Friday, July 31, 2009


my very first VLOG...I am so proud...I'm getting to be such a big girl! ha ha ha ha enjoy or tell me never to do one again! ha ha ha ha

huge-gantic love to you and your day......

off to go buy Shisiedo False Lashes in SP for Ms. Janice case you wanted to know...they are her favs! then i'll tell you how it goes....her assistants are really, really nice!!!!

I'm waiting for Janice Dickinson to call me....

definition of Janice Dickinson: "the world's first supermodel"

these are the things that make me nervy:

I hope she is nice to me
she has worked with I hope she likes my work
I hope she, or someone from her entourage calls me soon, so I know what time to be there
(side note: I usually know what time, the day before...)
I....I....I....I..... (ha ha ha ha ha)
I will tell you all about it...and hopefully it will all be happy talk! ha ha ha ha

(if I get're all in my make-up bags with me...hee hee hee)
off to get make me-self pirty!!! (pretty)

Thank You!

oh my computee......has been giving me troubles...deleting video files, crashing, going offline....
it was killing me...because I had this video to post 2 days ago!!!

so here are my lil' thoughts caught inside this little video box....I wish I could wrap a ribbon around it and give to you with lots of chocolate and sparkly treasures!!!!

I love you all sooooooo much! please read it slowly...I love you!!! I can feel all your love and I want to thank you so much!!!!! this world need more love and more people to say "i love you"!

i hope our heart feels like it grew a little...because I just added more love in there!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am so.....

frustrated!!! my computer just erased all the videos had ready to upload..and i already erased them from my memory card...and now I can't even get the videos to load onto my computer!!!!!

I will not let this techno-garage ruin my uploading...I will be back with a posted video!!!!!

see you to fix this with my super-hero cape!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

you ask and you shall receive....

i can't tell you how my heart feels so wonderful to know that what I put out from my past, was received so well and delicately! I've read ALL the comments everywhere....and you have no idea how it feels like the holes of my history have been filled up with your loving and encouraging words....

everyone asked to see my babies......and yes they are with me almost all the time...except when I work mom has been my ultimate nanny!...I try to tape when they are sleeping so it's quiet....

but here's my little lovies....this is Jordan (AKA J-man, Jojo, J-rock)...he's old..ha ha ha

this is Alani (AKA Lani, Lanzi, or precious) little make-up artist

and this is Blake (AKA Blakey or Blaker)
and here's a special video treat....wait til the end...that's my favorite part...and no , not the part where I accidentally had footage of me on the end!!!!

Dream Fighters & A Bit About Me That I don't Talk About

hi all my precious people....
my heart has been so touched and encouraged by all your emails and videos....
and it made me realize it's time to share a bit about me, that might encourage all of you...
I want all of you to become Dream fight for your dreams....
and here's a little bit of me trying to share a little bit of me...which is hard to talk about...since a lot of people don't know a lot of this....

I love you all and want you to know I'm your biggest cheerleader to go after your dreams!!!!
huge love.....and here's the video

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Postcards from the BEACH!!!

Dear Kandee Family of Precious People....
I escaped the clutches of my computer and video camera....
all I had was a bathing suit, no towel, and a friend...who had a towel!
I swam in some brisk water...and it felt so feel free and light...and no real cords of technology tying me to some task....well my friend did have his ipod and speakers on the beach...and my iphone was in my purse...ha ha ha ha

It was the best feeling to sit on the sand...and look out at the huge collection of water... it felt good to my any good day on the beach should end....BBQ food was consumed...corn on the cobb...(that I took a bite of, and it shot a piece of corn on my friends face...whoops! ha ha).

but if we rewind....I did this video when I was getting ready for my afternoon on the sand...

fast messy beach hair do and some quick make-up sizzle....
and it's on the cheap product side too.....we love that!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Style Snack....Legwarmers & Ear Kandee

I love them...and I've been wearing them for years...even when people made fun of me! I don't care, because I had fun when I wore them, and that's all that matters.....if they are too boring and scared...then the can wear their boring clothes! ha ha ha

