Monday, October 31, 2011

Native Comfort: Are you ready to rock the Moc?!?

I am so proud of myself, I made this set  (aka collage) on Polyvore myself, it's so addicting! ha ha ha
If you're on Polyvore too, check my little Polyvore fun HERE
I love everything in this picture, from turquoise fringe purse, to the turquoise rings, all the moccasins, those Isabel Marant tribal pattern white jeans are amazing (FYI, I saw a girl wearing them at Fashion Week...and they are awesome!)...and I love I made this collage myself! hee hee

3 things you may not know about me:

#1. I am part Native American.
#2. I have been in love with moccasins since I was able to walk.
#3. I'd rather have turquoise than diamonds. (But believe me, that sparkly Badgley Mischka Navajo Deco Cuff is quite amazing!)

Now that we have those tidbits of knowledge out of the way...
"tribal" and "native", as every fashion blogger, designer or writer has called it...has been a hit and major influence on runways stores EVERYWHERE... from Tilly's to Macy's and fancy design houses!
(me in my favorite and most comfy Minnetonka Moccasins walked all over NYC with baby and my mom, and not one blister or aching foot! Click here if you wanna read my blog about my baby-adventures in NYC with my moccasins..ha ha ha)

Let me tell you something....moccasins are as comfortable as slippers. And I practically live in mine. Turquoise is beautiful on every skin tone...and I had a friend that used to joke that I preferred "rust and turquoise" to "gold and diamonds"....ha ha ha

My favorite Moccasins are the 5-tiered Minnetonka Moccasins. They are seriously like wearing slippers!

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