Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did I find a boyfriend or......

I have a big surprise...for check back later tonight).....
did I:
a) cut all my hair off into a really cute boy hair-cut (again..ha ha ha)!?!
b) did I find a boyfriend?!?
c) am I gonna be on tv!?!
d) something else that I can't mention......

until's some DAILY KANDEE-ness:

let the words that come out of your mouth...encourage, inspire, compliment, and brighten someones day!
When you speak positive words into'll be surprised how it actually "speaks" positivity into your own heart and spirit...
never let a compliment rot in your heart because you felt funny telling someone....
set your compliments free the moment you think never know how many times that person will replay what you said in their mind...and it can really change their outlook on themselves....and their world!!!

Spread compliments, love, and something positive today!!! I'll do it too....let's sweeten up the world!!! can't wait to tell you the surprise.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow! I"m on GLAMOUR magazine's blog!!!!

lookey look! I am so excited!!!!!
I just found out (from Catherine...thank you!!!)) that I was on the GLAMOUR magazine blog today!!! And I'm the little "yellow-ish" image on the beauty button link!!!!


(I didn't even know....I'm glad they used the fun bubble picture, my photographer friend, Ian Ruhter(his profile pic on his blog..has him holding the very Hello Kitty bubble maker we used) took this! thanks ian! so much better than the yellowy one I took myself, below! ha ha ha)

check it out: (in a size you can actually read! ha ha ha)

CYNDI LAUPER!!! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!!

Cyndi Lauper : 80's rocker and icon!
songs that came out of her mouth:
"GIRLS just WANNA have FUN"
"TRUE COLORS" (aka the name of this wig)
Cyndi Lauper, was a like a more colorful version of Madonna - style was the 80's...everyone looked like Cyndi Lauper or Madonna! ha ha ha

me with classic Cyndi Lauper hair and make-up!

this AWESOME piece of wiggery can be bought here:

watch my video for the make-up, wig, and outfit breakdown....I needed way more necklaces! ha ha ha ha

Have a fun day, whether you a girl or boy! ha ha ha (ooooh boy george!!!!!) kisses and wigs....kandee

Monday, September 28, 2009

where is my mind?

despite a sleep diet the equivalent....of sleep anorexia....I am surprised at my "somewhat" functional thought workings....
My mind and heart were both INSPIRED & IGNITED in the right direction....

"as a man thinks, so he is".... (think great & wonderful thoughts about yourself and your life)
"think upon things that are good and pure" (if you do you'll notice how you begin to feel better!)
"whether you think you CAN or you CAN''re RIGHT!" (so decide that you CAN!!!!)

It will feel weird to change your "old" way of will take continual "remindings" get your thoughts back on track...
just like the dialogue that goes on when you break can either be:
"OMG! I will never find a guy/girl better than them!!! I will never be happy without them!!! They are the only one for me!!!!"
(insert crying...not wanting to get out of excitement for living......wanting to destroy whole pints of ice cream!)

OR saying: "There is a reason they are not in my life anymore! The more time I am away, I know I will feel stronger...And I will rejoice that I went through this time of "agony"....when I find the person that will never hurt me... or treat my heart they way I've been treated....I don't deserve that! I am strong....I was made wonderfully on my own...and I will rejoice in my freedom....and eat ice cream only if I really want to! ha ha ha ha

Your thoughts are like the seeds in your garden...whatever they are...they are going to grow into big plants...if you have seed-thoughts of negative, I'm never gonna make it, sarcasm....what kind of flowers are going to grow in the garden of your life, from those seeds?
Today..think about things that are good, positive, hopeful...and if it doesn't fit into those categories......give those thought an eviction notice..TO GET OUT!!!!!!!

You are too wonderful to think un-good thoughts!!!! You are one-of-kind-absolutely-fantastic! Let your thoughts agree with that too, okay?!?
You guys are awesome!!!! I love you to the moon and back...xoxo kandee

Jem - 80's rocker power!!!

real Jem!
Kandee Jem!!
Somewhere right before or after GI Joe and He-Man...was the most awesome 80's cartoon, Jem and The Holograms! It was a Japanese animated cartoon, ran from the mid 1980's...and was rock-tastic!!! (talk about girl power...She-Ra....then Jem!...80's girl power!)

jem's "glamorous & outrageous" make-up!

wining vote goes to......