ALL you need is:

a pair of thermals or any pants with a cotton (stretchy cuff, like the cuffs on the sleeves of long sleeve cotton t-shirts or how the collar of t-shirts is kinda' stretchy)

a pair of scissors
and a nice hand to operate the scissors

let's go make some legwarmies!!!

and I just had to give you some new EAR CANDY for the weekend....i love these songs and maybe you will too!!!! sharing is enjoy all my Kandee Caring....I want you to feel like we are all hanging out listening to music together...hee hee hee

here's the awesome song that was playing in the store in my MELROSE SHOPPING makes me so happy!!!

i hope happiness jumps into your day right now....

huge love....Kandee

Friday, July 24, 2009


this is a contest of the heart....
because everyone has opened up their hearts and sent me the most heart-touching emails...about how watching my videos has has planted a seed of inspiration, encouragement, or happiness, in the garden of your hearts...
and reading some of these have made tears spill down my face...I want to have a contest of a Happy Heart Make-Over!!!

RULES: you can reply with a video under the CONTEST VIDEO, under video response on YOUTUBE

I'd like to select more than one winner, so I will update you on how the voting and winners will be decided!

I can't wait to see all of you, instead of just you seeing me! ha ha ha

I hope you feel my heart shining at each and everyone of you!
See YOU soon! xoxo kandee

That's Tan-tastic!!!! St. Tropez Style

This is one of my favorite products!!!

let me count the ways that I love St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse :
1. it will make even the most pale person look like a sun-bronzed, island native!
2. you will not look orange like the cheap bronzers paint you
3. it does not smell like that normal "self tanner- burnt-skin-smell"- is smells very clean
4. it goes on so stripes or streaks
5. it builds beautifully day after just keep getting more gorgeous
6. I wear it everyday on my face and neck
7. the tan look, makes you look thinner (I'm going to bathe in it..ha ha ha ha)

As you know from my vids...I love St. Tropez Tanner! Especially after I got that skin cancer scare, and the dermatolly told me to wear hats so I don't tan the ol' face!

I know it's been hard to find..but I know where we can stock up now:

and fake it so you don't have to bake it!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come with me..... Melrose Ave are now invited to be my friend..everwhere I go...hee hee hee

so..let's go shopping!!! if you want to watch it bigger click here: WATCH BIGGER

we are gonna go shoppin'....on Melrose Ave...the famous shopping street in LA...full of weird and random, wonderfully fun can find almost everything there....from fancy and frilly to strange and weird....ha ha ha

I was shopping for a fun and colorfully, Kandee...outfit for my photo shoot the next's the final pick...a sample photo from the was so fun...

It's like playing dress up....princess....and make-over, all at once!!! here was the final shopping selection....
(for more can peep: )

Shopping is like a weird therapy...even if you don't buy anything....for years I've delighted in free, window shopping, and dreaming of the day I had money to actually buy something! That is probably how I got so creative with clothes, is because I didn't have money to buy any! ha ha ha

And I still tried to haggle with the store owner...she gave me $10 off each item....but we had to cut that part out, cuz she got kinda' mad at first! ha ha ha...oh well, it never hurts to ask...and she ended up giving me $10 off each thing!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Glammy's

I'm so excited!!! I got pictures from the Glaminars in LA!!!! I couldn't wait to organize I just put up a few of me getting ready for the very first night!
You can see my lil' make-up set up...on top of my Zuca bag...ha ha ha ha...that thing is so handy!
I was being interviewed by the sweetest girl...from was fun to be interviewed...I felt so fancy! hee hee hee
And I'm glad one of the make-up cases was perfectly placed, so I didn't have a Britney moment...but, yes I had on the proper undergarments! ha ha ha

I have been swimming in a sea of phone calls and emails..trying to set up the NY Glaminars for the end of is very pricey to come out to NY I've realized! But I am so excited....I've never been to New York, and I can't wait!!!!

