Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Summer Nails: hot pink, leopard & nail stickers!

Forget showing off your legs for summer! 
Put your hands in the air and wave em' like you just don't care...or like you're drying your nail polish!
Here's my new fav for summer nails:
neon hot pink
some leopard print nail decal sticker polish
I just did applied the nail polish stickers to my ring fingers and did a little diagonal strip on the tip of my pinky fingers with the excess polish strip from my ring finger.

what I used:
My Kandee: Sweet or Sour beauty review:
I'd never tried Urban Decay nail polish before...and it's so different than other nail polish. One coat looks amazing. It has so much pigment the color looks like nothing I've ever used before. And I've never had a nail polish last this long. Normally other nail polishes start chipping the next day...this one lasted a whole week! Unheard of of my little natural nails!
I give the urban decay polish: A SWEET!

 for the Leopard print:

I used the Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails (brewed by: Minx) in their limited edition leopard nail decal stickers!
these babies stayed on way better than the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips (that I used for my HOUNDSTOOTH NAIL video, cool looking but the OPI "Minx" ones put Sally Hansen ones to shame!). The OPI (Minx) strips went on easier and have lasted so much longer! They are worth the few extra dollars.
SEPHORA by OPI Chic Prints for Nails: SWEET
SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: SOUR

may your pretty summer manicure be wrapped around an ice cold glass of Strawberry Lemonade....kandee

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna & Turquoise

onewhat do all those things have in common?
(Sharon Gault, me and Priscilla Ono)
I got to interview my friend and  incredible make-up artist, Sharon Gault, AKA Mama Make-up, who got that name on tour with Madonna (wait til you see the video we made...she shows me all her fav products for her kit, what she uses when working on Lady Gaga or Rihanna). She is so fun, humble, honest and she had such fun stuff to show me from make-up I've never tried to her tricks for creating Lady Gaga's looks. You're gonna love this! She's also a single mama! You know how I love other mamas!
 and the adorable make-up artist Priscilla Ono...(who was featured with Sharon and Perez Hilton in one of Rihanna's  videos) who created Scandalous Cosmetics. I loved her turquoise lips....courtesy of Lime Crime lipstick! She is so beautiful....and her style is so awesome! I can't wait til you see the video interview I did with her too! *and she shares my Hello Kitty love!

I have no idea when I'll post it....I have so many videos to edit!

I had such awesome time with these girls today!
fun colored lipstick, kandee

PS...check out what else I did HERE!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Hot Lips

 I mean hot lips as in hot summer color lips....
bold fiery red-orange......and a "sunburnt hot pink"....
these have been my fav lip colors this last week!
 *both these  looks were "make-up-of-the-day" tweets (if you missed em') on my @kandeejohnson twitter. You wanna be a tweetheart?
 Maybe I'll do a tutorial....both these looks use some of the new lipliners and eyeshadows and blushes I got at Imats this weekend. Like 3 lipliners and 3 blushes created this lipcolor today!
hot-color pouts are the hottest things for gloss just traffic stopping lip color!
summer is hot and your lip color should be too...kandee "hot-lip-liner" johnson

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is all I got: funny picture

Today was Amazing! I am so beyond exhausted...ha ha ha...
I promise I will have an awesome post to show you the incredible-ness of this day...but since I've fallen asleep at the computer twice already...
I'm gonna sleep, but I will leave you with this "super great" picture my sister took.

I like to call this: "eating-a-piece-of-fruit backstage at the IMATS VIP lounge-because-I-didn't-eat-any-meals-all-day-right-before-I-went-out-to-speak" to the most amazing room of people picture.

To everyone that was there today...words cannot describe what it meant to meet you all, hug you and share love with you...