(check back to see when it's uploaded!!!!)
have a glamtastic day til then!!!!'s more fun to be ridiculous than boring!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Which 80's rocker should win?!?

should it be 80's rocker Cyndi Lauper


80's CARTOON rocker JEM?!?

tell me...and one of these 80's rockers will be rockin' the youtube GLAMEO!!! (aka my "cooler" sounding name for my videos! ha ha ha)

HAVE THE MOST AWESOME DAY!!! vote in the comments! xo kandee

A day in the life of Kandee...

my day went a little something like this...
6:15am - go to bed after editing all night long
7:00 am - Blaker wakes me up for the day
(yes that's 45 minutes of sleep guys!!!!...but don't worry...I got a full 9 hours of sleep last night....more than I've had all week! ha ha ha ha....
READ the REST at my other blog here (if you want:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

POISON IVY Look & video...

this is my favorite look so far......!!!! ( love the the leaves on the face...the crazy wig that I made out of 2 wigs...
(yes that's the same wig from the Jessica Rabbit look ANNNNND the Queen of Hearts (Red Queen) looks I did! ha ha ha (such a deal 3 wigs in one!)
I loved it so much...I was trying to ichat (the application that lets you video-talk..and SEE the other person....i love it!)....with everyone to show sister...said "WHOAAAAAAAA!" soon as she saw me!!! It was hilarious.....
the only time people see me like this (in non-video) is when I ichat! ha ha ha....

I had so much fun doing this look...I can just feel my artsy and creative side igniting with sparks!!! This feels more like art and painting and heart sings out...I love being this creative!!!!
ENJOY...and keep your requests rolling in....
huge love to you all!!!!!!!!!!......poison kandee....hee hee hee

holy hair batman!!!!!

video sneek peak for all you'll be up on youtube a little later.....check back here for all the CLEOPATRA CONTEST RULES!!! yay!!!!

back the saddle....

hi my precious kandeeland family...just wanted to to tell you...I'm back writing my Adventures in Kandee Land here if you want to read "the reality show" of my life....ha ha ha ha

Friday, September 25, 2009

Glameo sneek peak!

ask and ye shall receive...
you say: Cleopatra!
I say: Comin' at ya!

love you all to the moon and back.....your words are like the best chocolatey cupcake to my heart...

check back...glameo will be up in a little...I gotta go sleep (4:17am...editing all night again! ha ha)
OH YEAH...and this video we're going to have a contest get to win a gold head dress like mine...more post!!!!!! (this is a fast contest...ends 10-10-09)
off to my jammies.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Barbie - not just plastic!

(this picture is hilarious!)
(like the barbie hand, hair brushing?!?)
(go go gadget-camera zoom)
Time: 3:54 am
Place: my little, round and black kitchen chair with black & white striped seat
Who: me...still wearing the 80's Jem (and the Holograms) make-up I put on for another costume "glameo".....
What: me tapping away at my think my laptop would've burst into flames by now...poor thing runs non-stop....I edit til 4am...back on this bad boy around 10:30am....and then I'll be exporting on it while I sleep.....

I wanted to tell you how just reading your comments encouraged me so much...that people actually want to hear the words that my heart wants to share....

And a special shout out to LIVELOVELAUGH.....your message brought tears to my eyes.....
and to TIAHNA....oh...same thing.....everyone's comments mean the world to me....!!!

The beauty doesn't lie in a perfect life.....the beauty lies in the places where holes of imperfection have been made....they are like little bowls to hold all the beauty and strength that you gain from all the hardships...

Happiness is quite contagious....let's spread some happiness to at your teacher, give your little ones some extra compliments and lovings....tell your boyfriend/girlfriend they are the best looking thing you've ever seen...when you wake up....hug all the people you love in your house...and if you are by yourself....tell yourself how wonderful I think you are....ha ha ha ha!!!

yes, Barbie was plastic...but she made little girls happy...sometimes the silliest things make up here's to old memories of barbie days...
have the most beautiful your heart...!!!!

here's a little break from your day...with me and Barbie!
enjoy- I hope it puts a smile on your face...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barbie Dream Girl & Your Dream Life

(yes!!! this is the next "glameo" (like a video but glamourous! ha ha ha)

Hi all you beautiful, precious people!!!
Barbie was just a plastic doll...but she had her "dream" everything...dream house, dream car....dream get it!

