Wednesday, May 28, 2014

People Think I Dress: Weird, Ugly and Awful

I've been told for years that I dress weird, ugly and awful, by small-minded people who don't have open hearts to appreciate each individuals creativity and unique style. The world would be a very boring place if everyone dressed the same.

People are getting more and more afraid to dress in their own individual style, the things that make them happy or feel fun, all because they're afraid of what others will think.
 Instead of bashing others outfits and style, be the awesome person that can appreciate the creativity in others.

 I was talking to a girl inside a shoe store in Soho a few days ago. She was telling me how she liked my outfit and missed how Soho used to be, when you would see so many people with different and creative styles walking down the streets in Soho. She said, "it's so much more boring now because everyone dresses the same. Now that everyone just wants to look like every else they see on instagram, everyone just dresses the same and no one is interesting!" She went on to say how she used to dress more funky and fun, and people  would stop her to take pictures of her outfit, but now she just dresses in the same things as everyone else, because she didn't want to feel weird. It told, she needed to be the change, to make Soho the place filled with unique street style again!

I say:
Weird is not a bad thing, weird is an awesome thing. It means you dare to be an individual. You dare to stand out and not blend in with everyone else who is trying to look like everyone else. Stand out, be different. Wear what you love, what makes you happy, not just what everyone else is wearing. Style is about YOU! What do YOU love to wear? What gives an outfit your unique fingerprint?

I don't dress to look good for anyone. I don't dress to look sexy for guys, I don't dress to impress girls.   I wear what makes me happy, what I like. Style is just a chance for your creativity to have fun putting things together on your body.

Instead of being a small minded person, and only liking people that look like you...which is like being a "fashion-racist"...ha ha ha. BE someone that can appreciate something in everyone. There are really no rules for fashion or art, there are just people who think there are rules! If there's any place you want freedom, it's in your fashion!

Learn to appreciate and admire each others creativity. I may not think all styles look good on me or my body, but I can to ally appreciate them on others.

For example, me and my sister dress nothing alike, but I LOVE her style. She always looks classy and timeless, and sometimes I wish I looked like  her, but when I've dress to dress like her, I felt like it wasn't me. SO I love her style, but I just dress like my style: a little funky, edgy, colorful, crazy sometimes, tomboyish, vintage-y

Whatever you style is....rock it, own it, wear it, love it, have fun getting dressed. And learn to give a compliment even to people who don't dress anything like you...
Stop being a "style-racist" and only loving what looks like you and learn to truly love fashion and all the different styles, colors, personalities and individuals  who are displaying their creativity and style!

And a huge PS. Money does not make you stylish. Just because you can afford designer clothes does not mean you are stylish. I have seen more awesome outfits that were put together on a budget, which takes more creativity than just walking in a store and buying a high priced sought after "fashion must have".

So to everyone who thinks, thought (all mean girls who teases me in high school) and who might think in the future....
I like my weirdness, I like how I dress, if you think it's strange because I don't dress like everyone's a little wisdom from my great-granda Vi:
"Is somebody doesn't like what you are wearing, just tell them, well, just be glad you don't have to wear this then!"

Leave the place for hate, in the small-minded persons heart.

Huge hugs from me and my great-grandma, your "weird" friend, Kandee

"And you say weird, like it's a bad thing" -ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Come Meet Me The Next 2 Weekends and A Video Sneak Peek

If you're in either if these areas, come on out and meet me and let me hug you, in person!
 Saturday May 24th I will be in:

I'll be doing a meet-up, hosting a panel, and being on a couple panels too!

I'll be teaching on Sunday, June 1st
Premiere Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Sunday 2-3pm
I'll be teaching a High Definition Make-Up Class
(the seating is limited, so if you are want to go, make sure you
get your tickets ASAP)

(it's under the education tab)

It will be a small, "intimate", where you can be up close and personal with me as I teach you some special tips, tricks and make-up application...woo hoo!

And get ready because, today I will be uploading the Maleficent Tutorial...
here's a little sneak peek, make sure you check my youtube channel to see when it's up:
I can't wait!!! I'm off to go pack my suitcase for this weekend and upload the Maleficent video and soon as it's finally finished!

