Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where'd You Get That Wednesday

Here's my first "Where'd you get that Wednesday"....I thought I would post about the most asked: "where'd you get that" items of the week!
Because sometimes people ask where I got stuff. Like my
 "neon pink-flamingo" thermally fabric shirt...I wore in the "makeup makeover video":
as shown here in this "fabulous" screen grab from the video. I love this color, my eyes just want to eat it up and this shade makes you look really tan for some reason! I wish they made more shirts in this color!
I love this shirt, it runs pretty big and swingy, but that's the style of the shirt.
It's made really well and I will wear this for  years, so it was worth paying more than my normal Forever 21 prices, ha ha ha.
 Next up, the silver metallic sweater, which is so cool, because it's soft but looks like it's shiny chrome! I got to be my holiday sweater to wear for Christmas, but ofcourse I'm gonna wear it for other days too! It's from ZARA- Metallic Sweater in Silver , but it comes in a few other "glossy" colors too.
 And last but not twinkly, star earrings, which have pretty much been glued in my ears! I just love them, and I've gotten compliments from young girls, to little old grandma's, to guys...everyone loves the star earrings!
The only problem is I can't find them for sale online anywhere! I got them at American Vintage on Melrose in West Hollywood, but I called them and they don't have anymore, and they said they don't know where they got them. They weren't vintage, they were just with all their costume stuff. Big booooooooo, on that. I just stopped blogging and called them to double check!

*Also shown here, big gold "angled earrings", I think are from Charming Charlie's, and the turquoise glitter bow, I got at Hot Topic, but they were on clearance, so they might now be around anymore! I can't stand that! They get rid of the coolest stuff!

Let me know if you guys like this idea. OR if you'd want me to do a video version. AND if you have anything you want to know: "where I got it"!

huge hugs and wishing I had bought more than one pair of the star earrings, because I'm afraid the "gold" is going to wear off with how much I wear them, ha ha ha
hugs....your kandee

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Makeup Tutorial: EYE GLITTER

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Look!
It is GLITTER EYES, like no eyeshadow around!
This is my first collaboration video ever- which means I teamed up with another Youtube Guru to create a themed look together. And I teamed up with the person who is the very reason I started on youtube, my inspiration for starting my tutorials, Lauren Luke, or Panacea81, as she's known on Youtube.
Our CollAboration Theme:

I went with an dazzling, Glue & Glitter look, of sparkly, twinkling, gold on the eyes.
And a few lip color options.
(earrings: from a vintage-costume store on Melrose in Hollywood, Silver Sweater: from Zara)

Now let's go have some fun and "tutorial-it-up"! List of all the goodies I used below, too!
What I used to get the look:
(For anyone who might have lighter skin than me, you can use more silver-gold, or whiter pearl color on the eyes too!)
*Any gold or shimmer paint pot, cream shadow, or I used, the BEN NYE GOLD SHIMMER STICK CRAYON
*Any light pearly, gold shimmer for under the brow bown. I used NAKED LUNCH from MAC.
*Any medium light  gold eyeshadow, I used CHASE from the Urban Decay 15 YEAR Palette
*Any bright gold shimmery eyeshadow for the base color under the glitter. 
*Any dark bronzey-gold brown eyeshadow to emphasize the crease area. If you don't have a crease, just shade this in with the shadow to create a "crease illusion" . I used DARKHORSE and SMOG from the Naked Palette from Urban Decay.

*Apply the eyelash glue onto the lid: I used the Eyelash Glue from Urban Decay, because it goes on less clumpy and stringy than the DUO eyelash glue. And I like that it dries clear instead of whitish.
(and ofcourse it's safe to use on your lid, because it was designed to go on your eyes.)
*Then pat the cosmetic grade glitter onto the glue with a not-so-fluffy brush. MAC, BEN NYE, and GRAFTOBIAN all make cosmetic grade glitter to use on the eyes, as well as the URBAN DECAY Glitter I used from their glitter tattoo set.

*I lined the inner rims of the eyes with my favorite black eyeliner, SMOLDER from MAC.
*Any black Liquid Liner- I used the Penultimate Liquid Eyeliner from MAC in Rapid Black.
*Any black eyeshadow- I used the black from my BEN NYE Glamour palette, it's even darker and "blacker" than Carbon from MAC, over the liquid liner.
*Any blackMascara- I used the Super Curling Mascara from Urban Decay.
*Any demi-wispie fake lashes. I used the TEASE lashes from Urban Decay.

