Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Style: The Candy Dance, Hello Kitty Painting and Tastebud Delights

This is me and the "Ellie Belle" (Belle is not really a part of her name) and our weekend warrior style... We went to get our BBQ, crafts and treasure hunting on at an event called, The Candy Dance in Genoa,  Nevada. With a name like Candy Dance, you know I might be there!

 It's a "HANG LOOSE" shirt I got at a tourist shop in Maui, I just cut the sleeves off and cut the bottom like in THIS TUTORIAL!

Look at this plate of deliciousness, this was called: LOADED FRIES with a side of cole slaw.
Fries with pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top. Three Words: Kind Of Amazing! IT was so good when we went back the next day, I went and got it again! And I was so excited to meet the gorgeous Nathalia that worked at eh booth and was so excited to meet me, but I was so excited to get to meet her! You guys have no idea how much it means to my heart when I get to meet you in person and give you a hug! If you ever see me, don't me afraid to come up and say hi, I love getting to hug you for real!
Please note my sunny shades are not the Celine sunglasses, that were going for like $4,000- that is ridiculous to me, especially since I lose my sunglasses more than anythign else I own. I got mine from an etsy shop for $9.99, but you can get them from SHOPSTAYWILD too, for no where near $4000, let alone even 50 bucks!

Day 2- We went back for more, Loaded Fries and treasure hunting, please note that my hair looks "extra awesome" due to the crazy wind. I call this the new "tornado-do'". But you will see me posing with my Waffle Sundae. A Belgian waffle, ice cream, Ghiradelli chocolate and blackberry sauce with whipped cream. That was incredible. My tastebuds just sent me a thank you card, for buying that for them. I shared with my mom and kids, so that made it a "diet sundae"! ha ha ha

I love oil cloth, it's vintage and retro looking (both things I love) and I spent a while at the Oilcloth Alley booth, their aprons were the cutest things I've ever seen. And I am typing this on my laptop, that is placed on top of my new "cherry and polka dot" table cloth! I love it! I am happier typing this because of the cherries in my periphery! They also make the most adorable make-up bags!

Then we hit up the face painting booth. Look at lil Ellie, she just sat there with her lil' eye closed until the face painting lady was finished.

And here is Hello Kitty, wearing, Hello Kitty. She picked out her dress, and her face painting of choice, she is a big Hello Kitty fan, like her mama, and sister, and ever other girl in the world! ha ha

This is my favorite picture of the day....My mom gave "Hello Ellie" a ride on her shoulders! I forgot to mention, that Ellie also picker her Minnie Mouse shoes out, also. I rarely get to actually pick anything out for her anymore, she's got her own lil' style goin' on, and I love her creativity!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Don't spend your life waiting for the storms in life to be over, learn to dance with joy in the rain!

Huge hugs and make this week awesome, fill it with hope, refuse to gossip or complain (even if you have more things to complain about than anyone you know) and make even the small moments fun, extra hugs, your virtual BFF, Kandee

PS. Tomorrow I'm uploading a brand new video, and my hair is kind of cherry-ish red! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World's Most Glamorous Toothpaste & The Things I'm Loving

This is like the Willie Wonka of toothpaste! It's glamorous and I kind of feel like I should have a Rolls Royce or Bentley in my garage, or that my last name should be Trump or Winfrey, everytime I go to use it. It's that fancy!
(I also have a video, of me without a drop of makeup, showing you all my favorites, below)

May I introduce you to THEODENT! This is the new toothpaste I discovered at Whole Foods, in my hunt to find, not only a fluoride free toothpaste (you can read why you may not want fluoride in your toothpaste too, here) , but also Carageenan free toothpaste...
and I found this beautiful toothpaste, almost with an angelic "ahhhhhhhhh" sound and glowing lights! ha ha ha It is the THEODENT toothpaste, is has something to do with chocolate and well, it's just about the most "I-wanna-brush-my-teeth-just-because-i-love-my-toothpaste-to-much-ness" ever!
Now this is the classis Theodent, I got it at Whole Foods for about $8 on sale, they make a toothpaste that's $100, but I do not use that one, nor did they sell that Oprah-fancy toothpaste there!