Huge Wednesday Hugs, your virtual bff, Kandee

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 Almost Unrecognizable Plastic Surgery Before & Afters

Beverly Hills used to be considered the land of plastic surgery, but there's a new place "on the plastic surgery block", taking over: South Korea, where an estimated 1 in every 5 women have had plastic surgery.
The plastic surgeons in South Korea have become so skilled at transforming people so much, that they are so unrecognizable, they are creating special certificates for patients who try to fly back home, because airport security were not able to "believe", they are the same person in their passport photos.

The sad thing is, they are all naturally beautiful and I wish I could just show them, how so bring out the beauty in their faces with make-up. I can understand people's desire to change something they don't like, but I just want to tell each of them, you ARE beautiful already!

I do have to admit, these plastic surgeons in South Korea, seem to have mastered their skill, because some of these afters, I never would have guessed if I saw them on the street.

Just take a look at these almost, shocking plastic surgery before and afters:

A South Korean film maker said, the problem is that now all the girls are starting to look the same, since they all want the same "ideal" face, nose, chin, eyes, jawline, mouth, they all like alike.

With the rise of HD video everywhere, selfies taken every second, there definitely is a heightened awareness of every imperfection, line and blemish. But true beauty is not something seen in a HD video or picture it's only felt in the definition of kindness in your heart.

A very popular procedure is a double jaw surgery, where the jaw is basically shaved down, or cut into pieces and resembled to an entirely different shape and procedures to make the eyes look bigger. But it always seems whatever you don't have, seems more desirable. SO many girls try to make their eyes look smaller with makeup!

What I think is so sad about this story, is that instead of girls feeling like their inner beauty is what needs to shine and be nurtured and paid attention to, they are being told they will get hired for a job or even find a husband if they go through these painful procedures. One doctor noted how many mothers would bring their daughters in before their arranged marriages, so their daughters would look more appealing!

And these plastic surgery procedures are not just of the ladies, look at these "plastic surgery before and afters of men":

And, the sad part is many of the plastic surgery websites are not going to post the before and afters of the procedures gone wrong, but the before picture of this beautiful news reporter, who then underwent what seems to be a jaw/chin, eye and nose procedure, looks nothing like her natural face, which i think was beautiful just how it was.

People can go changing their entire face, from forehead to chin, but the true beauty that you sparkle with has nothing to do with what the eye sees, but what others feel from your heart.

I hope these people don't lose sight of what the real beauty is.

And if you want to see my plastic surgery story, I hope this touches someone heart that needs to hear this too:

Huge hugs and always know that your heart is beautiful, your spirit is more stunning than any supermodel in the world, and the kindness you have to sparkle with is more gorgeous than any "plastic surgery perfected" anything can ever try to be....your friend, Kandee

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Come See Maleficent's Make-Up Table...

Everyone wants to look pretty, even Maleficent. So let's go take a peek at Maleficent's Make-Up Table and her fancy Disney Maleficent MAC Make-Up Collection.
Get ready because I'm so excited to tell you guys, on Wednesday, I will be uploading my new costume make-up tutorial for  Maleficent! This is why I tortured my eyes with  those theatrical contacts! It's gonna be good one!

Now let's get back to the MAC Maleficent Make-Up Collection, some inside news and a dupe!

So here's the Maleficent Eyeshadow Quad:
All these shadows are already in MAC's permanent collection, they are just in the Maleficent packaging, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
And there's a big, exciting but here......
 Their formula is different. As you, or as many old school MAC fans, know, over the years MAC has changed their eyeshadow formula, causing many, including me, to miss the MAC of old days. The old MAC eyeshadows were more blendable, and what I think were more pigmented and had a better texture. But I think this is the beginning of MAC bringing back that old (better) eyeshadow formula!
So what's in here:
(from top left, clockwise)
GOLDMINE (top left) gold shimmery frost
GROUND BROWN (top right) warm dirty brown matte
CONCRETE (bottom left) taupe grey brown satin
CARBON (bottom right) matte black

MAC Maleficent Lipstick, Lip Liner and Lipglass (and a dupe):
The Maleficent Lip Pencil is: KISS ME QUICK
It's always in the collection just in Maleficent Packaging.

