Tuesday, November 30, 2010


May I present to you:
Kandee's Hair Tips
QUESTION: "Do you have a license to carry that curling iron?"
ANSWER: why yes I do, Not only am I a professional make-up artist...I am a licensed cosmetologist too! ha ha ha ha (you must read that in an official sounding voice! ha ha)

So I'm gonna share one of my favorite "Macgyver-esque" hair tricks!

Good old hand creme!

WHAT?!? you say!
WON'T it make my hair greasy?: NOPE, there's usually more waxy, greasy, oily ingredients in hair products that are used to smooth hair.

Can I use lotion? If you want to use it as a smoothing cream to add shine, a creme is better, lotion tends to be more watery.

Now let's get down to hair business! Hair fabulousness in 3....2....1

hope all your hairs want to work together and look nice today! hee hee...your kandee

Monday, November 29, 2010

I was HACKED but now I'M BACK!!!!!

After a whole day of trying to get my youtube account back, trying to get my email accounts back, then trying to get my facebook back.....

I was so excited when the guy from youtube helped walk me through everything and I could sign-in again!!!

FUNNY: I did think it was funny that the "hacker" posted a comment as me saying:

Tell Kandee Johnson Here Email Password Is Set Back. Im Done With This

ha ha ha ha
The one things he did that wasn't so smart, was leave his email address on my email page...and if it's the same as his youtube channel, it's a 13 year old-ish kid that makes really weird videos!

He hacked into another youtube gurus account and made the same "no sound" videos with links to FREE Samples.
Youtube disabled the functionality of the link page that the "hacker" tried to set up, so no one's account would be harmed.

So far, I just know he hacked me and sent messages as me saying mean things and just fake things thanking my fans for weird stuff....

BUT I'M BACK...youtube has my back! All my other accounts have been fixed and everything is good in kandeeland again!!!!!

guess who's back...back again...Kandee's back....now tell a friend!! hee hee hee

Thanks guys for all your support! huge hugs and love and I'm so excited I'm back again!!!!!
hacker free hugs...kandee

HERE's my "I'm BACK!" video I just posted on youtube! hooray!!!!

one of my most favorite comments on this video was: Not to be mean or anything, but you look fat in this video, maybe you got Botox!
I guess they don't check out my www.kandeeland.com blog....you can see me and all my "fatter"-ness on there! ha ha ha

I've been hacked!

yes...someone hacked my youtube account and posted some fake video about "free samples" of some sort. They stole some video footage and made some fake video with a link asking for people's email and things.
I am so sorry that someone has done this. I  am blocked from youtube right now and they also hacked into my email so I can't get into my emails either.
The only things they didn't hack and I have different passwords for is my facebook, my blog, and a few other things.
I spent the afternoon editing a hair video to post tonight too! (hopefully youtube will fix this soon!)
Thanks to everyone who knew this was not a typical Kandee video...(no intro, no intro music, no usually kandee-ness in the beginning)..and reported it to me...I'm just waiting to hear back from youtube and my email account! (don't worry anyone that emailed the glaminar email is safe!)
I remembered this guy!
i remember my mom just took this picture of me in the airport...and the look who showed up in the background...poor guy!
Look at the guy in the background...I will admit I struck his same pose tonight after finding out about the fake video, my youtube being hacked and being blocked from my email!

The good news is, at times like this..and ofcourse times when things are much worse than being hacked...we can choose to be victims and say "oh no!" look at all this going wrong.....
OR we can say....what can I do to try to help and fix this!
Short of changing all my passwords...calling and texting all my friends who have inside tech knowledge...and getting them to help me....I'm on my way to hopefully fixing all this soon!
OR I could've just sat with my hand over my face and tried not to have a little breakdown.