And you can watch the video for all the different lip options!

You cannot stop staring at the glitter on the eyes! It's amazing! And I show how to do, and how to get it off in the video too!

And here is Lauren Luke's "Christmas Collaboration" with me- she's so adorable, you just can't help but fall in love with her "adorableness"-

Stay tuned for the GLITTER LIPS tutorial too for the holiday!
glittery hugs..well no because that sounds messy...just hugs, kandee


Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Stylish Surprise!

I have a super duper, funzie, leopardtastic, studded surprise to show you guys soon!

I was invited to design something. (can't tell you all the details yet, because it's not done yet...but I just had to share a lil' somethin', because I'm sooooo excited!!!)
This is a dream come true, because I have always wanted to be a designer. Way before make-up I would design whole fashion collections!

So to be able to work on this, every detail, from the measurements, materials, details like extra things I can't wait to show you guys!!!

This will be up and for sale before Christmas....I will do a video on it as soon as I get the ok. I will not be selling these myself...I was just invited to come up with my dream design, whatever I came up with, they said they would make it, and this company will be selling it...I just have the honor of designing something and then seeing it become real....I have the sample (which I can't show you yet, but they said I could show you a little picture of part of it)....
so here it is!!!!

I am soooo excited!!! Stay tuned to see what this is!!!

I will be doing a collaboration video with my "inspiration" for starting Youtube, Lauren Luke (AKA Panacea81 on youtube)...
I am so excited because I've never done a collaboration video and she is amazing!

Surprises and leopard print and wishing I could tell you more about this already!!!!
hugs and hugs, and now I wish I could design a whole line of things...ha ha ha, your kandee


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Random Pictures & Favorites

 So for this Sunday's random pictures in my phone. As I scrolled through, I found these....this picture with my hair all crazy- and I like it, because I've only liked how my hair has looked, about 1 time out of the last 30 days. And most likely it was when I just woke up...
And  this old picture...because I used to run, every day. I miss running. It cleared my mind...and as a bonus, it made my calves look better than they do right now. I think those headphones are broken now. And it's been so long since I've gone running. I really miss it. Not much time to go running with a baby that doesn't like sitting in strollers to run with.


 "You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals." - Booker T. Washington

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

The last thing I ate was an organic blueberry toaster waffle with organic whipped cream.
I am sick of my hair.
I wish I had some white hot chocolate.

Did you see the video I uploaded this week?
If not here it is to take a look-see:
Hope you like it...

Here's to a fun joy swirl around you no matter what happens. And know that you're loved...and I'm smashing a bunch of hugs through the computee and you right now...
and I've got a fun video coming out this week! yay!
hugs and chocolate.... your friend kandee

PS. what was the last thing that you ate?


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treasures and bad lighting...

(I loved these cool, faux fur, animal print hats. One had a long scarf-like sides that hung down with pockets to keep your hands warm)
 Some bloggers show you glossy, well-lit pictures of them traveling all over the world -sips of tea in London, an eclair as they stroll around Paris, in shoes that are ridiculously impractical to walk around in. Maybe even some exotic winter fur hat they've found, that costs hundreds of dollars from some brand you can't pronounce....
and then there's me.
I go to Target or Wal-Mart...because they are the closest stores I have. I take badly-lit pictures, void of all exotic locations, with my iphone. ha ha ha

But I think I find cool things that people always ask where I got, and they'd never guess where I found my cool treasures for cheap!
The most awesome thing I saw, though....were these babies...
Giant, adult sized footie pajamas. And if you were thinking, "man, those are not attractive"....may I point out the "almost-as-sexy-as-Vicoria's-Secret-leopard-print" one! ha ha ha

If you don't live near the coolest stores in the world, like me...and Target and Walmart are your're not alone. And some of the coolest things I've found came from a vintage find at a thrift store, or like the zebra leggings I wore to that red carpet event, that I got at Kohl's, and one of my favorite belts of all time, that I've been wearing for years, came from Ross.
*Ross, is a discount store that sells all kinds of stuff that you'd pay way more for, like I got a pair of Royal Elastic shoes there once for $11!

