Friday, October 30, 2009

Jasmine is here.....

Princess Jasmine from here....
via myself....ha ha ha

I love all the Disney princesses......and finally here she is...

What I used:
To darken my skin tone:
I used St. Tropez Whipped Bronzer

For the face I used:
Make-Up Forever HD foundation (#73)

Larenim Pressed Powder:

RCMA foundation color palettes:
(tell them you heard about it from kandee...maybe they'll give ya a can do the same thing on the cheap with dark concealors from the drugstore, too)

For the eyes: I used several shades from MAC...a light shimmery yellow, RICE PAPER, a light warm brown, CORK, and a dark red brown, GROUND BROWN, and a lighter red brown, CORDUROY, and a black, CARBON

I used black cream eyeliner in BLACK BLACK from MAC

And the false lashes are just the DRAMA & GLAMOUR lashes from the Costume section at Wal-Mart!

For lips I used:
I brown-ish color lipliner:
a peachy lipstick: SANDY B from MAC
and a light pearl shimmer to give a highlight: I used GOLDEN GODDESS from Estee Lauder

enjoy this fun look...i was made with love.....
have the best day ever....kandee

First things...

(what I saw this a painting)

Most mornings I have spent the whole night awake editing my youtube videos, until 4,5,6, or even 7 in the morning...then I sleep til about 9:30 or maybe 9:45 and I'm up again...

But the last two nights I've gone to bed before 2:30 in the morning (yay!)...and I have been able to see the sunrise!
There is something quite amazing about watching the sun wake up the feels as if you get to see the day as a blank canvas...full of opportunities and newness. When I wake up later, I always feel like I have to catch up...ha ha ha

Another thing I thought the first thoughts you think...can make or break your day...
Whatever you think about...becomes your priority.
If you wake up thinking about how bad your life you can stop thinking about you are angry, hurt, or frustrated......what kind of day do you think you're going to have? ha ha ha ha
If you wake up...thankful that you can walk or see, or have a home...thankful that God is shining love, like the sunshine...into your heart...
and you think about your you are going to shine love into other people...smiling, saying a kind word, helping someone, holding the door open for the person behind a compliment...
Today (and everyday), whether you get to witness the sunrise or not...start your day off with only the best thoughts...put hurtful or discouraging thoughts out of your head...and choose only the thoughts that will better you...
We have to choose to manage our emotions or they will run our days and nights...!
And if you feel your emotions are too powerful...they are only as powerful as you let them be...if your heart is broken...begin to say, no....I'm not going to let this other human being that hurt me....rule my day and night...if they hurt you...they certainly don't deserve the power to rule your day. Only let people that make you feel amazing and inspired and loved...effect your day. The other didn't deserve the right to that!
Think about things that are good, positive, loving, encouraging....and all kinds of dreams! Speak kindness and encouragement to others....when you your poor love into'd be surprised how to has a boomerang effect and comes back to your heart too!
huge love to your precious heart.......kandee

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help me decide!!!




Johnny Depp as JACK SPARROW ( i know! I have a beard!!!!)

so I have looks left and I don't know which to post first...please help a sister for the looks you want...and I'll post the most popular...
I can't decide...
I have a few more looks on my memory card too....I don't remember which ones they are...I think a military/pirate pin-up look...and some others...

vote below....or at my facebook page under the posting for this!!! thanks guys!

Snow White...4th times a charm?!?

so youtube didn't like my video....and everytime I would upload it....more problems....I edited this baby 6 times now....and it usually takes me 4-8 hours to fully edit...export and upload...and then the video has to process on youtube.....I've done this 4 times now...ahhhhhhhhhh!?!?!? Let's just say Snow White is a labor of love! ha ha ha ha
I hope you like it....and I hope youtube does it will stick around! ha ha ha

Here's the hair tutuorial:

Please feel free to watch it 30 times...ha ha ha ha...and leave me nice comment every time, so youtube will realize people like it...ha ha ha ha ha....