Maleficent Lipstick:
True Love's Kiss
Now this was created for the Maleficent collection, but it looks exactly like MAC RED, which is always available.

Maleficent Lipglass:
ProLongwear Lipglass in Anthurium
Which was created for the MAC Maleficent Collection, and I'm not really a fan of bright red lipgloss, anyway, because it just makes a mess. It gets on your teeth, if your hair whips through it and drags is across your face, your done. Plus, Toni G, Angelina Jolie's make-up artist, created a lip look with a light sheen, not a gloss. True Love's Kiss, alone, has a nice sheen.

Honorable Mentions:
And there's also a Red Nail Polish Flaming Rose, an eyebrow pencil in
Fling- a light taupe ash blonde (which must be for Sleeping Beauty because ol' Malefy's brows are dark), a sculpting powder in Sculpt - soft matte taupe, and a beauty powder in Natural - a soft peachy pink.

 So there you have it's time to get ready for WEDNESDAY!!! Make sure you go to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL on Wednesday for  The Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial!

Huge hugs and happy Monday, hooray because it's almost Wednesday, your friend, Kandee

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Make-Up and Nails of The Day and A Special Sneak Peek of Something Fun!

Here's just some of the make-up I caked onto my face in this picture:
RCMA Foundation
Flutter Lashes
Anatasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate
Tarte Cheekstain in Blushing Bride
Eyeshadow, oh like 35 colors! ha ha ha
Lips - Urban Decay Lipliners in Paranoid and Turn On with In Synch Lip Liner from MAC in the center

PS. I lost the other earring, and I just got these and they were my favs! Ill have to go back to Contessa in San Luis Obispo and get another pair!

Nail of the day:
So I don't normally wear my nails like this, but I had to for a very awesome costume tutorial I filmed yesterday! I'll just say, I normally type semi-fast, bu these babies are making me have typos semi-fast!
I got them done at Lynn's Nails in Beverly Hills and for the color I picked: It's In The Bag from Essie
The ring, is a vintage one, so I have no where to tell ya to find it. I know, booooooo.

Now here's the sneak guys, or I hope you are, are going to flip out over this video! I was blown away when we were done!!! Like I almost didn't even want to take the make-up and costume off, but it would've been weird if I went out in public with it all on! ha ha ha
The video will be up on my youtube next wednesday, and I'm so stink in excited!

So this is what went on for 45 minutes yesterday, just to get one contact in:
My one eyeball was so sore, I could barely open it afterwards! ha ha ha h I had to take an ibuprofen, which I hadn't even taken one in years! ha ha ha

And finally with them in:
Any guesses on who I'll be teaching you how to look like?!?

And if you want to watch me do an interview and put make-up on at the same time, watch this baby, it was on the Fusion Channel on tv yesterday too:


And if you missed my Extreme Miss Manga Mascara Review watch it here:

Huge Happy Friday Hugs, your friend, buddy, pal, homie, Kandee

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review

Mascara is one of those things that I
 buy almost as much as nude lipsticks. So when I walked into the drugstore and saw the cute packaging of the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara, I said, I need to try that.
It's always the packaging that gets me!

Now before we get started with the review there's a few things you need to know about mascara advertising:
Most, all mascara adds for a mascara, pout false lashes on the model, making you thick you are going to achieve that look with mascara alone, which will never happen. 
So bring in the real-ness......introducing me, really testing this Manga Mascara out!
I gave it the:
 *first opening, out of the package impression
*the all day wear test
*the rubbing your eyes test
*the water test
*the how easy or hard is it to get off test

So come and let me show you how I put this, Miss Manga Mascara to the test:

Winks, blinks and wait til you  guys see the video I'm racing off to film...there's special effects make-up, crazy costumes and I can't wait for you to see!!!!

Make today awesome for everyone around you, your friend, Kandee

PS. If you missed my first blog video in months,  come watch it HERE! (And the reason my sister has an oxygen tubes, is she wasn't feeling well, she has a very rare Lyme Disease, I forgot to mention that in the video)

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Plastic Surgery Story & A Little More I Forgot To Mention:

I uploaded this video: My Plastic Surgery Story a few days ago, if you didn't see, you can watch it here, if you want:

I was happy to read that many people went from disappointed in me, from seeing the title, to even some, having a tear spring from their tear gardens aka eyes, once they finished the video.