I want to encourage each of you to listen to the dream inside you...
you are the only one in the whole world with the everything inside you to accomplish those dreams! Whenever you do something you enjoy and know you can be good at're using your gifts! No one else hears the song that plays in your heart like you do...if you ask 2 people to paint the same sky, each one would be unique and different...just like the one-of-a-kind, voice that speaks inside of you....there will never be another have something the world has never seen!
If you feel like you will never accomplish your dreams because:
you're too young or old
you don't have the training
no one else believes in you
you've never told anyone
you're a single mom
you have kids
not out-going enough (I used to be so shy in school!)
a girl or guy (and it's not an area they normally work in)
you don't live where you need to be
you need to make money
you're not seeing the results you want
maybe your heart is frustrated...and you feel like you might as well cry and mourn the death of your dream!
Well I want to tell you.... DARE TO DREAM BIG & BELIEVE...imagine yourself living that life of your the uncomfortable steps to get something worth every ounce of hard work you devote to it!

I've had sleepless nights because I was working so hard (gosh, I was up til 6 am editing my Queen of Hearts video...ha ha ha)...I didn't leave my house for days at a time due to working on my projects...didn't go hang out with friends...
I've made phone calls that made me so nervous
I've asked people questions (about helping me)...that took me so long to get the courage to always was worth it 10 times over!!!!

Here's a quick inspiration:
I have a friend who is a camera man (he is also very young-under 25) ...he called one of the biggest agents for everything in Hollywood (Oprah is with them if that tells you anything)...
he called them everyday...4 times a day, for like 2 months....until they finally sent him the script he wanted (to direct)...(this does not happen normally!)...he got the creators consent...and big name actors want to be in it....
He said..."What do I have to lose!?! All they could say is no.....".....BUT eventually they said yes!

If it feels impossible...know that God specializes in making the impossible...HAPPEN!!!
I am a perfect example...who would've thought a single mom with 3 kids...would be able to take care of her kids....and do what she loves...and become a precious part of people's lives...and encourage them from her little house!?!

I love you and all your precious much...sometimes your comments put the biggest smile in my heart...and sometimes they touch me so much I leak all kinds of tears... thank you for sharing your love with me!!!

Now go out and DREAM BIGGER THAN you EVER HAVE.....decide that nothing is going to stop circumstance.......God loves when you dream, because He put that dream inside you! And he has a track record of making things that looked impossible, become amazingly possible!

I love you dreamer!!! You are fabulous....wonderful...and full of talent waiting to be set free!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The QUEEN OF HEARTS - Alice In Wonderland Make-Up

May I present, Her Royal Highness...the Queen of Hearts!
(this is my version of the Queen of Hearts, played by Helena Bonham Carter, in Tim Burton's, Alice In Wonderland....and her royal make-up!
Video FACTS: stay tuned til the end for a special treat for all of you precious blog-family!!! I heart you- from Kandee of Hearts! (hee hee) I show you how to get rid of your eyebrows - temporarily I used an Elmer's Glue Stick (like 50 cents at the store and a can use a butter knife...I got my spatula at

I was up until 6 am editing this video....I hope you like eyeballs are burning! ha ha ha

ENJOY!!! Have a fantastic day!!! I heart you all!!!!! xo Kandee

Sneek Peak for my blog family!!!

...i am typing while wearing my "fresh-from-the-shower-towel-turban"....
Number of times I washed my face off from this make-up: 76,899

And here for all you precious members of my blog a sneek peek for your lovely eyes....

OF TADA!!!! The Queen of Hearts, from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland....

My version is a big less digitally altered than the movie one (with her abnormally large head...ha ha ha ha)....but I am missing eyebrows! hey now!

I will be working way part my bedtime...editing the video....
huge love and happy day...kandee "the queen"...ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay Brazil!!!

Brazilian things I like: Sambazon Acai Berry Frozen Puree (my friends started the company..and for a short time in Whole Foods in Hollywood, Beverly Hills or San could find me doing Acai demos! (ha ha ha)

Next I like....OGLOBO...the brazilian newspaper that ran a story with me, Lauren Luke, and a couple other Youtube make-up gurus....
KANDEE wo-MAN of mystery...of make-up....(must read that in an Austin Powers kind of way...)
thanks Naima and Alisa for telling about it!!!!

HAve a happy day everyone! REMEMBER: you are more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and loved more than you'll ever know!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp in Alice In Wonderland) Make-Up

and here's Johnny.....
(Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland)

when I was 12...I auditioned for the role of Alice, in Alice In was a musical.
I got the part (insert...YAY!)...I made my outfit...a NEON Alice In Wonderland...3 tiered neon orange, green and pink skirt
neon shirt...neon headband, and some sort of brightly colored footwear, I'm sure....memory is a little hazy...ha ha ha
I sang, I wandered (under pink and orange stage lights)...talked to caterpillar's...
it was fun....every night, I loved it!