Really though...I do hope you like it....i had to take out the "dream is a wish your heart makes" song...there was background music from the movie in that part.....I don't know....

Enjoy this one and the hair one tutorial too!
This video was made with so much love.....i heart you all.....kandee...and remember dreams really are wishes that your heart makes......

Monday, October 26, 2009

leaving things behind....

i once had to move...and all I could take with me was, what could fit in my suitcase...i remember I carefully packed all my little sketch books with my drawings and little collection of pens, pencils, and art supplies...and all the things I needed for my little baby...
I remember thinking..."I wouldn't even want to bring all this other stuff with me...into my would just remind me of this yucky past!"....

and that's true for everything...
don't keep dragging your past into your future...
past failures
past heartbreaks
past dissappointments...
your future is too bright to be darkened with the shadows of the past.

I love this.."strain towards what is ahead, forgetting the past"...

too many people drag this big pile of past hurts, past failures, past bad-thinking...and it never lets the beauty of newness and hope really take flight!
Who cares if you've failed at something 200 times...don't tell yourself you're a're just getting one step closer...

I've made a lot of failed attempts at, relationships, and so on...
but to be successful, at anything..never let those failures stop you from pressing on towards success in your future...

And have to redo something...and it could make you angry...(like me having to re edit my snow white video and re-post it to youtube....ha ha ha)...or just maybe there's a good reason that I don't know about to why, if I do it will be better!

leave your past in your past....and run boldy to your's waiting for you, as fresh as can be...every morning!!! this was typed with love....kandee

Sunday, October 25, 2009

yay I got to play photo shoot!

(CLICK HERE to see the WHOLE PICTURE....)...I don't have have it yet...the eyelashes & FAN are my FAVORITO!!!
some days in have more fun than normal...this was one of those days....(and we all know I could use a fun day! ha ha ha)
being creative and having felt more like play and fun than anything else....

I do a lot of make-up looks...and I wish I had someone to show, or go somewhere....or wish it was for a photo shoot....and I'm just making youtube I go and just wash all my hard work off....and start a new one....ha ha ha

I have a very dear friend, Ian Ruhter...who happens to be an incredibly talented photographer...and I always feel so honored when he photographs me! Ian works for huge globally famous companies...that pay him more than I ever I feel so "fancy" whenever Ian wants to let me stand in front of his talented, picture-taking self.
Ian is amazing...and so are his photo projects....his work makes your heart feel the beauty in the image. And he has taken some of the most amazing photos with lil' ol me in can scroll through his blog and see them...from the bubbles one to the balloons in the brooklyn bridge (one of my fav's...and not because I'm in it...ha ha ha)...I am honored to get to "creative play" with him....and I am honored to have him as a friend.
I wish I lived next door to I could run over and we could play photo shoot everyday! He is so brilliant...and this was probably the most fun I've ever had, having my picture taken...he makes me laugh a there was a lot of kandee-laughing faces...ha ha ha

I wanted to do a modern-colorful-kandee-twist, with Marie Antoinette as my inspiration. (I filmed the look I'll edit it as soon as I can) know me is to know I love color...and this shoot was very kandee-ful! (ha ha ha)

i even had to take the eyelashes off so we could go to lunch...ha ha ha....I'm brave with my looks...but....ha ha ha ha

you can see more upcoming posts at Ian's fanpage....I think he'll be posting the pics from the other look I did too on here to join

tears are just watering your blessings.......

I was eating lunch today...and even as my friend was making a joke that made me Elton John song was playing on Pandora...and "safely hidden" beneath my houndstooth fedora...tears slipped down my face, as I listened to "rocket man"...a song that reminds me of my dad...and being little, and him springing me up into the air out of the pool...which was a "stunt"...he called "rocket man" heart just hurt. And I wanted to be 7 again...working in the garage with my dad...detailing my bike or something. Instead I was much older...but I still felt like a little girl...wanting to feel safe...

this...made tears fall like rain...but hopefully it washed my heart a little...