Ok now onto my other favs....this Boscia Konjac Cleansing sponge:
 This little "root" sponge is hard like a rock, until you wet it, then it grows into this spongey, gel-like, soft, yet scrubby sponge that just catches all the dirt and make-up on your face! This is FUN! It's fun to wash your face with this! And then you just squeeze it and hang it to dry on your faucet! I love this!

And the NUFACE facial toning device, send electric charges to your facial muscles to get them in shape, getting rid of wrinkles, redness and hopefully making me look like I have the skin of a 7 year old. I'll let you know how it's working...before you go and spend your money on one too!

So here's some of the  things I'm loving....just come hang out with me, without any  make-up on: May I present, the 10 Things I'm Loving:

...and I'll show you all the goods....and below I'll put links to everything if you wanna see more about any of them:
THEODENT TOOTHPASTE - free of Carageenan, I got mine at Whole Foods:

CLEAN WELL All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

GIOVANNI D-TOX Facial Cleanser with Activated Charcoal and Vocanic Ash:
*This is great for detoxing and purifying the skin!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Intensive Keratin Treatment

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo

NUFACE Facial Toning Device

Benefit They're Real MASCARA (I found this link where you get a trial size and a big one too)



AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE ELLIE'S FAVORITES (they are hilarious), watch hers:

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee

*come peek into our KANDEELAND blog and life HERE

Friday, September 20, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Make-Up Fall Collection Sneek Peek

Riri & MAC are at it again...for the Riri Hearts MAC Fall Collection.
And even though some of the colors are the same ones that recently came out like her Riri Woo and Hibiscus Kiss, I don't even mind, because I  LOVE them both and now you can buy them in their beautiful new's like liquid rose gold.
From left to right: Cream Colour Base in Diamonds, Riri Woo Lipglass, Liquidlast liner in Pointblack, Extended Play Lash in Gigiblack, Hibuscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo, Riri Woo Retro Matte Lipstick, Nude Matte Lipstick, Powder Blush in Bad Girl Gone Good and Velux Brow Liner in Deep Dark Brunette

You know how I love the Retro Matte Lipsticks from MAC, you can  watch my video HERE, showing off all their new colors they've added, but here's the RIRI heart MAC ones in their pretty new "outfits"....
NUDE: which really looks way different on the skin than when just looking at the tube
*it's a deep taupey-nude that's pretty dark. I love that it's matte, not retro matte level matte, but still matte. This would probably look best on anyone with medium to dark skin tones. It kinda looked like a light grey-brown on me.
RIRI WOO: this is the same RIRI WOO that was already released and looks almost exactly like RUBY WOO, but I still love it!

I already love the DUO POWDER of Hibiscus Kiss and have used it on tons of tutorials already. I love it because you get a "matte bronzer or dark tan blush in with a pretty pink-coral" blush that's gorgy!

The BAD GIRL GONE GOOD Powder Blush is a beautiful warm, deep-peach shade....
The CREAM COLOUR BASE in DIAMONDS is just beautiful for the eyes as a base to pack your shimmer on top of, or to use as a lighlight the hearts on my hand you can see the swatches.

And here's the whole kit and caboodle of the RIRI COLLECTION:

It will be out at all MAC stores in the US, September 26th and all other locations October 3, 2013...

Which one goodie are you most excited about!?
*RIRI WOO - because it's the perfect cool red, matte lipstick
*HIBISCUS KISS - it's just beautiful and you get 2 shades in 1
*SMOKED COCOA EYESHADOW - because the colors look beautifully cool and smokey
*TALK THAT TALK RETRO MATTE LIPSTICK- because that deep plumb a la the 90's is making        a  comb back

The Collections they do with Rihanna are kinda, sorta my favorites...sometimes they are weird colors that aren't wearable, but I really love these!

Which ones would you want?!?

Huge hugs and Happy Friday, your virtual bestie, Kandee

PS. If you missed my HELLO KITTY BACKPACK DIY, check it's easy, fun and cheap!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Hello Kitty Backpack

I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was about 5. And I thought it would be fun to figure out a way to make a DIY HELLO KITTY BACKPACK!

