Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lipliner Addiction Alert!

It's a MAC attack, and I'm not talking about McDonalds!
MAC is about to launch some new goodies with their Glamglass collection (N. Americans get to snap these up July 28th, 2011...and the rest of the world has to wait til August. I don't know why...)

And you guessed it...they are limited edition colors. 

rare rant: I can't stand the limited edition colors..BECAUSE:
what if I like that color and want to buy it I only left with trying to hunt for some old, ready to expire lipstick on ebay?

dear MAC, I really love the COLOR CRAFTED lipstick color and wish you sold it all the time.
-END of my MAC frustration rant-

What I do love about MAC, is the new color lipliners they are coming out with for their Glamglass launch.

I'm not really so excited about, more tacky lip glosses for summer breezes to blow your hair into...but
Here's the gloss colors:
these gloss tubes will make a hole in your bank account this size: ($14.50 US & $17.50 CDN)
random note: Pretty much every boyfriend I've ever had, has said how much they disliked it when I had lipgloss on...maybe they didn't want to kiss and get it on them!

 I am excited about a few of the new lipliner colors!
Here's all 8 colors of the lipliners...(the ones with the hot pink hearts are my favs!!!)
they'll put a dent in your wallet this size: ($13 US and $15.50 CDN)

here's their name and descriptions in no particular order:

  • What Comes Naturally - Pale peachy beige
  • Hip 'n' Happy - Dirty blue pink 
  • Have to Have It - Soft warm beige
  • Just Wonderful - Dirty mauve
  • Entertain Me - Clearly orange
  • Lasting Sensation - Bright coral
  • Embrace Me - Vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • Just My Type - Intense warm brown
  • (and since I don't own any of these yet, I really can't tell what color goes with some of the names and the descriptions helped with a few....)

may no hair drag trails of gloss across your face...kandee

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