My favorite part about make-up, is the art and creative thinking that is involved...
this look was so fun to come up an artist, this is my favorite...really "painting" and "designing" a look...

for the EYEBROWS...I first tried a gigantic pair of fake eyelashes...they looked bad....then I remembered I bought feathers for the Marie Antoinette away I went to glue some feathers for eyebrows....I like the "Artsy" feel that they gave...very ethereal!

may I mention, that I really like Johnny Depp...(even when he was on 21 Jump Street...ha ha ha)

HAIR COLOR TIP: spend an extra dollar and buy the good hair color spray...mine was the store brand (Target, Wal-Mart, etc)....and it stunk, didn't really cover well....spend the extra 75 cents or's worth it!

(before the ceremonial 10 face remove all feather-glue traces...)
watch and enjoy...please feel free to make a video response on youtube if you do this look! I'd love to see!
have a great day...remember "It's NEVER TOO LATE, to be who you might have been"- George Herbert (Julia Child was in her 50's when she started cooking!)
huge smiles, kandee

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sneak peek at Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter....

...kandee style that is....
I'll be working on editing the video nest....this was fun!!! I love these costume looks...
Keep the requests coming...
or VOTE on the next look....
#3. Tinker Bell (in greens)
#5. Cyndi Lauper (80's rocker)
#6. Marie Antoinette
#7. Queen of Hearts
#8. Alice In Wonderland

please feel free to leave other request too...

Jessica Rabbit Make-Up

Think Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Ginger, from Gilligan's Island....and that gives you the famous....JESSICA RABBIT!
She was the love interest of Roger Rabbit (man, I thought I was cool when I could do the Roger Rabbit Dance Move...ha ha ha)
I got a lot of requests for this glam here we go...but here's some pics of me as "Jessica Rabbit"....I loved making this tutorial....this look was so fun! I love the wig so much....! (It is the Veronica one like it CLICK HERE)
Hope you likey!
Yeah I know...and I sing in this video...her Jessica Rabbit song, "Why don't you do right?"....ha ha ha ( that's a special "goofball" treat for you..from me! ha ha ha)
Kandee as Jessica Rabbit

what I used: MAC paintpot primer in SOFT OCHRE (light yellow flesh color) Urban Decay Cream Shadow in DELINQUENT (purple-lilac) MAC D Squared Paintstick in V (dark purple eyeliner) Eyeshadows:
Nude of flesh color & white (MAC- Brule) A light lavender (MAC- Digit & Beautiful Iris)
medium purple (MAC - PURPLE HAZE)
darker purple (MAC- Indian Ink)
lavender shimmer (LARENIM - bedazzled)
Hot Lilac-pinkish-purple (MAC Vibrant Grape)
Black eyeshadow for the eyebrows (MAC- Carbon)
Black eyeliner (NYX pencil in black)
Black Liquid liner (any brand you like)
Black Lashes (Elegant Lashes #705 Black or Ardell #45)
Duo Lash Glue in Dark
Red Lipliner (Sephora #20 Real Red)
Red Lipstick (MAC Russian Red)
White cream base or light concealer (I used Shu Uemura White cream base)

Man, I want to be all glammed up like this everyday! ha ha ha
(but I went to the store right after....and I felt really funny with my fake lashes and red lips inside of Target and the Dollar Store! ha ha ha ha...)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahhhhh before & after of a not-fun-kind!

BEFORE (bad) AFTER (so much better)

I could not wake up one more morning and look at my, bathroom-explosion-o'-make-up...
I don't like seeing too much make-up on counters and I would love if it could all be tucked away, safely inside a drawer...BUT

#1 I have way too much make-up to that (every girls loves this problem...ha ha ha!)

#2 I have little hands in my house that would empty, smear, dump out..any and all things colorful

So finally I spent almost 4, LONG, NOT FUN, hours, organizing, cleaning, and trying to find little storage things to put eyeshadows, lipsticks, name it...away!!!
this was me..hating the cleaning and organizing (2 hours in)

it's a little wouldn't know how much make-up I had to go through....I'd think I was done, and I'd walk into my room and see another bag or box full of make-up...or I'd find my make-up for my kit (the make-up I use on jobs for film or photoshoots, or celeb appearances)...and have to go put that away.....
It's done and I should go buy myself an ice cream! ha ha ha
the one thing that did help....I LISTENED to the KASKADE (dance music) station on PANDORA.... (if you haven't downloaded PANDORA onto your phone or computer...DO IT RIGHT can pick any band or song and they play similar music...I love it!!!! go to, I think....and add KASKADE as a station.....!!!)
happy, awesome day.....kandee
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