Saturday, June 11, 2011

Color changing table and chairs!

Get ready....because although it seems I have forgotten about my inner Do-it-yourself-er...
she (meaning me) is about to launch back into...(don't worry beauty tips & tricks and fun stuff is still on the way too) some SUPER FUN DIY projects!

Why did I forget about these fun things....I just got so busy in make-up world I forgot! ha ha the picture see my old table and chairs that my dad gave me, that he got a thrift store. Well they were disgustingly ugly...poop wood brown color...the chair had 2 layers of different smoke-scented and hideous floral fabric upholstered on em!

UNTIL I painted the table black, spray painted the chairs gold and re-upholstered them with a black and white damask and striped fabric shower curtains.

Well....I was tired of that so I've re-done them again...and this time I'm gonna show you how to re-upholster's super fun and easy!

So check back here for FUN new DIY posts in addition to all the normal fun stuff on here!

As soon as I find a minute of free time I'm gonna film the upholstering video!

happy saturdays....donuts with sprinkles...your kandee

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Hannah J said...

HI KANDEE!:D Can I just say YOUR AMAZING! I love that your a mother of 4 and still have time to blog, do youtube videos and think of fun DIY ideas. Your lke a super mom/make-up artist/person!!! is my blog. I work so hard on my posts and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out, commented or followed. I only have 2 followers (One of them is myself, how sad is that?!?) but I would be so excited to know that you checked out my blog! Thanks for your time reading this!

Love Always,

Hannah J

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