Just wait til tomorrows'll blow your flip-flops off (it's Summer so we wont' say "blow your socks off")...ha ha ha ha
trying not to sleep-type...your kandee
ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (that's me sleeping)
(please note how I posted this at 12:50am...ha ha ha)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Kitty, Cupcake Party and IMATS day 2

I tried to walk around IMATS...but instead I got to do something better....and take pictures with a few hundred awesome "kandee sweethearts"!!! I don't even care that I didn't get to see any meant so much more to me to get to meet, hug and take pictures with everyone that formed a "mob of love" around me! It was's some pic from my day:
(prepare for photo overload...ha ha ha)
 Hello Kitty love...and yes those are HELLO KITTY GLASSES!!!! love them
    If there was an award at IMATS for "Most Dashingly Dressed"...this would have been me with the winner:
baby woke up from her nap shortly after this picture and I had to hurrt and leave...
After that we headed to the AWESOME Cupcake meet-up from
so fun and I got to meet so many awesome youtube gurus I've never met:
some of my new youtube lovies:
 me and super sweet ItsJudyTime...and her awesome, fiance, Benji (who said he was a fan of mine, too! I thought that was so awesome!)...and the adorable JazzieBabyCakes...she is such an adorably sweet, doll! I also love, but didn't get pictures with: JulieG713, HollyAnn and Sscasteneda (we talked about being mama's and her!)
 me and Ning, from I'm so sad I didn't get a picture with the rest of the crew....I love them all!
 love these ORANGE shoes and the cute girl in them, NathalieDoll on youtube!!! (she said she got them at I think) I look giant in my tall shoes!! She was too cutey-pie!
 I love JazzieBabyCakes!
                                            Even my sister Tiffany was there! Yay!

big hugs and wishing I had one of those Dulce De Leche cupcakes...your Kandee

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Night Pro Night at IMATS!

 Got my pass for the PRO NIGHT at IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show)...CHECK
 Got my baby - CHECK (click here to see my little cutie after our long day...)
 Talked with Dany Sanz, founder of Make-Up Forever...I had my bow ring on and she showed me her bow belt...super cute! I love her French accent and red hair...and her make-up company! I will be speaking right after her at IMATS on Sunday.
more pictures....
At the  Dinair booth...Dinair is even giving an entire airbrush kit for me to give away at my speaking event on Sunday!
with the adorable, HelloCathee on Youtube...she is adorable and had the cutest Helo Kitty Jewelry...!
The Pro Night was awesome because it was just open to make-up artist professionals. (Saturday and Sunday the show is open to everyone, pro or just make-up lover!)...IMATS is so crazy busy on Saturday and it was so nice to not fight the sea of people like normal.

It was so grrrreat to meet everyone that was there!

I can't wait to show you what I got! Would you'd like me to do an IMATS haul video?

super tired and sore feeties....your kandee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Reasons why I feel naked:

this was a picture of me and JulieG713, from youtube, at IMATS (international make-up artist trade show) last year...(me drinking ginger ale at the cocktail party)
here I am again at IMATS last year, at the make-up forever booth....
hello kitty purse - CHECK
yellow rose ring - CHECK
leather cuff - CHECK

 FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT (walking by where they are setting up all the IMATS stuff)
hello kitty purse - CHECK
yellow rose ring - CHECK
leather cuff - What the Simon and Garfunkle?!?
where's my leather cuff????????
I've worn that leather cuff almost every single day since I made it like 10 years ago!
I feel sort of naked without least my wrist feels naked!

maybe this means a DIY HOW TO MAKE A LEATHER CUFF  video is in order!

I can't wait to show you guys all the cool new make-up stuff from IMATS! Pro Night is tomorrow...I can't wait!!!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO FROM LAST YEAR AT IMATS! (my fav part is at 5:45 with Mic the Scallywag)

naked feeling wrists.....your kandee

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Naked & Mila Kunis = this look

Here's the Mila Kunis make-up look you guys voted for!
It's a beautiful for bare eye, with a smokey lashline and nude lips.
So what better to use for the NUDE look than the NAKED PALETTE from Urban Decay!
(this sucker has been so hard to get your hands sells out faster than it gets in your local Sephora!)

