Saturday, December 12, 2009

What the Fuh????

Yesterday...after the sun fell down

an art gallery space in downtown Los Angeles

Who: my beautiful friend Saori, who's a dollfaced, FORD model...and has been one since she was a baby! ha ha ha ha....(you can check out her cool blog, I think she even posts pics of her fun modeling jobs...and travel pics with her boyfriend, who's a pro snowboarder, Eddie Wall...
They are the nicest and cutest couple! We went and ate some yummy Vietnamese food down the street at a cool little place called, Blossom ....they all had Pho (sounds like "fuh", like "duh" but with an F. I had my fav, "shaking beef" with lots of Hoisin sauce. And a yummy Thai tastes like a creamy caramel tea..sooooooo good!

So, since everyone always asks me to do make-up on other it get to finally see me in action! ha ha ha

We shot this in a gallery space in downtown LA, where my friend lives. We had lots of homeless people coming up to the video...singing to us, as to buy out water bottle for 2 cents..., lots of people was hilarious!

The lighting was beautiful...and we got to do 3 different looks..this first one with the green was my favorite...we decided that this is going to be the hottest New Year's look...!!! IT is so amazing looking!!!

We had lots of fun...and it will be fun to see make-up on someone other than myself! ha ha ha
Thank you so much Saori for letting me paint on your pretty canvas of a face!!!!
And thanks to the boys for setting up the lights and the moving the fence to make us a "stage"! hee hee hee
I'm off to try to find a flight that won't be delayed because of the storm!


Unknown said...

This is so neat! Is there a video coming?

Chau said...

Aww that's so cool, Kandee! I'm Vietnamese. ;) I love bo luc lac ("shaking beef") too! Pho is my fave though. lol I hope you have a safe trip home!

Carolyn said...

AH! I love Thai Tea & Pho!

marieskje said...

I absolutely love you blog, Kandee. And of course your youtube-videos. You are incredibly talented. So here comes my wish - I am celebrating my birthday a week from now, and the theme is Marie Antoinette (inspired by this party: And I was wondering if you had some tips for this kind of styling? How to have fun with it. I am a neanderthaler when it comes to styling..!

Crossing my fingers, toes, arms and legs for an answer! =)

Love from Scandinavia!

laura la` rose said...

Wow Kandee! This look is so amazing and fits so good on your friend.
I wish you could do my make-up too. But of course, it's impossible because I don't live in the USA.
Anyway, I'll keep watching your awesome videos and tips and hopefully some day, I will be able to do my make-up as well as you do.

Until then, the best wishes from Romania!
Laura. XoXo

Anonymous said...

hey kandee! you've given me such inspiration that i'm going to follow my dream to become a makeup artist! i have been looking into school and stuff and i was wondering if there was anyway you could help me with this. :) this is the one school i have picked out which was pretty much the best one out of all the ones in toronto;
i dont know what program to pick to be honest. thats the one i was going to do but im entirely not sure whether to take that program or the smaller certificate ones. theres also another school as well
i'd really appreciate any guidance from you. you've truly inspired me to move on from what happened in my past and to not listen to the people who put me down and do this not only for me but my daughter. your an amazing person!

Unknown said...

KANDEE HELP!!!I am a professional makeup artist that just left MAC to pursue freelance work. Most artists resumes are formated with things like tv, film, celebrities ect. and are then just listed. What do I put if I dont have those crudentials yet?

Hearts and Hands for Nepal said...

I would love to know what makeup/techniques you used for the overall look. It is such a nice design!

Unknown said...

That's great that you had fun!!! :D

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