Bad lighting in pictures and photos taken by myself..... your kandee


Friday, November 25, 2011

Some days getting dressed goes like this...

Do you ever have those days where just don't like anything you have to wear? And yo change like 5 times and still don't really like what you have on, but you need to leave the house?
Well, that was me yesterday...
First I tried a few other shirts and sweaters, that either felt weird, too tight, or made me look 3 times wider than I really am.
Then I had problems with my pants...all my favorites were dirty, and all the rest are still too "pre-baby" and a bit too "stuffed like a sausage" looking.
Come into my closet:
First outfit: top ok...then having trouble with the jeans.
These are my favorite torn up jeans, that I've worn for years, they are comfy, and I love how ripped-up they are. I made a video on how to shred them here
***If you watch the "jeans distressing video", the squeaking you hear, is how bad my old camera was, and is squeaked! ha ha ha)***
They are beyond your typical "distressed" look. Ha Ha
But I thought since Alani was dressed all fancy, CLICK HERE to see the kids outfits of the day, I should wear my fancy jeans...
And in case anyone want to know" my silver shoes are from Royal Elastics, my black boat dress, that I wear as a shirt  from Alexander Wang (I love this over leggings, too), and my black Modal Shawl Cardigan from American Apparel.
i thought it would be festive to throw on some "pumpkin" colored nail polish, but Jordan said it was the grossest thing he's ever seen...I didn't really like it either, but with all the time I took trying to get dressed, I didn't have time to take it I'm still typing with "the ugliest nails ever".
And finally this is how I ended up leaving the house...well, I had to put my shoes back on, but you get the idea...
(and I think I got my earrings, which Jordan did say are pretty cool, at Charming Charlie's)
some days you just can't win....I didn't even really like how my make-up came out either! ha ha ha
But at the end of the doesn't matter what I had on, or how my eyeshadow looked a weird new shade i tried out...i had fun no matter what i looked like!

500 outfit changes.... your kandee

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best Thanksgiving Recipe & Meet my Dad

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Pumpkin Pie.

Funny Thing: I went years thinking I didn't like pumpkin pie and then I actually tried it- and realized I love Pumpkin Pie!

I also love what could be better than combining them both! This is my Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe and video.

BONUS: In this video you get to meet my dad and witness his famous egg trick! ha ha ha
I love my dad!
Some of you have already seen this video and have emailed me that this has become a "new" pie tradition at your homes! I love that!


Thankfully yours, kandee

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking News: Beauty & the coolest gadget ever!!!

Yes, it's about time for the NOVEMBER edition of: BEAUTY NEWS with KANDEE JOHNSON...
or should I say MOVEMBER!

Yes, this video may not have been out on the first of the month, but we are going to make the most of the rest of NOVEMBER and our moustache support!

Get ready for all kinds of BEAUTY on the WAY, a fun pink gadget that will help eliminate cell phone radiation...and I show you how to jump rope with someone in a video: (i know, I can't wait too!)

WATCH and see, but if you want the they are, click on the name:

Here's all the links and info for all the cool stuff I showed it that there video:

1. Sun-glasses With Moustaches

2. Lip & Heart Shaped Mixing Palette

3. Rachel Roy Eyeshadow Palette

4. Crow Perfumes- safe, natural and healthy fragrance

5. Shimmer Self-Tanner

6. Shady Lady Palette #2

7. MAC Holiday Collection

8. Lauren Luke Brushes (she was my inspiration for starting on Youtube...I love her!)

9. Pink Old School Phone Receiver For Cellphone and Computer - this also reduce the radiation your brain gets from talking on the cell phone up to 98%- read their website and be amazed!
Native Union Moshi Moshi Phone

PS...Don't forget, let me know, Do you want to see a HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA & BEAUTY GIFTS video too?

huge love and I be talkin' on my pink phone receiver... your kandee

PS See how to dress for Thanksgiving and find out what a "banana-corn-key" is here.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MAC MakeUp: what's next?

