Monday, December 31, 2012

Almost-last outfit of the year: Grandma Fiesta

This is my last outfit of 2012, post!
This is what I wore to my great-grandma's 93rd birthday fiesta!

Hanes Men's Tank Top
Houndstooth Tank: FOREVER 21
Blake open-weave cardigan: FOREVER 21 (yes, I got both recently so they might still have em!)
Grey Hat: I can't remember wear I got it, it's kinda been with me a while
Boyfriens Jeans: SEVEN FOR MAN KIND
Shoes: all red slip-on VANS
Belt: I got it at Ross like billion years ago, it's my favorite

I was not loving my hair at all, so I just put a hat on! Viola! Better in an instant!
I also gave myself a  haircut  then next day, as in yesterday, but I don't have any pics to post yet- but I like it much more now...maybe I'll  vlog about it to day on my TheKandeeJohnsonShow youtube channel.

My mom made her yummy homemade chile rellenos- I ate like 6! I love them!
Tamales, I got lots of salad to make me feel better about all the chile rellenos I ate! ha ha ha
Sweet Rice
and my cousin made yummy chicken fajitas
We also made home made "mexican sodas", it's basically just italian sodas but we just called them "mexican sodas"- in caramel apple, strawberry and vanilla.
And it's not a fiesta until you have bright colors and a piƱata!
 We even had funny face "accessories on sticks" for funny pictures, Ellie and her stache!
 Ellie, me and the 93 year-old birthday girl (grandma). Ellie was feeding her chocolate I think.
 Ellie and more funny accessories on sticks...
NOT SHOWN was the 5 pieces of cake I ate...hee hee hee hee
My weakness: cake and chile rellenos

AND HOORAY!!! I will be filming my yearly NEW YEARS VIDEO today and I think I'll also film a "haircut" vlog today too!

2012 hugs and I'll see you on my blog, next year! ha ha ha That never gets old....

PS. CLICK THIS to see the awesome haircut Blake gave himself.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

When you can't or don't want to KEEP UP....

Here's a little Sunday-inspiration (I haven't written these ina while and I miss them!)
Some days I think I don't fit in.
Some day I feel that I don't belong.
Some days I feel like I can't, or don't want to keep up with the Jones' or Kardashians or anyone else! ha ha ha

If you watch tv, look at a magazine, or even read some blogs, it leaves you feeling like you're not rich enough, skinny enough, you don't have fancy enough hair or even nails. You see people on tv, even on instagram or their blogs, just showing off their fancy shoes, expensive handbags,  or pricey jewelry covered in a fancy, designer logos.
That is not what inspires me. That is not what I what to "keep up with"!

*I want to see someone who has a huge heart, not a huge shoe collection.
*I want to see someone that doesn't care if they have a bag or jewelry covered in a logo, but that has their own style, and they can make  something without one "designer name" look more stylish than a room full of designer bags.
*I want to keep up with someone that shows more love and kindness to people around them.
*I want to follow someone that doesn't judge others and just cares and has understanding.
*I want to see people that know that people's hearts matter more than any accessory, car, shoe, or attitude of "self importance".
* I like to see people who are humble, yet do incredible things.

I want everyone who feels like they aren't cool enough, wealthy enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or you nose is not small enough, your boobs aren't big enough, your skin isn't perfect know, that my heart does NOT care about any of those things.  Those are not what you need to ever feel like you need to "keep up with" or try to be like.

A beautiful heart will touch more lives and always be more attractive than someone who just cares about themselves, what they have, and how they look...

TODAY YOUR MISSION (if you want to):
*Smile at one person that you normally wouldn't- you don't know the hurt they might have hiding in their heart.
*Remind yourself, that you are amazing without anything extra you could buy.
*And if you stripped away all the money, fancy things and clothes from all the people that showcase their fancy-ness.....what would they be without all that?

Your heart should be the the thing that we show off to others the showing love and kindess everywhere we go....
I feel bad for the people that only have designer things to show off, and that makes them "who they are"....that is a sad legacy to leave behind.

Love, kindess, inner-beauty, patience, grace and understanding are the most beautiful accessories you'll ever "show off" or put on anyway!

arms full of hugs, your kandee

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sometimes I dress to impress no one, but me:

 I am part tomboy at heart.
I was the little girl that loved pretending I was working on my bike in the garage while my dad worked on a car or something.
I collected baseball cards (that my dad got me) and Matchbox cars, my dad had also got me a bmx bike for my first bike.

