Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bridal Make-Up Must Have!

are you always a bridesmaid or maybe now the bride?!?
second in importance to a little box with a ring....is a big box full of wedding make-up (or ANY day) perfection!
the URBAN DECAY Urban Bride "box o' wonders"...
is the perfect gift for a bride or any girl that is single-and-proud and just wants this awesome set!!!
the good you get:
• Razor Sharp Ultra-Definition Finishing Powder to diffuse lines for a flawless airbrushed look.
(I used this on all the make-overs for the tv show I just worked on, How Do I Look. It's translucent so it goes on everyone from pale to dark skin!)
• Urban Decay’s best-selling original formula Eyeshadow Primer Potion (full-sized)
*Supercurl Curling Mascara to keep her eyes looking fresh. -I love this and have used this while I was traveling with the show doing make-up.
• Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy to give bare and lightly colored lips a sensual, come-hither shine or electrify darker lipcolor with more texture.
• All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to ensure her look stays put for 16 incredible hours.
• Marshmallow Sparkling Lickable Body Powder - I guess is more for the honeymoon. But for me, maybe I'll just pour it on top of my ice cream! ha ha

Check this deal out: each thing you get comes out to be only about $7! The whole set is $42...
awesome deal that's the same prices as drugstore make-up!

 This is a beautiful deal though for any girl...ring or not!

wedding cake....your kandee

PS Click HERE if you want to see some a wedding make-up tutorial!

Monday, May 30, 2011

How to hide a ZIT!

No one likes to wake up to a red zit, pimple, blemish....that has just landed on your face!

And since tons of people have asked me how to hide them...from guys to girls!

Here's a quick and easy way to prefectly hide those bad boys until they've decided to take a hike!

NOTE: this tutorial was made to show even guys (who've requested this video) how to conceal a blemish...so I show how to do it with NO MAKE-UP on...
if you are a girl and wear foundation:

if you use any product with Salicylic Acid (which kills bacteria which causes the blemish) dab that on the zit before you put anything on it...it will be killing the bacteria and starting the "blemish-be-gone-ness" to go to work!
Wallet friendly way to zap zits:
ELF ZIT ZAPPER (it's only about a $1)

What I've used for years:
I've used this since I was a teenager, and it's only about $10...but worth every dollar because it gets rid of blemishes, in what seems like just hours or over night! I love this stuff!

Now get ready to hang out with me and watch how to cover a zit so no one sees it hanging out on your face...ha ha ha!

In the video I suggest a yellow or golden colored concealer for light skin and more golden orange-y colored concealer for darker skin. Some people have heard that that you need to use a green concealer to cover red blemishes, BUT it can make a blemish look worse...because you'll get the green tones around the redness which will make it look more red. A good concealer in the same tone will DO EXACTLY that...CONCEAL BABY CONCEAL! So some of the "old make-up rules" don't apply to the what the new and amazing concealers can do!
My personal fav concealers for blemishes and acne are:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's not just poop! Don't MISS OUT!

Have you visited Opportunity lately?

Opportunities come into our life all the time...and sometimes we think they are problems...
but little do we know how they are opportunities disguised and problems!

You have to make the most of opportunities that come your way quickly. Sometimes God lets and opportunity come into our lives, and if we don't act on it...we miss it.

Sometimes we look at our opportunities and think.."OH NO! This looks like a big mess! Like a big pile of poop! Lots of heartbreak, sadness or loss!"...
BUT really, if we'd look closer, be quiet...and not go calling everyone we know to complain about it....in that stillness you will see the opportunity!

Whether your heart feels broken because someone you love has hurt you, left you or cheated on you...
this could actually be a BIG OPPORTUNITY to get out of and away from a BAD relationship....and time to be free to find someone that would never imagine hurting you in ANY way!

Maybe you've lost your job! This is how so many success stories have begun, people had no where to go and nothing to lose but to start a business or finally go after their dream career. When you're at the bottom...sometimes it's the best place because you won't worry about falling on some branches when you're somewhere in the middle...and you will BRAVELY and FEARLESSLY go after something with URGENCY because you have to. If you were making good money at a job, you might take your time and wait too long to start!
Remember: sometimes man says "YOU'RE FIRED!"....but that's right when God says, "NOW, I can HIRE YOU for something even greater!"

