Sunday, December 20, 2009


this a blog post about WORD-word of the day, keeping your word....word to yo mama!


bada bing bada boom

Definition: an exclamation to emphasize that something will happen effortlessly and predictably; also written bada-bing, bada-boom

Example: And bada bing, bada boom... the cake is done

now that we have our new fun word to use....
I read something great about keeping our words....
have you ever had a party, and like 13 people said they'd come and then 6 show up? I have, and I wished that if people said they would do something, they would....or at least tell the person as soon as you know that you can't!
I know there have been things in my life that I said I'd do, then when it came down to it, I didn't want to, or it wasn't "convenient" (i had something better to do), but I did what I said I would do anyway. We want to be people of our words...if you say it, mean it. Let your yes, be yes, and your no be no.
I need to tell myself this all the time, I am a people pleaser, and it makes it hard for me to say no to people, but I am working on, only say yes to what I know I will be able to do!

It's as easy as that, bada bing bada boom! ha ha ha ha ha
happy sunday before Christmas...I'm off to do some last minute present shopping...I still need to get my mama and sweet sister something! hot chocolate and christmas music, kandee


SoapDoc said...

Happy Happy, Merry Merry, Kandee!!! XXXOOO all the best of the season to you and yours :)

The AQUANAUTS said...

OMG that JUST happened to me on friday. We had a 30th B-day party for my husband and i mean, 30 is kinda a big one. So we invited about 40 people and expected around 30 people to show. We got RSVP for about 33 people all said they would come. (friends AND family). One of my husband's friends said that he would come and take pictures because my husband is a photographer and this was his assistant - i didn't want my husband to work at his own party. The "photographer" friend didn't even show up until about 20 minutes before the party was over

Anyways.. we rented a hall, had everything catered and had loads of stuff.. about 15 people showed! I was pissed beyond belief. I mean, seriously. they all knew we rented a place and were getting food..

AHH i want to scream! Its just so rude to do that!

We had a good time anyway, I mean, it showed who the real friends were.

p.s. commenting on your site is REALLY a pain> I tried to use my wordpress account and it said "you dont own that identity" and now i have to use the oldest account that I have from blogger! Maybe give an option to post using a name and url? please

Anonymous said...


You are awesome. I hope youknow what an amazing light you are to people. What a blessing you are! The yes be yes and no be no is totally biblical and just read it about a month ago, you speak truth in such a 'easy to understand' kinda way. You constantly breath life into people and your reward will be great! You are blessed and highly favored! God Bless you on this incredible journey you are on.

Lotsa love <3

Andrea Delsandro

Oh, it would be super fantastically awesome if you did a Penelope Cruz makeup look. :) :) AND appreciated :)

JustJenny said...

hahahah i love your humour
i still have a lot of last minute xmas shopping to do as well

JessicaHall said...

Ahh I love it! Kandee you are so amazing girl!

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Kandee from!



Unknown said...

oh yes..... that is so true...
Its hard sometimes to do...but its healthy hehe

Happy Xmas (almost) and Sunday before xmas too!

with luuv <3!


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

thats a good point, or if your going to come don't act like I should be honored by your presence...and say shit like I'm going to stick around for 10 mins and leave

goshhhh some people,

love you your posts/videos Kandee!
merry Christmas!!

Rebekah said...

I read something about keeping your word on joyce meyer today! it's so important and so many people don't do it. Good for you for always doing the right thing. Nothing is more disappointing than relying on someone and then realizing you can't!

Merry Christmas! and have a great day!

Diane said...

Thanks for reminding us another thing about being kind people, especially this week ;)

Merry Christmas, Kandee!

Unknown said...

Love the picture, you are such a cutie! :) I love that word too, it reminds me of one of your videos where you say it with a brooklyn accent, hahahaha! Love it!!! Hope you have a great week (since it's only 4 days until Christmas!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

"Do not do to others what you would not want that others do to you". It's something I always try to do because if you don't you're not a trust in person.
I hope you understand what I want to say because I'm French and my English isn't as good as I would like.
I love your videos and your blog Kandee. You're a good person and it's such a pleasure to see and read you.
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and peace and happiness for all people of good will.

Bethany D. said...

Hi Kandee! I have been thinking a lot about being a person of my word lately and I appreciate your encouragement. I wanted to pass along this..."Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie"
By: Lou Priolo - A great Christian book on people pleasing that really helps you think through it from a Biblical perspective.

I went to school out in LA and went to a wonderful Bible teaching church when I was out there. Don't know if you go to church anywhere now but I went to Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. GREAT teaching (the open your Bibles and really study kind)and lots of stuff for your little people too!!

Wish I was still in LA so we could go get coffee or pink berry together!! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas!

:) Bethany

Kat said...


And Happy Holidays :))))))))))))))))))))))))

LookAtThePrettyColors said...

Good point!

And, are you wearing the sunglasses you have on your wish list?

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