There were a couple things I forgot to add in there.

#1. I have always smiled a lot. I'm not one to hold onto my smiles for "special occasions or people", I smile and laugh easily, I smile at strangers, and I just think a smile is more beautiful to a face than any make-up product can ever be. A teacher, nicknamed me "Smiley" even, in high school.

ENTER THE GRUMPY LADY: A very serious-faced, yet "fancy" woman, one day in LA, told me, I smiled too much and that I was going to have awful, smile line wrinkles.
And you will notice, many people who try to look beautiful or take a good selfie, most of the time they're trying to look all serious and not smile! ha ha ha
BUT, just the act of smiling makes you feel (and look) happier! I want to be surrounded by smiling people, not ones looking so serious and "cool", preserving their wrinkles by looking grumpy.

WISE ADVICE: My great-gramma told me, you know someone's a happy person by the smile-wrinkles on their face! I'd rather be wrinkly and happy than grumpy with no wrinkles!

Yes, I just googled how to make a gif today, just for you make this to show you how much better a smile looks, even if it's on a "wolf face", be warned, I just might be making gif's everyday now, with my newfound knowledge:

2. I've also been told for years that I raise my eyebrows and make too many faces when I talk, and that this is going to give me awful wrinkles too.
But I like showing I'm excited when I'm talking or listening to people's stories, and I don't mean to do it, it just happens! ha ha ha

Always make sure the the beauty of your heart shines brighter than your lipstick, eyeshadow or anything on your face!

I hope my lil story encouraged you and reminded you that....
People Magazine may award the years most beautiful person based on their popularity and face, but the true people that should be celebrated are the ones who's beautiful personalities and hearts are what will make them beautiful and amazing people all their lives, even when they're old and grey, and their faces are full of beautiful wrinkles that are a picture of the happiness they've lived and happiness they've shown and radiated with their whole lives!

I will be the happiest, wrinkliest old lady...because the beauty in our soul can't wrinkle, just the body we we're given for our soul to live in!

Huge hugs, eyebrow raises and giant wrinkle-making smiles....I love each and every one of you beautiful heart reading this.... love you, your friend Kandee

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At Last....

Today is going to be a random collection of pictures and randomness  from the treasure trove of pictures in my phone...and the announcement that after 6 long months.....I will trying to start uploading to my second youtube channel The Kandee Johnson Show AKA Kandeeland! Hooray!!! If you're not subscribed there CLICK THIS so you make sure you see my first video up there in well, half a year! ah ha ha ha

And hold onto your keyboards.....I'm uploading a video on both channels today! My main KANDEE JOHNSON channel and my KANDEELAND CHANNEL!

Above because I got so many questions about a few things in that picture on instagram, I shall answer them here:
1. Where you get that orange head scarf?
It's a vintage scarf I scored at a thrift store forever ago.

2. Where you get that cool chevron poncho/wrap:
From Freebird Collection, I love all their things!

This was my Starbucks sidekick today, after we took my car to the mechanic...we went on a hunt, glow necklace an all, for wifi.

Here are some things I just want to show you:
Marshmallow Kebabs!?! Yes these World Market.

And if you ever see these, Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer, well this might be the best root beer that will ever splash across your tongue! Also peeped this at World Market.

This is was the best of all the other crazy laugh faces that we couldn't stop, we tried to do the tones down smiles, but this is all we did, full showcase of our gums as well as teeth:

We were at the Riva Grill in Lake Tahoe...
may I introduce you to, Boneless Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles with chipotle rasperry syrup. I ate this whole thing. I apologize to any vegetarians that think this looks disgusting.
How's that view with a meal?!

My mom ordered this:
 Sabayon French Toast with cream cheese filling.....

There is something amazing about water, just looking at is relaxes you. People pay premium dollar to have a house on the water, or a hotel room with an ocean view....and I do just want to stare this picture...

Happy Wednesday and hooray for me attempting to upload videos to my 2nd youtube channel, I don't know how often, but this is a start! ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and eyes full of views of relaxing, peaceful water....I'm off to go start uploading this videos!

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