"....easy peezy!

here's what you need:
any polish to be the base color (I used a white from Wet N' Wild....super cheapo)
the super cool LA Colors ART DECO polish makes this sooooo easy (I used black, but they make all kinds of colors...(you can get them at
let's go have some fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stylie: things i like..hi-tops!!!

I've been a hi-top lover since my first pair of hot pink Converse when I was about 7....
and don't get me wrong...I do love putting girly shoes on....but chances are you'll find me in some sort of sneakers on a daily basis...although boots are making a comeback in my closet!!!
I love these crazy hi-tops (above)...they are....i know, i know.......Louis Vuitton....shi-shi-la-la you are thinking...yes, but they are inspired by Stephen Sprouse....(80's designer who like uptown sensibilty with downtown punk and pop...think graffiti and punk and neon colors! He actually had his flagship store in Union Square which is where we shot the "balloon picture"...the store's not there anymore......but a random fact to read!

these shoes are the business!!! I got them for free when I got to dig through the Shoe collection at Vans (I went with my friend Ian, who is a photographer, who shoots things for them!)...his super cool friend, Chris Overholser (who is the marketing-PR master at Vans)...blessed me with a new show collection!!!!

i stinkin' LOVE these zebra shoes!!!!! The sad thing is....I was so excited...the only pair they had was huge...and I thought I could fit in them....but sadly they were still toooooooo lengthy.....if you want a pair..they are called VANS VAULT HI FI LX....i still "walk" (rock) a black pair...but man I love the ZEBRA!!!!! below is me "walkin" the black VANS in NY...which I love too....but you know me and exotic animal prints!!! ha ha ha (you can buy them at: VANS.COM)

My sister got the J-man the cool gold and black kicks....and as you can prolly' guess.....I got him the the turquoise, silva' and zebra babies!!! (they are by Draven...and were on clearance at Hot Topic! like these on clearance!!! And for your info..they are VEGAN shoesies! go to

here's my other fav pair of people movers...... these babies are my ROYAL ELASTICS which I love......I got mine at a store on MELROSE AVE.....i think they are called the "king" hi-top.....not sure if you can still get them on the site....but here it is:

the only high I with my "tops"...ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The fastest out-the-door make-up

what you want: fast make-up (back to work make-up, mom with no time make-up)
baby I got it:
all you need is...
foundation ( I used La Mer foundation, that La Mer sent to me to is pricey but awesome! You can use L'Oreal TruMatch to save dollars!)
a little face powder (i used Larenim Mineral Pressed powder)
black (or brown) eyeliner (i used smolder from MAC..revlon makes a good black too)
cream blush (or a pink colored lipstick) (I used Posey from MAC)
and some lipgloss ( I used Pink Frost from NYX)

Less than 5 minutes...and you'll feel a little bit "glammer" for the rest of the day!

Back To School Date

(nothing says chocolate milkshakes w/ sprinkles.....Jordan doesn't like guess who got a second helping!?!)

It was Jordan's first day of school...and that means that we had to celebrate...with a Back To School Dinner/Date....
Jordan and I...all by our lonesomes...headed out for a fun dinner before we went on our "shopping for school supplies bonanza"...
where I dared to refer to him as "Jojo"...which I will never do again in a public place....due to the extreme embarrassment that I caused....

J-man and the parking lot....yeah I know...I don't have any make-up on.)
Jordan made me laugh so hard at dinner...telling me about this kid that scratched his arms...and so many more times...he is hilarious...and I love him soooooo much....he's been my little best friend for many years now...he's gone with me to art museums, photoshoots, he used to dance at the intermission at the Def Jam Poetry Jam...we had the best time!

J-man giving the "don't take my picture hand" the mom-a-razzi (like paparazzi for your whole life)

this was photographed by the great Jordan was really he told me to pose like this so the wind would blow my hair back...making me look like I was running, ridiculously fast.......ha ha ha ha...I don't know if I look fast...but I did make some tight fists! ha ha ha

ahhhh...the meanies come out!!!!!!

well I can always tell when YOUTUBE puts a video of mine on the homepage.....
"how?" ask....
well...because I start getting a flooding of super-mean comments...and I can always tell because you all, leave me nice comments, encouraging words.....and then these random, miserable people feel the need to tell me how stupid I am, they hate me, shut up...followed by cuss words!

They don't know me like you guys they leave ignorant remarks.....rude remarks...and just plain idiotic statements!
I feel bad for these people who are so full of anger, that all they can do is spew out even more evil word form.
I will continue to "remove" as many as I can..I don't want any of you to have to read some of the vulgar and grotesque things that some of these people leave!!!
But please, know that all your kind words, and all of you are why I do this.....I don't care how many bored and angry people leave unpleasant things...
you can't win em' all!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Monday, August 24, 2009

Break-Ups and Broken Hearts

my heart has been trampled on smashed...broken and shattered...
some were purposely shattered by the hands of a reckless heart-hurter...
other times my heart was damaged by the un-returned love of, the object of my hearts desire...
no matter how your heart gets bruised and can take over your thoughts...make you lose your appetite, make you want to eat nothing but chocolate..(ha ha ha ha)

after getting some letters saying how watching videos helped some precious hearts, get through a break-up...I thought it might be good to help share some of my "break-up" survivals with you...
my fragile little heart....gets lost in romance and hopes and dreams of holding hands and living this artistic life with my best friend, and heart-caress-er..., laugh-maker, and over-all person that makes me feel adored and cherished...which is was everyone was created with....a desire to be adored and taken care be wrapped in the protective arms of your "you-complete-me-person"....
People are not perfect...and no one will be the only source of your happiness...but they can add to your happiness, bring out the best in you and make you feel so loved and adored for all of who you are!
I want someone that will love me and all my little quirks and will think they are wonderful because they are all a part of me!

