Thursday, December 31, 2009

the last make-up look of the year!

here's old' lang' Auld Lang Syne ...
here's she lies...the last make-up look of 2009!!!!!

This is the new year's look I will be wearing if I have any plans to go out tonight! ha ha ha's a smokey, sultry look, that just looks gorgeous, and doesn't look lik eyou have 20 pounds of make-up on! ha ha ha ha...and I get compliments like crazy every time I do my make-up like this....

this is also my "rant" about new year's too! ha ha ha ha

this new year will be even more amazing, fresh, new and filled with hope than this year! whatever you do, know in your heart that this could be the year that your dreamd come true, no matter what they are! huge love.....kandee

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bigger is better....

when it comes to heart.....

sometimes we get so caught up in the business of our lives..we forget about all the other hurting people in the world....
my sister got me this awesome hot pink heart, paper weight, carved out of soapstone, from Africa..., for me for Christmas! You can buy these cool, and rare products...that are handmade by women in africa, that support themselves and the orphans in that area....
you can go their website and see all the really cool handmade items, jewelry, bags, scarfs....and you can pick the country where it's made to support them...!
It's really neat, and you'll have something that no one else will have!
I really like the jewelry they have too!
these are the handcarved serving utensils...and my beautiful heart!

You can even buy something and save it for a gift! I feel like this is so wonderful to help these precious people...and they, are creating beautiful, unique treasures!

check out all the wonderful items here:

it's always good to share with those that don't have as much as us....your heart will be blessed and grow even bigger! huge love from my growing heart to yours, kandee

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My first magazine cover.....

yesterday no posty...because I spent the day with the most wonderful woman in my precious mama......we had a yummy lunch of baked macaroni and cheese with ham, and a guacamole-bacon burger...we're goin' out of 09' with a caloric bang! ha ha ha ha
we then went:
to the dollar store
and then we almost laughed so hard trying to figure out the lyrics to "blinded by the light", my mom thought one part of the lyrics said, "swirly whirly round your anus".....ha ha ha the wal-mart parking was an awesome day with my mama..then I said good-bye and she hit the road, for her 10 hour drive home.....i love that lady so much!

and then I got this awesome email from Christina Ciani, showing me this magazine cover she designed for a class project! I was so honored....I wish it was life size, I'd hang it on m y wall! hee hee hee...Thanks Christina for being the first person to put me on a magazine cover!!!!! huge love to you all...check back for an update...I'm gonna post a "special" NEW YEARS video up today!
xoxo kandee...who's so 2000 and 10! ha ha ah

Sunday, December 27, 2009

ohhhhh holidays.... lil niece, and my lil sister.....

here's my grampa, my mom and my lil' niece.....oh, my grampa is wearing a wig, that is not his real hair...ha ha ha ha

I'm sure everyone has interesting family....and the holidays bring it all out...whether you get along with your family, your family hurts your feelings, you have past hurts...your family is difficult...I know this time of year is hard for some people....or maybe you're missing your favorite family member...
I know what it feels like to have "interesting" family to deal with.....sometimes the dynamics are a bit crazy...

but know that no matter are loved...and adored.....I'd hug you if I was close....and you can't choose your family, but you sure can choose how to deal with them! ha ha ha ha

if your heart is hurting or sad....just know that you are wonderful, everything you've done in the past can be washed clean, and everyday is a fresh start to enjoy and change your life.....

God gives us a fresh new canvas to paint our lives on, every morning...

happ almost getting ready to ring in the fresh new year....kandee

Saturday, December 26, 2009

gangsters of christmas past...

things I didn't do this year:
make a new Kandee Christmas card.....
make a million dollars (ha ha ha ha)

things I did do:
start making videos on youtube
feel so much love from all my new "kandee" family on here

this was my christmas card from last year.....I don't know how, or why, but this year, my december was so busy, I kept thinking...oh I'll make it tomorrow...and nopey nope's the day after Christmas and I'm still have nothin' but this old "cyber" card to show ya! ha ha ha

I had an awesome was fun, and wonderful...and filled with yummy food..which I am very thankful for!

