Monday, November 7, 2011

Eyelid tape: crazy or "amazey"?

 before                          after
before                        after

I've been asked this for years?
"is there anything to help droopy eyelids"
"what can I use? I have no eyelid?"
"I want my eyes to look bigger or more open...."

Well I've known all kinds of different thing people do to "lift the eyelid area"...
but last night when I had the tv on....I saw a commercial with the craziest before and afters (you know how I love before and afters).....
and it was crazy!

The commercial I saw was for Dream Look Eye lifts....! It made me want to buy them right then! ha ha, and I don't even need them myself!

I know this idea isn't new...but when I went to read my comments on my blog and someone asked about "droopy lids", I just had to share this for anyone that might want to try.

HOW IT WORKS: A little thin strip of adhesive tape is applied to the deepest fold of the crease in your eye...sticking some skin to it and providing an "insta-lid-lift". The testimonials say they don't feel a thing, just like wearing eyeshadow. Hmmm I'll have to try it.
But this could be a great alternative to surgery. This might be the most popular item to buy before your 20 year high school reunion is all I'm sayin!

Here's some cheaper ones I found when I was trying to find the name of the eyelid commercial I saw:

Eye Charm Eye Charm-Double Eyelid Tape (50 pairs for less than 5 bucks!)

What do you think? Would you guys give these babies a try?
I wonder if they make for saggy necks or boobs...ha ha ha
love and "youth tape"....Kandee


suplols said...

These are very popular in Asian communities where they have monolids. another popular thing to use is a small bit of eyelash glue. i found these when i was going through my phase of thinking i had droopy lids x

Yadi said...

Actully they make them for saggy boobs they are called "Sin Bra"

Raceya said...

I am sooo getting these! I'll let you know! Thanks Kandee!

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