It's Daphne Guinness takes over MAC...
for those of you scratching your head, and needing to google Daphne Guiness...I'll give you the brief bio:
She is the, 44 year old, heiress to the Guinness beer empire, she is prominent in the fashion world, and  may currently be known for her white and black striped hair....or
 her artful way of dressing. Her story goes, like every girl's: born an heiress, married a shipping billionaire...and so on...(just kidding, that is so far off from every girl's life...but that's part of her "fame") then gets to create a color palette for MAC using her love of art. She watercolors that she took out and spit in, to start mixing colors at her first MAC meeting. 
She was said to have brought her own palette of watercolors to the first meeting for her MAC collection, and spit in it right there and started mixing colors...ha ha ha!
She loves art and I think she really enjoyed bringing, perhaps, the colors of her favorite paintings to the medium of make-up...take a look, they're beautiful and they have the colors of maybe an english garden on a stormy day- the subtle colors of garden roses with the backdrop of a greyish white cloudy day...

PIGMENT Aurora Pinked (taupe frost) Circa Plum (frosty dirty mid-tone lavender frost) Nebula (dark greyed brown with pearl frost) $20.00 U.S./$24.00 CDN
PRO LONGWEAR LIPCREME Warp Speed (lightsilver) Red Dwarf (blue-pink) Seasoned Plum (mid-tone lavender) Approaching Storm (deep rose) $17.00 U.S./$20.00 CDN
CREME SHEENGLASS Borealis (pale grey pink with iridescent pearl) Japanese Spring (pale dirty pink) Narcissus (dirty eggplant) Richly Revered (deep brown plum) $18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN
POWERPOINT EYE PENCIL Engraved (rich black) *these are not new to MAC* Grey Utility (uniform grey)  * I do already own this grey and it's a great grey! $15.00U.S./$18.00CDN
EYEBROWS Fling (light taupe ash blonde) Stud (deep rich blackened brown) $15.00U.S./$18.00CDN
EYESHADOWX4 Interior Life Quad Stratus (light pink matte) InteriorLife (mid-tone grey blue veluxepearl) Bruised Sky (dark lavender-y grey satin) Heather Belles (dark charcoal/carbon satin) $38.00 U.S./$45.00 CDN
BLUSH OMBRÉ Azalea Blossom- (light cool pink) Vintage Grape (mid-tone violet pink) $26.00US/$31.00CDN
NAIL LACQUER Hyperion -(light grey blue green crème) Endless Night (pale grey pink with iridescent pearl frost) Blueblood (deep eggplant crème) $15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

My FAVORITES....I think I like both the Blush Ombre colors and this Warp Speed, whitish silver...looks like the same exact shade of Covergirl frosty silver I wore all the time in high school! I  love it by virtue of "old lip color love". And I pretty much like all the lip colors....the dark colors take me back to when my hair was about an inch long, platinum blonde and I would wear this dark, dark plum color from MAC all the time!

So there was your MAC attack makeup update....

oh, these babies  are going to be launched in the US, December 26th, 2011 and in January 2012, Internationally at  all MAC locations everywhere.

Mac-a-lacka-ding-dong.... your kandee

PS... do you love, like, or pass on any of these new colors?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Join the Moustache Movement for MOVEMBER!

It's time to "think pink" and think "lady staches"....
yes, why should only men enjoy the wise mustache-twisting enjoyment of an upper lip occupied by a "lip scarf of fur"?

Did you know it's MOVEMBER?
It's Lung Cancer Awareness month?

(I think we should celebrate the rest of NOVEMBER-MOVEMBER with a bang!)

FYI: I've noticed there are 2 ways people spell MOUSTACHE or MUSTACHE, so I've switched it up and spell it different each time I use it! ha ha ha ha

What the moustache is MOVEMEBER? (read more here) But it's to bring awareness to Men's cancer issues...


I think it would be fun if we all started a facebook & twitter movement...let's all change our profile pictures to a picture of us with  pink MOUSTACHES to spread the "message behind our mustaches"!

*Either draw a moustache on your picture
 *draw one on with a pink Sharpie
*photoshop a pink mustache on
*or you can have fun and buy a pair of SUN-STACHES, the moustache glasses I have on!
*tell all your friends to get "stashy" with it and be a part of the mustaches with a message movement!

Let's see what kind of mustache change we can make on facebook and twitter, or anywhere else you have a profile pic..and share the reason for the stash!