And I used to wear baggy jeans, old vintage men's pants I'd get at the thrift store, and doc martens or vans, or airwalks in high school.
And some days when I get dressed to "impress" anyone, other than me, I DO NOT like what I'm wearing.
 Denim Shirt: FOREVER 21
Camo Pants (that I cut into a "cropped pants look"): VINTAGE/THRIFT STORE 
Boots: DOC MARTEN Triumph 1914
Grey and Gold Star Scarf: TARGET
 A SHOE-DOWN: Me and Ellie and her little shoes (Leopard Print Vans)
Dress to feel confident. Dress in your own style. Dress in what makes you happy. Dress in something that will set you and your style apart. Don't be afraid to be different. There is no individual-style in everyone just wearing all the same trends at the same time.

These pants I've had for years. These shoes I got a couple years ago. Everything doesn't need to be new.

I may not be fashion blogger that wears all the latest "trends", I may not wear all the same popular fancy designer purses they wear, I may not own a single pair of Louboutins, but I promise you, I will always have something different to show you, and hopefully to inspire you to shine that inner style you have inside you that is waiting to come out!

Somedays, I like what I'm wearing and I really don't care if anyone else does....and that's when you know you are "owning your style"!

I love you and tell me something you've always wanted to wear but have been afraid to....because I say: you wear it and I'll be so proud of you!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Yesterday something happened that I never dreamed when I uploaded my first video to youtube...

My first video to reach over 1 million views was my tutorial on ''HOW TO APPLY FAKE LASHES"..
(yes that lovely picture from above)

It is amazing to me, that 1 million people, one million beating hearts, have clicked the SUBSCRIBE button on my youtube channel!
I'm so honored, blessed and amazed to be able to hopefully bring more than just a tutorial, but a smile, some positivity, love and fun to everyone's day.

Who would have thought when I uploaded my first video, a video that you don't even see my face, (ha ha ha), that almost 4 years later, I'd have reached 1 million subscribers!

I'm humbly, honored, and amazed, and feel blessed to be your "humble, video, making servant" (hee hee)- you guys have asked and I've tried to make as many videos you guys have requested...


I will make a YOUTUBE video to celebrate this huge deal to me, but that takes me wayyyyyyy longer than writing a blog post..hee hee

I just wanted to thank all of you who have subscribed, thanks for letting me into your days and hearts!

What a way to celebrate the end of 2012!

Thank you so much you guys for Subscribing to me!

If you want to see what I just uploaded yesterday, it's to end the year with a little fun and a whole lot of glitter (and my dad would be proud of this fun video...this ones for you dad, I know there is way more glitter up in heaven, but I'm just trying to sparkle a little while I'm still down here!)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

When glitter attacks:

This was soley created to make you smile...ha ha ha ha
Sure there's thousands of New Years Eve makeup tutorials out there....
but who wants to blend in with the crowd.....
when you could stand out and sparkle like this.


This might be my favorite tutorial of 2012.

Sit back, think about where you glitter is, and watch this untold is waiting for you and why you might trade in the saying YOLO (you only live once) for YONYO:

SHIRT: Forever21
COLLAR: Forever21
GLITTER: Martha Stewart Glitter

Hugs, love and I hope this made you laugh....your kandee

PS. I had the sparkliest shower, ever.....after I filmed this video! But with the glue, as a "base coat", all the glitter came right off! ha ha ha

PS. If you wanna hop on into KANDEELAND CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who, What, Wear....Christmas:

 Who: me and Ellie in the background
What: my Christmas outfit of the day
Wear: I'm wearing a plaid sweater from Forever21, Men's Hanes White Tank Top, Boyfriend style jeans ( I can't remember where they're from), old pair of grey booties from Forever21 (from back when Forever 21 shoes were a wee bit more comfy and wearable...ha ha ha) and black (faux leather studded collar from Foreva21), black belt I which is my favorite belt I've had for years, that I got a Ross
 You can even see a Forever21 bag hiding out like Where's Waldo in the picture.
 And my yellow bow ring, which was a present, so I have no clue where it came from! ha ha ha
As I came home from Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house, I pondered if I should either a) take down my Christmas decorations or b) write my blogs.
a. taking down my decorations made me feel kinda' I am typing this blog post....hee hee hee

I already wrote it on my kandeeland blog, so forgive me if you already read this but, as you guys probably know, this was the first Christmas that my dad is in heaven....which I didn't know how it would go...would I cry all day, would I just try to cry in the shower so no one would know...
BUT....I have to say, that I believe that my dad asked God to send me a "heavenly present" of extra love and joy for our day...there's no other way I can explain it, but I could feel extra love and joy in my heart, and joy of how much I love my dad and how much he loves just felt like sparkles in my heart.