"Those who sow (work) in tears..shall reap (take in, receive) in joy!"...this was like the biggest hug to my spirit...

We get these thoughts that try to discourage us...break our spirit...steal our joy....

and we diligent and courageous in our thinking...not letting these pains and hurts of life...try to stop us...and kidnap our joy...

it never soon as you start working hard for something..going after your dream...trying to quit a bad habit...repairing an emotional wound....
it seems as if a sign that says "please attack me...make this harder than it is"...comes on...and next thing you know your doubting your ability and your strength...

I cried tonight as I drove home...through the dark desert...and as no one answered their phone to talk with my "lonely" little self...I had no options left but to listen to a cd....I put in a cd of mine....and the voice boomed through the speakers right to my heart....
NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Never let your "down" thoughts keep you down....

for after a season...the hard work you went through when the tears were falling.....God will say..."it's okay...your were just watering your blessing with the most precious drops from your heart....."

if you are hurting.....just know every tear is precious....and it is most definitely watering the beautiful flowers of blessings that are just waiting to spring up!!!

huge, huge love from my heart to you......and please feel the hug I'm sending too....I know I could always use an extra "hug thought"......

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snow White!!!

I love Disneyland...and pretty much all old Disney movies.... Snow White is so delicate, gentle, and adorable....I loved..LOVED...LOVED doing this make-up look!

Even the hair was fun to do!

I just wanted to go live in Disneyland or one of the enchanted lands~

I researched the art and painting of Disney...they mixed and created their own colors! The look of the original Snow White: And the Seven Dwarfs, was soft with, bright lips and grey-brown eyeshadow...I tried to replicate it exactly as the art from the movie.

I hope you guys like it..I think this was my favorite look and favorite video so far!

For the make-up...I used:
a very light foundation (any brand will do)
concealer wheel by LISE WATIER (i got mine at
a light powder (any brand. I used La Mer pressed powder)

For the EYES, I used,
a light shimmery yellow color....(Rice Paper from MAC)
a dark grey shadow ...(PRINT from MAC)
a grey-brown...(COPPERPLATE from MAC)
a warm chocolatey brown (CORK from MAC)

A black liquid or cream liner (any brands)

RED lips!!! ( any bright blue-red lipstick)
I used a bright red lip liner (Cherry from MAC)
I used RUBY WOO from MAC
and any red gloss if you want some added dazzle!

FOR the hair, you just need: bobby pins, hair spray, a brush, and 2 curling irons - 1 small one and one larger...

I got my snow white costume at here for the link...this was the real one...not the "sexy" one..ha ha ha ha

This video was made with love and lots of fun...hope you love it, too!!!

Outfit of the day: a dream & boyfriend jeans

hats are.....a wonderful style element & they are the best thing to make your hair look good when it really doesn' was the hair case for me.....ha ha ha (i got this head-topper at good ol' Target...I love Target...but I think I just went in there for like toothpaste and came out with a way bigger bill!)

moving on down the road....I have my orange shirt from Urban Outfitters....
my "boyfriend" cut jeans...(note...these are not my boyfriend's jeans...because I do not have a boyfriend...ha ha ha...that's just what they say inside the seam!)...from H& M...

and my good lo' trusty chuck taylor (converse) in black....

whoa...i just noticed I didn't even put on my watch or wrist apparel in this pictures....what the what!?! ha ha ha ah

have the most awesome, dream filled day.....

I had a very sad discovery last night...tears started spilling and my heart started hurting.....
and both my dear friend and my mom both told me.....just think about your dreams and your future and it will help your heart focus on something....

so heart is going to make a lot of it can run wild in dreamland....

if your day is feeling sad and lonely or hurting.....
I pray it will be filled with dreams so large...that all your hurts will get lost!!!!

the biggest of love.....kandee

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm in ELLE magazine!! woo hoo!

very fun things: going to the grocery store...seeing an ELLE magazine and then seeing your picture inside! HOLY SMOKES!!! I feel like telling everyone around me...but that would probably just make me look really crazy! BUT I'm inside a magazine!!!! Who would've thunk it! hee hee

Huge thanks go out to Salena Lettera for sending me these pics from her road stop (she is a glamorous female truck driver....with false lashes in her rig...check out her's really funny...

