Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Simpson's Make-up from MAC

Of all the make-up collaborations for MAC to do, The Simpson's seems the most random, yet fun and I actually kind of love a lot of it! Plus, the packaging of Marge Simpson, is just kinda fun!

And surprisingly, I actually used the green palette to create this makeup look, for my BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEW video which will be up on my youtube tomorrow, hooray!
I used the "That Trillion Dollar Look" Palette of all the green shades (great for brown eyes):
I mostly used the last 2 shades on the right...which are just amazing!
These are made with the new MAC eyeshadow formulation, I believe, they are much more blend able and rich in pigment. Don't let these crazy colors fool you, I have ALL of them on my eyelids in the picture above!

The Simpson's Blush:
These two shades are just gorge.
 I love both these colors, SIDESHOW YOU and CANDY SPRINKLES, I wore Candy Sprinkles, I mean with a name like Kandee, you gotta go for the one that sounds like your name! ha ha ha

I can't wait to try this palette out too the, Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad. The colors are just so rich and pigmented, I'm just going bananas over MAC's new formulation, I love it!

The Simpson's Lipglass:
Don't be fooled by the yellow color, Nacho Cheese Explosion, I actually I have that on in the picture above!
Nacho Cheese Explosion, Grand Pumpkin, Red Blazer, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

You can so DOH!, when these babies come out September 4th.
I love the shadow palettes, blushes, lip glasses, and the Simpson's nail stickers even look fun. Not sure about the MARGE LASHES, they unless you're coin a costume look, they are def not everyday wearers.

And just wait til tomorrow for my brand new, BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS! Yes, after many requests, I'm bringing BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS BACK!!!

Hugs bigger than Marge's hair, your pal Kandee

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Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self:

This girl. Dressed more like a tomboy some days and wore baby doll dresses other days. Thought V-neck shirts might be too revealing. And had hair that was long and people called her "Winnie" from The Wonder Years. This was me in high school and here's 5 things I would've told myself:

1. Don't care what anyone says about you, your clothes, your personality, or anything about you. You dare to be different and what these people have to say is zero percent important. You dare to shine, sparkle and be the unique YOU, that you were made to be. Don't become a copy of what everyone thinks is popular or "on trend", you stand out in a sea of average, you be the unique one that doesn't need to fit in. You be the hot pink tree in a forest of just green trees.

2. Not fitting in is the best thing in this world. Don't be like everyone else, don't do what everyone else is doing. Nothing great comes in this life from just doing what everyone else is doing.

3. You don't need to be shy, speak up and say the things that you want to say, someone wants to hear them. You'd could make someone's day, and your words have value and fun and don't live a life with words that you want to say but you keep that trapped inside. Be bold and watch how the world will enjoy you sharing your thoughts and if someone doesn't well, pick someone else to talk to.

4. This world can be mean. There are people sad people in this world, that feel better about themselves when they make others feel bad, it's their way of making everyone feel just as bad as they do inside. These people don't know that it's the great hearts of this world that make others feel better about themselves, more encouraged and more loved, that really go on to do great things in this life.

5. It's ok if everyone doesn't like you! You don't need to be liked by everyone because some people are so awful, you don't want to be liked by their awful brain and what they think is likable, anyway. It's ok if you dress in vintage men's clothes one day and then baby doll dresses the next, just be who you want, wear what you want and like what you want. Have opinions and don't be afraid if no one agrees with you! You're awesome and so are the things you like!

There's so much more I'd tell my little, tomboy looking self. Including, good job at keeping the guys at bay, with your outfits that looked  like you could share closets with them! ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and so much love, your still sometimes, dresses like a tomboy friend, Kandee

If you missed my alternative water challenge, because I was getting tagged like I was playing a game of Freeze Tag, and I kept getting hit with the "you're it!"....I did it! Watch it if you want, it involves popsicles and dollar bills:

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Friday, August 22, 2014

A couple of days of What I Wore: Beautycon Edition

Welcome to my hotel room from Beautycon and my awesome self-photography, don't worry I grabbed better picture from the world wide web...
WHAT I HAVE ON: (which was a result of thinking I had packed nothing and then putting all kinds of stuff together)
SHIRT: It's actually my Rolling Stones shirt, but turned inside out
CROPPED KIMONO: I got this at the Melrose Trading Post from Luth Garde's booth, I love all the things she makes.
SHOES: Old Steven Madden's
NECKLACE: "vintage" Forever21
HAT: H&M ( that Charis actually let me wear, since I forgot mine in the van...she had an extra one she was thinking of wearing, and I forgot to give it back to her at the end of the night!)

