Monday, October 31, 2011

Native Comfort: Are you ready to rock the Moc?!?

I am so proud of myself, I made this set  (aka collage) on Polyvore myself, it's so addicting! ha ha ha
If you're on Polyvore too, check my little Polyvore fun HERE
I love everything in this picture, from turquoise fringe purse, to the turquoise rings, all the moccasins, those Isabel Marant tribal pattern white jeans are amazing (FYI, I saw a girl wearing them at Fashion Week...and they are awesome!)...and I love I made this collage myself! hee hee

3 things you may not know about me:

#1. I am part Native American.
#2. I have been in love with moccasins since I was able to walk.
#3. I'd rather have turquoise than diamonds. (But believe me, that sparkly Badgley Mischka Navajo Deco Cuff is quite amazing!)

Now that we have those tidbits of knowledge out of the way...
"tribal" and "native", as every fashion blogger, designer or writer has called it...has been a hit and major influence on runways stores EVERYWHERE... from Tilly's to Macy's and fancy design houses!
(me in my favorite and most comfy Minnetonka Moccasins walked all over NYC with baby and my mom, and not one blister or aching foot! Click here if you wanna read my blog about my baby-adventures in NYC with my moccasins..ha ha ha)

Let me tell you something....moccasins are as comfortable as slippers. And I practically live in mine. Turquoise is beautiful on every skin tone...and I had a friend that used to joke that I preferred "rust and turquoise" to "gold and diamonds"....ha ha ha

My favorite Moccasins are the 5-tiered Minnetonka Moccasins. They are seriously like wearing slippers!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not just a cool way to store you rmake-up...

Like a Seatbelt, no an airbag for your make-up..
I had to take a picture of my palette after it crashed to the floor and not a one of my make-up forever blushes was harmed. I was so excited I instantly thought- this is gonna be my blog post tomorrow! How my make-up survived a fall that should've shattered these babies!

This is my Z Palette holding my favorite make-up forever blushes- which I also use to dab on lipliner to give the ultimate hot pink, hot orange, or red velvet lip color......

I took this picture after my palette took a huge fall onto some stone floor...I thought for sure my blushes were ruined....but I took this picture right after I picked it up because I was so impressed!

I've used these Z Palettes for a long time now...I have so many sizes...full eyeshadow size, this mini size in all different patters and colors, black, pink, leopard print and my fav the zebra palette.

If you guys are looking for a cool way to travel with and store your eyeshadows, blushes, anything that will magnetically stick in these awesome magentic, cushioned palettes....
and the best part is the see-through you can see your color options right away!

If you need or want a palette for your shadows or blushes that's cute, functional, and will help keep your make-up safe....check out the Z PALETTES here: (bonus savings tip: if you LIKE them on facebook you'll save 10%)

so glad my blushes survived their fall and didn't even chip or break anywhere...yay!

animal print palettes and hot pink blush that are not broken- hooray! ... your kandee

Saturday, October 29, 2011

That's what I get for running....

This is me.
 This is me with one of my most treasured necklaces.
 It is a vintage turquoise and silver Squash Blossom...(for anyone not familiar with the squash blossom- it's typically a "southwestern", Navajo Native American necklace with turquoise and silver, there's more to it but that's the speedy description)
It's from New Mexico... I lived in Santa Fe for about a year, like 87 years ago- i know i look good for being over 87 years old...ha ha ha

insert me running to the elevator last weekend at the Beauty Social event....
(me earlier in the day in the elevator..necklace still in one piece)

My precious squash blossom...and the very reason I rarely wear it- it's old and fragile- exploded onto the floor and bounced everywhere!
(me with SquashBlossie-as I call her, at the Betsey Johnson show at NYC Fashion Week)

I was crawling on the ground trying to pick up all the silver beads and pieces....
a man and his wife helped me pick up pieces that bounced like 15 feet away, he moved a planter to uncover tons more beads.....
I thanked them so much....
put all the pieces in the pocket in my purse (where they still are safely waiting)...
and hope i can fix my necklace after I go dust off all my jewelry making tools...
back in the day I had a little jewelry making business...complete with business cards, but then some stores took my jewelry, never paid me and that wasn't fun..but I did make some cool necklaces I wish I still had...

Moral of my story:
Don't run, no matter how much of a hurry you're in, with an old, delicate necklace, it took me longer to pick up all the pieces, than if I had just walked slowly to the elevator!

AND just my like my necklace....because it was broken and shattered into hundreds of pieces...I will now put it back together and make it stronger! That's how we are sometimes...broken and shattered, but after we're put back together we are stronger!

