Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY T-shirt Cutting Fringe Necklace

 Get out your old t-shirts because we're about to repurpose and recycle old shirts into a fun new necklace.
I saw some necklaces (that were totally not a do-it-yourself ones)  I was inspired to make one out of an old t-shirt
fringe necklace (this was totally not a do-it-yourself) this one  sells for $595! youch!
mine cost: nothin', because this shirt was a hand-me-down
I saw some necklaces that I thought I could make out of an old t-shirt, without paying for an expensive one that someone made!

Even if you don't like this particular look, I hope it jumpstarts your creativity to think of new ways to re-use your old clothes! (I have more DIY fashion videos on the way, so if you don't like this one, maybe you'll like another look I'll be doing!)
Budget friendly make-overs for what's already camping out in your closet!

 I left the fringe redonkulously long, to show you how you can wrap it like a scarf.
To wear it as a necklace I would cut the fringe into a triangle shape with the longest pieces in the center (about 8 inches) to shorter on the sides (about 4-6 inches).

I would totally wear the super long fringe, even if people think it looks like seaweed in this green! ha ha
But for those who want a more practical look, you can use a  more neutral color shirt and cut the fringe wayyyy shorter!
 wrap it like a scarf
 wrap one side around your neck
 braid different sections
*you could even slide beads onto certain pieces to add some dazzle
 knot different sections at different heights

Have fun...and as Patricia Field (the wardrobe stylist for Sex in the City & The Devil Wears Prada) told me..."wear what you love and is fun, and don't care what anyone thinks!".....

I want to thank all the people who left comments on youtube, even if you don't like this look, you still applauded the creativity and weren't disrespectful or rude! That's how I know when my true-kandee-fan-family  (you guys) have left me a comment, versus the random haters on youtube that leave rude and unkind comments!

You guys are the best and I love that you celebrate creativity, even if it's not your particular make-up or fashion, or hair look...!

You guys are awesome...hope you like this!

huge hugs and scissors, your kandee

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