MUSTACHE or MOUSTACHE twirling.... kandee

PS. I know we all know someone in our family and friends that has or has had cancer...I hope there is a cure for every kind of cancer, and we don't have to lose anyone to any cancer anywhere in their bodies, baby, child, man or woman...let's help bring every kind of awareness we can! My love, hugs, and encouragement and prayers to everyone enduring any kind of cancer right now. I love you and send hugs to your heart right now!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday Favorites & Random pics from my phone

1. This picture was created by Alani, to be me (which I think she did a great job, feather earrings, cut up t-shirt, dark hair, fun necklace, grey-taupe smoky eye) on one of my fav phone apps: Pretty Make Up

2. I like that I had a star shaped jewel stuck on the bottom of my shoe after I went to film a video in my "creative wonderland" room where I film and have all my craft goodies. PS. If you wanna know where I got the leopard rug CLICK ON THIS

3. I don't drink coffee but I do  love the  (sans coffee) "White Hot Chocolate" (with coffee its called a White Chocolate Mocha) you can get at Starbucks and right now while they are pouring up holiday flavors....I like the Hot Peppermint Chocolate (again a special, "can I have that without coffee in it-request)! Rumpa-pum-yum!
4. That I saw this hot pink Hello Kitty Microwave at Target!

5. This video is my favorite of the week, well so much so that it was the only video I uploaded. This is not just a before and after, make-over, just watch and see what I mean...

And last but not least, my favorite quote of the week:
"I don't know the key to success, but they key to failure is trying to please everybody."- Bill Cosby

and I'm pretty excited to see The Muppets this week! hee hee

hugs from my heart to yours and a little mug of hot chocolate filled with whipped cream, your friend kandee

10 signs to know you're dating the wrong guy

1. When you go to Starbucks and he tells you the girl working there, "is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen"...and you are not the girl who works at Starbucks.

2. After dinner he makes no attempt to pay for the bill, or thank you after you sign your name on the restaurant copy of the receipt, hoping at some point he's going to stop you and at least offer to pay for his stupid steak.

3. When you go out with your best male gay friend and the male you are on a date with, and you return from the ladies room to see both males you came with kissing each other. Awkward and wrong on multiple levels. Level 1, because I was supposed to be on a date with a guy that was supposed to want to maybe only kiss me at the end of the night and level 2 because, whether you're gay, straight, or should not kiss your friend's date...ever.

4. When you realize he can spend so much time with you because he doesn't have a job. And perhaps this and sign #2, go hand in hand.

5. When he continues to call you Michelle all the time, and that's not your name. But it IS, the name of his ex-girlfriend, you find out later.

6. When you wonder why he's been acting differently, and you read an article in the local newspaper  about an artist couple working on a project together and realize the guy in the relationship, is the same guy that was just telling you how much he loved you and that you were his "dream girl", but has lots of dream girls and apparently now loves someone new, without telling you.

7. When you're dating a guy that takes more time getting ready than you do. Unless you recently chopped off all your hair and are taking a sabbatical from makeup.

8. When after you've been dating for months and he still has pictures of his ex up and even his goofy friends ask why he still has those pictures up.

9. When the guy your dating tells you he's never dated a girl "your size" or "as big as you are", before. *please note his many apologies years later, followed by the "you were the best thing in my life" story. Uh huh.

and finally....

10. When you are at a New Year's Eve party, you go to get some food for you both and return to see him kissing another girl.  And A: is wasn't his mom, and B: if it was his mom, he wouldn't kiss her like that, I hope. And C: it wasn't even midnight.

If you've experienced any of those's time to say, "Breaklights. I'm out!".....

and yes, if you were thinking these are too ridiculous....
yes, I would agree, so ridiculous that, that is why I'm not dating any of them anymore.
I was funny looking back at all these awful dates or relationships...and what was once my high school heartache, is now years later...pretty ridiculously funny!

PS...this post was supposed to make you laugh and/or feel better, or that you are not alone in dating a bunch of guys that could use a course in manners, kindness and morals, and maybe how to be nice and chivalrous. Ha ha ha

What was one of your "signs your dating the wrong guy" signs?

