Monday, November 15, 2010

Special SURPRISE Guests!

at the biggest little city (RENO, Nevada)...and the BIGGEST little GLAMINAR!!!
(click here to see my mom and dad helping set up the Glaminar in RENO:
 my boots and lil' Alani (my daughter's) boots! She picked all the winning tickets out of the bag for all the prizes!
I had the most wonderful Glaminar..because I had some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS!!!! my babies!!!
Jordan (my oldest on the left...and me asking if Alani if she wanted to stay on stage or go with big brither Jordan, and you can see Blake's little arm peeking out on the side!)
They had so much fun!!!
 look at how big my belly is!!! (you can see my precious friend Teresa with the silver bow in her hair, who helped us with this Glaminar, and she ran the camera operation for me too! i heart you T-bella!)
And in the picture below, you can see the back of dad's head in the lower right corner, in the black shirt!)

me talking away...(only 2 more GLAMINARS left!!! San Francisco and the BIG DADDY GLAMINAR of them all, our big finale in LOS ANGELES...go here to see more about em'..then no more post about Glaminars! ha ha ha)

our BIG GLAMINAR Pro Class prize winners of the ZUCA Pro Artist BACKPACKS (worth over $130)
 And Jill, who won th ....ZUCA BAG PRO SPORT (which is what I use to haul all my make-up in) in their brand new color: Caribbean!!
And the big winner of the Complete Make-Up Artist Starter Kit from NYX...won the make-up case filled with over $550 worth of every piece of make-up you need to start your kit from sponges and foundations to lipliners, shadows, blushes, every kind of eyeliner, lash curlers, brushes, lipsticks and much more!!! (she has driven over 8 hours with her family, including a 20 month old baby, to be at the Glaminar!!! So happy she won!!!)
 My lil' Alani on stage with me...her leggings matched the table cloth!
the official Glaminar sign that everyone looks for when they are in the hotel! I will be sad when the Glaminars are over after LA in December....I will miss meeting everyone...and touching people's lives...the only thing people can say afterwards is: "There are no words to describe this, this is so much more than make-up! This has forever changed my life!".  I will miss inspiring people to become new, more confident, happy-filled, powerful and hyper-creative people...the most! I love encouraging people's hearts..these Glaminars teach a lot of tips and tricks for to really catapult your career into high speed...but the best part is:
it teaches people how to be more confident than they've ever been
how to live the life they've always dreamed of
how to be happy no matter what
how to be the most attractive, glowing person wherever you go
and how to touch people's lives and leave a trail of smiles where ever you go!!!
what the tote bags look like...that everyone gets..and they are always filled with fun one of my favorite make-up brushes from Crown Brushes and so much more!

I may be totally exhausted after a Glaminar day, of waking up at darkness...standing with my big pregnant belly...and not finishing until I've spent a good 16 hours on my feet...but my heart is overjoyed, always!

For those of you that dont' get to go to a Glaminar, I hope this post is just a little fun peek, as if you went with me,  like a little butterfly on my shoulder!

huge love...and I'm off to finish up all the details for the SAN FRANCISCO GLAMINAR this weekend!!!! Down to the last 2! go here for info on GLAMIANARS:

huge love from a huge bellied...kandee


Farah said...

Wow beautiful names they all have! Love little Alani's style lol

Unknown said...

Kandee, you are always just so inspiring. You've had some hard times and you still haven't let them conquer you-you conquered them.

I wish I could afford a glaminar, but your videos are amazing and I feel like your words are meant just for me.

Thank you for all your positive and encouraging words!

You have such a beautiful family :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,
Please tell me that the recording of your Glaminar will some way be made available as a DVD we could buy?? I would totally pay the Glaminar price of $595 for it!

alexis said...

how sweet everyone looks & happy.
the balloons are goooorgeous. i like the color pattern :)

monavampire said...

i did felt like being on the Glaminar wid ya all guys (LUCKY you)! fab <3333

Margara said...

awwwww, i LOVE that this was a total family glaminar!! That's so awesome!! Can't wait to see you in December in LA!! <3

Chelsea said...

Your kids are just as stylish as you! how cuuute :D

Ai said...

Aww so sweet of your kids to be by your side and support you♥


Mae said...

I would love for you to do a glaminar for teens in CANADA if you do plz tell me at
i would so come i could probaly not evean cantaim my excitement if i came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kandee Johnson said...

oh I was just in Canada doing a Glaminar last week!!! xoxo kandee

Jenna said...

I hope you enjoyed Reno, it is my home town. It was probably too cold to go to Lake Tahoe. Where did you hold the Glaminar?

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

I wish I could go too. (thanks unemployment) but I feel much better after watching your vids. You look adorable and what a beautiful family you have.

ADZahra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ADZahra said...

Ugh! I SO want to go to the SF Glaminar! Had no idea you were even coming out this way until about a week ago and the LA one is just a few days before my birthday. Hmmmm.

Hayley said...

I hope that you do more Glaminars in the future. I would love to come and be inspired by you! I do get inspired by you everyday i read your blogs but it would be some much better in person.


miss.v.d said...

that looked like so much fun, I cried when I seen the pictures and read. I wanted so much to be there but fell about 100$ short :( You are such an inspiration, I would defiantly love the chance to meet you someday and feel the warmth of your glowing presence :)

Unknown said...

Wow, you have a beautiful family! I bet your mega proud of all of them, and the newest addition will no doubt be beautiful as well! You seem to have a relationship with your kids that is just yet again .. beautiful :) .. I think im over using the word beautiful? .. well here it is once more, Kandee your beautiful! :) xx

lou moo said...

Your such an inspiration Kandee... i have recently found your blogs and have really enjoyed reading through them. You light up the screen you really do. Since i am at work i am unable to watch your video's however soon to have internet access at home so hurrah i can then watch them all!!!

Wishing you every happiness with your new cupcake!

manths said...

I read your blog all the time, when I'm sat at my desk at work with nothing to do! I live in England so can't go to any of your Glaminars but I would so LOVE to!
I've picked up so many tips from your you tube videos which I now use in everyday getting ready for work!
I know you did a Glaminar in London recently but I live on the other side of the country in a place called Devon so I think you should do a Glaminar tour of the UK! hehe.
I've just set up my own blog because yours looked so fun - I'm not gonna lie I don't have the most exciting life but if you wanna check it out I would be honoured!!! (I actually don't have any followers yet!)
keep being awesome!
lots of love Sam xx

michellediana143 said...

kandee your like the most awesome mom eveh!the legging and table cloth was cute =3

Outside the lines said...

Hey Kandee,

You should definitely consider doing a DVD of your glaminar. I wasnt able to afford to go as I live in Ireland so it just wasn't possible for me. I would love the opportunity to buy your DVD though and I'm sure so many more of your fans would love it too!! Thanks for all the tips and tricks so far and for sharing your life with us. It must be strange to think how many people you inspire everyday all over the world! Keep it up :)


Anonymous said...

You don't need your Glaminars to inspire people. My daughter is 9 and she watches your videos with me and I have to say that her makeup collection is growing by leaps and bounds. If she decides to become a makeup artist like you, you don't know how proud I will be. You are amazing. You will continue inspiring people no matter what you are doing.

Lots of Love,

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