We had the best dinner at my Aunt's house, and had such a great time with all my cousins, we had yummy food, a chocolate torte that I ate 2 pieces of, I really could've eaten the whole torte! ha ha ha
And we laughed, and had the best time....and I could just feel all the love for my family, how much I loved laughing with them, talking with them, and hugging them all.....
I'm so thankful for every moment of this Christmas day...because it was filled with beauty and love.
Presents, schmesents....that's not what Christmas is about for me...

And I could feel my dad...his love, and all the love I have for him...and all the love from my family, it just felt magnified and I felt more thankful for every moment...

And as I turned off all the lights on my Christmas trees tonight...(you see I'm writing this at 12:48am)...I was glad I didn't shut down and say, "I don't care about Christmas this year"...but that I wanted to keep making everything fun and memorable just like my dad did with everything...

Please feel all the sparkles of love I'm sending to twinkle in your heart, your friend Kandee (and yes, I stopped putting the "kane" after my name...ha ha ha ha)

To see all my "cotton candy" Christmas Tree decorations and my whole house tour, if you missed it (I uploaded it Christmas Eve as a fun surprise) you can watch it here: (CLICK THE YOUTUBE LOGO ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER TO WATCH IT BIGGER):

If you want to see more of how our day was...CLICK HERE

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Candyland Holiday House Tour & Video (yay!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! 
As a special Christmas treat, I thought I'd finally post my HOLIDAY HOUSE                    TOUR!mmmmmmm   
Fill up a mug of hot chocolate and come "inside":        
Little glitter reindeer striking a pose.

 White wreath with lollipops from Target. I love this "candyland-ish wreath".

And here is my lollipop and cupcake tree!
Gumdrop tree topper, foam lollipops, and glitter ribbon from Michael's.
Glitter candy canes and lollipops from Target.
Cupcakes were all given to as presents through all the years.
 Glitter tree skirt from Target.
And this is how she (meaning my tree) looks in her evening wear:
 And here's cotton candy pink tree (my mom got it at Walmart years ago)...
 I also put tulle into glass candy jars to make it look more candyland like. And put my cakestands out with candy canes on them.

 Dining room decoration.....peppermint pinwheels and gingerbread mugs.
(Giant candies and gingerbread man mugs from Michael's Craft. Little snowman from World Market)
 Here's  our "miniature tree in the dining room" the hello kitties!?
Even the mirror got all dolled up:
old garland from target with a bow and snowflake from Michael's.
 And my "more manly" tree! Ha ha ha ha...
This is my clearance tree special, that I didn't really like, but Jordan said is was the more "masculine" I put it up, with out old garlands and giant candies from Michael's (I love that place!).
 We even have the Gingerbread man, room scented things from Bath & Body Works!
what my box of lollipops and candies looked like before we started decorating:
Refill your mug of hot chocolate, or grab a candy cane and come on inside to see my house tour, hurry it might be cold out here in internet world, come cozy up:

huge hugs, love from my heart to yours....
this may not be the perfect Christmas, your heart may be sad for any reason, but please know, my heart is a little heavy this year too, this Christmas doesn't feel so great...but we can look for the small joys, the beauty in the twinkly lights, and the love we can share with anyone around us, or if we are alone, I pray that you'll feel the love from my heart to yours...and I pray blessings of love from heaven will fill your heart with new joy....I love you, your friend kandee

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today is a very special day to me....

(My dad and lil' Ellie last year at Christmas time)
Today is my dad's birthday.
And this is the first birthday that he is in heaven.
There are no words, and I am trying to swallow hard, and blink away the tears that are filling up my eyes as I type this, to explain how much I miss him.

My heart goes out to everyone, who's lost a loved one to any awful tragedy this year, I know there have been so many. My heart goes out to anyone who's ever lost anyone, due to any heart is with you, now and through all difficult day or holiday, or moment when you heart just hurts.

I'm celebrating that today, many years ago, the most loving dad, I could have ever asked for, was born into this world. I miss him every day....I will miss him this Christmas.