Everyday, no matter what happens we need to think like someone that refuses to be a victim of life and it's "junk" that gets us down...(breakups, family problems, relationship issues, being hacked, financial matters)...
we need to think OFFENSIVELY, react like an conqueror, a warrior..ready to take back control of your day...and your life! (and your youtube channel! ha ha ha)

I read this little story today and man is it great for me today!
 2 fisherman got caught in the middle of a lake during a big storm....
the one fisherman asked the other, "Should we row? Or should we pray?"...
his wise friend said, "BOTH!!!"

REFUSE to be a defeated by anything life dishes out to you...AND start your day and your thoughts saying "you can try to stop me..but I'm gonna be like a huge warrior that plows through anything that gets in my way!"
Take back the victory in your life!
And like those fishermen...I'm gonna row through the stormy waters of the internet and pray!

I feel sorry for the person that hacked into my youtube...that must feel very sad inside to have to try to do things like that...
no one's gonna get me down...let's refuse to be victimized....and keep going until we're waving a VICTORY flag!

down but not out, crushed but not destroyed... kandee

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Burlesque: goes pregnant

Yes Cher and Christina Aguilera may be going BURLESQUE...but so am I! ha ha ha

Just my burlesque-ness features one very pregnant belly! hee hee
I took this funny picture when I made the videos for the "flapper look":
For everyone that read my personal blog www.kandeeland.com you get to see my preggy pictures all the time...ha ha ha! I couldn't get my "fringe-dress" to cover my belly!

movie popcorn...kandee

Wait til you see the hilarious video I made with my sister today...I have lots to edit on it though! ha ha ha

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whoa Make-Over Make-Up!

here is one SICK Kandee Johnson, on the left I could hardly breathe, my nose was so sore and swollen from blowing my nose: 857,394 times
my eyes felt swollen and glassy...just yucky.
AND then on the RIGHT
...we have one still-sick, Kandee, but now coated in "health" colored make-up! ha ha ha ha ha

I tell ya....sometimes one of my favorite things about being a make-up artist is the transformation. I love before and afters!
And it's fun when you have yourself to do the BEFORE & AFTER's on! ha ha ha ha
The only reason I actually put make-up on, was so I could do this before and after.
Usually when I am sick...the only thing I want on my face is moisturizer! ha ha ha
hope you thought this was fun!
cups of hot tea...and I hope anyone else who's sick is feeling better....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (& Black Friday! ha ha)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
And since the Day after Thanksgiving (AKA Black Friday, and I don't why they call it that!)  is the biggest shopping day of the year.....
MY FIRST EVER.........

LINKS to some things in my video:

COVER FX ~most amazing make-up ever! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

my SUPREME necklace: GET ONE HERE, is she still has one: www.pinkyloco.com
OR email: pinkyloco@ymail.com
feather earring: click here
OR email Cardi at: cardibeutler@hotmail.com

1. Minnetonka Mocassins
2. Miz Mooz Boots
3. Doc Martens

TEASING BRUSH- Teasing U Monroe Brush
GHD flat iron ~ most amazing hair tool I own! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT & GET A DEAL!!!   ENTER THIS TO GET $50 OFF: KANDEEGHD / $50 off GHD MKIV Flat Iron

check back for the boots and everything else...my family is all telling me to stop blogging and get in the shower because it's thanksgiving...so sorry...check back and I'll put the rest of the links!

Until then...take a peek at my Aunt (who is a handbag designer by day....fashion-fabulous-blogger by night!): www.carriefabulous.com it will make her day!!!!
huge love and turkeys.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cook with Me! Best Recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake!

Thanksgiving! Time for thanks, feasting, and family! 

I love cheesecake AND the traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie...so here's my recipe for the "World's Best Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie"....this is so yummy
AND you get to:
He makes a special appearance and teaches you a "valuable trick"...ha ha ha

Enjoy! Hope you like the cheesecake!

And get ready...my sister will be posting a "special" video tomorrow. on her youtube channel..where she will be making me wear this:
yay baking with me....Kandee

(and to see what sick kandee looks like today: CLICK HERE www.kandeeland.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Haight & WHO I got to meet: one of the MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE!

