Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadows

cosmetic doctor to the counter...stat!
here's what you need on the eyeshadow operating table....
broken shadows
ziplock or any plastic bag
butter knife or spoon
rubbing alcohol (70% is fine, or if you can get 90% or higher it will just dry faster)
a squeeze bottle to put the alcohol in (this is optional..just makes it easier)
a coin (a quarter is the perfect size)
pieces of a cut up t-shirt or fabric (you can use a tissue but it doesn't work as well)

In the video I used matte eye shadows....this technique works for shimmery, sparkly, or matte....
actually it works best for matte shadows...shimmery ones have larger particles mixed with smaller ones....this makes them more fragile and much more breakable...
this works the same for matte or shimmer...they are all pressed the same way in the factory....just the sparklier ones will always be more fragile...

This is the quickest and simpliest way to fix your eyeshadows, blushes, face powders, anything powdery in a compact!

So here's to your Operation Save A Shadow!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Angelina Jolie Cat Eye Liner (look from the Oscars)

I got the inside scoop for you guys on Angelina's make-up....
Here's a list of the make-up used by Angelina Jolie's make-up artist for the Oscars...these are the actual products used....yay!
Le Crayon Khôl in Black Ebony to the upper and lower lash lines. She emphasized the shape of Angelina’s eyes by applying more liner to the outer corners of the eye. Several coats of Ôscillation Mascara. put a touch of pink to the cheeks using Shu Uemura Blush in M Pink 31 To create ultra-shiny and luminous lips,she used Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling.
Here's what I used (if you want to know....even though I told you the real stuff! ha ha ha)
Eyeshadow....Brule from MAC (a nude matte sparkles)
Black liner (Smolder by MAC..make sure it's sharpened pretty sharp)
Eyebrows (a medium brown shadow)
Lips...nude liner like Spice or Beurre from MAC...and I used Underage or Mouth Watering gloss from MAC, you can used MYTH as a nude lipstick too
BLUSH...I just used a cheap hot pink from the brand name...but pretty
and Fake Lashes...Ardell Demi's #101
1. T-shirt styling (go buy yourself a shirt to cut up so you're ready! I have to go get one too! ha ha)
2. Taylor Swift (this one will be on it's way too)
3. How to fix broken eyeshadows (I have a collection of broken ones now!!!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rihanna People Magazine cover

hi all my peeps!

I know I offered a few video choices...but last night in line at Target....I saw the Rihanna on the cover of people magazine...with this beatiful gold eye...and I loved it..and had to share it!

So we will resume the video voting...I think the angelina jolie extreme cat eye is winning...with a t-shirt cutting in close second!!!

make-up i used:
sparkly light yellows... GOLDMINE from MAC or SASS from Bare Essentials (bare minerals) or NYLON from MAC
copper-bronze colors....MULCH (a dark bronze from MAC), any copper color...light or dark or ROSE GOLD pigment from MAC
nude all over colr...brulle from MAC
eyebrows in SOFT MATTE BROWN (a light brown from MAC) waterproof liner, any brand....and a pewter (silvery/brown/greyish color) liner in #206 from Sephora
Black Mascara and lashes from Ardell...#21
LIPS....cork or spice lip liner from MAC & MYTH lipstick (a real pale nude color from MAC) and gloss in PURE PLATINUM from Estee Lauder or C-Thru from MAC
blush....BLUNT and/or ANGEL from MAC
next video voting continues:
1. extreme cat eye a la Angelina Jolie
2. shirt cutting 101 with kandelina (me)
3. taylor swift (love story video make-up)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Super Fast Demi Lovato Look

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.....

I will be going through all the email I collected while on vacay-shi-own-ay!

This is a super-speedy, make-up look...Demi Lavato style....

make-up I used:

eyeshadow: nudes (pinks, peach, or skin color) from MAC pink n' pen, brulle or a peach color

dark brown or grey (from MAC I used print, carbon or nehru, or espresso

black eye liner (to line the rims of the eye use a waterproof liner-it will last longer!) I used Smolder from MAC, but any black will work

lips- nude color (you can even just put concealer on them and gloss

I used Myth lipstick from MAC and then Estee Lauder PURE PLATINUM Pure Gloss

and L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara

and a light pink blush in ANGEL from MAC

VOTE FOR NEXT VIDEO below in the comment:

1. Taylor Swift look from her LOVE STORY VIDEO

2. SUPER CAT EYE look from ANgelina Jolie

3. How to cut and create your own funky shirt like in some of my vids

have a super fabulous day my glam posse!!! glittery glitter...kandee

Monday, February 23, 2009


1. i am sitting here waiting to see that my new car is capable of making the drive home

2. i have been getting lots of peeps askin' how i tie my wrist bandana, well, and one person asked WHY I wear here's how and why....

voting will be open soon for video choices....and i'm cooking up a good contest with a super-fun of my "can't live without" items!!!!