This is a bag for all ages of fun-loving, Hello Kitty fans, from 1-10! It's easy, fast, and people will be in awe at your creative skills, when they ask where you got it, and you say: I MADE IT!

So here's how to take a plain ol' backpack and turn it into this, adorable, super cute and happy backpack of awesomeness:


#1. WHITE BACK PACK- I got this Jansport backpack at Tilly's, but when I went to find a link for you guys online, I found this one was way cheaper, so, enjoy not paying as much as I did, hee hee:

#2. DECOFABRIC PENS in Black and Yellow- I got mine at Michael's Crafts but you can get them online here:
DECOFABRIC PENS (I tried it with some other fabric pens and a Sharpie pen I had, but they both bled the ink really badly, the Deco Pens didn't do that at all)

#3. RED RIBBON BOW- Celebrate It Red Ribbon (I got it at Michael's Crafts on the Ribbon Aisle)

#4. A seam-ripper or screw (to remove the "Jansport label")

#5. Scissors

#6. The tag from the backpack to use for the center of the bow

#7. A juice bottle cap or anything round to use to trace

#8. A Pen

#9. A Nickel or and coin to use to mark the width of the eyes

#10. Safety Pins: 1 big one and 2 small ones

Now come hang out with me for a few minutes and I'll show you how I made this!
(to watch it bigger, click the Youtube logo in the lower right corner of the video)

 And if you guys make this Hello Kitty backpack, will you please send me picture of it on twitter or instagram, I'm @kandeejohnson on both of those!

Huge hugs and Hello Kitty-ness, your virtual BFF, Kandee

PS. I have more ideas for backpacks, especially a Minnie Mouse one, do you guys want to see more!

If you want to peek into our days, come visit us in Kandeeland.

Helllo Kitty Sneek Peek & Little House On The Prarie

 Happy Throwback Thursday and virtual high five me, for it almost being Friday!
And yes, that is me looking like I stole Carrie Ingalls dress from the set of Litttle House On The Prarie.
I was about 6, I guess, and I remember I did not like my bangs cut like that.

Now on to the SNEEKY PEEKY....
you all now my obsession love for all things HELLO KITTY.....
As seen here by my collection, and Ellie put hers in their too when I was taking this picture, of Hello Kitty bags...

So I had to do a HELLO KITTY inspired here's sneek peek of the corner of what it could be....
Any guesses....?!?

The video will be up in, as soon as I'm done typing this I will be uploading it...hee hee

so CLICK HERE to see if it's up yet!

Huge hugs and prepare for level CUTENESS-MAXIMUM, your VBFF (virtual bff), Kandee

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday Make-Up 2 Ways: Day to Night

I got tons of requests for how to the make-up I had on in my BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS video, so here it is! My new "make-up look", I can't seem to stop wearing, it's just such a "go-to-pretty-look"! I'm gonna show you THE "EVERYDAY MAKE-UP" look that's matte, and also that has some sparkle for day or night, you decide your level of awesomeness in the glitter department.

Here's the video, with step by step, follow along instructions. And below is all the deets and products, if you feel you can't live without anything I used, but you can just use whatever you have that looks similar:

WARNING: you don't need to wear the bright pink lips like I'm loving, you can just wear a nude or peach or any color lip and the eyes with this are SO NEUTRAL they will look good with any color, on all color eyes, on all skin tones...just use a nude shadow that matches your skin tone!

You can see below: #1 No Make-up #2. Matte Eyes  #3. Putting on the Ritz, I mean glitter

I thought it would help to show you all the products and brushes you're going to need in the beginning of the video too, and here's a list of it all also: 

Dior Airflash Foundation -it's pricey but looks amazing!

Concealer Palette:
RCMA VK #11 Palette - best concealer/foundation palette ever!

Face Powder:
Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder

MAC Well Dressed Blush

Physicians Formula Mineral Glo Pearls in Translucent Pearl

Contour Powder/ Bronzer:

Nubile (which is discontinued, but Painterly, looks almost exactly the same):

PEACH NUDE Eyeshadows:
Urban Decay Smoked Palette 

Any taupe-grey shadow:
I used Copperplate from MAC

Any cool brown shadow:
I used Moleskin from MAC

Any grey shadow:
I used PRINT from MAC:

Any Black eyeliner you have will work too:
I just used FELINE from MAC to liner the waterline and NOIR from Anatasia's Cover Waterpoof Eyeliner



MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy


Huge hugs and have fun putting your make-up on...a little lipstick goes a long way to make you feel "pretty-er" for the day...let your inner beauty shine through your smile, your virtual bestie, Kandee


Monday, September 16, 2013

Side note: It's always awesome to take pictures in bright, direct light, in the middle of the day when the sun is super bright, and you have to squint. - Said no one ever.