Off to a beard-contest...and no I'm not bet your eyebrows I'll be taking pictures to show show you guys....
kandee and all things broken that will become stronger for it

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feather Flamingo Fantasy Make-Up

 Get ready to shake your eyelash feathers!

Here's a look I did a long time ago and never edited or uploaded!
It is a fantasy make-up look that was inspired by:
marie antoinette period make-up
flamenco dancers
just being creative and inspired by my drawer of craft goodies
here's what I used:
I used any liquid foundation and powder
#2 HOT PINK LIP LINER ~ NYX Lip Liner in Pinky
#3 Pink and Frosty Pink Lip Color ~ Kryolan Mini Lip-Rouge Palette in LP
#4 Frosty Pink Eyeshadow ~ Da Bling eyeshadow from MAC
#5 Matte Milky Pink Eyeshadow- Yogurt Eyeshadow from MAC
#6 White Eyeshadow - Chill or Gesso Eyeshadow from MAC
#7 Hot Pink Feather Eyelashes - I got mine at Walmart but here's some you can find online too!
#8 HOT PINK BLUSH (I used for eyeshadow and blush) ~ any hot pink blush! I used DEEP PINK from MAC, it's a pro color so that means you can't get it at all the MAC stores- me no likey that part, but any hot pink blush will do the job!
#9 BLACK EYELINER ~ any will work, but my fav is SMOLDER from MAC
I also added some green to the outer corners in the picture above and under the eye...I made this video so long ago (and didn't film that part), I have no idea what I used...any green will work!

GOODIES in my HAIR (wig):
I used a 80's style crimped rocker wig that I pinned ud to look more girly
I added green jewels above one eyebrow (from Michaels craft store)
I wrapped my hair in a piece of pink tulle
I stuck gold glitter branches in the wig
A little fake green bird
A Lavender ribbon
I twisted wire into Pink Plastic Diamonds and pinned them in my hair

white vintage-inspired necklace from Forever21
Turquoise Top I got on Olvera Street in LA
Yellow Belt-corset thing I got at Flasher on Melrose
Pink petticoat-tutu I got at Polka Dots & Moonbeams in LA

I had better pic taken of this look, but they got lost, so I don't even remember what shoes I had on! ha ha ha

Hope you guys like this fun fantasy look...
here it is...
an oldie but a goodie!

feathers, flamingo pink, fantasy, fun and flashback video.....
your feather fandee

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crazy Nose Job Alternatives

 As you may know... my nose is not something I am totally in love with.
However, I would never even think about getting a nose job! I can't even watch those shows that show a nose job without feeling like I'm gonna throw up....
And if you are like me...have no fear because... have I found the solution for you!
Some people may call these, crazy Japanese inventions...BUT...
I say, maybe the girls in Japan are about to be the best looking people anywhere! With stuff like these beauty gadgets....say good bye "unhappy with my nose"...and hello "nose love"....
Just clip a butterfly on your nose....and voila! Ok, well I'm not really sure what's supposed to happen..all I know is it comes with a cream called Beauty Nose- need I say more!
nose, I meant, now this thing looks like it needs a bit more explaining since it doesn't come with a cream called "beauty" or "nose" with it...I'm not sure what this is supposed to correct.
all I can access it that something about the UP part might make your nose turn up more....I'm not sure.

If anything, I hope this made you laugh, or at least smile on the inside. Or at least give you hope for your invention plans, that ones like these made it to market!

Sitting here typing and breathing out of my nose that I fear looks too much like my grandma's nose...
the one good thing about my nose is that I can breathe out of it and really that is it's main function anyway...but thanks Japanese inventors for coming up with these things to at least make me smile...because I have no idea where you'd buy one of these babies!
kandee and her nose

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glitter Tattoos!

I got a tattoo!
Ok, so it's just a glitter tattoo, but I love it!

I got my glitter tattoo at the Urban Decay booth at the Beauty Social on Saturday-
in turquoise ofcourse.
*Yes, I have the Starlight Glitter Body Art Kit , that comes with the tattoo stencils
and I talked about it in THIS VIDEO, but I hadn't actually put on one yet! I want to do this everyday now! ha ha ha
(even my mom got one- she loves sparkly things!)

They said it would last 4 days- even in the shower, and thought, "ok, we'll see..."
This is day #5 and I can't believe it still looks this good! This was after showering everyday, holding a baby with this arm and wearing long sleeve shirts that rubbed against it!

so if you want to dazzle up yourself for a few days with some fun glittery tattoos...this is the fun glitter-bomb!

sparkly arms... kandee

PS. would you guys wanna see a video "tutorial" on how to put the glitter tattoos on?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Very First Barbie Commercial

...looked a lil' somethin' like this...

