Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make-Up Make-Over

A Makeup Make-Over
 BEFORE          and           AFTER
Francis, is a hard working, 39 year old, single mom....who deserves a make-over to look rested and feel beautiful for all she does. She is already beautiful and since I've thought she looked like J-Lo since I first met her, I asked her to pick out her favorite Jennifer Lopez makeup look to do for her.

Here's a list of what I used to get Francis's J-Lo glow:

COVER FX Skin Prep Primer (great for making your skin look younger and pretty much perfect!)

L'Oreal Tru Match Liquid Foundation

RCMA professional make-up conealer palette- Slim black palette

L'Oreal Translucent Soft Focus Mineral Face Powder


Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in Silver Spoon

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in Rockstar (a dark plum color)

Urban Decay 15 Year Palette (  I used HALF-TRUTH, a smokey grey plum purple and CHASE a gold shimmer)

MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Divine (a silver-grey blue color)

And finally individual lashes...I used Ardell Individual Duralash Starter kit like this:


I showed 2 options~both a warm spice nude color:
drugstore lipliner  - Maybelline Lipliner in Toast
I used

Urban Decay Lip Liner in Wallflower

Nude Rose color Lip Junkie Lip Gloss from Urban Decay in Naked

Oh and my COOL LIP-SHAPED makeup mixing palette I used in the video is from: www.crystalpowder.com

Now let's get watchin' a fun make-over with a beautiful woman that I just made feel a little extra beautiful...I love watching her look at herself and smile at the end!
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huge hugs and always amazed at the power of a little make-up to add to the sparkle of a woman's own natural beauty.... your kandee


Lynn said...

After you showed her the lashes and she saw how she looked she was so cute and happy.
Did you use a highlighter on her? My phone kept skipping so I wasn't sure.

She's beautiful and I wish I could have a make over haha

Anonymous said...

Aw her reaction was So sweet, she really loved it. That is so wonderful that she takes care of those People of unfortunate accidents. And she works night and day! How does she get any sleep?! People like her should get commended And recognized for the hard work she does, taking care of these children and adults with not only injured bodies but injured lives. It is amazing that she can tell when they are happy, i hope she knows how special she is. What a beautiful person.

Reem said...

Ive been watching and learning from u Kandee for about a year. .... but this is the first time I actually post on ur blog :))) I felt like I had to cuz ur Sooooooooooo Amazing and Talented :) the look seen in this ladie's eyes, & the others as well, shows how much changed inside her not just out :') the glow on her face is not just makeup, it's astonishment, amazement & love <3

Ur just sooo filled with love & kindness & beauty that could fill the whole world & moree :)) <3 I Adore You <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that she was able to see the potential that she has as a person- she really deserves it :) you are so inspiring and I love this look, and she deffinently did too :) not many people get this opportunity to reveal their true beauty. you helped to prove that EVERYONE is beautiful inside and out, no matter what. thank you kandee for all you do, you are AMAZING and i love you and your work! <3
with love,
Kara. a fan of yours <3

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