I remember a Christmas, a very long time ago, where I didn't have any Christmas decorations, but a piece of cardboard I had cut out in the shape of a Christmas tree and taped to the wall, and I drew some ornaments on it! We didn't have any food...and I don't remember what I had to eat....and there weren't any presents in sight....all of these things make me sooooo, thankful for having a home, a tree to decorate, and lots of yummy food to smell and eat. These were all things I dreamed of having that one Christmas....I always had hope that it would be better in the future.

And after all...Christmas is really to celebrate Jesus' birthday.....So merry day-after-Christmas, and let's get ready for an awesome new year!!!!

I'm off to help celebrate my gramma's 90th birthday with all my fam!!!

Huge love to you all, kandee

Friday, December 25, 2009


may your floor be filled with wrapping paper, and your heart be filled with joy and love....
merry christmas from me....huge love from my lil' house to yours....xoxo kandee kandee
yay! my candy cane earrings....I'll be wearing all day...more later, but now I'm behind on my Christmas morning..........

to see what we did last night click here:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

on the day before Christmas...

I took pictures with my new favorite, fun thing.....mirror decals from FRED, they are close one eye til they line up perfectly with your "new" face....ha ha ha ha
click here to check em' out:

this is the fruit of my precious, present-wrapping labor...yay for pink wrapping paper and pink plastic jewels!!!!
ahhhhhh...the vision of presents under the "snowy" tree........and I was still wrapping until 1 in the morning last night...and I wrapped til' abut 2 the night before......I'm just a wrap star! ha ha ha

and here's a little video to get you all warmed up for Christmas!!!!

Happy Christmas Eve day!!!!! hooray, I'll update you all our day activities here too!!!!
huge christmas cookies, kandee

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas past....

4 years ago...this is what I looked liked...
my hair was much shorter.....and same brightly colored earrings and accessories as always....
the Santa that you see with none other than lil' Lanzi!

I am so excited for:
my sister, her lil' baby, her hubby.....and my mama to be here tonight!
that Christmas is almost here...
that some goodies that I ordered will be here soon
that I am going to make a cheesecake...yay!
that we are going to make gingerbread houses
and maybe go ice skating...

and I get to go back to Whole Foods and buy food and treats...
and go to Forever 21 to return this super ill-fitting gold sequin mini-skirt and some other shirts that looked ok in the dressing room...but UGLYYYYYYYY.......when I got home...or actually I had thrown them in my suitcase, and thought I had a cute outfit on my last trip....but nooooooo way!

Off to shower, shop, come back and clean my house!!!!

And hope no one is reading this, but I bought all the girls in my family FELINE black liner from MAC, beacuse I love it so stinkin' much!!!!!
happy almost....almost...Christmas! Candy canes and ornaments, Kandee

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oh what to do....

to do list for today:
*type a blog - check
*possibly work out (even though my muscles are still screaming at me for the workout I did the day before)
*put up my icicle Christmas lights (before my sister gets here)
*finish buying presents for 3 more peeps
*make a list of all the goodies and treats I'm going to bake and make (all I can say is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse pie or cheesecake)
*finish wrapping presents (that I buy today)
*laundry, lots of laundry
*go to Whole Foods and spend a large amount on food (I know why they call it Whole Paycheck! ha ha ha)
*and maybe even make a little video or edit one?!?
*and ends!

but at least my cute lil' wreath is on my door and I love it!

I love Christmas, it is my favorite, but it felt like it came so fast this year I didn't have time to listen to enough Christmas music, bake enough cookies, see enough shopping centers decorated with twinkly lights (my favorite!!!!)....I will have to see if I can record one of my neighbors homes, they set up a huge light display with a "choreographed" light show, then you turn your radio to a certain station and you hear the music in your car! It's awesome! ( I don't know if youtueb will let me post it, because of the music, and it's not as cool without it! I know because my car last Christmas, didn't have a radio that worked! ha ha ha ha)

Off to make lists, shower, and shop! Happy, almost, really Christmas! huge love, kandee

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh my.....

