Monday, February 28, 2011


Here's the Glamorous Gold, Kim Kardashian eye...I have the list of what her make-up artist, Joyce Bonelli
Kim Kardashian and her make-up artist Joyce Bonelli (who also was Holly Madison,  Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend's make-up artist) used to get her gold eyes at the Grammy's...and then I have the colors I used since I didn't have the same ones!
Her Make-Up Artist used:
Blunt, Blaze, & Chopper Eyeshadows by Urban Decay
Engraved Eyeliner from MAC
Liquid Eye Liner by MAC
Hypnose DRAMA by Lancome Mascara
I used: (from the Urban Decay Naked Palette

for the lightest gold-beige shimmer, like BLUNT,
I used SIN & VIRGIN (the 2 colors on the far left, in the picture of the naked palette)

instead of CHOPPER, I used SMOG ( a dark bronzey gold)

and instead of BLAZE,


I used SMOLDER eyeliner from MAC
BOOT BLACK liquid liner from MAC

Her make-up artist used, ROSE from LORAC
I used: well dressed from MAC
Her make-up artist used NAKED pigment from MAC
I used NAKED LUNCH eyeshadow from MAC

Her Make-Up Artist, Joyce, used:
Le Crayon Sourcils Precision Brow Definer, in Taupe by Chanel for her eyebrows...
I used taupe colored shadows, Coquette from MAC (or KID or OMEGA for lighter colored hair, would work great) ...
Her make-up artist used:
Classic Cream Lipstick in Cashmere by Dolce & GABBANA
and FUSION BEAUTY’s Lip Fusion in Glow
I used:
STRIPDOWN lipliner from MAC


and then I put LIPSTICK QUEEN 15 Minutes of Fame Lipgloss in 12 minutes

 so get ready to come with me on a gold-eye-kim-kardashian make-up tutorial video...! hooray!!!

huge love and fake lashes...your friend, Kandee

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kandee Johnson: Dirty Jobs

Like Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs...but way more fun....ha ha ha

DIRTY JOB: Make-Up for National Ariat Boots,  Ad Campaign..featuring the countries top bull the richest rodeo in the west...

HOW DIRTY: well, it was about 103 degrees outside, we pretty much stood in cow and horse poop (aka manure) all day long and I was about 7 months pregnant with my Blake when we did this shoot. I felt like I needed 2 showers when I came home from all the sweat and  "manure dust" that I was covered in when I came home at night.
(I think it was a 5 day 5 days of 100+ degree weather...and poop dust! ha ha ha)

JOB PERKS: it was at a rodeo, while the state fair was going I got to eat funnel cake and roasted corn! I taught my mom how to do make-up for shoots years ago, so whenever her and I get to work together on a shoot or tv show, I love it, and she worked with me on this...we had so much fun together.

I wish I had all the pictures from this shoot...they were so awesome, that this ad campaign won the International Graphis Gold Award...

My favorite part was that I got to make all the cowboys look sweaty and dirty, when they'd show up all clean in the morning...
FAKE SWEAT:To make them look sweaty I used a combination of sponged on Glycerin and misted on Vitamin E oil..

FAKE DIRT:To make them look "DIRTY"...I used a combo of dark brown and black, crushed up eyeshadows from Revlon & Maybeline...and our "secret dirt recipe" of finely crushed rocks, clay and colored powder.. 

when you see photos like this where a bright light is shining from behind the athlete...
you have to put black eyeshadow behind their ears...I put a black grease paint down first, then go over with black make sure the light doesn't shine through their one want glowing ears! ha ha

The best part about this job, besides working with my mama, was that all those cowboys were the most polite, sweet, well-mannered guys I've ever met...each one called me "ma'am" and thanked me, even though each one hated getting make-up on...even when they were way older than me!

I had to have my make-up removing wipes right when they were done with their shot...because none of htem even wanted to wear the "fake dirt"! ha ha

These were some of the toughest, fearless guys...they ride bulls, have broken or crushed almost most of their bones...and they were some of the happiest people too!

FEAR is something that if you think about the problem or thing you are afraid of, it just gets bigger and bigger...
but if you think about, dwell on your hope for the future...something positive instead...that positive thought leads the way to your greatness...