PS...the make-up look in this video is from the Megan Fox / Katy Parry look i's the linkey...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i am typing this from the office/spare room/storage room/......of my sister's house...I was going to upload last night, but after I drove all day long...I again...fell asleep as I am doing most recently with all the lights on..and my comuter screen glowing at me!!

and's some lightin' time to do hair-hair!!!

Stuff you'll need:
bobby pins
round boar bristle brush (for supreme teasing)
80's banana hair clip (i got mine at Claire's or any hair/beauty supply)
hair spray (i used Paul Mitchell Working Spray)
Molding/Shaping creme (I used HeadGames Reworkable Creme)

I'm gonna post some pictures from my trip....and maybe get my sister to let me do her make-up...even though she's puffy and pregnant!ha ha ha

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New and Improved Chit Chat

well somehow the last chit chat video..apparently slipped though my mental fingers...completely unfinished.....thanks everyone for letting me know it just cut off, or I never would've known....
that's what happens when you're tired!!!!
here's is the extreme-make-over edition...ha ha ha ha

Chitty Chitty Chat Chat

lack of sleep and power outtages...can't keep me down!
here's the video....chock full of...
answers to the most popular question.... got it...
keep the questions coming and I'll keep the answers flowing!
have a sparkly day everyone...glitter and glamour...kandee

VOTE FOR THE NEXT VIDEO beolw in the comments:

1. Veronica Lake 1940's look

2. super fast hair-do's....

3. how to tie my wrist bandana....(for real...people asked how...I didn't just make that up!ha ha ha)


I just woke up....
realized I fell asleep in the middle of trying to edit a video...
with all my clothes on...even my boots are still on.....
all the lights are on in my house still...
I don't know how I slept like this....other than I am/was extremely tired! ha ha ha

As you can see, I still have to finish the video and upload check back in a little bit...

Kandee has.....puffy, burning eyeballs right now....and really crazy morning hair!!!

I also have to pack...get a rental car...wrap presents for my sister's shower...deliver cupcakes...try to find a car to buy...take a shower...oh, how I dream of taking a nap and I just woke up..ha ha haha...
talk to everyone soon...the is on it's way!!!!

smiles and tired eyeballs.....kandee, the sleeper with boots and full set of clothes on.....!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kat Von D and the Golden Eye

High Voltage we come...
I love Kat's mix of glam, retro pin-up, with's the best blend of pretty and tough!
So here's what was lying on my table when I did this look:
the good old MACdonald's (MAC) ....MULCH, CARBON, PRINT, pigment in ROSE GOLD, favorite KITTEN
or you could use SHROOM (MAC) or SMOG or SIN from Urban Decay
liner....SMOLDER from MAC
lashes...Ardell Fashion Lashes in Demi
BLUSH...DAndelion from Benefit,, BLUNT from MAC

(you can add 10 from Benefit..double highlighter in light pink and bronze--very nice little combo)
SMACKERS (yo' lips that is)...liner in BUERRE or WHIRL from MAC and lisptickler in GLAMAPUSS (MAC also)

VOTING BOOTH is OPEN for next video.....comment below with your vote:
1. Kandee's Fabulous Chit Chat (Answers to all the questions) video
2. Another Fast & Fab hair how-to
3. or request a look and I'll post it up to be voted on!

glitter and sparkles....kandee!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Cougar Mom Look and Bill Clinton

I had a lot of fun on this commercial with the Bill Clinton Impersonator....he was really funny.....he came with his own make-up...but then I told him the "secret" products I the anti-perspirant powder for his forehead....and he changed his tune a bit! ha ha ha

here's me and Bill.....he thought it wold be funny to have me peeking out from under the desk...but I thought, maybe not! ha ha ha

now onto my cougar-mamma! ha ha ha

this is how we spent our Valentine's Day......make-up...and we ate a large quantity of various chocolate....our fav...the Lindt Chocolate Truffle was the winner!

Make-Up I used to make my mom look 49 and lookin' fine! ha ha ha

Laura Mercier Primer (has Silicone to fill in lines and pores- a skin perfecter!)