So, here's just a teaser of Glaminar photos...more on the way, I promise!!!
sending smiles and i hope in all that you do see some small sparkles of hope and joy!!!!

photos by:
Chris Sanchez (thanks Chris for all the photography!)
Chrisp Photography

4 days in an elevator

here is a 4 day documentation of my clothing.....I know this may seem weird, but really, people have asked me to post my daily outfit...some days are not post-worthy....I promise!!!

above is a tank from urban outfitters, old green striped skirt, urban outfitters canvas purse, black & silver chain necklace from H&M, and the tops of socks that i had cut off some socks earlier so they wouldn't show over my new black pony-hair vans hightops shoes

graphic leggins from forever21, white tank, orange shirt from urban outfitters, silver chain necklace from urban outfitters, purse from urban too, black belt I've had forever....and black biker boots from a vintage store I got for 30 bucks

here's my black shirt I cut camo pants, wallet chain, handkerchief wrist tie, old leopard iphone case...before it broke!!!....and my orange earrings from forever21 again!
black leggins' from urban outfitter, blue t-shirt I cut into a halter-top...I did a video on it! ha ha ha pink earrings from I think charlotte russe......on my way to get lunch before my super fun photo shoot

here's the halter top get your chopping devices out....
and we'll go re-visit the shirt-chop-shop.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cover Girl

i've been uploading all the doodle-alla-day!!!! finally this sucker is working!!!! hooray!
this is the look I did in the videos about the NY glaminars.....

I was having a sad-ish day....I don't know why loneliness can creep up in the afternoons and makes me wish I had someone's arms to fall into and just hug me! but today was one of those days....I think loneliness attacks everyone...and the worst part is that you feel like you are the only one feeling lonely!
the nice part is reading all the comments you guys leave...and makes me feel like if I was near one of you...I wouldn't feel so lonely....

so thank you so much for all the wonderful-to-my-heart, words that you leave have no idea how much they mean to me!!!! love from my heart to yours.....

so here's the video and all it's re-uploaded glory!!!!

what I used:
cover girl shadow trio in cafe au lait
cover girl shadow in Brown Smolder
black liquid liner
cover girl Lash Blast mascara
covergirl outlast smoothwear in #542 (love does NOT come off)

Cover Girl has been around forever....and it won't kill your wallet to try new colors!!! so have fun...and it always makes you feel better when you feel pretty!

Style Snack

here's a little snackie of I was at the Vans Offices in Orange County somewhere off of a freeway...I got special clearance to enter the building (only because I was a sidekick to my friend Ian, who was meeting to talk about an shoot he's going to do for them)...I'll blog more about the fun I had i there later...!!!
BUT LOOK AT MY COOL ZEBRA COMPUTER BAG!!!! and yes I did take it with me to edit videos for you guys while I waited...ha ha ha ha
Aimee at Bona boutique, let me pick this out for my birthday!!! I love it, it had so many compartments, it padded, and most of all--IT"S SO KANDEE!!!! I love it! The little sparkly, jewel mirror...shown is from her store too!!! She sent me cool jewelry also....a pirate necklace....tha is named after me!!!!!! It was fitting for my b-day on the Pirate's of the Carribean ride too!!!

click here to see more: Bona Boutique
and thank you Aimee so much!!!!! I love everything!!! The zebra bag is my fav!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Foxy Monday

just be warned that sometimes...the people you see in front of you, on your tv screens....may not have been born that way! I've worked with many make-up artists that have told me, hidden scar stories of some of your favorite stars...from work they had done and the weird ways they've hidden scars!

Megan Fox is a flaming, hot request! So here it is... and yes, it may seem like a lot of make-up, to look "naturally" beautiful...but that's how it goes sometimes.
I would like to shed some "unlfattering" light on the truth of celebrity beauty...
Most celebs have make-up artists that make them look amazing...they wear fake lashes and no one can tell, they can afford fancy "procedures" to look even more flawless...and don't get me started on the photoshop magic done in pictures!

I have so many things I think are wrong with my face....I could write a huge list. And everytime I look at my face, I see all that stuff. But I know, a smile is a smile, no matter what it looks like, it touches peoples hearts.

My teeth went through my lip when I was little, leaving a scar tissue souvenir for me! I have never liked my nose....or my freckles, or my teeth (I was told in an angry little sister fight, that they look like the ends of bones...and it stuck in my head)...and the list goes on....

so here's the don't need to do all the steps, but I'm just showing them all, as a good teacher would....