Now, I love Barbie Dolls...they are like little fashion sculptures...
I even have a painting of a 50's Barbie in my house- it's the classic 50's make-up and hair and Barbie- which I love.
People have said, oh this looks like a little Barbie house... I smile..and think, excitedly, "yes my pink couch does look like it's from a Barbie house" and I think about how I never had the Barbie Dream house...but now I have a Barbie "dream couch" ha ha ha

Ofcourse Barbie's proportions aren't real, but she is just a doll. No one has a head as big as Dora the Explorer...ha ha ha, and I have never wanted arms that don't bend or feet that are always ready to go into a high heel. But my favorite part was dressing her up in fun was like a having a little mannequin. My grandma used to sew clothes for my moms Barbies! I wish I still had them!

Well here's a little treat...the first EVER Barbie commercial from 1959....I love the stairs in the commercial too - it was played during the Mickey Mouse Club...

Barbie has inspired everyone from Bob Mackie to Nicki Minaj...!
Who else loved Barbie and/or still does?
Kandee...who wishes I still had my Peaches N' Cream Barbie

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Social Beautiful Weekend!!!

(Me and the fabulous Billy Brasfield aka Billy B on the hot pink carpet. He has amazing creativity and if you don't know his story- it's amazing! Will inspire anyone! I am honored to say I've been to his amazingly decorated home, and have been encouraged by Billy's voice on the phone!)

 The Beautylish Beauty Social was incredible! Like no other Beauty Event anyone had ever been to before!
me with the beautiful singer, (who's opened for Britney Spears and you know her from her on Cobra Starship's hit "You make me feel") Sabi. She is so sweet!

It was like a huge party, girls came alone and left with tons of new friends. People came for beauty and left looking beautiful but most importantly feeling beautiful and inspired and encouraged! I've never been to such a nice, kind and just incredible beauty event like this ever! It was the most glam event, from the hot pink carpet, to the mirrored tabled and modern white leather couches, to the blogger lounge where you could get free wi-fi and a view of the ocean, on hot pink chairs!

They had non-alcoholic, fun drinks at the "mocktail bar", the "beauty bars" inside were pink and silver sparkly walled booths of beauty-wonders like:
*the Fresh Lip Bar- giving lip treatments for the smoothest lips around
*the Benefit Brow Bar- giving girls amazingly shaped eyebrows
*Urban Decay's glitter tattoos and Make-up with Warby Parker Glasses to try on
 (Me above getting my Urban Decay Glitter tattoo)
... my final glitter stars! They are still on and the girls said it they'll last 4-5 days!

*next the outrageous line to get the CND shellac polish manicure- 14 day gel nail polish...I love this! I got turquoise to match my stars! 
 *Wella Braid Bar-  braiding hair in any celeb braid style from Blake Lively to Drew Barrymore
(me with a sleeping baby, getting my hair braided)
*Make-Up Mandy Lashes - the waiting list to get the lash extensions was so long it was crazy!
*Cover FX was doing personalized foundation matching.
*Temptu- was giving their flawless airbrush applications.
*Sugarpill- was adding fun colors to eyelids and eyebrows!
Me with the SugarPill girls....I love everything Amy (on the right) has on, she looks like a little doll!

Sunday, mom went and got her eyes dazzled at the SugarPill booth, too! I just their eyeshadow colors to their hair colors!

On Saturday I raced from the Beauty Social over to the Sephora to meet everyone their for the big Cover FX Flawless Foundation event that was going on that weekend!
 Just some of the amazing people that waited so patiently in line! It was so, so great to get to meet everyone, hug them and share a little love!
(writing a little love note for her on her picture!)
THEN SATURDAY night was the big Beauty Social VIP party...which was so fun, and I normally don't like things like that, I just feel like a nerd and akward ...ha ha ha But everyone was so nice and fun!
 Me with Sabi and her BFF, Jade.
I got to talk with my other make-up friends, fellow youtubers, met new friends and beauty bloggers, I got to finally meet Christine of!
Later that night I got to meet, Jody Watley!!! (who I have loved forever and had just listened to her on Pandora earlier that day!) she also came to the Beauty Social on Sunday too!
On Sunday, this was me, baby, and Angela Levin, who is THE chanel make-up artist who's busier than busy doing all her star clientele, but took a little break to come to the Beauty Social and talk to me too and pick up toys that baby kept dropping! ha ha ha

I got see friends old and new, most importantly meet some of my precious "kandee family"...and I got to speak last and close the show!