And huge thanks to Ian Ruhter for taking the before've all seen the after....for some reason things must have gotten switched around....because they used a different one for the after....(this was the one I sent too....)

Woo Hoo...I'm in ELLE magazine!!! There are different covers of this issue with Katie Holmes on the cover...when I bought mine she had an orange dress don't be alarmed when you go out to buy a stack of 20...ha ha ha ha just kidding.....

have an awesome day....kandee

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michael Jackson Make-Up

get out your glitter's time to moonwalk, thriller it up...or just "rock tonight"....ha ha ha this is my tribute to Michael for all the Michael Jackson fans, or those who are just going to be Mikey for costume we go...
and may I again mention, (As i do in the much I love the "Billie Jean" song...

and sha-mon.......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm wishing.....

i'm wishing...for the one i find find
that is one of my favorite songs from Snow White....and yes, I filmed my snow white video a couple weeks ago (complete with a surprise)....but I haven't had time to edit it yet... but it will be here's a quick peak....
may your prince (or princess) be on their way to find you...and if not...maybe you can have 7 seven dwarfs to keep you company...or a little bird...ha ha ha ha

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintage, pompadors and thigh high boots, oh my!

my amazing mama (shannon) pretty aunt...and me trying on hats at the Vintage show in Santa Monica...California....

My Nana was with us too, but I'm not sure where she was when we took this picture...
I did feel like it was Christmas because my Nana gave us each some money to buy some treasures...(thank you so much Nana...if you are reading this...i love you!)...

we had so much fun...we tried on hats, jewelry...and had so much fun wandering through the decades of fashion!

me with the biggest, blingiest earrings...ever...can you say CLIP-ONS!?!

I asked this guy if I could capture the amazement of his super-tall pompador hair....!!! whoa tall!

this was an awesome headband that I would have like to have bought...except that it was $195......
I'll have to do a tutorial on how to make one on the cheap! ha ha ha

my favorite pirate / napoleon hat....i think she we should all start wearing these hats...

I fell in love with these white leather boots......and yes, they did end up leaving with me....I don't know when, or where, exactly I'm going to wear them....but I loved their "pretty woman"-esque-80's-rocker feel.....

It was so fun....I wish I loved in the 40's...could wear extraordinary hats everyday, and clothes that simply dripped with made me want to go through my whole closet and wear only vintage pieces!
(oh, and I got a killer gold biker jacket with fringe on the back....and I mean, shimmery gold, baby!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

you guys ready to see my new ride...

I call her Black Johnny Depp's pirate ship....because just like Johnny's, Black Pearl...mine carries a lot of BOOTY too! ha ha ha ha

Don't hate because my I got me a low rider...ha ha ha...I call this a high-rider! If there's flood car's gonna be drier than dry!

The perfect combo...convertable and 257 inch rims! ha ha ha

Keep your eye peeled for me rolling through town in this baby! (hee hee hee)

Oompa Loompa Attack!

Oompa Loompa doop-a-dee doo...I've got another riddle for you.....

The funny little orange skinned, green haired men from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...yes, I turned myself into one!!...
watch with an everlasting gobbster...and be amazed...ha ha ha

(ps... I liked Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I was a kid....(who didn't want to drink out of the chocolate river)...but the part when they sing and go in the river super-scared me!
ha ha ha

enjoy and bon appe-watch!

what I did in laguna beach today!

me and my new precious friend, michelle...

Today I had a really fun time, speaking to, and sharing some of my make-up tips with the ladies of Senegence the leader's conference in beauty-filled....Laguna Beach, California...