I know I get a lot of people asking:
•show us a picture of when you have a dress on.
•do you ever wear dresses
•do you own a dress

I've been a wee bit of a tomboy, along with Barbie's, my dad would buy me and my sister baseball cards and matchbox cars. And I gotta say, I love a good pair of baggy jeans, just like the 90's did. I actually used to wear a lot of vintage men's baggy jeans and corduroys, 60's sweaters, bowling shirts, and other "tomboy-ish" vintage clothes, but with make-up on all girly! ha ha ha

So here I present you "Kandee in a Dress", well sort of like a dress...
*it's a "dress robe" that you can tie or wrap a billion different ways by, Christina Graza for MelroseSpace10, she had sews these, and I bought them at the Melrose Trading Post. A sort of flea market, craft, clothes and jewelry, decor faire in LA on Melrose and Fairfax.

*I wore black leggins and a tank top under it.
*Jelly bracelets from a vintage store.
*Cross earrings I got a Claire's. (But make sure to leave the rubber stoppers on or they'll fly out your ears)
*And these shoes...

Please forgive my feet, I don't really think feet are all that cute anyhoo, so here's mine, in all their broke toe - glory: an old "slip'n-slide-into the kitchen-counter-accident-when-was-like-12":

Sam Edelmen Sandals...
they gave me blister like crazy at first, but they are all leather and now they are so comfortable, I can wear them all day and night, no blisters, just love...
They do have spiked on them, so if you accidentally step on your shoe in your closet or somethig, oh ba-zinga!

Ok, sorry for the short post, but I just realized the make-up tutorial I'm uploading to youtube today was totally out of focus on the eyeliner part, so I'm going to refilm it real fast then upload it today!!! Yay for a new tutorial to brighten up your Monday!!!

If you missed the 2 video I uploaded last week....CLICK ON THIS BABY TO ESCAPE TO MY LITTLE WORLD I'VE MADE FOR YOU!

And if you want to see the rest of the picture of our day yesterday and the 5 Tips For Shopping With Kids, CLICK HEEEEE-YAH!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My New Favorite Lipsticks: MAC Retro Matte

 Oh these Lipsticks are my lips new BFF.
These are the just out, ALL NEW RETRO MATTE LIPSTICKS from MAC Cosmetics, baby!

They are called RETRO MATTE, because of the "vintage" matte mouth color, they spank on your lips, due to the Kaolin Clay in them. RUBY WOO, is the Retro Matte shining star, and if you don't own it, you need to go buy it, it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE RED LIP COLOR! Because of Ruby Woo's popularity, they decided to create these 7 other shades, that will be in MAC's permanent collection- hooray!!!

*Unlike "glossier" or more emollient bright lipcolors, these won't get all over your teeth, face, get the idea.
*They are highly pigmented.
*Very opaque - you get high color coverage.
*I love the "retro" matte lip, it's just beautiful and I love it!
*Same classic MAC, perfect-hint-of-vanilla in scent and "flavor".

They say it's too dry, but that's a simple solution, just apply some lip balm on top and voila, more moisture! And you still get the power-pigment and less glossiness of other lipstick. No one wants a stray hair to whip through their "glossy" lipstick, and drag a streak of color across their cheek!

So here's the colors from LEFT to RIGHT:

RELENTLESSLY RED- a cool-pink-red
DANGEROUS- a warm, orange-toned red
ALL FIRED UP - (MY FAVORITE OF THESE) the perfect deep-rose, hot pink
*as seen below from my NEW Beauty News & Reviews video, which I'll put below!