And here's the colors I used form it to create this look.
(if you don't have the palette, just find colors that looks similar)
I used: Virgin (super light frosty color), SIN (frosty shimmer peachy sand color) NAKED (matte light beige-tan) HUSTLE (reddish-rusty brown)

Then to add the cool tauper-cool coloer Mila always looks soooo good in...
(It's in their new GLAM PALETTE...that I got to help pick colors for when I was at the BEN NYE factory....that palette is pretty amazing too!)

On the lips I used:
MYTH from MAC 
*but you can save some dollars and use REVLON Pink Sugar

For lip liner I used STRIPDOWN from MAC
*to save dollars you could use TOAST from Maybelline

I used FLORABUNDANCE lipglass from MAC
(it's a beauty-full, nude color with a hint of warm pink)

 For the light glow on the cheeks I used: Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in SCORE from URBAN DECAY:

And here is how I came out with the  Mila Kunis make-up look....
I know I don't have her amazing colored eyes....but I tried! hee hee
 seriously...I had this look on the rest of the day and would catch myself in the mirror..and be like "whoa!!! I really love this make-up look!"....ha ha ha while I cleaned the house!
 now come and hang out with me in this video:
(to watch it bigger, click on the YOUTUBE letters in the lower right hand corner of the video:)

typed from a Starbucks because I had the equivalent of dial-up internet at the Best Western Hotel woo hoo.... IMATS tomorrow!)
huge love and nude lips....your kandee


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lipliner Addiction Alert!

It's a MAC attack, and I'm not talking about McDonalds!
MAC is about to launch some new goodies with their Glamglass collection (N. Americans get to snap these up July 28th, 2011...and the rest of the world has to wait til August. I don't know why...)

And you guessed it...they are limited edition colors. 

rare rant: I can't stand the limited edition colors..BECAUSE:
what if I like that color and want to buy it I only left with trying to hunt for some old, ready to expire lipstick on ebay?

dear MAC, I really love the COLOR CRAFTED lipstick color and wish you sold it all the time.
-END of my MAC frustration rant-

What I do love about MAC, is the new color lipliners they are coming out with for their Glamglass launch.

I'm not really so excited about, more tacky lip glosses for summer breezes to blow your hair into...but
Here's the gloss colors:
these gloss tubes will make a hole in your bank account this size: ($14.50 US & $17.50 CDN)
random note: Pretty much every boyfriend I've ever had, has said how much they disliked it when I had lipgloss on...maybe they didn't want to kiss and get it on them!

 I am excited about a few of the new lipliner colors!
Here's all 8 colors of the lipliners...(the ones with the hot pink hearts are my favs!!!)
they'll put a dent in your wallet this size: ($13 US and $15.50 CDN)

here's their name and descriptions in no particular order:

  • What Comes Naturally - Pale peachy beige
  • Hip 'n' Happy - Dirty blue pink 
  • Have to Have It - Soft warm beige
  • Just Wonderful - Dirty mauve
  • Entertain Me - Clearly orange
  • Lasting Sensation - Bright coral
  • Embrace Me - Vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • Just My Type - Intense warm brown
  • (and since I don't own any of these yet, I really can't tell what color goes with some of the names and the descriptions helped with a few....)

may no hair drag trails of gloss across your face...kandee

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My PERFUME corner!

 this is my "perfume lady"....she stands guard of my perfumes....
(i love her...we met at an antique store, and we decided she needed to come home with me)

Here's my favorite of favorite perfumes from left to righty:
Hello Kitty perfume- (ofcourse) smells clean and fresh and reminds me of being a kid.
Salvatore Ferragamo Encanto Shine- smells like a "uni-sex" perfume, like CK ONE (my high school favorite perfume/cologne), but wayyyyy better
Sud Pacifique perfume Vanilla Extreme- My ALL-TIME favorite perfume in the world...the best smelling vanilla ever (some vanillas stink or smell spicy or to sickeningly sweet...this smells like vanilla heaven!
Escada Magnetism (the tall hot pink bottle)- smells so smells clean but sort of "peppery" if that makes sense to your nose.
Then I have a couple body sprays, (with the hot pink bows) from Bath & Body Works