I want to send a huge love shout out to...Michelle...who left me a precious note in my purse...and she lit up the room with her joy!!!

I had so much fun... with all the ladies...and all the ones that earned a special lunch with me...I felt honored that I was the "prize"...hee hee hee!

I had a fabulous time and I want to say thank you and you all were marvelous!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday and I'm packing..and a peek!

the Michael Jackson look won out for next requested look...but oompa loompa was close second...and was SNOW WHITE.....
they are all waiting to be edited and uploaded!!! I've go tmore too, but something has to be a surprise!!!

what else am I doing today:
packing up head-dresses for the Cleopatra contest! All of them!
going to post office to ship em off!
heading out on the road for the speaking engagement...
finishing packing my stuff!
packing up my make-up...
so much more...i'd be here typing forever!

I have a funny story about buying the rest off the head-dresses last night...i'll have to post it later!!!

have an awesome day and remember...
even when life looks and feels sad or don't kno what that moment is preparing you for...and you don't know what is right around the corner!!!!

huge love, kandee
packing my stuff up to go to a speaking engagement tomorrow, for Senegence Cosmetics! It's gonna be fun....I love speaking and encouraging and educating people...!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cleopatra Contest Winners!

AND the WINNERS are.......(drum roll please)

this was so hard to choose...and everyone did such an amazing job!!! (I apologize to all the people who entered and the video didn't show up as a response....I just saw some when I clicked on these videos as was like, "heyyyyyy, I didn't see these ones!!!! oh no!!!"...
I love you all...and even if I didn't mention you video were all WINNERS in my heart! I love you you all

I couldn't decide...everyone did so I went and bought all the headpieces they had!

So these are all the winners...and a lil' comment

cutest video goes to:
CHRISTYVANCANNON's daughter!...oh my goodness...this video is adorable...her instructions are super great....she is just hte cutest thing...she could be the next make-up guru!!! I loved did everyone!!! Great Job sweetheart!!!

loves Egyptian things the most goes to:
Lindysnonsense!...not only did your creativity with your make-up impress me...but your sincere love for all things it!! I watched your other video on your FLAWS...and you are so sweet and I just loved it!!! Great job...I hope all your dreams (maybe ice skating!?!) come true!

FOR most creative and just all together AWESOME looks: (in no particular order) MyMisfitMakeup!...she did an awesome job and I loved how she added the golden lashes and created her own headpiece!!! Beautiful work...the eyes look marvelous dahling!!!!

Umapreve... did an amazing job and made Cleopatra look wearable....her smile is gorgeous and makes you want to smile along with her...beautiful voice is soothing to listen to....fabulous job, and her make-up looks gorgeous!!!!!

moonwinksartistry...gorgeous...she reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor...stunningly beautiful, and her make-up looked so great...I was surprised to see her blonde hair with her headwrap off! Excellent work!!!!

hannabananaz...not only did I LOVE what she did with her hair....but she sang beautifully...and I know how hard she worked to make this video with her babies!!! Beautiful and creative!!!

JessBcause09...she has stunning exotic, almond shaped eyes...that looked phenominal with her eye make-up...the eyebrows were beyond perfect...and her smile lit up my room!!! Fantastic job!!!

Most Excited and wants the prize!!! are adorable..and you were so excited about the prize!!! I hope you love it!!!
xmehreenerx...I couldn't help but say you were so adorable and excited and REALLY seemed to want the ask and you shall recieve....hee hee hee...and you did a fab job!

Most moving video (And she did an awesome job!!!):
Makeupbymarkella...oh baby girl..I am so proud of you!!! Not only was your make-up are so lovely...and my heart gushed when you did!!!! thank you...and I'm so proud of you for being bold and going after your hearts desire!!!
most adorable, cute and funny videos: so cute, funny, and did a beautiful job!!! Your eyes look amazing...and I loved your fav were the pictures at the end....people loved your video!!! You are great and so was your video...and I love the name "heylaady"...ha ha ha (the part when you said you weren't going to win...did it! ha ha)

and last BUT definitely not least.... are just cuter than puppies and kittens...I loved your you were supposed to be packing, and made a video instead...and how you created your headdress with pins and did FABULOUS my dear....!!! I love it...