It was the most fun, amazing, and truly beautiful event I've ever been too and I can't wait to go to the Beauty Social next year! I wish their was a summer and winter Beauty Social, or at least a west coast and east coast one! ha ha ha

I have more pics but I can't find the memory card they're on!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into the Beauty Social weekend...I think there will be tons of pictures on the Beauty Social website...CLICK HERE TO SEE!

hugs through the computer for everyone I didn't get to hug in person...
and to those of you I really got to meet- You have no idea how much everything you told me, means to my heart!
I love you guys! your kandee

Friday, October 21, 2011

WARNING: Can your hair dye can kill you!?

Studies show that at least 75% of American women color (lighten or darken) their hair. Way more than the 7% that colored their hair in the 1950's. And it's not just women, last year men's at-home hair color sales reached over 113.5 million dollars! But what isn't being shown on any commercials for hair color is the fact that one of the main ingredients in 2/3 of hair color is hospitalizing and even killing people. The FDA does not approve it to touch your scalp...but it does and not many people know about it. AND YOU CAN HAVE A REACTION ON YOUR 1ST  HAIR COLOR APPLICATION OR YOUR 37TH!
And no the patch test will not guarantee anything- they said you can have a reaction to the PPD even after you've used the same product safely for years.

(please share this, post it email this- with anyone and everyone to help warn everyone you know about this hidden danger that no one knows about)
 Just last week, Tabatha McCourt, 17, began pulling at her shoulder-length locks, screaming and vomiting before collapsing in agony at a friend’s house. A short 20 minutes after applying hair color to her hair, Tabatha, who had died her hair many colors, died. The doctor reported is was a chemical called p-Phenylenediamine that had reportedly been suggested as a cause for the sudden reaction.
 Please meet Miriade Kelly, a 29 year mom, who just wanted to cover her grey hair like normal. She suffered an immediate reaction from her, Garnier hair dye:

'There was yellow pus oozing from my scalp and it had the most horrific smell of burning flesh. 
'I knew straightaway that was from the dye but at that point I didn't panic, I just took some anti-histamines and put some Sudocrem on my hairline, where it was starting to blister, before I went to sleep.'

'Both my eyes swelled up and the skin at the side of my earlobes was really swollen and itchy.
'The worst part was the awful pus that was still oozing from my head all the time. 

'We went to A&E and I was seen pretty quickly, but at that point, because the reaction was still relatively slight, I was sent home with some anti-histamines and told to keep an eye on it.' 

3 hours later she had to return, this time being hospitalized for 3 days.
One of the doctors asked her if she had ever heard of the chemical PPD. 

An ingredient in many hair dyes, para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is a common allergen banned in many European countries. 

People can become allergic to it at any time, even if they have been exposed to it before without problems. 
For this reason, it was voted Allergen Of The Year in 2006 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

The bad ingredient responsible for many people who are suffering near death experiences from hair dye is: Phenylenediamine (PPD) its present in over 2/3 of chemical hair dyes, and is known to be toxic to the immune system, skin, nervous system, respiratory system, liver and kidneys. It is the most toxic chemical in hair dyes. It is a substance used in rubber chemicals, photo
developer, oil, gasoline, ink, textile dyes, dark cosmetics and hair dye. The European Union classifies it as a toxin and irritant that is dangerous in the environment. In Canada, its use in cosmetics is restricted and it was banned in France, Germany and Sweden.
PPD is a neurotoxin and is even used in anti-freeze.
PPD might also be called any of these names:
Paraphenylenediamine  Para-aminoaniline (p-aminoaniline)
1,4-Benzenediamine Orsin™
1,4-Penylenediamine Ursol™ D 
Rodol™ D Paradiaminobenzene

****this is not just for store bought boxed color, this is in certain salon brand hair color as well! (see info below about Hair Stylists and Cancer levels)

And it causes Cancer: Laboratory experiments have shown that PPD damages the DNA of human cells. Accumulated DNA damage leads to cancer.

Hair stylists who color hair at work do have higher cancer levels. Studies have shown that hair stylists have higher rates of skin allergies, asthma and breast cancer, so the risks for stylists are real.
• Hairstylists and barbers with just one year or more occupational exposure to permanent hair dyes were 50% more likely to have bladder cancer than those who did not. This increased to five times — 500% — more with 10 years of professional exposure.

