Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kan-Deesign Ideas: Which celebrity dining room style do you love?

Since the holidays are about to hit a dining table near us...
It got me thinking about dining room table decorations and style.....
take a peek into dining rooms and see which one matches your style?

1. Betsey Johnson
Glamorous, Girly with a hint of Vintage
~turns out I not only love her clothes, but ofcourse I would also love her home design choices too! I  hear ther pink walls, chandeliers, black and white rug, and those chairs are vintage-tastic!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow
Modern, Chic, Clean, with a hint of Feminity
I love the light and simple look, but my fav parts are the delicate pink color dishes and glassware, and whatever that pink branch light is- I love it!

3. Sharon Osbourne
Glamorous, Traditional with a twist, just lovely!
Anytime I see a chandelier I'm in love. I love mirrored furniture, even if it's nearly impossible to keep fingerprint free, and that gentle shade of robin's egg blue with the cream and white is just lovely.

4. Meg Ryan
Simple Chic
I really love the house, look at all those windows and the beautiful light! I love that metal FLOWERS sign, the cool light bulb lighting and the white slipcovered chairs look so comfy!
Now these are not celebrity dining rooms but I love them anyway:
All White & Chic Dining Room
I love the the table, chairs, that giant mirror on the. Chandeliers- what more need I say.

Colorful Dining Room
Graphic, Modern with a Punch of Color
I love the graphic black and white zig zag rug, the turquoise curtains, and yellow is my other so I love those yellow dining chairs!

Which one was your favorite?
I kinda wann throw them all into a blender...and have them all as a dining room smoothie! ha ha ha
It would be deliciously decadent, glam and girly!

pink walls and fun chairs, your kandee


Anonymous said...

I think I like Gwyneth Paltrow's room design. I like modern yet classy and chic. Kandee, could you please do some new eye makeup tutorials. Not like the crazy, Halloween ones- but eye makeup for everyday. :) Thanks! Love you Kandee! Best makeup artist ever! :) God bless! PS: Little cupcake is adorable!!!

Karen said...

I love the femininity of Gwyneth Paltrow's dining room and the simplicity of Meg Ryan's :-)

<3 Karen from

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please start fancy makeup tutorial for Christmas

Leah LasVegas said...

I love the colorful dining room ❤

Iriatai said...

I like the first one

Anonymous said...

I love sharon osbourne's dinning room and the all white one! beautiful, and would deff be the style i would want my home one day :)

Thanks for the nice posts u put every day Kandee love ya

Caryn alonso

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