Friday, November 18, 2011

How Do I Look: Before & After Make-Under

BEFORE         &          AFTER

I found some more pictures to show you guys one of the make-overs from show, How Do I Look, hosted by Jeannie Mai, but allowed me and super-hairstylist, Kim Vo to join her on her cross-sountry make-up extravaganza! I did the make-up, and watching her transform into the gorgeous mom, her son was so proud of, was so fun!
In case anyone didn't get the Style Channel, now you can see the another one of the BEFORE & AFTERS!

This was more of a make-under. She was such a beautiful mom and woman...we wanted to bring the attention back to her beautiful face and kind smile.

Kim Vo, hair stylist to the stars, colored at cut her a new wig- she had shaved her head because it was easier to wear underneath all the wigs she loves to wear.
Me and Kim hanging onto the side of a Fire Truck as we screeched to a halt, when we surprised her at her house...her hubby was a fireman, hence the fire engine! ha ha ha
Her make-over was so awesome, to see how pretty and confident she felt, and how much her kids loved her new look.
 Her sweet teenage son, looked like he was going to cry when he saw his mom. He said before he wanted to cry because of how he was embarrassed by her "revealing outfits"...and now he just thought she looked so beautiful! It was so precious to see the love for his mom.

Hope you liked seeing this before and after, that maybe some of you didn't get to see! I wish I had a hot pink fire truck to ride to everyone's house that wanted a make-over...hee hee

huge hugs and happy friday, kandee

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's a Heel Condom, you ask?

So you've got a pair of shoes, er I mean, heels that you want to jazz up...spice things up for your feet....
enter the HEEL CONDOM....
ok, I think I could've come up with a better name like Heel Dazzles, or Heelery (like jewelry)...(and yes, I realize it was part of their marketing gimmick)...but I do love the "heel condoms" themselves...
See the BEFORE...plain old high heel.
and AFTER....conversation starting shoe wonders!
*and I think this particular turquoise blue suede shoe is the same one I bought, but haven't really worn, from Jessica Simpson (word to the wise: they are cute, but extremely uncomfortable and the dye in these makes them smell disgusting)
I am kinda in love with this orange number!
It's like sassy flamenco dancer meets Irregular Choice!

 How amazing are these black with the white beads....they look so old Hollywood glam to me! Lovable!
and ofcourse, who doesn't want to take their heels on a walk to the wild side!

and yes, I get it, you're protecting the "heels" of your shoes...but I still think the name should be more "glamtastic"....ha ha ha ha

You can check out all the different styles of "heel condoms" at:

next if someone could just make a heel that was a comfy as a running shoe... our kandee 
(that hardly ever wears heels, but feels fancy when I do)

PS. can you think up a different, brilliant name for these beauties, beside Heel Condoms? I can't wait to read your comments on this one!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kan-Deesign Ideas: Which celebrity dining room style do you love?

Since the holidays are about to hit a dining table near us...
It got me thinking about dining room table decorations and style.....
take a peek into dining rooms and see which one matches your style?

1. Betsey Johnson
Glamorous, Girly with a hint of Vintage
~turns out I not only love her clothes, but ofcourse I would also love her home design choices too! I  hear ther pink walls, chandeliers, black and white rug, and those chairs are vintage-tastic!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow
Modern, Chic, Clean, with a hint of Feminity
I love the light and simple look, but my fav parts are the delicate pink color dishes and glassware, and whatever that pink branch light is- I love it!

3. Sharon Osbourne
Glamorous, Traditional with a twist, just lovely!
Anytime I see a chandelier I'm in love. I love mirrored furniture, even if it's nearly impossible to keep fingerprint free, and that gentle shade of robin's egg blue with the cream and white is just lovely.

4. Meg Ryan
Simple Chic
I really love the house, look at all those windows and the beautiful light! I love that metal FLOWERS sign, the cool light bulb lighting and the white slipcovered chairs look so comfy!
Now these are not celebrity dining rooms but I love them anyway:
All White & Chic Dining Room
I love the the table, chairs, that giant mirror on the. Chandeliers- what more need I say.

Colorful Dining Room
Graphic, Modern with a Punch of Color
I love the graphic black and white zig zag rug, the turquoise curtains, and yellow is my other so I love those yellow dining chairs!

Which one was your favorite?
I kinda wann throw them all into a blender...and have them all as a dining room smoothie! ha ha ha
It would be deliciously decadent, glam and girly!

pink walls and fun chairs, your kandee
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