Don't let the LAND of EXCUSES cause you to lose your map to OPPORTUNITY TOWN!

I know of more people, who the world considered handicapped, that DO MORE than "capable-bodied" people ever even think of doing!

These so called "handi-capped" people don't let anything, any excuse stop them from anything.
Nick  Vujicic was born without arm and legs and has accomplished more than people who have 2 more arms and legs than he needs to do anything!

watch this amazing video to encourage you....you have everything you need and nothing to feel bad about!
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

And don't worry about the "critics"...from stangers to ones you love come out of the woodwork and offer their "free opinion" about you or your situation.

People who don't dare go after anything in their own lives...have all the free time in the world to offer their opinion, criticism, and discouragment. Don't waste your time listening to them...you have a big, bright future to go after!

People always have bad things to say about someone who's doing something with their life. And it infuriates so called "highly intelligent" or educated people to see someone that isn't as "smart" or educated as they are doing greater things, inventing more amazing inventions, and being successful at anything.

Be an opportunity seeker...hunt for giant "diamonds of opportunity" in what feels like a big pile of poop that just landed in your life!

And remember:
the most beautiful flowers grow out of the most stinky, manure!

Start looking for the diamonds of hope today no matter how awful the package looks that just showed up in your life!

And remember, God sends us opportunities.....we have to take them or the opportunities are going to set sail without us!

Get out your map to OPPORTUNITY TOWN.....huge love and diamond hunting...your kandee

Please feel free to pass this on, post this, share this with anyone that could use a little encouragement right now...and send a little more hope out into the world!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to add a cool twist to your nails!

No these are not Lakers nails! ha ha
it just so happened after I polished my nails like this I thought, "oh NBA nails!" they are the Lakers (basketball team) colors!

-easy peezy - just pick one nail to paint a  different color!

You can use any color & polish you fancy. I liked this yellow and purple (they are complimentary on the color wheel, so they look goooood together.)

Different finishes are fun to mix too...
the yellow is a metallic-matte cream color and the purple is a shiny, glossy finish.
*it's fun to use a silver or gold for your accent finger too!

For the actual polish I used: it was from Migi Nail Art
(the purple and bright yellow)

get creative and do something a little different today....
huge love a fun nails....kandee

Friday, May 27, 2011

Glitter Eyes for gorgeous Miss USA!

Me and the beautiful (and sweet...and funny) Miss USA, Rima Fakih...
who is the first Arab-American (she is Lebanese) Miss USA!
I told her she looks like a brown-haired Barbie!
 oh my crown!!! Please just look at our favorite part that was not just the crown....but the amazing piece art that encases the crown! I liked the case as much as the crown.
 Rima let me wear her Miss USA crown! I was so afraid it was going to fall off my head I kept holding it on with my hand. The crown is worth more than anything I own, have or could ever pay for! ha ha
some of the make-up goodies I used...(Rain Cosmetics...the blue boxes in the back, is the official make-up for the Miss USA pageant...didn't film the part where I'd use those though! Maybe next time!)
for the part I filmed to show you...the Glitter Eye part...
1. NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Ocean Breeze ($6) - I love all the colors in this palette! It is so fun...I suggest using the brush and applicator that come with it, because it went on the best with those.

2. Urban Decay Deluxe (purple) Eyeshadow in Ransom ($18) - the pigment color is out-of-this world!!!I don't have any purple shadows that come close to this!

3. I used the Urban Decay Black Liquid Liner in Perversion ($18)

AND the 2 PAIRS of lashes I applied were:
- a full strip lash (I did have to trim it to fit Rima's eyes) for a full thick look

then I glued on top of those...
#2. URBAN DECAY FALSE LASHES in LURE (on of my favorite pairs...I'm wearing these in the video too!)
- these give the most beautiful long-winged look to the eyes for a glammy and gorgeous look! I heart these so much!
PS. If you buy a pair, you can use them again and again! Just carefully remove glue when it gets to clumpy!

