Monday, September 15, 2014

Behind The Scenes At The Blue Eyed Shoot

Yes, that's yours truly, under that wig and behind those blue contacts! It still looks weird to me looking at it right now!
I just had to show you a peek from the shoot I did in San Francisco for a costume video for my come on an adventure of potshot proportions, just like if you were with me....

STUDIO LOCATION:  The Light Grid in a cool part of the city called, Dog Patch

I love rooms with more windows than walls, a lil exposed brick is always just right...
and I'm a lover of bright, light swirling all around...

Wardrobe racks of wonder:

Poppin' weird to see my eyes like this:

My tools of the trade (aka make-up table set up): I've got my Ben Nye palettes and RCMA VK foundation palettes, my essentials and so many brushes:

So many me's without make-up on....

Presenting, Wonder Woman (AKA Linda Carter) ....on the monitor (you'll have to wait for the video to see the real deal, Woman Woman make-up, but it's gonna be so fun!!!

Here's me in me action....."cue Kandee and her tough pose" ha ha ha:

I just can't believe how weird it is to see the difference that some hair and eye color makes....

My juice on the table, and also an empty cup of some iced coffee drink, which when they asked what I wanted, I always reply: "anything that takes like melted coffee ice cream"

And then post-shoot, I tripped in a hole in the sidewalk and totally had the most embarrassing fall walking to Buca Di Beppo for fruity drinks, baked ziti and...
 a humongous thank you to the manager who watches my videos and gave us these desserts, and all the awesome wait know we loved them!!!

And then it took me forever to try to take my contacts out, which I've never done myself. But I did it! Drive for hours to get back home...and I can't wait for you to see this video and the other one we filmed too! Stay tuned!

If you missed my latest video, come have a good time at how "amped" I am, and the amount of spitting that takes place, I hope you have a fun time watching it:

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Dun Dun Dun...
May I present the brand new, almost out Urban Decay Vice Palette 3

Comes with a Vice 3 bag and a dual sided shadow and crease brush.

And before I show you all the swatches, I'll show the look I did with the greens, blues and the pale shimmery colors...

Here's all the 20, brand new shades....aren't they beautiful.

So let the swatching begin....
There's a nice mix of mattes and shimmers.
First row of swatches...get ready for beautiful shades:

Row 2, the blues and greens with a little gold...

I even used the top pink shade here on my lips!

I love the rich colors. That none of the shades are glittery. That you have so many options to mix color combos!
This baby will cost $60, which might sound like a lot, but you are getting 20 shades, that's $3 per shade, which is such a great deal for UD!

Once I swatched these I liked this palette even more!

You can get it at URBANDECAY.COM

And I'm gonna be giving one away too!
It's an INSTAGRAM giveaway so follow me @kandeejohnson

  1. Make sure and follow @kandeejohnson and @urbandecaycosmetics
  2. Like/repost  this picture:
    using #colorunleashed and @urbandecaycosmetics and @kandeejohnson
  3. Only one entry per person 
  4. Contest ends 9/14 at 11:59PM
  5. Make sure your account is public! 
  6. Winner will be chosen at random via and I'll announce it on instagram on Monday!
Let me know in the comments below if you want a video review of this too?!

I'm headed to San Fransisco tonight to go to RE:Make if anyone wants to go, I'll be doing a live make-up transformation and speaking tomorrow! CLICK HERE For INFO

Huge hugs from your girl, Kandee

Watch my latest youtube video here:    

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lip Tricks and New Lip Color Combos You'll Want To Save

This tip/trick for your lip color might revolutionize your entire lipstick routine! One of the most neglected lip products is lip liner and I'm gonna show you how you can use it to make your lip color last all day, make your lips look fuller, and just make people ask you: WHAT IS THAT LIP COLOR!

So here's 6 lip color combo's you might want to add to your lippie routine, including the highly sought after nude-rose lip color worn by the infamous, Kylie Jenner.


You can use any colors that look similar to what I used in the video, you don't have to use the same exact colors.

#1: Nude Lip
Any nude lipstick (VEX or Myth from MAC)
Soft brown lipliner (Make-up Forever 5C)
Muave-peach lipliner (Wallflower from MAC)

#2. Nude-Rose (Kylie Jenner-esque lip)

#3. Red Matte Lip -
Ruby Woo (MAC) lipstick - cool matte red
Cherry Lipliner (MAC) - cool red
Cork Lipliner (MAC) - brown

#4. Cool Pink Mouth
Baby Doll Pink Lipstick
Rose Pink Lipliner
Rose Pink Lipliner

#5. Orange Lip Color You'll Love
So Chaud Lipstick From MAC
Cherry Lipliner from MAC ( cool Red)
Ablaze Lip liner from MAC (deep orange)

1. If you apply just lipliner your color will last all day long.
2. Try using 2 lipliner colors to add depth to your lips by lining with the darker color then softening it into the lightest color and center of your lips.
3. Always use a shade slightly darker for a lip liner than the "main", all over color your using in your entire lips.
4. Just try fun color combo's like the orange lipstick with red lipliner. (I wouldn't ever wear just orange lipstick, but when you add the red lipliner it makes it look so much more wearable!

Huge hugs and kiss prints hee hee, your friend, Kandee

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