STEADY GOING- a cool pale pink
RUNWAY HIT - a peachy nude color
FLAT OUT FABULOUS - a fuchsia (more purple hue in it than All Fired Up)
FIXED ON DRAMA - a dark burgundy-raisin color (this would be great with Night Moth Lipliner)

I love everyone of these shades...but the product I love most from MAC is their lip colors anyway!

And here's my, yes I've brought it back...The Beauty News & Reviews video (but, yes, I did forget my glasses) but it is fun, the 80's play a big part (you'll see) and the ending has a special little message for anyone who watches it and I show you all these lipsticks too:

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, giving you the scoop on the latest beauty goodies too, your Kandee

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The NEW Urban Decay Vice 2 Eyeshadow Palette is OUT!

Urban Decay Fans, prepare to do cartwheels in your head!
This is the  NEW Palette from URBAN DECAY...


THE CASE: beautiful  lightweight case with "diamond" letters, it reminds me of a beautiful bowling ball (it does!)

The Scoop:
*20 ALL NEW, never before made eyeshadow colors
*3 Matte eyeshadows (I put lil' hearts by them)
*These matte shades are great for all over eyeshadow color, highlight and a darker shade for a crease color
* I like this palette case better than the last Vice Palette, it's way lighter, and I like the flip up mirror.
*These shades are ULTRA-pigmented, each color looks just as it is on the palette on your skin because of the high pigmentation.
I know UD has proprietary (AKA TOP SECRET and EXCLUSIVE TO THEM) ingredients that make their eyeshadows feel smooth as butter, last all day, and have a super big pay-out = how much of a pigment-color punch they pack.

Which colors are your eyes drawn to?!?!

The think I love about when UD releases an eyeshadow palette is, the bang for you buck, this palette is 
$59.95 which is AWESOME because each eyeshadow of Urban Decay's is $18 for one, so to get 20 eyeshadows for the price of 3, that are brand new is awesome!!!

Now hang onto your eyelashes, because I filmed a new video, yes I'm bringing back the BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS and I've got this palette, some other new things from UD, and new stuff from MAC and another "top secret" product too! I'm off to go try to finish editing that bad boy!

If you missed my tour of Urban Decay with Wende, the founder, come check it out here, this palette was so TOP SECRET, I didn't even get to see it when I was there:

Huge hugs and if you want to see who's birthday it is in my house today, CLICK HERE!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Real Person Style

Here is my outfit of the day, er yesterday really...
Sunday afternoons always seem to be my grocery days.
What I have on: (besides Ellie in her Ergo Carrier and click here to see Ellie's Outfit Of The Day post)
Black Stretch Denim Jeans: Hudson in Colin
Men's Hanes White Tank: I got it at Wal-Mart (don't hate a deal-hunter)
Leopard Top: "Vintage" Forever 21
Hat: Epoch Hat
Earrings: Claire's
Spiked Sandal Shoes: Sam Edelmen
Jelly Bracelets: Jet Rag Vintage in LA

You don't need to wait for someone to buy you flowers, buy yourself some....
Aren't these roses like a beautiful painting. I bought myself my favorite Stargazer Lilies to add some "pretty" to my kitchen, and they smell wonderful fragrance is dancing around the house!

We also had to stop for some fro-yo-ho-ho....Butter Pecan Custard swirl and rainbow sprinkles are my jam. My yogurt jam that is:

And after a long day of errands, grocery shopping, going to the hardware store to by supplies for an upcoming DIY project for you guys, and going to Sephora and the MAC store to stock up on some things and to try some new things out.....
I came home, put groceries away, put sleeping babies to bed...
and washed all my "face paint" off for the day.
Moisturized that business up...blew everyone a goodnight kiss...

And I have got some fun videos for you guys this week!!! I've got some exciting news for anyone that wants to be a makeup artist, or wants to learn and some fun FAVORITES, HAULS, AND TUTORIALS...but you guys get to vote on what video you want to see next!!!

And CLICK here for a SNEEK peek of the video I'm uploading today on my 2nd channel, KANDEELAND, by peeking into my KANDEELAND BLOG- CLICK HERE!

Huge hugs, happy Monday, and let's make this week more awesome than last week, OK!!!



Thursday, September 5, 2013

When you feel like giving up....