... stomach is feeling kinda hurty...and kinda like I may want to throw up at some point.....I'm gonna over power it with my mind...ha ha ha ha

so I uploaded a new video.....right here:

and here are some "super cool things" I found online while I was cuddling with another lil' person that had a "bummy" ache....(tummy ache)....
I love these thangs, maybe you will too:
these shoes are so awesome....they are RADII (ray-dee-eye)...i love the goooooold!
check em out

oh my zebra love!!!!
wouldn't you just love to see these babies coming down the luggage line at the airport?!?
you want more ZEBRA things!?! me too...these are the palettes I showed in my video (above)..i love can see all your eyeshadows...and I'll show ya in a video how you get your eyeshadows out of their're gonna love these...www.zpalette.comand I have always wanted a pair of moccassins, since I was a little, tiny girl...and these are what I wish could be under the tree...hee hee can get yourself a pair here:

and I'm off to try to make the menu for Christmas...for everyone coming, my sister, her hubby, my new niece, my mama, my aunt, my dad....and all my people...I can't wait! happy almost Christmas! ....huge love, kandee kane

Sunday, December 20, 2009


this a blog post about WORD-word of the day, keeping your word....word to yo mama!


bada bing bada boom

Definition: an exclamation to emphasize that something will happen effortlessly and predictably; also written bada-bing, bada-boom

Example: And bada bing, bada boom... the cake is done

now that we have our new fun word to use....
I read something great about keeping our words....
have you ever had a party, and like 13 people said they'd come and then 6 show up? I have, and I wished that if people said they would do something, they would....or at least tell the person as soon as you know that you can't!
I know there have been things in my life that I said I'd do, then when it came down to it, I didn't want to, or it wasn't "convenient" (i had something better to do), but I did what I said I would do anyway. We want to be people of our words...if you say it, mean it. Let your yes, be yes, and your no be no.
I need to tell myself this all the time, I am a people pleaser, and it makes it hard for me to say no to people, but I am working on, only say yes to what I know I will be able to do!

It's as easy as that, bada bing bada boom! ha ha ha ha ha
happy sunday before Christmas...I'm off to do some last minute present shopping...I still need to get my mama and sweet sister something! hot chocolate and christmas music, kandee

Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

since a few mom and sister (ha ha ha)...want to know what I want...I thought I'd share my Kandee wish list with you...but I would've settled for no presents...just them coming to see me for Christmas...I can't wait!!! But since they do want to get me a lil' somethin' goes....
click on the names and I put the links to take you where to get them if you want!

1. Vanilla Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
i love this perfume and have been wearing it for years!!! it smells like cake!

2. Salvatore Feragamo's Encanto SHINE
it's so hard for me to find perfume's that i like...then my sister had it one, and I was like, "whuuuuuuut, are you wearing...i luuuuuuuv it!?!"
3. Sabre Sunglasses in the KOZOI model
i love these for so many reasons...1, kinda 80's and i love that...2, kinda tough with the studs, and 3 they are funky fresh....and I bet few will dare to wear them...and that's what I love wearing! ha ha ha

I actually already got it...but I would've asked for it too! I love get 16 shadows for 48 bucks! And the colors, are you get eye primer, and 2 liners...! I love the greens and the taupes....and the golds...i love me all!!!! this has already gone on a trip with me...and not one eyeshadow broke on the flight!!!
5. Skull Candy Headphones
I can't decide between the white ones THE SKULL CANDY GI

or the HESH PAUL FRANK, i love both....and since when I'm flying, i don't want people to have to hear my voice, as I edit videos, i can barely stand heraing my own voice! ha ha ha...and skull candy's are comfy, and cute, and have made it on some "best of headphones" lists...and "candy" is in their name!
6. Woo Jacket's
i love woo, which is their website name too! i want to live in their jackets...they are cut nicer than any jacket I've ever tried on...they make you look skinny!!!!
I want the SABRINA, the cropped one in black...I have the teal, but I want a lil' black one too...and I really LOVE this one too!! the cut is so modern and timeless, and no one will have a coat like yours! I want to live in this jacket! (it's the STASSIA COAT)...
I did a video touring Stacy's store....wait til you see it! I LOVE all her clothes sooooo much, I've worn a lot of her clothes in videos, like my hair cut on melrose one! love everything!
and a nice pair tall slouchy boots, like in the picture above! hee hee hee

so that's what I hope might find it's way under my tree! And I'm off to brave all the other last minute shoppers at the store, to find all my peeps their presents! merry almost Christmas...with a hot peppermint white chocolate in hand!!! xoxo kandee