I think Megan Fox is beautiful, she looks very old-hollywood-starlet actress, to me...I love all her looks...and I'll be doing more of her looks too!

And remember, Greta Garbo, traveled with her own special light that made her look young and flawless! If only I could find that light! ha ha ha ha

video 1...the flawless foundation
what i used:
laura gellar face spackle (get it at Sephora)
Make-Up Forever HD foundation & HD powder (get Make-Up Forever at Sephora)
Lise Watier Concealer wheel (get it at, type in this code for a discount for Kandee Friends:

Lise Watier Concealer wheel (get a discount at and enter this coupon code:
Coupon Code: KANDEE1C9
Discount From Retail: 10%
Expiration Date: 9/30/2009
MAC shade stick concealer
Tarte Creme Blush Stick in GREEN SIREN
Make-Up Forever Diamond Creme (pearly peach)
(get ready for me without make-up! then is the video on the make-up)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Connie Chung is a new hero!

In front of Harrah's Casino in South Lake Tahoe
(a beautiful place that is very familiar to me)...
a RED CARPET went from the front of the hotel to a long white limo...
and guess who got to walk down that red carpet and get into that limo?!? 
lil' ol me!

I saw the the tiny, Connie Chung, walking up to the limo...she greeted me with a huge smile, Starbucks in hand, and said, "HI Kandee!!!"....she new my name!
Her tall hubby, Mr. Maury Povich, climbed in the limo after I reached out to introduce myself...he already new my name too....!
We talked about their house in I've always thought I wanted a big ranch there...even though I've never even been there..ha ha ha
Connie was the most gracious, kind, friendly, and funny woman! She asked me if it was alright to listen in on the tv show she would be as not to be rude and interrupt me talking to her. She was so kind, sweet, genuine, and adorable. She made funny faces at me while we were filming...made me laugh...and inspired me.

if I wrote her a letter it would say this:
dear connie,
thank you for showing me the true meaning of being a gracious and kind, successful woman...

you thanked everyone, told them they did great jobs, you treated everyone the same way...and didn't act as if you were too important to be kind and willing to help...

you have inspired me to greatness!

Her face lit up with kindness, she had loving eyes, and you felt her being honestly interested in what you were saying. She included and made everyone feel equally important, from me to the camera man, to the the man that was working with the celebrity golf tournament there. She made fun of her herself, she made others feel special and important...that is what I always want to do.
At the end of this life....who cares about what you've accomplished...but if you've touched other people, made their hearts feel better...then, and only then are you a success.

She was talking about Walter Cronkite, who was a legend in news...he told her to always be herself.  And that is when people really like you....when you are genuinely the you that your heart wants to be, not the you, you think is safe to show the world...but the real you that will shine brightly!

I have more...but it'll have to wait til tomorrow...
I saw the sunrise
I saw a hot air balloon rise up over lake tahoe
I saw the majesty of the mountains hugging the lake and it made me feel small...and I liked it
And I have Connie Chung's phone number in my cell phone...I feel like Oprah or some important person with important person's numbers in my phone! ha ha ha ha

like Where's Waldo.....where's here and hunt me down:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturdays & Style Ways & CNN

things I love...saturdays.....because the demands of the week are gone...for most people...yummy breakfast are being eatten at outdoor restaurants...donuts in front of saturday morning festivals...oceany beaches....lazy's...friends...a matinee at street faires and flea markets....

my saturday has been: recouping from driving all night...except for a brief 1.5 hour stay, to sleep in a motel....

I got a call from CNN to do make-up for the interviewing legend, Connie Chung tomorrow....I spoke with her on the phone today and she made me laugh and smile right off the bat....I am excited to meet her tomorrow morning...very early. ha ha ha

And to add some randomness....I had been thinking about style...and how some people think they have none....or it they don' t know what looks good....well, yes you do!
Style is that something that makes you attracted to something: that sparkly, glittery belt....the boots with the big buckles.....the something fun about the 80's hammer pants that make you want to see how it feels to walk in them!