The cowboys didn't sit ans the bull is scary, weighs more than a car....could kill me...they said, "I'm gonna go out there and show em what I can do!"....

today...don't let dwell on your problems...think about something good and go out and show the world what you can do!

fake dirt and manure...
your friend kandee

~out of the manure in your life...the most beautiful flowers can grow......kandee

Saturday, February 26, 2011


nothing say fun like like a hot pink tutu and some hi-top Vans! 
(I got my tutu at a vintage store in LA called, Polkadots & Moonbeams)
I LOVE VANS....I've LOVED working on VANS photo shoots....they are VAN-TASTIC!
I found all my awesome pics with my cool VANS! and wanted to share em with you...
I LOVE VANS SHOES! I've been a VANS "wearer"...since long, long ago...(you can't go wrong or out of style with some checkered vans!)
 I LOVED getting to do make-up on a VANS shoot, with my friend, Ian Ruhter, who's been a photographer for Vans...
I loved going to the VANS headquarters with Ian...and them, letting me dig through their sample shoe closet...and saying I can take them home!IT was like winning the stylie-shoe lottery!
checkered bags of shoes....zebra pattern laptop bag...paint splattered's print-tastic!
Forget the giant boom box...please, for the love of ZEBRA print...look at these shoes....they are no longer in my closet...and man do I wish they were!
and another pair of my fav' all red VANS...just waiting at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy for cold medicine...a while ago....

I wish I had a picture of my very first pair of vans! I think they were the white canvas ones with a blue stripe on the rubber!
Do you remember your first pair of Vans? What kind were they?

Have a VERY VAN-tastic day.....checkered Vans...they never go out of style....
your frien....Van-dee (ha ha ha)

Friday, February 25, 2011

You can have a treasure from an OSCAR gift bag too!

what's more exciting than the OSCARS, the the biggest of big award shows in Hollywood...with the most famous of famous stars seeing who will go home with their own golden Oscar statue?

answer:    The GIFT BAGS that they give away at the Oscars!

So say you're Natalie Portman, and you don't win the Best Actress award for The Black're still gonna get a gift bag worth around $91,000, says the company that put "sorry-you-didn't-win-but-look-at-all-the-stuff-we're-gonna-give-you-hoo!"...

Yep, a "gift bag" filled with "little prizes" like ..a $45,000 African Safari with a private chef...and $14,000 vacay to Monaco...
if the Safari wasn't bout some Kim Kardashian watches?

or the new Motorola Xoom (the new arch enemy of the ipad)...worth 800 big ones!
or a crystal cat collar from Tiffany?

 and a free miniature pony...(ok, I made that one up...)...

AND THEN there's the Oscar Swag bags...for all of the peeps famous enough to get invited to the Oscars....
A treasure trove full of beauty, fun, and exciting goodies....from fun companies....

then my friend, Reba,

who's a radio dj in LA...texted me and told me that another one of our friend's was going to have their product in the OSCAR gift bags...
and once I found out their story I had to share it!!
OSCAR POLISH!! You can get the same polish that ALL the HOLLYWOOD CELEBS WILL HAVE!
from an awesome person who started an awesome company!
Dreams is not just amazingly pigmented nail polishes...there message about going after the dreams that are hidden in your heart...and how they've teamed up with a charity that works with an Orphanage in help make dreams of parent-less, precious children come true too!

You even get a little "love-note-dream-saying in each box of polish"!
you're not just getting uber cool, "dreamy"'re also helping make a "dream difference" in a little child's life!
(these are my fav colors! from bottom left to right: Crown Jewels ( gold sparkle), Holy (white), Glamtastic (fabulous black & gold glitter),
Prayze (Strawberry Shortcake pink glitter), Prosperity (metallic pearly lime green-LOVE IT!), Diamond In The Rough (stunning silver, pearly golden silver)
I'm His Beloved (cotton candy pink), Double Portion (shimmering golden bronze), Favor (a delicious mint ice cream color)
(I layered Crown Jewels and I'm His Beloved to get this Champagne Sparkling Pink color!)
(I mixed Prayze with I'm His Beloved...I want to eat this color!)
check out these Mod, artsy nail colors...