Friday, December 18, 2009

random thoughts: glaminars, ebay & throw up

Mr. Sandman didn't visit me very long last night.....
click here to see why:
I'm a little behind in my daily tasks....ha ha ha
yesterday was filled with shopping in the mall....and oh so much more....
where Nicolle made my day, by recognizing me and coming up to say hi and get a picture...
thanks Nicolle for coming up and saying hi!!!! And she had awesome green eyeshadow on!

I was supposed to work on my GLAMINAR schedule...yes, I will try to be coming to a city near you teaching make-up wonder...yay!!!!
I just wanted to get some updated feedback on where I might be "wanted" the most....
some cities might be:
Chicago, LA, San Diego, San Fran, Toronto, London....Dallas or Houston.....Seattle.....make your requests....I'm gonna plan the schedule out for the new year!

And next, I have some things I was thinking of selling on that my friend made, like mine, some things I needed to just try to sell anyway....would anyone want to buy some treasures from my closet and beyond!?!

I am so tired...but one true thing are going to have to do things no matter you might as well be happy and merry while you do them. Two people can do the same happy and one complaining....I guarantee that the one who does it happily won't mind it nearly as bad as "el complaino"...ha ha ha ha

So remember today whether you had grumpy people at school, rude drivers, a difficult person, or a not-fun it "merrily"....because it's going to get done one way or the other...and it might as well be the happy way!

huge love and candy canes, kandee
PS. I promise I'll have a better blog post tomorrow! ha ha ha ha

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I got a friend!

my built-in, best sasster (sister)...I would do anything for her...she is everything that I'm not....and she has been my constant companion since my parents brought her home from the hospital "for me"!!! We could be in the same room, not saying a word, and know exactly what each other is thinking! And I laugh harder with her, than anyone on the planet! I love you more than cake loves icing!!!
this is Jamesa, who is my amazing helper extraordinaire at my Glaminars! This was after the LA Glaminar, and she was my sisters bestie, growing up, so she is like a bonus "sister" to me too!
this is my friend Tamara, who swirled into my life many years ago...and she has been like sparkles and glitter in my life ever since...she is so precious to me...and she dislikes talking on the phone as much as me! ha ha ha She inspires me, and her encouraging words have helped heal my heart, like little miracles from heaven! I heart you Pudsie!!!!
this is my friend Teresa that I've known since high school, but we just reconnected months ago, and she is so sweet and encouraging! She truly loves me for me! And I love her for her! She has been through so much, including open-heart surgery....and still laughing and smiling, from her hospital room and beyond! I heart you rings love fingers, bella belle!
and my friend, Ian (who looks like a ladies man in this photo! ha ha)...he has been such a dear friend, answered phone calls at 1,2, or 3 in the morning, he is my best guy a brother, homey, and someone who's been there through a lot of my tough, tough times...and some of the really great ones too! His giving heart, has been a blessing in my life...and he's been a great support for me! I love ya man!
FRIENDS, Pals & Acquaintances
I have a lot of "people I know", but true friends that love you for you, that celebrate who you are, that don't want to change you, that love you no matter what....
those are rare and so special!

You want to surround yourself with people that are right for you! That don't want to change you, or make you into something you're not....they just want to love, support you, be there for you...and just love who you are!
Same thing goes for a "special someone" in your want the right one. That makes you the best you...that makes you feel wonderful and adored. That celebrates you...and helps cheer you on to be the best you, you can be!
Sometimes we work hard to be friends with people who aren't right for us. People who don't have good intentions for us, or aren't people that will be right for us. God knows what we need in our life, and sometimes he will bring in the most amazing people to love you the right way!
If you don't have someone like that in your life right now, know that I believe in you, and I would celebrate all the wonderous things that make you who you are!
And you can always say a little prayer for God to guide a precious friend into your life!
huge love....from your friend that wouldn't change a thing about you! ~ kandee

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nickel and dined!

her mohawk has whispered to me..."come eat here...if i am in the's got to be good!"