I will miss giving him his presents wrapped in the funniest ways I could think of...I've done that for years.  And as I try to move all these tears so I can see my keyboard...

I thank God, for letting my dad be born on this day, pretty long ago (ha ha ha- I had to put a ha ha ha, in there or I'd be a crying mess all over my laptop)...because he was the most perfect dad for me.

And because my dad liked music:
in the words of Eric Clapton: there are no more tears in heaven...
in the words of the great Rod Stewart, in heaven my dad doesn't need to worry about getting old today, because in heaven, he will be "FOREVER YOUNG"....

until I see my dad in heaven, I will celebrate every year that he was born, because, 
on that day, my precious  dad was born...and that is something to celebrate!

If you have lost a loved one, please feel my heart going out to you, to know that you're not alone in hurting, in missing someone, and I pray that God will comfort your heart with his heavenly love...and always remember that this life is short and goes by fast....heaven is forever and  I can't wait to see my dad there!
I know he's gonna be lookin' young and it will be better than any old birthday party here on Earth!

Huge hugs and love from a tear-faced kandee (ha ha ha ha)

Ps. I will cheer up and try to post some fun or funny things after this, to make up for any tears it may have caused ya! ha ha ha

To end on a more "inspirational note"....
I made this video, just hours before the picture of my dad was taken above...he was at my house while I filmed it...and his words would fit right in with this video, his quote he always said was:
"make today better than yesterday"...and today, I will dad! Enjoy and know my heart is with ya:

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Biggest Winners and another chance to WIN!

Drum Rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........
And the WINNER of THE PINK 10 PIECE BHUMI BRUSH SET (which is like the Lamborghini of Brushes) is:


 THAT RETAILS for $899(but for everyone that still want to get it at the holiday deal price of $399 CLICK HERE, and click the red arrow on the right to see all the sets that are less expensive too!)
of, this is my favorite part, she's from BETHLEHEM, PA! From Bethlehem! I love it!

The girls are BHUMI are so nice! They said everyone has been so sweet and awesome, and they've already sold out of all the CORE SETS in pink and green, so they said they wanted to give away another set of brushes!

Anyone that orders ANY brush sets from BHUMI (from $19.95 to the MASTER SET of $399) will be  entered to win the MASTER 3 SET (10 piece set):

YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK, SPECIAL BRUSH DEAL FOR THE KANDEE FAM, or you won't see the special discounted price- go their regular site and compare!
Here's the video with the scoop on these babies, deals, how awesome they are and all:

I wish I could be like Oprah and give you guys houses and cars...but I hope you like the little goodies I try to give away!

Huge hugs, your kandee kane (yes once the holidays are over I'll stop adding the "kane", but I can't help myself!)

Christmas Before & After and Awesome Stuff

Not only was I at the same place, The Grove in LA, but I also still have the same jacket on! ha ha (it is from woo) from 3 years ago and from just last week! ha ha ha

And nevermind that it rained on my hair in the AFTER or "THIS YEAR" picture, and I had to pin it up....I am not a fan of my hair pinned up showcasing my forehead like that...ughster.

this was me before it rained on my hair and my bangs (AKA fringe) were still cute.

And now let's begin the friday of fun things to show you:

*this phone was kinda awesome-tastic, I saw it at H & M, but I have no clue how much it cost, I didn't buy it, I  just held it up to take a picture!

 I have this Lighting Bolt Power Cord on my wishlist- I love this! I saw it at Urban Outfitters, it's by kikkerland, I love everything they make!
 This is the most awesome, whatever-these-are-called:
"More Duck Lips"- said no photographer EVER!

And here is my "little tiny" stocking...bwaaa ha ha ha ha
I did start editing my holiday house tour video, but was falling asleep while I was doing it, so I still need to finish it!

 Dreamt is the only English word that ends in "mt".
Good luck using it in your next rap song.....

ANNNNNNDDDDDD....CONTEST ENDING SOON- check back here soon because I will be picking and announcing a winner from this contest in later today:
you can still enter for another few hours HERE.

ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD...and if you missed it, you might wanna see the HOW TO APPLY EYELINER TATTOOS VIDEO (i love it!):

Happy, only 4 days til' Christmas!!! And in your face doomsday.....ha ha ha ha
Each of you reading this is awesome, just in case no one told you that today...
your kandee kane johnson (how awesome would that be if that was my real middle name!?)