1. LIPLINER- I used a pink liner from URBAN DECAY in WICKED
looks a little somethin' like this:

2. then I applied a pretty fuschia-hot pink shimmer lip color from the Mini Lip Palette #2 from Kryolan (palette LMP #111). It looks like this:
I got mine at www.naimies.com, it was around $25. And you get so many colors that are pigmented really well!

She is amazing and I had such a good time with her...
Oh and for the exciting part of this year's MISS USA she told me about!
WE GET  TO VOTE for MISS USA...yes you and me get to VOTE...all American Idol style! Isn't that fun!?!
click here to cast your VOTE:

Now come have some fun with me and Rima...and watch as I add some fun dazzle to her beautiful Arabic eyes! (I filmed some more with Rima, so just keep an eye out for the rest..she is so great!)
You can follow her on twitter (I do!) @OfficialRima

Now come have fun and learn some glitter eye tricks....

fancy crowns and even sparklier eyes...your kandee

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What happens to make-up when you fly:

I've been on over 10 flights in the last 2 and a half weeks....
and nothing has happened to my make-up.
I carefully wrapped all my palettes...packed everything safely in my Zuca Bag.

And on the very last flight home.....
then and only then, does my make-up forever HD foundation blow up in my make-up bag! ha ha ha
Good thing ZUCA compartment bags have a plastic lining! Now I just need to clean of all all my other bottles and containers that got a little foundation on em...
they just need a little eyeliner and lipgloss and they are ready to go! ha ha ha
huge love and make-up remover....your kandee

Someday I will do a video on traveling with make-up...since I've gone all over the world with mine! ha ha (and this was my first crazy foundation explosion!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Say HELLO to the chain earring!

 I la-la-la love this earring chain....
I saw a girl in NYC wearing one a couple years ago....
and it finally made it's way to LA!
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: (what I wore to film a scene the other day)
My kimono from a vintage store (the arm is falling off but I'll sew it back on! ha ha)
*I've been collecting kimonos from thrift stores for a long time, I love them!
Black leggings
Black tank dress
Black "vintage-y looking platform shoes (from Steve Madden)
and my cool chain earring (I got it as some store on melrose, for cheap, but I can't remember the stores name)

kimonos hugs and chain earrings....your kandee

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Are you ready for a new hair style?
want some more edgy, creative hair?
want a fresh new color for summer?
some highlights to brighten up your face?
a new sassy cut to give you a boost?

My adorable friend, Bethanie who is an awesome hairstylist in Orange County (Southern California area)... has offered an amazing deal for all Kandee friends and family...
(since so many people have asked about her haircut and color and my mom's hair which she cut into her super cut new do'!)
Bethanie is offering a FREE haircut with any hair color service
(I think the hair color costs about $100....)
THAT IS AN AWESOME DEAL..to get hair color and a cut for around a $100 is super awesome!
A $70 value!
To book an appointment and they will fill up redonkulously fast...

Bethanie is so fun and cute...and does amazing haircolor and cuts for guys and girls.
My sister and I both agreed (and my sister is hard to please in the haircut department) that Bethanie gave my mom the cutest haircut she's EVER had!!!

If you're in the southern California area or are visiting...call Crew Salon right away to try to get in with Bethanie as soon as you can...and tell her Kandee said hi!

And a huge thanks to Bethanie for loving the Kandee Family! I heart you Bethanie!

huge love and fancy new hair, your kandee

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wanna get whiter teeth at home in 2 little hours!?!

 Whiter Teeth in  2 hours... no joke!
(these pictures were not retouched in any way....before was taken in the morning
after was taken 2 hours later)

Ok, so a few videos ago I showed you the Crest White Strips and I said I got em at Walmart and would do a review...
so here it is finally!