It's always best to put a lil  "stamp of your style" on your outfit everyday, something that doesn't need to be trendy, but just something that you love!

Charis, me and Raye, on the way to Beautycon...I heart these girls and the love they shine!

The best part of Beautycon was getting to meet everyone, hug everyone, and for getting to share my heart on the panel there...

Me filming with my phone while I walked onto the panel...

And some better pictures than my selfies, that I took from the internet:

This one is courtesy of DailyMail (thank you for taking a picture of me guys)

This one is courtesy of Zimbio:

I didn't plan on my hair matching my kimono, but it happened, ha ha ha ha.

And rewind to the day before to the BeautyCon pool party and I looked a lil something like this:

Again, I realized I packed zero percent's worth of things to wear when it's super hot outside. 
Dress: Old Forever21 dress, I'd never worn.
Black Harness Contraption (which is what over my shoulders): Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: $5 babies from Melrose Trading Post
Hat: I got this guy at a hat kiosk at The Grove
Jewelry: VidaKush & my new fav bracelet from Tanita Tikaret

And I got to visit with my funny friend and comedian, Angel and the beautiful Sharzad, who let me hold her adorable lil bundle of love...

And I got interviewed by The Zoe Report at Beautycon, if you want to see my tips and things CLICK HERE!

Get ready guys, here's my last video if you missed it and I'm uploading a NEW VIDEO TODAY, it's the ICE WATER CHALLENGE, with a twist....but enjoy this while I go  upload it!

Huge hugs and always remember to dress in what you love, put on something fun and different and go shine and sparkle with individuality! I heart ya.... your friend Kandee

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BRAND NEW Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette Review & Swatches

There's a new NAKED PALETTE on the block. Urban Decay just released the NAKED 2 BASICS PALETTE and I've got the scoop, with pics, swatches and even a full blown video review! Woop! Woop!
You can keep your clothes on, because only the palette is gonna be naked....

The NAKED 2 BASICS palette, is great if you love cool, taupe grey, browns (which is one of my fav color schemes for a nude smokey eye)...
These colors really give a sultry, smokey eye.
I love that they are ALL matte, no shimmer at all.
And the pigment is really rich and blends like butter, or something else that blends really smooth.

If you own the first NAKED BASICS, you might want to know the diff:

You might think, "hey these look the same"...but oh no no! The first palette is much warmer and has more yellow-toned, bright hues...
as you will see here from this picture:

BONUS: These shadows are great for using as brow colors too. Just take an angled shadow brush and these are the perfect "cool" hues to use as brow color, because they won't look to "red-toned" against anyones skin. The PRIMAL shade, actually looks like one of my fav MAC shadows that I've been using for everyone's brows for years!

Now come enjoy a short, and live action review of these shadows and see my wearing them all too in this AWESOME or AWFUL: Urban Decay Naked Palette Basics 2 Review:

It's out now- you can get it here on UD's site.
It's $29
Totally matte, which I love.
Great for brows too, from dark hair to blondes.
I love all the taupey-cool shades.
Blends like a boss.

Feel free to share this on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, with any friend that will think you're helping them be in the beauty know! Hee Hee Hee

Totally clothed, and not naked in any way, your friend, Kandee

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Look I'm In a Dress, At The Teen Choice Awards:

I know, it's a rare occurrence when I am seen in a dress, much less and foncy dress like this:

I made a video about picking out my dress and asked you guys which one to wear....Come see all the options and trying them all on here:

You guys picked the white dress, and it was my fav too, that and the short black dress:
But I chose:
DRESS: Elliatt
RINGS & CUFFS: Vidakush
HAND CHAIN: Mash Style
Big thanks to my friend and stylist, AnnMarie Hoang, who's awesome and pulled all this cool stuff for me!

No make-up but lots of fun hair...

My friend Bethanie did my hair, which I loved! She works at Fringe Salon in Beverly Hills, if you need to awesome hair styling, cutting or coloring! And I love her and have known her forever!