I'm not writing this from a glamorous restaurant, with a fancy handbag at my feet, that have an even fancier pair of shoes strapped on them, ready to lunch with some fancy friend at a carefree lunch, maybe in NYC for Fashion Week.

I'm writing this from a desk in my kitchen, after a rough week and hearing heart-wrenching news about someone I dearly love that's in the hospital right now and someone else I  love was rushed to the hospital last week. I do not have a perfect life. Actually the only thing perfect about it, is that it's "perfectly imperfect"!

My heart hurts, I cry when no one knows. I cry in my closet, because I miss my dad so much, I can't even handle thinking about it sometimes.  I cry on the drive home, after I drop my lil' Blakey off at school, because he says he just wants to be with me all day. I cry when I feel like my life is so far away from what I dreamed when I was a little girl, that I'd marry the man of my dreams and have a perfect family and just be a mom and a wife,  I used to dream of driving a mini van even.

I want anyone reading this to know is that, perfection is an illusion, no one has it, if anything celebrities lives are way messed up, they just have their poop-problems wrapped in glamorous wrapping paper! Just watch a few episodes of a reality show.

You're not alone if you feel like giving up, on yours dreams, your hopes, and for some even on life! I want you to know, that we all feel that way. And failures are a part of the most successful people's maps to their greatest accomplishments! You are in good company if you've failed at something. Every person who's done great things has failed their way to success. If you've been put down, told you'll never make it, have felt like everyone else is doing better than you....YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

It usually seems like right when you have the most hopelss moments of your life, it always right before something amazing is going to happen. It feels like it always test your strength. I remember many, many years ago I felt like all hope was gone and I was really trying to not to be depressed, it seemed as if all my friends were doing amazing things, except for me. And if I could've only told myself back then, you just wait, Simon Cowel is going to want to meet YOU! You are going to inspire other people to go after theirs dreams, I probably would've had a hard time believing that sitting in my sad little, dark house, pregnant, in a bad marriage and feeling really alone.

I ate almost an entire chantilly cake by myself yesterday, that's how miserable I was. Ha ha ha ha! You know when you eat almost an entire cake, things are not going well.

Every tear can water our hearts, to make them that much more understanding, loving, and caring and sympathetic to anyone who's heart hearts like ours has. Let the rainbows come out, after the you've rained tears on your heart. Let the strength come out and say, I might be walking in a bunch of poop right now, but I'm stomping is down into fertilizer so some amazing blossoms will grow!

Always know you're not alone, and I wish I could hug each one of you that is having a rough week, month or year...
Great people never give up, they just count their blessings, take a break to go easy on themselves, and wehn you can, try to put a smile on your face, try to make someone else's day brighter, love that precious lil' self of yours, and know that some girl, named, Kandee, loves you and would hug you so stinkin' hard if you were in front of her right now...

lots of hugs, your friend in your heart, Kandee

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Problem With Sunglasses

I have a few pairs of sunglasses, ranging from $5 sunnies to more pricey sunglasses, that make me afraid  I will lose them.

Example: The sunglasses above. My Juicy Couture Gold Chain Sunglasses, which I don't even think they make anymore, well, they fell out of my pocket this weekend at Blake's big BMX race (which I didn't notice until we were leaving)..and for about 2 hours I was thought, "oh great, my favorite pair of glasses are gone!" And then I saw someone had put them on the table at the racers entrance, probably because it was mostly guys and no one wanted some girly glasses.

Now rewind to a couple weekends ago, when I was wearing these glasses from Sabre Eyewear glasses in the Gunclub model, which I also love!

I also wore them here at, as seen with Ellie and Disneyland.

And here, just hours before they were gone....
It was dark and I took them off an put them in a little gift bag I had gotten, and somehow when I got up and was ready to leave, the little bag was no where to be found!

At least someone tried to turn my gold chain ones back in! Never fails, every $5 pair of sunglasses I've bought, I never lose em! Spend more than $20, they disappear like a rabbit at a Magic Show!

Huge hugs and wishing I designed sunglasses, I'd make some really ones, and then I' wouldn't have to worry about losing them, I'd just have an endless supply!

LOVE your virtual BFF, Kandee

If you're bored you can watch my latest youtube video, a tour of Urban Decay, fun-tasticness:

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