Laura Mercier Foundation in Golden Beige

Face Powder in Studio Fix (MAC) C30

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-5

Eyeshadows used (all MAC): BRULE, CHARCOAL BROWN, SOFT MATTE BROWN, CARBON, PRINT (QUARRY is a good hazey-plumb color too, instead of Soft Matte Brown)

BLUSH: Dandelion from Benefit, 10 two-tone highlighter from Benefit, ANGEL or HARMONY from MAC

eyeliner: SMolder from MAC

LIPS: BUERRE liner from MAC

lipstick is a custom color that I made...use a nude with a peachy-rose color

Thanks mamma for letting me show you without make-up! I love you!

VOTE FOR THE NEXT LOOK below in the comments:

1.KAT VON D Bronze-Gold Look

2.Chit Chat about my FAQ's

3. More Hair how-to's

Hair it is...ha ha ha ha

Tada...the very first "hair did" video....
I'm so honored that you guys actually thought my hair looks "good" enough to ask for a video....I usually think it looks pretty not-good...ha ha ha ha

What you're gonna need:
Bobby Pins (a lot)
Hair Spray (i used Paul Mitchell's Working Spray- it's not as stiff as some still looks touchable)
Molding Creme (like Head Games REworkable Sculptor or KMS shaping creme)
*put the molding creme on before teasing and after to smooth)
a round boar bristle brush for super-teasing of the hair

VOTE FOR THE NEXT LOOK: (in the comment below)

1. ME doing a Hot Cougar, Make-Up Look on my mom...I love her!

2. My favorite Brushes Video

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kat Von D Look for Valentine's Day

Here's some Kat Von D for your heart day....a dash of pin-up, and a cup of rocker glam....
Here's the run down on what I used:
Smoke) (SHROOM in place of Kitten)
Laura Mercier- Black Smoke

Blush- BLUNT from MAC
Dandelion from Benefit

Lips- STONE and BUERRE from MAC
MYTH Lipstick from MAC

VOTE for the next video in the comments below:

1. My favorite BRUSHES
2. How I do my hair....(i thought this was a huge compliment, I usually think my hair looks bad!)
3. Chit chat....about my most frequently asked question
4. to suggestions
Stila- Kitten

Friday, February 13, 2009

What you need in your make-up kit...

here is a peek into my "mini" make-up case...and all the treasures inside....
places to buy fun make-up case fillings: (they have sooooo many fun things!)...I'll be posting some good make-up brush and make-up case, sites too..... the wrap up, of a really, really, really busy week.....
now i should have some time to do some more fun videos.....

NEXT LOOK TO VOTE ON....from the most requested looks:

1. The girls from The HIlls
2. Kat Von D
3. The New Hello Kitty Line Look from take on it anyway!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Skin Care Routine....tada!

hi all my peeps!
so again....i accidentally erased the video I did on "what you need in your basic make-up kit" frustrating!
but.....I didn't erase my "skincare routine" video! YAY!!!!
so here we to the land of "near perfect" (or as perfect as you can get your pores!) skin-land....

I am so tired from my shoots this week....and then trying to make videos at night.......BUT...after my Skagen jewelry campaign shoot today...I stopped by the MAC store...where my girls called me up and said, "Come and pick up you HEllo Kitty...make-up"...
I'm gonna do a look with the new Hello KItty Collection..I love it...there is a lipstick you should all go get....I'll tell ya about it soon!

smiles and sparkles.....kandee!

oh PS...I forgot to mention in the video...if you get a zit or some kind of something with Salicylic kills the bacteria which caused the blemish in the first place....and creates a protective barrie from further infecting FAVORITE is SPOT REMOVER from can get it here:
everyone whold have this in their bathroom cabinet!!!

YAY~ i just realized I didn't erase the "make-up essentials videos"...I'll post it tomorrow!

Angelina, baby collector..ha ha ha

I like Angelina Jolie's look....I am a fan of the nuder-than-nude I love her look....I can't even find the perfect nude lipliner that isn't orangey....MAC made a great one, then they discontinued it...darn it! my ideal combo....lipliner in BUERRE from MAC, then I go over it with an almost white-ish, baby pink lipliner from Sephora....then swipe on MYTH lipstick from MAC..and voila...nudey-nude-nude mouth.....