I remember being about 10...and I had a pair of white leather boots with silver studs on them.....I loved these boots with a fiery passion...I felt cool in them...I liked how they had heels and they clicked when I walked...I felt like a big, cool, kid....
I was shopping in vintage stores on Melrose with my friend Reba....and I found a pair of the white boots...the same excitement came over me as when I was 10.....but darn it, the boots were too stinkin' small.....I had already thought up the outfits that I could wear with those babies and how I'd feel cool again, wearing em'!

Sometimes the same things you liked as a child....become the reminding factor of who and what you are and like....

I've always liked bright colors, "different" accessories (example: I loved this purse I had that looked like a tennis shoe)...I've always like creating movies in my mind, fashion, photography, drawing...I can kinda be a loner...or as I like to call it...A LONE EAGLE! ha ha ha ha....only the best can fly with me...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...and guess what? I still like all the same things I did, as when I was 9 years old!

remind yourself of all the things that set your heart on fire....caught your eye...whatever you thought was fun.....and I bet you it's still the same in that beautiful heart of yours! Enjoy your saturday or whatever day it is....and remember the real you and what you liked as a kid...and I bet you it's still the same! Have the sparkliest day!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Shoot! (with Ian Ruhter)

Where: downtown LA
Who: Me as the photographee
Ian Ruhter as the super-freshest, master photographer (that made me look pretty)
you can see more shoot photos at
John Alvino as the creative director invisionaire  
Jordan Thomas as the pro bubble blower on the right
Mark McClanahan as the lighting genius (lighting will make you look great or gross) and master Hello Kitty bubble machine operator

This shoot is for the "launching", "catapulting", "sparkly explosion", of my new webdazzzler AKA website!!!!
I am so excited to show it to you all...I feel like it's show and tell at school and I hope you all will love it!

This shoot was so fun...I loved all the people that worked on it...I loved the colors....I loved the blue in the the beautiful turquoise sky that's in old cowboy paintings!

Ian Ruhter, is an amazing photographer that sees things in ways you'd never imagine. He has made some of the most moving and captivating images...He made me look pretty in ways that I've never seen a good picture of myself...! I feel so honored to have Ian photograph me, he is going to be one of the most moving, powerful, and brilliant photographers in the world...wait til you see what else he's working on....

We did a little test photo shoot a few weeks ago.....
and I felt super self conscious....that I wold look funny, fat, weird, ugly...not be able to look nice or thin...all the things we hear in our minds every day.  And lo and behold.....I looked like all of the things I was concentrating on not looking like! GREAT! I felt horrible as was a little nervous that I would make more ugly looks....

This shoot was a bagillion times better....I felt happy, more confident, and safe in the arms of all the other people there working to do all this work, to make  lil' ol' me look good!

I could feel when the self-conscious me would creep up....and the second I said, "I don't care....just have fun..."...then that's when the good pictures happened....

I think it's the same in life...when you are worrying about all the bad things that could happen and feel bad about just gives you, unhappy photographs of life....
and when you say, "no i don't care what everyone will think...or say....I will just do what's in my heart...what really feels fun and ME!!!!" That's when the true you comes out to say hello, and shines brighter than anything else....and everyone loves it!

I couldn't wait to show you guys the pictures from the shoot...these are just the funny ones...wait to you see the rest......I really felt pretty...which is what every girl wants....and from a girl who always thinks I look horrible in pictures and picks out all my flaws....the bump on lip, how I smile too big, how I show my gums when I smile that big, to how I don't like my nose, and my teeth...and so on....that's a wonderful not just look pretty, but to FEEL pretty!
The feeling is what makes you walk with a little pep in your step! ha ha ha ha

Have the sparkliest, pretty feeling day!!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

a day in LA

i love sundays...
and here's why this one was a favorite....
I went to meet my friend Tessa for breakfast at her friends loft across from where I'm staying with my other friend that was working on a shoot...