I've walked by this place, the NICKEL DINER, tons of times....
each time, wondering about how amazing their "bacon donut" tastes....

this is what I love...the mannequin heads in their window....with "icing" hair that looks like it's been "bruleed"....i love it!
this is Main Street in Downtown LA...the walk up to the Nickel diner on a busy, rainy, saturday morning...

10-15 minute wait to squeeze into a narrow bench seat, where I got to get quite cozy with the folks sitting to my left...ha ha ha
this place was jammed with downtown local hipsters, tourists, and families...
mademoiselle in her pink "icing" hair and bread hat!

after you are offered your are brought donut holes and a cute lil' plate with a doily! I love it.....our flavors were the always curious..."bacon donut"...sweet & salty, and a Nutella donut...chocolaty and crunchy with hazelnuts, yum...i love nutella on anything really...there was a time in my life where I would just eat spoonfulls of Nutella! ha ha ha
I was so excited to see a Dutch Pancake on the mom used to make them, but she called them "oven baked pancakes"...this wasn't like my I had to order another something...ha ha ha

all whole new crowd of peeps came and dined while we had our one sitting...ha ha ha..probably because I ordered a round 2 of food....ha ha ha
round 2: the SMACK & CHEESE....roasted tomatoes, bread crumbs, and spices....the best MAc N' Cheese I've ever had!!! (the street that this place is on, were somewhat notorious for drug sales....and it's pretty close to the famous Skid some items on the menu are named after some "drug-ish" names...kinda funny...ha ha ha..and probably equally as addictive...i would eat this mac n' cheese all the time!!!

I loved this painting on the wall..."This is the place: There is no place, quite like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be the place!!!

And that sums it up...i've never been to a place with bacon donuts, smore's cake that looks like the mannequins hair out front, and has the best mac n' cheese around!

I give it a thumbs up!
if you're in the downtown LA area....go give this place a's fun a and definitely an adventure! yay for eating! ha ha ha..thanks for coming along with me.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kandee + Saori = this!!!!!

Here it is! My beautiful friend Saori (pronounced "sow-dee")...she is so sweet and kind, and is absolutely gorgeous. Her bone structure is amazing, and it was so fun to put make-up on her! And yes, she is the model in the WetSeal ads! She's been a Ford model since she was a baby, and you can read about her exciting adventures in modeling on her blog:

This look was inspired by the runway looks at is a beautiful "pointillism" design, which is basically lots of little dots. The pattern was inspired by paintings done by Yoko Ono, John Lennon's lady.
I wanted to use an amazing eye-tingling I used all the green and yellow pigments I had just bought at the MAC pro store, right before I got there! I used Chartreuse, True Chartreuse, Kelly Green, and Rockit Yellow...I did under the eyes in Full Force Violet.
The Violet had enough red pigment that it makes the green pop, green and red being complimentary colorsand purple got pop green like crazy too, it's a secondary complimentary color.
this is where we did the make-up, on the street level gallery space, where me and Saori's friend, just did an art show the day before...we got to use these awesome lights (much better than the "spectacular" lighting in my bathroom! ha ha ha ha)

other make-up I used:

on her face:
I used DINAIR airbrush make-up for foundation, even though I just applied it with my fingers..
I LOVE DINAIR's foundation (i wear it everyday....and it looks so, SO flawless...I used GOLDEN OLIVE on the image to order (tell em kandee sent ya')

Next I used Urban Decay eye primer, pale yellow eye pencil from the mac pro store (or you could use white) I used MAC liquid liner in BOOT BLACK, and RUNWAY FAVE (a grey-ish nude) lipgloss from MAC

Saori and me, decided this was going to be our New Year's look! Thank you so much Saori for letting me put make-up on your dollface!
enjoy the video....!!!! and happy almost christmas!!!! xoxo kandee kane
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