Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Kitty, Cupcake Party and IMATS day 2

I tried to walk around IMATS...but instead I got to do something better....and take pictures with a few hundred awesome "kandee sweethearts"!!! I don't even care that I didn't get to see any meant so much more to me to get to meet, hug and take pictures with everyone that formed a "mob of love" around me! It was's some pic from my day:
(prepare for photo overload...ha ha ha)
 Hello Kitty love...and yes those are HELLO KITTY GLASSES!!!! love them
    If there was an award at IMATS for "Most Dashingly Dressed"...this would have been me with the winner:
baby woke up from her nap shortly after this picture and I had to hurrt and leave...
After that we headed to the AWESOME Cupcake meet-up from
so fun and I got to meet so many awesome youtube gurus I've never met:
some of my new youtube lovies:
 me and super sweet ItsJudyTime...and her awesome, fiance, Benji (who said he was a fan of mine, too! I thought that was so awesome!)...and the adorable JazzieBabyCakes...she is such an adorably sweet, doll! I also love, but didn't get pictures with: JulieG713, HollyAnn and Sscasteneda (we talked about being mama's and her!)
 me and Ning, from I'm so sad I didn't get a picture with the rest of the crew....I love them all!
 love these ORANGE shoes and the cute girl in them, NathalieDoll on youtube!!! (she said she got them at I think) I look giant in my tall shoes!! She was too cutey-pie!
 I love JazzieBabyCakes!
                                            Even my sister Tiffany was there! Yay!

big hugs and wishing I had one of those Dulce De Leche cupcakes...your Kandee


Margara said...

IMATS was so much fun!! Thanks Kandee for letting my daughter jump the line today so Zarah can take her picture w u :) she was so excited for "make ups" and Kandee!!! you made her whole day <3 love u, thank u again

Imsu said...

Hi! Great blog! I was just watching your youtube videos. :)

anyway, I was wondering if you could advise me on what kinda hair cut/style would suit me because I have a really short forehead. Some people have recommended threading my hair back.


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