I love me some pinks and reds!

rocker chic....dark and dramatics
yay! for fun colors!!

these are not like any polish colors you've ever seen...they "sparkle" polishes are unlike any other polish I've ever put on!
*No bubbles
*Super intense color
*Super strong-hasn't chipped yet on my nails!
*blows drug-store polish out of the water...way stronger, longer lasting, and amazing pigments!

GO HERE TO CHECK OUT the rest of DREAMS awesome, sparkly, glittery, and super fun colors...TOO MANY FUN ONES FOR ME TO SHOW YOU HERE!

If you order, tell Atouzo I said hi!! He's wonderful, and I am so excited to share his "polish with a message" with you guys!

love, wild polish colors...and "who needs a $45,000 Safari anyway!"...your friend Kandee

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Really?!? An aple iphone 5 and ipad 2 already!?!

( I am in September with an iphone 3...only 5 months ago and I been way cellularly outdated! ha ha)
I feel like the keep that can't keep up with the "coolness"...
it's like just when you buy wide leg pants...skinny jeans are in...
you  buy all skinny jeans and and guess what....jeans up to your neck, are COOL now!

Man, and I just got my iphone 4....
now rumors of the iphone 5 are out!
YES THE iphone 5 is gonna blow old iphone 4 right out of it's shiny, "shatter-able" case!
why the iphone 5 (rumored to be out in June) will practically shoot fireworks out it's top:
  • Dual Core Processor- making it work at ridiculous speeds
  • It will have 5 billion megapixels..ha ha..ok not 5 billion but it will have better camera and video features
  • It will run on  a 4G network..making 3G look like "3's not company...because 4's a party!"
  •  Expected to have Face Recognition Security so unless someone has an exact model of your face no one's gettin' into your phone!
  • Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a "snoozy" 3G network
  • Thinner and better design
  • Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen- now we're talking! (really did it need to be glass on the front and back of the 4G...well it was a good way to increase protective case sales!) ha ha
  • The lowest model will have 32 G of space!
  • Longer Battery Life - Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G.(I could just live stream face-time more than half my day away!)
  • HD Audio -even the sound will be sweeter to your ears!
  • Built In GPS -Now you'll never be able to use the "i got lost excuse"...ha ha ha
Why this makes me sad:
*I just saved up all my pennies to buy the fancy pants 4G iphone!
*I am not eligible for another upgrade until the year 2025! ha ha
*Once again, if I relied on material things to be cool....I'd still be the kid eating lunch by herself in the cafeteria.

AND A NEW IPAD 2... I don't even have an ipad 1!
On this one...I can't even begin to keep up, when I don't even have an ipad to update!
RUMORS of the ipad 2:
from this picture it's supposed to show the microphone on the back as well as the ipad 2 on there!
It's "rumored" to have 2 on the screen for face-time video chats...and one for taking pics
ohh la la...they sent the old ipad on a diet..and the new ipad 2 is now half it's size! ha ha
Maybe I'll do that to lose my baby weight, introducing Kandee 5, 4 times the baby, 5 times the weight loss! ha ha ha

The new ipad will also come with a SMGPS- Soul Mate you can see exactly where your soulmate is to track them down! ha ha ha (just kidding, I just made that part up!)

Oh March 2, when will you be here to make me feel like I'll never keep up the the Apple-Jones'...ha ha ha ha

Good thing I don't rely on having the latest and greatest to be the coolest...I like being outdated and slow...ha ha ha....I'll be like a cool vintage car with big fins in a world full of Prius's...
pink cadillacs and brick phones....
your friend Kandee

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's on Kim Kardashian's Lips...

what's Kim Kardashian's favorite lipstick and lipgloss?!?


a light pale pink....

(neither one of these colors look as fabulous by themselves...but together you get the perfectly pale pink pout of Kim Kardashian!)

The only downside of the NARS TUrkish it's on the pricey side, and everyone always complains of how bad it tastes! ha ha ha
I've heard all kinds of remedies for the bad can put a  couple drops of peppermint oil (from the health food store), in the gloss and it can help with the yucky "turkish delight flavor"...I think Turkish Delight is a tasty dessert...but not in this case! ha ha ha

Kim also lines her lips with STRIPDOWN from MAC...a bare nude color, to give definition to her lips too!

here's to getting the perfect nude-pink-kim-kardashian-mouth!

nude lipsticks...your kandee
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