And I will say....I was seriously impressed!
Whiten your teeth while watching a movie...or a few of my videos! (ha ha ha)
I used the Crest 3D White 2-Hour Whitestrips...
Don't worry folks...Crest didn't pay me a penny to tell you how much I love my new whiter, brighter....
yellow teeth-fighter gleaming smile!

I used to love the PlusWhite (just 5 minutes), but I heard they changed their formulation and it's not as effective any more...that makes me kinda sad cause' I used it forever!

Now aim the whites of your eyeballs at this video and get ready to watch some teeth whitening take place.....

saying good bye to my yellow-tinted teeth...your kandee with the whiter smile

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Melrose on a Saturday...went a little somethin' like this:

 who: me and Cosmo (at his store Flasher on Melrose)

why: I had to return the painful red shoes I bought
(as far as shoes go..I aim for comfort...and hope they are cute! the only thing cute about those red shoes was the strawberry shortcake red color my feet were after putting them on for just a few minutes!)

FYI: for some reason the angle of this picture makes me look much "fitter" than I am in real life... I love it! ha ha ha
what the melrose do I have on? 
(random side note: i think I saw a picture of Ke$ha wearing the american flag shirt next to me at Coachella)
Good ol' leopard print bargain leggings from Old Navy
Black tube dress from American Apparel that I cut and wear as a skirt
Old skool Madonna print shirt
Black wedges that hurt so bad I had to put my flip-flops on shortly after this picture was taken...
One silver hoop earring and one dangly chain and pearl earring...I think I got at Claire's

Beware of shops on Melrose...
most stores on Melrose sell the same stuff, one store will sell a shirt for $75 then 2 stores down the same shirt for $19...I'm not even joking! The same pants were selling for $80, I saw across the street for $39!
some stores seem to ALWAYS be "Going Out of Business" and having crazy deals! ha ha ha

huge love and still painful feet....your kandee

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Melrose, Miss USA & Me

 Where: Flasher (I went to see Cosmo from this video, click here)
I did not have enough clothes for this show...I needed another outfit, so I went to see my friend Cosmo at his other store FLASHER on Melrose. He is the one that made my awesome tutu outfit and he is so fun and gave me some clothes! He's so amazing and hilarious!
 Me and the famous Cosmo! We raced through a few vintage stores on Melrose, but some of the prices are a little crazy...$100 for an old t-shirt I can get at a thrift store near me for like $2! Didn't buy any of those!
then we raced back to the hotel....Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was coming to my hotel room for me to do her make-up! I tried to film it to show you guys in a video (we'll see how it came out!)...it was the fastest make-up ever! And I got to do a mini-interview too!!!
OH MY CROWN! I got to wear the MISS USA CROWN!!!!
And she said we looked like sisters! I was so honored!!!
She invited me to the Miss USA pageant and to do her make-up there, too!

Then I had to hurry and leave to get to the location for the filming of How Do I Look!
Got back late...ate a waffle from the crepe place (their crepes weren't so great)...
got in jammies tried to reply to a few people online and fell asleep...

and now I'm awake typing you all!
huge love and sparkly crowns....your kandee

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just another day...riding a dragon.

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's a flying dragon with people on it!
This was so much fun...my kind of ride...man-powered. The guy that made this, just pushes you. No crazy roller coasters...me  no likey the roller coasters! 
This was our day filming for How Do I Look, on the Style channel.
Please tell me how much you love that, celebrity stylist, Kim Vo, is the only one riding it backwards!
(just moments before I looked a little something like this: www.kandeeland.com)
 And here's my "guy-twin"....ha ha ha ha Just kidding, it's just my cousin, Josh, but we do look quite similar in this picture! And I look redonkulously tall in by "wedge-forms" (platform + wedges = wedge-forms)! He and my aunt came to visit while we filmed.

Wait til you see what I'm doing today!!! I can't wait to show you guys...all I can say is:
I get to do make-up and meet Miss USA, Rima Fakih!
huge love and off to get ready....
wedge-forms and hugs...kandee

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to get GREEN (glitter) eyes!