San Francisco: me standing in front of the famous "painted ladies" homes in SF.
 and this time with mom and my tartan! ha ha ha
FULL HOUSE: if you loved FULL HOUSE, (uncle Jessie) I personally wanted to be Candice Cameron...and you  can't forget...that's how the famous Olsen Twins started! Here's the house they were supposed to have lived in!
 A San Francisco MUST SEE: the famous Haight Street (The Haight Ashbury area)...known for it's hippie action of the 60's...not much hippie sightings anymore...you can still find "smoke shops" and tie dyed things here and there...but mostly unique little shops, coffee places and bars...and lots of VINTAGE clothing stores!
I love vintage clothes (so does my momsie)...we saw amazing lace bridal coats and hats from the 20's and 30's...(wish I could've shown you, but some stores had BIG: NO PHOTO'S, sign up...)
Me inside, waiting for my crepe filled with butter and powdered sugar! and I think I'm texting...ha ha
i love the pair of legs coming out the window from the 2nd story behind me....and it was cold, so I gave my neck warmer a go....then it made me too hot!

So after we headed back to out hotel room....me and my mom walk into the W Hotel and who do we see? A couple in red pants and hats, and all their bags are red too!!!!
As we get closer....I realize I am face to face with someone more popular than Lady Gaga...and will remain that way long after she's got wrinkles and 2 generations later won't remember Justin Beiber....
they will alway know.......
(hee hee: I love how me and Santa have Christmas color matching hats on!)
yep I asked good ol St. Nick, for a picture HE  not only said yes, but travels with candy canes in his coat pocket!!!! HE gave me a candy cane and I told him he made my night!!!.......I've never seen anyone look this much like every Santa image you've ever seen...he was so jolly, happy, and as some boys lined up after me to ask if he was Santa....I smiled and felt so happy from his jolly hug, smiles and candy cane!

huge love from me and jolly ol' St. Nick....
your Kandee Cane

(WANT TO have MORE FUN!?!  read my preggy blog at: www.kandeeland.com)

Monday, November 22, 2010


let me take you on an ADVENTURE of ridiculousness & fabulousness....

WHERE: at the MoMa (museum of modern art) in San Francisco

~me and my mom took a one hour break to go look around~

get ready to see what we saw!

things i saw that I took pictures of to show you....


weird sculpture of a golden, Michael Jackson, with a monkey....
kinda DISTURBING, but really something about it kinda scared me, and I don't know why...ha ha ha
(and I love me some Michael)

FABULOUS: a photo of Marilyn Monroe by just someone standing near the shoot, of her famous, skirt blowing up shot!

FABULOUSLY RIDICULOUS: that they were selling 1 dollar bills for 99 cents...and they said they'd almost sold out of them that day! ha ha ha...I love this!

this one is a little more on the RIDICULOUS side: you could buy 7 pennies for $1.99! ha ha ha

the view looking up

and moving our eyes a little more down....

and I'm in the SPOTLIGHT: A FABULOUS feeling (and weirdly it's kinda Michael Jackson-ish, black hat, spotlight...ha ha ha)
Spotlights sensors pick up movement and follow you where ever you  walk in the lobby...so fun-ny!

The fact that it took me 2 hours to upload these photos and type this blog: sort of RIDICULOUS....ha ha ha ha....so i hope you think it's FABULOUS!

bringing a little dose of:

your kandee......
(PS. to see a little more ridiculousness, but I think it's fabulous, click here: www.kandeeland.com)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Last of the Glaminars

WHAT: San Francisco Glaminar
WHERE: W San Francisco

WHO: these where the prize winners from the PRO CLASS!
We had a huge $550 make-up kit from NYX Cosmetics 
2 Dinair Complete Airbrush Kits with HOT PINK compressors
An entire brush sets with from my favorite, Crown Brush
GIFTBAGS: (I loved the Charlene, a girl who came to the very first Glaminar ever, in LA, brought her tote bag from then...they look way different now!)
What was inside?

An Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Stalker or Uzi
One of my favorite smudgey eyeshadow brushes from Crown Brush
A cute shirt from a very addictive beauty site: www.beautylish.com
(beautylish also gave us the Say Yes to Carrots  Organic lip balms to give away! Thanks BeautyLish!)
Ivi Scents "super yummy" soap
and some Professional Make-Up Artist Catalogs and Info...and some secret things for success for people that came to the PRO class! (Can't show you because they are a very special somethings for people who come to the Glaminar to help launch their careers!)
you can't have a glaminar without cupcakes! 
And these were some of the best we've ever had!
Kara's Cupcake's in San Francisco are amamzing!
(I ate at least half a dozen...hee hee, they were mini's though!)
No one will ever know just how incredible the day is at a Glaminar, unless you've been there...
yeah you leave with all kinds of tips and tricks for make-up that I can't share on youtube (too many things that need to be explained on why I do each step)...
yes you learn secret Pro make-up products that no one's probably even ever heard of on Youtube, Pro make-up supplies and places to get things....
people don't know that they will leave this day...a changed person...with new happiness, so much confidence it'll change their future...their career, their relationships....
they'll learn how to change the world around them...how to be unforgettable....
and most importantly how to change their lives....make their dreams real...
and how to sparkle in a world full of mean, cynical people...that have no hope!
I was so honored to meet a precious girl, Shahidah Roslan, who flew all the way from SINGAPORE to be at this "almost last" Glaminar! She was precious and so sweet and her camera had just died when we went to take a picture and mine was done too!
San Francisco was amazing...people clapped, cheered, cried, laughed, screamed...like no other city has yet! I will always remember each precious person that I hugged!

THE VERY LAST GLAMINAR will be in Los Angeles! 
in 2 weeks on December 5th...
it will be one of our biggest....with special surprises because it's our last one....
it will also probably very sad for me...to know it's the last one...
I can't wait though!
I am truly honored to be a part of so many precious people's lives...and my heart is so honored and humbly thanks each one of you for letting me into your heart and inspiring you all!

Thank you so much....for letting me into your lives...even if we've only "met online"...that's how lots of marriages have started...so it's not that weird! ha ha ha ha

huge love to you all... (I will be taking a rest to have baby and be with my family, and focus on some other projects...exciting ones for you guys too!) in LA:

huge love my precious hearts......a very honored, kandee

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is all I got!

tired beyond tiredness...
I'm using every ounce of energy to type this right now.....
I promise I'll have a way more awesome post tomorrow!!!!

what's my name again...oh yeah..., kandee

Things I take off every night!

These are the things that get removed from being strapped, buckled, clasped or hooked onto me everynight! ha ha ha

Clockwise starting with my WATCH:
MY WATCH~ was handmade for me by one of my dear friends...sadly, he no longer makes these amazing watches..but if I can convince him to...I will be the first to give you his information!
(secret stash....I have a few of his watch creations left....and maybe, I might put a couple up for sale on ebay...not sure when or anything though!)
Behind my watch is my awesome Hello Kitty Phone cover that one of my friends, Karawn, made me!

TURQUOISE ACRYLIC BOW RING~ I got this in London at a little vintage store in Camden Market...it was super cheap, and I've tried to find where I could find them online..and I haven't found anything yet! I love this ring! I did get a cheap black one at Forever 21, it was much smaller though.

YELLOW FLOWER RING~My lil' sister got me this...I love it...she got it at Nordstrom's in the Brass Plumb department...it was a while ago though.

My BLACK LEATHER CUFF~ I made this, all by myself! I used to make jewelry...necklaces, bracelets and things....I made this sooooooo many years ago! I love it though.