The Scientific Committee for Cosmetic and Non-Food Products is fully aware of the dangers of PPD.

The National Cancer Institute also warned that PPD can increase various forms of cancer such as:

  • non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Breast Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Bladder Cancer

The University of Southern California just completed a study linking hair dye to bladder cancer:
• Women who used permanent self-administered hair dye at least once a month for a year or longer were twice as likely as women who did not use permanent hair dye to develop bladder cancer.
• Those women who used permanent dye monthly for 15 years or more were more than three times as likely to develop bladder cancer as non-dye users.

But did you know that certain ingredients are causing women and men to get thinner and thinner hair, and in some cases hair dye has even taken lives.

This is something that many big companies are not talking about, because this would put a major dent in their millions of dollars in sales.

And dark hair colors seem to be the most dangerous. Great, I've been dying my hair different colors for years! And I wonder why my hair is so thin!

So what's a girl or guy who wants to dye their hair or cover their gray to do?
No worries, we just have to make sure what we're using or where we're going uses hair color without PPD.

Do a little research before you head to the store to buy hair color or before you head to the salon to get your hair colored- and remember to look for the other names PPD is labeled as above.

There are natural alternatives too! I've never tried any, (my mom uses them all the time) but I think I'm going to start!
Here's a list of some of the safe, PPD free hair color or hair dye:

*Goldwell professional brand hair color is supposed to be free of PPD
*as well as Clairol Loving Care. (Oh good...because I've used Goldwell in the past!) I'm sure there's more but these are the only ones I know of right now.
MANIC PANIC- your fun, rainbow colored hair dye is free of PPD! YAY! Fun colors AND safe! Thanks Tish and Snooky (not of Jersey Shore fame)...for making this!

1. La Vita Nuova hair color - PPD, Ammonia and Paraben free

2. Tints of Nature - certified organic hair color

3. Palette by Nature - free of paraphenylene diamine (PPD), resorcinol, m-aminophenol, p-aminophenol, toluene- 2,5-diamine, azo-dyes, diazo-dyes, disperse dyes, ammonia, and parabens

4. Advanced Cosmetic Technologies - formulated with natural plant dyes and easily removed with vinegar or lemon juice.

5. Herbatint - all natural hair color free of all chemicals

you can also ask your local Whole Foods about their natural hair color or ask your hair colorist about the line that they work with... or you can also use Henna if you like too:

Henna is another alternative. Henna reacts on the outside of the hair shaft, where "normal" hair dye works by penetrating the inner part of the hair shaft. Henna Options- please check, Henna can cause different allergic reactions too. And do NOT use anything labeled "black henna", that is PPD as well.

1. Light Mountain- natural henna hair color

2. Sabba Botanical- henna hair dye

No one is talking about this enough, some doctors, Cancer Research Centers and universities and even Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG site have been trying to spread the word too.  (I am pleading no comment on how the FDA approves things. ha ha ha) Please feel free to email this, post this, tweet this to help get the word out to help your friends and family be aware of this.

Not to freak everyone out, or make everyone think they can never color their hair...I just don't want to hear of another girl dying or having their flesh burned, or coming down with cancer from their hair color. Just do a little research before you go out to get a fresh dose of hair color!

Huge love and feeling horrible about not knowing about this and just slapping on all kinds of hair color on my hair for years now...I will be carefully be reading labels or buying the healthy hair color if I feel the need to color my hair! See, another reason why the Ombre hair style is/was great- it doesn't touch your scalp!

thinning hair for years now...kandee

The Cancer Research Center
The Scientific Committee for Cosmetic and Non-Food Products

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The toilets at Youtube!

Who takes pictures of toilets? Me.
As soon as I saw this fancy toilet, I thought of you guys...and was like, "Wait til they see this!"

Yes, these are the fancy toilets at Youtube. Not only are the Youtube offices the coolest offices I've ever seen...but they also have the fanciest toilets I've ever seen.

They had heated seats and bidet-like "spray and wash" feature...FAN-SAY!!! Before I got there the girl next to my "stall" said, "Whoa, the toilet seats are warm!!"
Now this feature is nice, but really I try to avoid contact with the toilet seat as much as possible! ha ha

As, as you won't notice in this photo, the bathroom smelled so amazingly good!

As if all this wasn't impressive enough.......
They had my favorite MRS. MEYERS CLEAN DAY HANDSOAP!!!

See...I told you I think of you guys all the time....whether I see a cool something or I just see a cool bathroom! ha ha ha

love and thoughts of sharing stuff I see with you guys all the time... your kandee

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