 I always wanted green eyes, like my dad's...
but I've just had to settle for green eyelids! ha ha ha
So here's how I decorated my eyes yesterday!
(PS. do not mind my crazy lion hair I was trying to control....i was in jammies just about to washey-poo my face!)
 i love how you can see the stretched out bath scrubby, I blogged about yesterday in the background!

NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Ocean Breeze ($6)
 I used the top kind turquoisey color.
 then I packed on top of it....the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow ($18)
in this awesome green color, called GRAFFITI
then I lined under the eye with electric blue liquid liner from NYX in Extreme Blue ($4.50)

and you too can have greeny-glitter eyes....
winks, blinks and lots of hugs...your kandee

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever Wonder What A....

.... "bath scrubbie thing" looks like when it's had a long day! ha ha ha
(Do you feel like this picture!? ha ha...thanks God that we have new days with fresh new "scrubbie's" every day....) If you feel like this...exhausted, over-worked, your emotions feel like they've been stretched beyond repair...know that unlike plastic...our joy and happiness can be renewed each day! No matter what is going on in your life, sadness, hurt, grief, heart break....
there is a new day with new hope and new joys waiting for you...look for the beauty in small things, the sunset...a pretty flower...the dreams in your heart~
no matter how far you feel from your dreams..never, ever give up!
You may have to go to, what feels like the "dream wilderness", the longest route possible....in order to find way there!
*So it took moving to the middle of no where to meet your soulmate.
*You had to lose your job in order to "force" you to start working or making the thing you love doing, because now you have time to focus on it!
*you've been abandoned, broken up with, cheated on or left alone...they could be the very reason and guiding "star" to guide you and get out of the way, from the person who will truly love you and never hurt your heart like that

I had a long "stretched-out" day too
it felt like we flew all over the place...
 very turbulent flight (I never like it when the pilot tells the flight attendants to take a seat!) all the way to LA.

off to eat and get ready....
huge hugs and stretched out bath scrubbies...(ha ha ha)
your kandee

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Do I Harrisburg!?

 yesterday...at the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania taping of How Do I Look...
with Kim Vo and host Jeannie Mai...
(i have the same Hot Pink shoes that were $10, that I got at Charlotte Russe and wore the the Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Red Carpet thing. Shirt and satin pants are from Zara- gotta love cheap and fun!)
 it was so awesome to meet everyone that came to let me hug them and say hi!!!
 Jeannie taking pictures with fans...and me saying hi to the beautiful Lisa!
 Hugging gorgeous lil Talia and it was her mama's "the birthday girl" made me cry with the love she poured into my heart!
 me and Sandra...who drove 10 hours from Florida (where we just were)...to come and let me hug her too! Her make-up was beautiful and so was her awesome cupcake and carebear tattoos (I blogged about them on my www.kandeeland.com bloggy)
I LOVE being able to meet people..it is so incredible to share the love with someone that you shared loved and hope only through the computer or videos....
I wish I could meet every single person....
I think I'll be doing a meet up at the LA taping for How Do I Look, too! (maybe tuesday I think!)

we just landed back in LA....
huge huge love to everyone that came to Harrisburg....and huge love to anyone I'll see in LA!
off to eat because I'm starving....hugs from LA, kandee

Monday, May 16, 2011

How Do I Look?..in Pennsylvania!

Look who got to ride on a Fire Engine?
yes, lil ol' me!
 I'm a working on the Emmy-Nominated show, How Do I Look?...with one of the most amazing crew and cast.....
here I was yesterday in my awesome, but pretty uncomfortable shoes (by Steven Madden)...
we are in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
and it's so beautiful here.....here are some pictures I took from the Van on the way to our location yesterday...

if anyone want to come say hi and meet me or Jeannie Mai the host of the show, and Kim Vo (uber A-List celebrity hair stylist) come to the filming tonight at 6:30pm at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg, PA!
This show has been so fun...for me to do what I love best....making women feel amazing, boosting their confidence and teaching them how to feel and look their best with  or without make-up!
huge hugs and love....I'm off to go get my make-up on to go start filming for the day!
hugs from Pennsylvania....kandee
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