I got a free pair of Ashbury (the super cool sunnies, pictured above) sunglasses from her friend Adam, who photographs the sunglasses....

we then had a really fun breakfast....with lots of favorite past time...
then we all went to a sample sale up in one of the, again, pictured above.....ha ha ha...they had free cupcakes!!!
and picture seen in the buildings in the background......

then we all went to the Renegade Craft Show in the craft mart building in downtown...please note the extreme heat coming off the hot sidewalk in downtown LA....sweat was rolling down my back.....and I smelled like I should have worn a stick of deodorant around my neck...ha ha ha

it was so fun to be swimming in a sea of creativity....I got a really cool necklace at the says SUPREME from a Cutlass Supreme car sign thing....I'll show you more's AWESOME!

I got a free shirt to go with my free sunglassers.....

and I got a bracelet from my friend...turquoise and black leather!!!! me fav!
 I had a great meeting in a Starbucks....
had a yummy burger from the same place i ate  breakfast....
had a whole deck of people at the rooftop pool all yell, "good bye KANDEE!!!" 30 or 40 people......i felt so cool in that moment!!! hee hee
so long for a moment to that "not-as-popular-as-the-rest" girl in high school....

and with every ounce of my creativity....My heart rejoiced when someone gave me a compliment for my lil' creation of things I found fun to wear,    that I bought these super fun leggings...even thought i thought, what if people think they are dumb...and I got more compliments on them than anything else.....

I love when i am brave and I wear and say or do the things that I really want.... or that brings me joy....

today i did:

recap of what I wore...
80's leggins
white tank with orange big shirt from Urban Outfitters
black boots I bought on Melrose (they were $40...but I asked if they'd take $30, after I said  to myself, "just ask, what can they"...and I got what I asked for.....yay!!!!
80's style glasses from Ashbury (model Smokestack Lightning)

and I had cake with one of my favorite wrap it up....I had berry cake with whipped cream icing....


Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's my cake and candles day!!!!

( I am in this city...I heart LA)
I was just talking to my sister about our favorite birthday...and mine was a tie...
either my dress up party where we all had fancy dress-up clothes, sashes (like you get when you are in a pageant), and my mom made a cake that looked like a girl in a dress...her dress was the cake...and a little plastic "barbie" looking doll stuck up, out the top...

or my mom, who is creatively awesome, made me a Hawaiian Party, with colored grass skirts, she painted a monkey on a palm tree and cut the face out, so you'd stick your face there and look like a monkey on a tree...and we had lei's to wear....
(note: all of those were before I was 12! ha ha ha)

someday I want a surprise party......I will leave lists of all y friends names and numbers lying around...ha ha ha ha ha

I don't know what I will be doing yet for today...but I hope it is a fun day!

here's a little present for all of you...some eye "candy"....this photographer is one of my dear friends....who is brilliantly talented beyond belief...he is going to be one of the world's most amazing photographers.  What he envisions and creates is astounding....all of the pictures you're going to see are basically woven into themselves on film...not all photoshopped digitally....they are incredible works of art..and my fav is the one with the model and the LA skyline at night, sideways....i'd blow it up on my wall billboard size! 
enjoy the visual is a gift from me to your eyes.....happy day to you all!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

LA is the place...

or so this site address
I had a meeting today with a cosmetic company about doing make-up videos for their was very fun and I got a whole lot of make-up to try out!!! I had a busy day....traffic....traffic....getting lost....thanks to my phone giving me bad directions...being so hungry I wanted to eat my arm off...ha ha ha...and and then the traffic was so bad, I couldn't get off the freeway to even eat!!! and now i want lots of chocolate.....ha ha ha
here's a link that Stacy Broff, of Diamond Girl PR sent me, and i thought it would be fun to pass along....I have even more pictures and fun things...but my computer wouldn't let me post....
Rohn Padmore’s BET Gifting Suite Gave to Those Truly in Need

There was a beautiful twist to the recent “Rohn Padmores Red Carpet Gift Suite” celebrating the 2009 BET Awards. Yes, there was the normal celebrities getting the latest and greatest cool swag. But Ron Padmore wanted to give back and make a difference.