I didn't have much time to do my make-up, so I did some record breaking, speed make-up on myself.

The most glamorous part is that we sat in a car, with AC because it was hot outside, and while the red carpet seems glamorous, it was really just very hot, crowded and lots of people pushing each other...
in the car with Teala and Mandy...

And with my friend, Brittani Louise Taylor....who I love:

Look at her cool Teen Choice Awards nails:

And I we both got to meet and exchange how much we love each other, Genevieve Hannelius , from Dog With A Blog:
I was so excited to be invited to be at the Teen Choice Awards...and it was all because of you guys, that they wanted me to be there to represent the bloggers in the blogger balcony, like this:
There's me, and behind me were the hosts, doing an intro from the "blogger balcony"...and a huge thank you to everyone that tweeted me pics from seeing me on tv, it was so cool, and you guys tweeted me pics from the pre-show where I was interviewed  because I didn't get to see that either.

There was Taylor Swift who walked by me backstage....very blurry I know.....

And here was when the show was almost over...

And now I'm back in non fancy clothes...but I felt like a princess in my fancy clothes....

huge hugs from your felt-like-a-princess-for-the-day, Kandee

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Friday, August 8, 2014

What to do when you feel like a failure.....

"You're no good"
"You're not good enough"
"Look at all the things you've done wrong and screwed up"
"You're worthless"
"No one really loves you"

If your heart has hurt from disappointment, feeling not-good-enough, not worthy of love or  he heartache of things not working out in your life, or you're just feeling attacked with a little depression...I hope something you see in these words will lift your heart up.

Everything that looked as if it's "gone wrong" In your life, which makes your life feel like a bunch of tangled knots, is actually weaving together a beautiful, priceless tapestry. A life that without those tangled moments, wouldn't make you the amazing person you are, full of strength, determination and the ability to say, I'm a survivor. I also say that when you life feels like a shattered mirror, no longer perfect in the worlds eye, but that shattered mirror is going to shine and reflect more light than a perfect mirror ever will. Every bit of broken-ness, every painful moment that's caused some part of your to shatter, is only going to make you shine brighter. Your heart grows bigger, your determination stronger, your understanding gets larger and you become more beautiful, for all the painful things you've endured.

We all have failures in life, and we look forward to the successes.  Failure is a required stepping stone on any pathway to success, if you're not afraid to fail, you're never going to achieve anything worthwhile. And no matter how little or many your successes are, that's not what makes you. I've seen very successful people who are rude, awful, self-centered and lack morals, by the worlds eye from the outside they look like SUCCESS! But if you see behind the scenes, they might be the biggest failures of all.
You are not your failures and don't measure your worth by what the world sees as "success". The world doesn't give awards for being a loving person, or someone who inspires those around them, or leaves people better off for having been in their presence. But those are the most important.

I've been in relationships where I was told I was worthless, no one loved me, I was unattractive, and so on. Those words stung my heart at the time, and made me feel unworthy of being loved, like I had no value, like I was worthless.
I now know, that those words were being spoken from a heart that was so wounded themselves, they  didn't know how to love someone.

It always seems, just like in the movies, that things are looking really bad before the victory takes place. I know in my life, I've felt like a complete failure, that none of my dreams would ever come true, and pretty hopeless. Had I only known what God knew was waiting for me up ahead in my future. You never want to give up, because the greatest day of your life could be tomorrow, next week , next month, and the most mind blowing awesome, dream come true, can be just ahead, if you just hang on a little while longer!

If you've been told things like this, whether from a "loved one" or some angry, and hurt people at school or work, or you just feel these thoughts on your own, I want you to know:

know that you are great, and every great person has failed so many times.

Your failures are just making your success story that much more amazing! I feel like a failure, more times that I'll ever admit. I feel like I'm no good, nothing I do is very good, and that I'm not as good as "so-and-so"...and I want you to know if you feel that way, it's ok. Just make sure you hear my voice in your heart saying....
You are amazing, incredible, strong, and beyond compare. You are precious and deserve to have your heart held only in hands that will cherish it. What the world sees as success is nothing...I want to store of my success in the hearts of people who's lives I  have touched and in heaven where our greatest rewards for out lives down here on earth await us.

I am sending you ginormous hugs and so much love, from your friend who loves YOU, Kandee

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