VOTE in the comments below for the next video:

1. What you need in your basic Make-Up kit

2. Request for my skin care routine and products I use to have nice skin

3. Chit chat answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions I get

and then I'll do some more make-up looks...but my week is a lil' crazy with shoots!!!
smiles to every one of you!!!!! kandee

Monday, February 9, 2009


It is so random that I heard Rihanna's name on the news today about the Chris Brown thing....and it's crazy because I just worked with the little dancer in his videos a couple months ago....and his mom was saying how great and nice Rihanna and Chris are....crazy...

back to the beauty at hand...I think she is beautiful...I always like her eye make-up, so here is my version of her's more wearable than some of her crazier looks (i love those too though)....

VOTE FOR THE NEXT VIDEO (below vote in the comments..thanks guys!)
1. Angelina Jolie
2. Nicole Richie
have a pretty day, kandee!!

New Video (megan fox / katy parry) & New Vote

i am awake just to post this's now 4am!!!
so here lies the all it's "depriving kandee of sleep, glory"......ha ha ha ha
Pin-Up Series (the modern pin-up) inspired by Megan Fox and Katy Parry....

and now for the voting booth.....NEXT MAKE-UP LOOK:

1. Raquel Welch

2. Nicole Ritchie

3. Rihanna

smiles everyone......I have a lot of shoots this week.....but I'm gonna try to bust out with some videos if I can squeeze em in everyday! Go go gadget make-up!....lots of love....kandee

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eva Longoria is the winner! is a video....
Eva, Eva, Eva...this is her most popular look...a sultry, brown, goldy, eye....with a sexy pale pout....
all the colors I used are in the description on Youtube, too....

If anyone wanted to see a different look of hers please let me know...and I'll do it, I promise!

I used Blunt blush as an eyeshadow on this one too...
Thanks all my guys make my day with all the nice things you heart swells with happiness!!!
Have fun guys! NExt video will be a video response to al the frequently askes questions I've been getting....smiles, kandee
side note: in this picture of lady Eva...she has some serious fake lashes going on....I didn't put an on in the video...but they make a HUGE difference....! These look like the crazy spaced out ones from Make-Up Forever or MAC...

Looooooong shoot today!!!

Today shoot details:
very long
25 people
lots of smoke
no food....until I ate some chicken tenders and pizza that one of the crew members had to go buy, and shared with me......
I was so tired I could have fallen the dark, un-lit corners of the shoot.....oh the length of commercials................
there's no way I could've made a decent video....I'm going to do it tomorrow....the only shoot I'll be on is the one in my office for you guys! hooray!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

erased and tired

dear diary...
i had a great video all ready to export from my video camera......1920's flapper girl make-up...
then I realized I accidentally recorded over the first half of it! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
here's a picture of what i looked liked....

and now I sit very tired......
I have another long shoot tomorrow with 456,983 people that need make-up on.....

here's to tomorrow and hopefully squeezing out enough time to make a video....that I won't record over!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How I got started..the short version

This is for all my peeps that have been asking how I got started as a make-up to become a make-up here we go....
a fun video's almost like I'm just talkin to you in your living room/bedroom/dining room/office/car...ha ha ha ha

Thanks everyone!!!

I wanted to try having you guys VOTE on the next video I should do...
so if you are a can post a comment below....and vote for which look you'd like to see next!

1. Raquel Welch

2. Eva Longoria

3. Lucille Ball

4. Veronica Lake

Pick what you wanna see.......

More Pin-Up Series - Sophia Loren

how classic and beautiful is Sophia Loren in this picture!?!

I'm just gonna attempt to recreate some of the glamour that she exuded! wow!

what you'll need:



gel liner (Bobbi Brown or Stila Smudgepots in black) or Liquid liner in Boot Black from MAC

Lipliner in Cork or Stone from MAC and lipstick in TANTONE (MAC) gloss in Berry Splash from Covergirl

Love this hot sizzle up February with some Sophia!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Requested Day Look with MAC

Here's another great neutral eye look...that looks great on everyone.....nice day look with plumb and greys....looks great with every eye color....

hope you guys like's 2:49 am...and i can't think of anything clever or.....anything else really.....

must go sleep..but not until I wash all this make-up off!

pretty days ahead....kandee

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dark Smokey Look

Hi all my lovelies...
I've had a busy weekedn so I didn't have time to edit my video short enough...until Youtube think I'm worthy of having a longer please tell everyone to subscribe so that I can!
Thank you all so words truly encourage my heart!!!! Thank You! Thank You!

so here's the eye look I am wearing in my video "favorite products & make-up secrets"'s a really fun evening look....very glammy glam!!!

Here we go:

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