SPIKEY EARRING: I can't remember where I got them (maybe forever 21?!?)...I have the other one, but I like wearing mix match earrings.

MY FEATHER EARRING: I got this from my friend Cardi, she hand makes these in LA (you can find her at the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays (kinda on the corner of Fairfax & Melrose)...they are amazing, and no 2 are alike! You can go to her etsy store, but buy quickly because they sell out super fast! I've never seen feather earrings as beautiful as hers!
CLICK HERE to see her store Salvage LA on etsy: www.esty.com
Look at how beautiful this one is!! I can't stop looking at the colors and patterns.....art work to hang by your ear! I love it!
MY SUPREME NECKLACE~ I got it at the Renegade Craft Fair in downtown LA...it's from a Cutlass Supreme Car...I love it, and I pretty much wear it everyday of my life! ha ha ha
 The girl who made it doesn't have anymore, BUT one of my friends had some SUPREME necklaces made...she only has a small amount left..
you can order them, I'm not sure, but I think they are around $34-$35 US dollars.  You can email her: pinkyloco@ymail.com or go to her facebook page: CLICK HERE 
and find out more. She's super nice.

And that's what my dresser, or little night table looks like everynight...after I've taken off all my "kan-cessories"...ha ha ha

and I type this with naked fingers, wrists, ears and neck...ha ha ha
your kandee

Friday, November 19, 2010

How to HEAT things up this FALL! (with your make-up)

I decided to do an twist on the fall make-up look...instead of bringing the color of Autumn to you eyes..browns, golds, auburns, maroons.....I decided to warm up the face...do a dramatic eyeliner (with a special lil' trick I throw in to get "extra" dark liner)...
 a spicey-nude mouth and the most beaituful gold=peach glow to the cheeks!

Get ready to be a fall show-stopper, as you wait in line for your salted caramel hot chocolate, or pick out the perfect pumpkin!

BRONZER: (to add warmth, not sparkle)...I used BLUNT from MAC
WHY I LIKE IT: It's add warmth, makes the face look slimmer and more tan & there is no sparkle in it, it's completely matte!
BRONZER BRUSH: I used the FLAT BRONZER brush from Crown Brush (www.crownbrush.com)

  I am in love with this palette right now! BEN NYE FALL 2010 Eyeshadow Palette in #2 (you might have to call and ask them, because I can't find this palette in their catalog... (310) 839-1984 or website: www.bennyemakeup.com
WHY I LIKE IT: It has the most amazing range of colors, that are very pigmented, will last incredibly long, they are designed for film and tv so they color is so rich. Every color will look amazing on everyone..to do a smokey eye in grey, plumb, grey-brown, taupe...these colors are just AMAZING! This could be the only palette I would ever use!

EYELINER: any black eyeliner, I used SMOLDER from MAC
MASCARA: L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes

LIPLINER: Naked from Urban Decay  www.urbandecay.com
 WHY I LOVE IT: the most amazing nude color ever,super smooth and longlasting
and PLUMB from MAC- to add some depth and make the lips look fuller!

PINK HIGHLIGHT LIP COLOR: LipSurgence natural matte Lip Color from TARTE in LUCKY

WHY I LIKE IT: It's a soft baby pink, totally matte, ultra-long wearing, has a great peppermint flavor, and feels like velvet on your lips...AND it's totally natural, no paraben, petroleum, or any other unhealthy stuff...animal cruelty FREE and vegan...and it makes your lips plumper naturally!

BLUSH: ANy peachy browns will work....I used PEACHES N PINK from MAC, TANTONE from MAC, and MOCHA from MAC.

with an angled blush brush from Crown Brush again..

I love this look...super glam, sleek AND the best part is, it's REALLY FAST!!!!!

So sit back, grab a cup of hot chocolate and watch as I show you how to add some warmth and beauty to that pretty face of yours!

happy cozy day by the fire...and a mug full of yummy hot chocolate ....your kandee
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