Thank you all so much for making these videos! I loved watching them so much! I even had to ask my family members to help me choose! ha ha ha...And they all said, "Can't they all win!?!"...ha ha here is the most EXPENSIVE contest ever...ha ha ha ha!
TO ALL THE WINNERS...I need to get these to you ASAP...please email my your address to:
(no this is not my email...because I'd never find them..I get too many emails a day!!!) you can leave your address in the comments (or if you don't feel comfortable doing that...I totally understand, you can email your address here...

SIDE NOTE: they didn't have enough GOLD head dresses, so some people are will be getting black, silver, gold & black, and gold (if you have a preference let me know when you leave your address!)
Great job everyone....thank you for entering my Cleopatra contest! I love you you all....hugest of hugs...kandee


Ahhhhhh the Vampy Vampire....
I'll show you some special FX make-up tricks and tips!

And may I mention...I've been sleeping like a vampire...up all night (editing this video...I finished it at 4:30 am....started at 10:30 pm...just editing! ahhhhhh) So I REALLY hope you guys like it...I've been working almost 20 hours a day trying to make all the videos for you it really makes my heart happy when you leave me 5 stars and a nice comment! You have no idea! ha ha

I get to use share some of my pro special FX tips with you...I've worked with and learned from some of the top special FX make-up artists in the biz.....Thom Surprenant and I worked on a movie...with lots of blood and gunshot wounds! He is brilliant...and gave me one of his blood palettes (thanks you thom!!!)....I finally got to use it for this!!!

It feels like painting to me...I love it! I love being this makes me feel alive!

Please enjoy all my hard work I put into this video...(hee hee) was made with love and care!
huger than huge smiles, kandee

I used Special FX blood, that my super talented, award winning Special FX make-up artist friend, Thom Surprenant can find out more & ask him where to get the blood at: , tell him Kandee says hi!

Colors I used:

Skin: LA Mer Liquid Foundation in 01 Neutral Cream

Lise Watier Concealer Wheel from

La Mer Pressed Powder ( )

MAC eyeshadows in VEX (lavender-grey irridescent), CARBON (black), EMBARK (dark brick red), SHALE (light whitish-yellow-green irridescent), ELECTRA (silver), and any white

Urban Decay:
Ammo Palette
Last Call (a dark purpley-eggplant shimmer)

LARENIM mineral eyeshadow in MIDNIGHT MAGIC (a dark warm grey shimmer)
AND IT's ONLY $3.95 !!!!!!

any black eyeliner

MAC black lip color
MATTENE (it's sold out online, try your local MAC store)
Black Glimmergloss in BLACKWEAR

URBAN DECAY lisptick in CONFESSION (a deep burgundy glossy, juicy lipstick

MAKE-UP FOREVER FLASH palette (or you could use any bright red lipstick)
(it's a little pricey...but it's a staple in most make-up artists can make any color with it!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Next look sneak peek!!!

twilight vampy...vampire! With real Special FX blood...from my friend that is an award winning special FX make-up artist...and his cool line of fake blood...! (who knew a girl who almost passes out at the sigt of blood would have fun playing with the fake kind!?!) ha ha ha

I filmed videos all day today!!! My face is sore from putting a fake beard on, taking it off...putting glue on my face...then washing....then spirit gum...then washing...WAIT TIL you see them!!!!

And I don't think I can do any more contests...they will be too costly for me....I already think I need to go and buy more head dresses...because I can't decide on just one winner!!!! ha ha ha

have a beautiful day...and remember...our hearts are like sponges...the more love you squeeze out....the more love you are able to hold....
typed with love...kandee

I've been watching.....