It was all about making the day extra special for a group of women from Project Fresh Start of the New Image Shelter Organization. “This event is a very special to me because, during this time of uncertainty, we look to our celebrities as role models and I believe that responsible change has to start with ourselves. By giving back to those who are truly in need as well as celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of those who entertain us makes perfect sense to me.

Everyone deserves to feel special and know that there is no shame in asking for help or letting someone help you. It’s even more special to me because our first day of the gift suite is my birthday, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than helping to make these women look and feel beautiful,” states event coordinator Rohn Padmore of Enigma Public Relations.


Janelle Walker and Kandee Johnson

Volunteering their time and expertise were professional make-up artists Janelle Walker ( and Kandee Johnson( with product donated by Larenim Mineral Make Up( Within a couple hours Janelle and Kandee put their brushes and skills to work and you could see the smiles appear. It was clear these women truly enjoyed be treated Rebel Spiritlike a queen for the day.

Immediately following the makeovers, health and wellness expert Brenda Underwood ( shared some healthy living tips and simple ways to improve their health altogether. The ladies were gifted with a Larenim everyday concealer as well one of their beautiful shadows. After lunch, they enjoyed massages from LA Body Points Mobile Spa (, received great looking hats from Rebel Spirit Clothing ( The ladies from Project Fresh Start of the New Image Shelter Organization enjoyed a day they won’t soon forget.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sparkliest 4th of July to everyone!!!!

here's a little red, white and blue make-up to be extra festive....

as you can see, I am not out on a boat or sun bathing...but tapping away at my little keyboard....
I hope you all are having the best 4th of July...may the smell of BBQ's fill the air...and your fingers be sticky with watermelon.....

I will post later, the antics of what will be my 4th of July......have the best day guys!!!!!
sparklers and fireworks.....kandazzler

Friday, July 3, 2009

GUCCI eyes

one of my favorite colors in all the world is reminds me of swimming pools and the color of the sky in cowboy paintings....

and as i was flipping throught the July ELLE....that has my favorite Gwennie Stefani on the cover.....I came across this gorgeous look from the GUCCI is not your everyday look but I love it....

I used the YABY palette for all the colors...
you can also use MAC colors...TILT, ELECTRIC EEL and MELODY...any turquoise, sea foam green, and royal blues....

my hair actually turned out this color by accident, on a 4th of July many years ago....ha ha ha ha...on my way to the Warped Tour concert...I tried to bleach my hair and then tone it, and the toner turned my hair green and blue.... 

but here's some color for your eyes....and not your hair..ha ha ha ha

have the sparkliest 4th of JULY!!!!

ps, I got the new line of MAC make-up launching sunday....i'm gonna show your early yay!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Portfolio Workshop in NY

hi everyone! yes, 2 posts in one day...all while I'm trying to pack! ha ha ha

here's the video to explain...but here's some more info...

we would set up a real beauty photo shoot set up, with an amazing photographer than i have worked for...feel free to peek at his site:

he charges $5,000 a day to shoot, so this is an amazing opportunity to shoot with a photographer of his caliber...and to get the feel for working on a set like this, and to leave with the photos in hand

this is rare, because as much as everyone from the photographer to the assistants promise to send you images- they  don't. And many beautiful shoots I've worked on....I will never have a copy of. That is why my portfolio is so frustrating...and you can't put pictures that you took on set with your camera! ha ha ha..
what we'll do:
*provide models for everyone
*you will need to bring your make-up kit- I'll be providing a list of what you'll  need for all the looks we'l be creating
*I will demonstrate and teach as we go on a you recreate it on your 
 model at the same time
*I will help each person perfect their looks and go over all the details and tricks required for a  beauty shot - they are very detailed and precise because it's all about the face (think of all the shots in Kevyn Aucoins those)
*I will select looks that are necessary to show skill ad diversity for your portfolios
* whether no need beauty, commercial, bridal, always get your foot in the door with your portfolio...and if you're looking for an'll only be seen with a professional portfolio
*i'll go over all the details of arranging your portfolio, working on set, things to keep an eye on , when to ask the photographer to step in, and much more
please let me know the interest as this will be a lot of work to set up...with all the models, the lighting, the photographer, his team of people  work with work with the top names in the business, Annie Liebowitz, Steven Meisel and more...just to let you know the quality of what you'll be getting...this is a priceless opportunity to work with Ian, the models, and have me teach and guide you as we go....
not to mention, if it involves will be very fun!!!
This will be a day long event.....more details to come! I'm not sure of the investment it will cost yet, there are a lot of costs to add in....the studio rental, the models, the photographer, the lighting equipment, and so on...i'll keep you posted!