CLICKITY on this to see our "boot-scootin'-cleaner" on my kandeeland blogster.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's In Santa's Overalls: a beauty must have

 Here's some pants full of must-have-ness:
Gingerbread and Candy Cane Conditioning Brush Cleaner from Beauty So Clean

As you know, I'm a bit of a "me-no-likey-the-germs" person...and quite frankly, if you are ok with bacteria growing on your make-up brushes, well that's gross! ha ha ha

*GROSS FACT- Did you know that most professional makeup brush cleaners contain awful chemical solvents like turpentine and dry cleaning fluid- Beauty So Clean does not!

Here's the Candy Cane Scented Conditioning Brush Cleaner!

 And yum, they have Gingerbread Scented Conditioning Brush Cleaner too!
As you swipe your brushes near your face, or your clients face, they will not only be sure that the brush will be free of E. Coli, Staphylococcus AureusPseudomonas Aeruginosa, but it will smell delicious!

*Actually conditions your brushes to make sure they last long
*Can improve your skin, because it eliminates any oils and bacteria that cause acne, rashes or blemishes
*Contains all natural ingredients
*Dries within seconds
*All ingredients are NON-irritating

*if you want to see why you should NEVER try on make-up at a store..CLICK HERE to see what is on all those pretty colors at your local Sephora, MAC store or MACY's YUCK!!!!!

Gingerbread Scented Beauty So Clean too!

Beauty So Clean has pretty much just been a Make-Up Artist secret...but you can buy it at all the pro make-up artist stores:


Here's to happy brushes, that are clean, will make your skin look even clearer, and will smell yummy!

your, Kandee Kane



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eyeliner Tattoo Trend

 Hold onto your eyelids because things are about to get a little awesome on an eye near you!
This are not your "wild grandma's eyeliner tattoos" that turn purple 10 years later!
Please look at the UNION JACK eyeliner tattoo on my eyelid below:
 Not only will I show you HOW TO put these (more temporary) EYELINER TATTOOS on, but you will see me putting them on for the first time, (*be warned, I get very excited!ha ha) in the VIDEO BELOW.

Check out these other styles and colors from (click here to order em) VIOLENT EYES (makers of the VIOLENT LIPS):

You get 2 sheets of 4 eyeliner style in each pack:
You can cut and trim the eyeliner tattoos into any shape and size. They last up to 16 hours. And to take them off, I just peeled one corner and they came right off! IT was actually really fun to take them off!

SIT BACK and come have some fun with your homegirl, KANDEE, and watch some "eye tattooing" and enjoy my horrible british accent that the Union Jack Eye Tattoo made me do (ha ha ha):

and  if you have never seen my "LIP TATTOO" video, you have to see these:

my 4th of July America Flag Lips in a video:

How much do you love these?!? Which pair would you dare to wear?!?

I'm off like lipgloss on your lips, after you drink from a glass, your friend named KANDEE JOHNSON

PS. If you want to peek into my KANDEELAND CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

love you like a leopard print...

Leopard print lovers unite!
Here's what your homegirl, Kandee, (aka myself)...put on my bod yesterday.
*SHIRT- LEOPARD PRINT "DRESS/SHIRT"- URBAN OUTFITTERS ( guess it's only available in stores, so no linkey love)
*BLACK LEGGINGS- James Perse these are the most amazing leggins I've ever worn- they kind of are super-power leggings that somehow make you look skinnier than you really are!
*Gold-ball-studded belt- FOREVER21 (it came in a pack of 2 with a gold metallic belt also!)

*Silver Collar Necklace and Cuff- from FOREVER 21 too
*Silver Ring- from TJ MAXX (aka Marshalls- they have the same stuff!)
*BOOTS- Dr Martens TRIUMPH 1914 - these are boots just get more comfy every time you wear em! The first few times you wear em' they are not as comfy, but now mine are like slippers- and you know how much of a comfy, sneaker type shoe girl I am!
And as you can tell from my face....I cannot stop wearing my red lipstick and black winged liner right now. I try to do another look and I'm like, "but, I just love this one!"
MAC Cherry Lipliner all over lips with GASH from Urban Decay on the outer edges for depth

And then, my other addiction besides red lips....Pomegranate and Blueberry Pinkberry!
froyo-ho-ho-ho (it's getting so close to Christmas!!!)....your kandee

PS. Click this to see my KANDEELAND post of the day.

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