Monday, August 11, 2014

Look I'm In a Dress, At The Teen Choice Awards:

I know, it's a rare occurrence when I am seen in a dress, much less and foncy dress like this:

I made a video about picking out my dress and asked you guys which one to wear....Come see all the options and trying them all on here:

You guys picked the white dress, and it was my fav too, that and the short black dress:
But I chose:
DRESS: Elliatt
RINGS & CUFFS: Vidakush
HAND CHAIN: Mash Style
Big thanks to my friend and stylist, AnnMarie Hoang, who's awesome and pulled all this cool stuff for me!

No make-up but lots of fun hair...

My friend Bethanie did my hair, which I loved! She works at Fringe Salon in Beverly Hills, if you need to awesome hair styling, cutting or coloring! And I love her and have known her forever!

I didn't have much time to do my make-up, so I did some record breaking, speed make-up on myself.

The most glamorous part is that we sat in a car, with AC because it was hot outside, and while the red carpet seems glamorous, it was really just very hot, crowded and lots of people pushing each other...
in the car with Teala and Mandy...

And with my friend, Brittani Louise Taylor....who I love:

Look at her cool Teen Choice Awards nails:

And I we both got to meet and exchange how much we love each other, Genevieve Hannelius , from Dog With A Blog:
I was so excited to be invited to be at the Teen Choice Awards...and it was all because of you guys, that they wanted me to be there to represent the bloggers in the blogger balcony, like this:
There's me, and behind me were the hosts, doing an intro from the "blogger balcony"...and a huge thank you to everyone that tweeted me pics from seeing me on tv, it was so cool, and you guys tweeted me pics from the pre-show where I was interviewed  because I didn't get to see that either.

There was Taylor Swift who walked by me backstage....very blurry I know.....

And here was when the show was almost over...

And now I'm back in non fancy clothes...but I felt like a princess in my fancy clothes....

huge hugs from your felt-like-a-princess-for-the-day, Kandee

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