I want all of you to know that someone is out there to adore you...and someone will be there that won't hurt your heart...they will tenderly care for it like a delicate orchid...or prized treasure!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday afternoon + balloons = fun

the clouds are out....
it smells like rain....
my to do list looks something like this...
finish unpacking
clean house
do lots of laundry
eat peaches & strawberries
laugh + smile with my littles
make a yummy dinner and dine on the back patio...under the cloudy skies
and here's a sunday afternoon treat....balloons....
My Nana (grandma) used to make me and my sister watch this movie (in subtitles-which is not fun when you're a kid)...and I never understood the movie...until I got older...and realized the beauty of the movie was watching this balloon travel through the sky....and how beautiful it floated through all these places...and how some people can see the the little beautiful things in the day...and some are so absorbed by their own world....that they can't even understand or see how a simple colored balloon is filled with more than's filled with a small glimmer of a smile for your day or your mind.....enjoy!

Glaminar video: courtesy of Doria

Not only did Adorable Doria give me an awesome leopard print (cuz who doesn't love leapard print!?!) bracelet.....but she made a great video review with pics and footage of the Glammy's in New York....she was dressed so cute...and we hugged and exchanged complimenty's.....hee hee...
and here's her video.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

SIgn Me Up- NY signs

I almost love the signs in NY as much as the city itself! ha ha ha ha
We walked around Times Square and searched for I heart NY goodies.....which we turned into funny photo opps! ha ha ha ha...
Elmo did make me pay a dollar to take a picture with you can see in the photo....I was not as smiley...ha ha ha ha ha....
I can't wait to go back to NY....and buy more I heart NY shirts..hee hee hee....the best deal was 4 for a$10!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NYC balloons

Go check out this fun video from this day!!!.......
Log book: August 15th, 2009 (post Glaminar) NYC - union square to be exact

Who: me, my brilliantly talented friend, who is a genius photographer..Ian Ruhter...he has a way of creating a story within the image and you can't stop looking at it, you know subtle details each time you look at his photos.
And my precious friend, Jamesa, (she is like my "bonus" lil' sister!) who lugged all our stuff around!!!

Where: we were walking from the the "kandee, meet and greet", at the W hotel...
I took all the balloons and as I walked down the street we took these "hyper-fun" photos and video....I wish you could've seen how many people were taking phones, fancy camera, kids pointing...people take pictures of me, of Ian taking pictures of was so funny!

This was my favorite and most fun day in NY! We finished it off by meeting up with all my new girls at the W....
these are just some of the precious girls that have let me come into their hearts....and I love them....
i left my balloons tied to the sign post outside!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Glaminar Discount Code!!!!

Yay! Here are the codes I mentioned at the Glaminars...for all who attended and all who I wished could be there...get your discounts here.....!!!!

model-in-a-bottle : why I love spray it on after you put your make-up on and it's waterproof...sweatproof.....meltdown proof!!!! It's amazing...I love it....
here's where to buy it and a little kandee-discount:

discount code: FF20

ZUCA bags- they gave me 2 of their AWESOME bags to give away at the glaminars...I love them...they are the coolest can sit on them..they look super cool, and they have crazy amounts of storage.....

go here to order and get 20% off with the code:

enter code:

NAIMIES discount and code:
for LISE WATIER concealer wheel, clear TOCCARE set bag, Make-Up Forever HD foundation, demi lashes, dark duo glue, RCMA palettes (in shinto & KO), Kryolan lip and foundation palettes, Ben Nye palettes, mixing paper, metal spatulas, beauty blender sponges and more....
co here:
enter code:

yay for discounts!!!! hope I saved you some dollars!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

twas the night before the glaminars and all thru the hotel...just a kandee was stirring...

i'm soooooo excited for tomorrow!!! and i can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces!!!
here's the location:
if you haven't signed up yet, you can pay at the door or sign up at there are a few hot little seats left!!! make one of them yours!!!

come to my meet & mingle at W Hotel (Union Square)
(5:30pm to 7pm)
The Living Room
201 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10003
at 17th St.
this is open for everyone, so i hope i see even MORE fabulous folks at the W hotel!!!

Off to bed...good night make-up, good night glaminar stuff, good night big apple

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I heart the NY skyline

this is one of my new all-time favorite pictures of my whole life!!!!!! I will always remember this grandparents used to have a moving picture of this in their living room...and I would always be amazed by it......they are both gone now......and now I have crawled inside the moving picture that amazed me......

go here:

In a New York Minute...or day...

Oh what a day.....I love NY!
My calendar looked a litle somthin' like this:
wake up
*pack and take a really "cool" minivan to Dream Hotel (where Missy Elliot is staying tonight, too!)
*Drop off bags and jump in taxi to make it to SHAPE magazine to meet editor
*Race over to Conde Naste to meet with editor from BRIDE magazine
*With sore feet...walk around the Museum of Modern Art....loved it.......even with sore toes in cute red boots.... (see my boots
*I saw the coolest pics of make-up...way retro...wanna do a video to recreate the look

*Go back to feet for 30 minutes
*Go to Time building and meet with editor from In Style Magazine.....(and I was so surprised she had already seen my videos on YouToo(tube)!

*Walk and get an ice cream cone with Sprinkles on it, while I walk past a show being filmed in Times some sports show or something....
*I decide to get a manicure for the Glaminars....I got neon pink nail it!!!
*And now I am waiting for my precious lil' Glaminar helper, arrive from her very "bumpy" landing into NY!!!!

And more meetings tomorrow...! yay!
*I will tell you about dinner and what happens later.....yay!
*Oh, and look who's on the ELLE magazine home page????

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