New York here I come!!!!

I've never been to New York, so I am so excited!!! My sister won a YM magazine Covergirl contest in high school...and she got to go....I thought she had a ticket for a companion and I was so excited....but alas...they only wanted her there, not her overly-excited sister! ha ha ha ha

I love every movie filmed there....I have dreamed about living there and feeling the energy vibrating off every wall and sidewalk....I can't wait!!!

Soooo, since someone did a break down of the most requested Glaminar cities....NY won, hands down.  We are working on locking dates in...most likely the end of July or beginning of August. 

And I want to know what you guys would most like to learn...
how to get into make-up artistry as a profession
how to just look beautiful, all the things you never learned about make-up
how to get into bridal make-up (it's one of the most lucrative out there)
please let me know, because this is for you guys and I want to teach what you want to know....!

I can't wait to meet all of you, fill your dream tanks up with all the encouragement and knowledge you need to reach the stars....

here's just a sample of some of the comments I received from the LA Glaminars:

You are a beautiful person inside and out Kandee... you are so incredibly sweet and funny... you truly are an inspiration to so many... I will say you have made a huge imprint in my life that I will never forget... Your light and spark and love for life were my inspiration to try and pursue my dreams and for once do something for myself to make ME happy!  Haha! I think if someone asked me who I wanted to be like when I grew up... I would say Kandee Johnson...hands down!!!! :) So smile hun :) Those sour people are so not worth your time... you have so much color to add to this world.... and are one of the kindest hearted people I have ever met...  Meeting you in person and working with some people from your team was so refreshing and made me realize for the first time in a long time that there are still really great people in this world...- HEATHER

im writing this to you to let you know how genuine i am when i say how you’ve inspired me so much, when i went to your glaminars i just felt so empowered & happy, I left believing I could be anything. You didn’t just give me a piece of paper saying "i've been there" you gave me such courage & strength & a future & most of all you let me know its not silly or impractical to follow my dreams, regardless of what anyone says, even if i don’t make “a living” at it (yet) =) I wouldn’t trade what you’ve given me for anything else in the world. I will carry that strength & knowledge with me for the rest of my life, I just had to let you know you’ve changed my life & I will be forever thankful to you for that. - BROOKE

Anyway, I have been telling everyone what a wonderful time I had in LA starting with the Glaminar on Friday night and concluding with IMATS on Saturday.  Wait until you see what's happened to me since I left the Glaminar...when you shot that burst of positive energy to me from the stage...remember?  Well I took it to the show and you're not going to believe what happpened next.- TRICIA

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gwen- the fair, punk maiden

holy i feel better to Gwen Stefani cover look from ELLE's July issue...because they sent me all the make-up the used on her for the shoot....
Rouge Radiance lipstick
Laque Liner in 01
and Color Design Eyeshadow in Positive (matte)

I have loved Gwen for years....I love her funky style and that she doesn't care what people think, or at least pretends not to! ha ha ha I think that is the key, fake it til you make it, or fake your confidence until one day it shows up on your doorstep!

I have not really ever cared what people thought about how I dressed...I feel like it is an art form. I may sample some current trends, but mostly I just wear what I think is fun and makes me feel confident. Usually that is sneakers, a bunch of big jewlery, and color...even when I had friends make fun of what I was when I would cut the necks of of turtleneck sweaters and wear them with friends would later say they really thought it was cool....see how everyone has to be all negative! if they would've just said, "that's awesome kandee, that you ar brave enough to wear what we aren't brave enough to wear!"

so here's to all the brave souls that do what they want because it makes them happy, not because someone says it's cool....

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