I've been watching all the contest entries for the Cleopatra contest for the last few is so hard to pick a winner!!! I might have to let you guys pick....this is too hard......everyone did such a good job.....

I NEED your help VOTING!!!

So this contest so hard for me!!! I wish I would've bought 50 head dresses so everyone could be a winner!!!
I need you guys to help VOTE...I narrowed it down to the top 12...but please help me VOTE...this is too hard!!!

Everyone did such a fabulous job...I could barely narrow it down to 10!!! Thank you all for making such fabulous videos...they were all amazing! I sat with J-man and we watched all of them...and were sooooo amazed..... (don't know who J-man is....learn more CLICK HERE...ha ha ha) ...these are in no particular order...and I wish I had prizes for everyone....I can't believe how every video impressed me!!!This is too hard on my heart to pick just one!!! ...I also know that not all the video came up when I tried to view them...I tried to hunt them all down...but if I missed you...I am so sorry!! I love you all and all your entries are precious to me!! Thank you!!! huge love...kandee

christyvankannon (her daughter)












please vote below in comments!! thank you for helping!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a dream is a wish your heart makes....

(photo by Ian Ruhter)
don't be scared of your dreams or dreaming...
some people are so scared of failure that they never try...
but the only way to make it happen is to try!
Not one successful person will say they didn't try! ha ha ha

Your dreams are there for a one else will create or do what you will. It's like if you asked 2 people to paint a picture of the same tree..each one would do it entirely different. That's the beauty of each one of us being made unique, with fingerprints and "talent-prints"...that only belong to each of us. No one...NOT ONE, other person has your "talent-prints"....your
"dream-prints"!!! Te world needs you to flourish and blossom your dreams...remember...
If you don't water your garden...
(discipline yourself and encourage and fill your dream garden with positive thoughts)
and pull the weeds...
(the negative thoughts from you and everyone else!)
and fertilize...
(encourage yourself daily...despite what anyone else tells you! Tell yourself...I am special, no one else has what I've got! The world needs me)

"You are more beautiful than you know...more talented than you think...and more loved than you can imagine!"- Kandee (my words to each one of you!)

You can do it! BE like a speeding train that no one can stop...headed straight for "My Dream" town!

AND one last bit of wisdom my mama told me this morning: "Desire without discipline leads no where!"
so discipline yourself to do something about that precious dream of yours, that keeps knocking at your heart!

God put that dream in the suitcases of your's time to unpack those dreams and show them to the world!!!

This was blog was typed with love and so much encouragement for you...please feel all that I filled it with for you!!! huge love you wonderful, precious dreamer, you!

you can watch or pass this message or video on to anyone else that has a "dream garden" that could use this little bit of "dream grower"!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Edward Scissorhands!!!!

the real Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

Kandee Johnson (ha ha ha) as Edward Scissorhands

i love Johnny Depp...I think he is such an amazing and organic, real and vulnerable. I think that's why Edward Scissorhands is so loved...he is fragile and vulnerable...and you want to hug him..even with scissors for hand-shakers!

HERE What I used for a costume:
black motorcylce leggings wrapped around my neck and a belt with metal could find much better costume accessories at, I bet!

Lise Watier concealer wheel in the green and lavender (you can get this at, tell them I sent ya, they are so nice!)
La Mer pressed powder on 01 cream (it's worth every extra dollar....I love this stuff!)
BLUNT from MAC for contouring
Black eyeliner (to contour nostrils)
Elmer's Glue to conceal eyebrows (watch this video to see how...CLICK HERE)
Lip color - dark plumb color eyeshadow from MAC (Deep Damson)
Liquid Latex and Duo Eyelash Glue for scars (you can get liquid latex here CLICK HERE)
I used eyeshadows in white, medium warm brow (all MAC shadows) CORK, grey brown COPPERPLATE, cool chocolate brown (Charcoal Brown), light brown (Omega), purple-plumb (BlackBerry) and purple grey (Quartz)...

Enjoy this was so fun! This video and blog were made with love...
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