SIDE NOSE NOTE: my sister is responsible for the Escada & the Encanto Shine...
both times she had them on and I was like "what are you wearing? you smell soooo good"

Most times I don't like any perfumes or they smell so good on other people and when I put them on it makes me sick! ha ha ha

here's to smelling good....kandee

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes in my closet!

Here's is my "Garden of Shoes"...these are really the "flowers" of my closet....
I love these hot pink heels (they were $10 from Charlotte Russe and the heels are really wobbly and loose but I love the color...
the turquoise ones are from Jessica Simpson...(for some reason they smell really bad, it's probably from the turquoise dye...they smell like dog poop, I'm not even joking...and I haven't worn them anywhere with dogs...I've worn them once for like an hour! ha ha ha)
I love these leopard print wedges from Steve to them is my buckle heels...that are pretty comfy considering I prefer sneakers and flip flops most days...
And behold my most worn shoes....the converse and my silver Royal Elastics (which I scored at Ross!) in order of appearance on the top (red Vans slip-ons, black and blue converse chuck taylors, silver Royal Elastics, bottom - part of my checkered Vans, Checkered Hi-top Royal Elastics, some black patent leather Vans "fake" crocodile print hi-tops that I've never worn, lime green leather Vans (that I wear sometimes but these come untied to easily, even if I double knot and it drives me crazy.)

shoes in fun colors...your kandee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fashion Flashback: what do you wish you didn't throw out?

Here' some true 80's fashion flashback...
this was one of my favorite outfits:
acid washed blue and grey flannel and the most-awesome, wish-i-still-had-these-in-my-size white studded boots.
sure this looks like just a normal photo of me and my mom at a art and craft festival at the beach....
but upon photo magnification, you can see my "sneaker" purse that I loved!!!
and just to prove that everything comes back in style (so save eveything! ha ha ha)...
below you'll see me peddling my bike in my white gladiator sandals (wish I still had those babies too!)
 (my dad, in the background has an awesome 80's, miami vice-ish shirt on, and some 80's short-shorts)

wishing I had never thrown out any of my clothes...your kandee

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new addiction... I already blogged about these "wonders of wardrobe"...the "SKINNY HANGER"...
but now they are an addiction.
Not only do they let you fit way more clothes per square inch in your closet...
BUT they are velvety - flocked, so no more shirts dangling by one strap or sleeve...or falling straight off the hanger.
BEFORE: my fresh stack of "skinny hangers"...ready to hang up some laundry last night.

AFTER:  I hung up all my non-dryables. I love my Madonna shirt..and I don't want to shrink her or loose her little sequins. (I got her at Flasher on Melrose, where Cosmo works..only downside..Cosmo smokes in the store so my shirt needed to be washed so I didn't smell like an ashtray.)

 Look at the difference from how many more hangers fit in the same area as those big, bulky plastic hangers...and I can't stand the metal hangers like from the dry cleaners.
(another pet peeve is mismatched color that one green one in there really drives me crazy in this picture!) ha ha ha

I even got my sister addicted to the skinny hangers. When she was visiting I told her of their wonders when we were in Marshall's (discount wonderland)...and she only bought one little package...then called me and said..."those hangers have revolutionized my closet! I wish I would've bought more!!!"....

that's why I bought the last pair of the hot pink ones! I think they sell on QVC for wayyyyy more money than I paid at Marshall's..hee hee....
lovin' skinny hangers and bargains...your kandee

PS..if you wanna take a peeksie at what my day was like before I did my laundry- (oh boy) CLICK HERE.
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