Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday & A Contest!

Hot off the runway...or rather my hallway...are my "yo gabba gabba"-esque jammie pants and fuzzy socks!
(both stripey-fun pieces are from Old Navy)

From the looks of this'd think I'm a stripe-fanatic! ha ha ha striped rug (form ikea)....striped socks, and striped jammie pants! I promise you my shirt is not striped! ha ha ha
Alani making sure I'm doing a good job blogging! ha ha ha
Alani's fashion choice for today...her Strawberry Shortcake tutu skirt...and she had removed her Cinderella "plastic" glass slipper, dress up shoes here!

(I normally blog about all my daily life in "kandeeland" on my other blog...but today I thought I 'd share this here, since my kandeeland blog today is about WHAT CUPCAKE's NAME IS! hooray! Finally a name!!!)
and here is Miss Lanzi reading blaker his Cars sticker book...with his Cars toolbox...someone really loves the movie Cars!


OH!!! anyone and everyone going to THE MAKE UP SHOW LA - FEB 26-27
I won't  be there...too soon after lil Cupcake is here! BUT The Make-Up Show is offering a fun CONTEST!!!

(this contest is not run by's just a FUN contest from The Make-Up Show...and they wanted to offer it to all of you guys, because you're awesome!!)

If you are going to the show...make sure you go to the Make-Up Forever Booth (they offer 40% off), MAC will be there, and the CROWN BRUSH booth (get the flat chisel brush, it's super cheap!...the one I use to contour fav!)

 The Makeup Show LA Giveaway Contest

Blogger Event Contest
Pursebuzz and Koren Zander The Guru's for Crown Brush and The Makeup Show LA

Prize: Event entrance, Preview of launch, Blogger gift bag, Training with the gurus prize value is PRICELESS

ANYONE CAN don't have to be a pro make-up artist or cab just be fabulous you!

The amazing opportunity to get a sneak peek at all The Makeup Show LA before anyone else. A chance to meet and get, networking, blogging, and other social media advice from James Vincent, Koren Zander and Pursebuzz with Crown Brush and Victoria Stiles. The opportunity to network with 50 other bloggers and recieve a special blogger preview goodie bag.

Contest Starts: Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Contest Ends: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Winner Announced: Winner will be picked at random and announced on The Makeup Show facebook page and The Makeup Show Blog on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Qualifications to enter contest:  
1. You are attending The Makeup Show LA (either you have purchased your ticket or you are planning to do so soon)
2. You Like The Makeup Show Page us on Facebook
3. You Follow us on Twitter
4. And You Tweet           

@KandeeJohnson @TheMakeupShow   Contest Entry  #TheMakeupShowBlogger

You may tweet as many times as you like and you may enter more than one contest at a time.

Have fun if you're going to the show!!!  Huge love and stripey socks....your friend, Kandee


Unknown said...

Hi kandee just want to say I think you do a wounderfull job, you kids are beautyfull your so blessed, would like to ask you a few questions about skin and beauty things via email if you would be so kind in replying to me at to let me know if that's ok, your such a insperation to me like you wouldn't beleave thanks so much

LisaMarie81 said...

Love Old Navy!! I have some stripy socks like that too!!! Just ordered some stuff online from there!! haha! Have a great weekend!

funkymacgirl said...

cute socks!!

Sarah said...

I wish i could be there!! but im living in Holland.. its not possible to be there !!!! :(
Hope everybody else who are going enjoy...

Amelia Kitzul said...

Cute socks and pants and rug! Tell Alani for me that she looks STY-LAN! idk... Lol! ♥

Unknown said...

Wow you are brave having white furniture with 4 kids in the house!I do good to keep my leather clean without stains from my lil muchkins!!xo

Natalie Wolczak said...

I have the same colorful socks from Old Navy. They are too cute and soo comfy!!!!

Susie Perazza said...

Awsomeness! Hey btw makeup artist magazine did a short spread on the imats toronto, and you where mentioned! and a quote. Also there is a pic with you and a fan. How cool is that?!

The Leader said...

Hi there :) I'm your newest follower. Please feel free to follow me back

L.O.V.E said...

I've been so inspired by you Kandee!!! You are such an amazing person. I decided to start a blog, just sort of about my life but I'm going to add some fashion and beauty into alot of it :) I'm trying to spread the word so people will visit my blog, here's the link!

please please please visit and come back!!!

p.s. and Kandee i love everything you do, your videos and your blogs, have truly inspired me to not be afraid of what people think and that i can go catch my dreams!!!
thank you sososo much!!!


OliveEyel said...

Fuzzy comfy socks & pants!
Now that's what I'm talkin about!!!
Errrrrrr...or what you're talkin about! HA!

So sweet to see Alani reading to Blake.
I love seeing those loving moments shared
between siblings. (especially boy & girl
siblings at that!)

The Make Up Show sounds so fun...wish I
lived in LA sometimes...or nearby at least.
Oh well...maybe someday.
Gonna check out that contest now.
Be back soon! HAHA!

Big hugs,

JenaRe said...

Hey there! :]
Just wondering if maybe there could be a tutorial on how to make your own feather earings..? I stumbled across your youtube awhile back, because you were making the anchor necklace.. Though it might be a fun thing? With a new baby, I'm sure it will not be that easy right now.. Just a suggstion.
Shine on,
Jena :]

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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