Thursday, March 31, 2011

WOO HOO Worldwide Whooga GIVEAWAY!

 next prize up for our 5 days of celebrate and thank you all for being one of my 500,000 subscribers!
(thanks Whooga for allowing this contest to be Worlwide!)

you gotta have your parents permission if under 18

1. you must live somewhere in the world (ha ha)

2. you MUST be a Subscriber to my YOUTUBE channel...
because this contest is to thank my subscribers! hee hee

3. you must go and like the WHOOGA FACEBOOK PAGE

4. you can go to the Whooga website (click here to go there:
and choose the pair or pairs (color and styles) you wish to win, and include that in your comments to win
ways to enter:
blog: enter your whooga boot selection in the comments below
youtube: enter your whooga boot selection in the comments below the Whooga giveaway video below
twitter: tweet you whooga boot selection to @kandeejohnson and @whoogaboots

winners will be selected randomly from each place of entry...
so enter as many times as you want everywhere for more chances to win!




Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purse Give Away!!!

(and yes I did a crazy electric blue eye, to try to match this purse...hee hee, not really, but it sounds fun! ha ha)

I'm thanking you guys for subscribing and celebrating 500,000 giving away fun stuff all week!

Imoshion handbags(which have been featuerd in magazines such as Oprah, Seventeen People Style Watch and are exclusively sold at Dillards !) has donated the super cute purses for this giveaway to help celebrate with me!
*they did not pay me to do this, in case anyone was thinking that...they just wanted to help celebrate and offer some cute purses to giveaway!
You can choose any purse from their website, you don't have to get the ones I show in the video...
(i love this striped pure so much...I want to kiss it! ha ha ha)
look how cute the striped purse is in green!
this pink bag is to cute and girly!
(here's a picture of some of the other colors in comes in from their website!)
Wish I could do a giveaway for the house behind the gates that the purses are hangin on! ha ha ha
 (for some reason the lighting and my camera made me look really yellow here! ha ha ha)
YAY! This is a WORLDWIDE CONTEST!!! Imoshion is allowing the winner to be from any country in the world... Estonia to Zimbabwe!

You can live anywhere in the world to enter.
You can be under 18, as long as you have your parents permission.
3 winners will be chosen: one from youtube comments, one from the comments on this blog, and one from twitter.
1. you must be a subscriber to my youtube channel
2. you must go to, OR their FACEBOOK PAGE (CLICK HERE) and select the purse styles and colors you want to win and enter them as your comments, either below on this blog post, below the purse contest video on youtube
* to enter on youtube: enter the style and color of the purse (or purses) you want to win

 *to enter on this blog: comment below with the style and color purse you want to win (you can pick multiple styles and colors for all entries)

* to enter on twitter: you must RT this post with the style and color purse you want to win @kandeejohnson


watch the video below and get commenting! HOORAY! this is so exciting and fun!

huge love and giant purses...kandee
CLICK HERE TO ENTER MY iPAD giveaway going on right now! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Win an ipad2 & Chocolate Contest!

get thank you for 500,000 Subscribers..i want to give back to all my awesome subscribers (click here to see my thank you message!)
...and Chocri is helping me celebrate by giving away an ipad2 and  a box of their delicious chocolate bars to you awesome followers!

 (Jordan makes a special appearance in this video too!)

(i was not paid to do this contest, or any of my contests...this is just a fun way to give back to you guys for being wonderful!)

here's the official rules for the:
chocri chocolate 
ipad 2 giveaway!

Official Rules & Guidelines:
(chocri's guidelines & rules for contest)
You can be under 18, just have your parents' permission
*The iPad can be won by anyone in Canada or the United States
(if it was up to me this contest would be world wide, but Chocri might have some issues with customs, so they can't offer it worldwide. Don't worry guys! I have more contest for the next few days that are WORLD WIDE!!! YAY!)
*the big box of chocolate bars by anyone in Canada, the United States, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Belgium 
Contest Starts today: March 29th
Contest Ends: Wednesday April 6th
1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to my youtube channel (that's why I'm having this contest....for all my Subscribers! If you're not one here and subscribe!

2. You like the chocri Facebook page at
 3. Each person is allowed to enter the following ways:
One entry: Your customized chocolate bar creation as a comment on my "ipad & chocolate" giveaway video on youtube!

The entry is only valid if you use base chocolates and toppings that can be found on
  (ex: white chocolate, real silver flakes,"i love you" writing, candied rose petals & bourbon vanilla)
You can enter a customized chocolate bar created by you as many times as you like, as long as it's a different creation each time
Additional Entries: 
you can re-comment one of your entries for another chance to win by doing any of these things:
 You like the chocri Facebook page at
*Additional Entry: You follow chocri on twitter
*Additional Entry: You click "like" on this blog post below
*Additional Entry: You re-tweet this on twitter
*Additional Entry: You follow me on twitter
* Additional Entry: You can comment what you would name your flavor chocolate bar below here on this blog below in the comments
so to re-cap....where to enter comments:
*enter your chocolate bar creations below the video on youtube
*enter your chocolate bar name below this blog post
*and for every tweet or re-tweet about this contest with @kandeejohnson and @chocridotcom you get to post your entry again, both here and on youtube!

Watch & Get ready to win!

You guys are reason....i started youtube...and each one of you are the reason why I am still on youtube!
I can't believe we are 500,000 wonderfully strong....sending huge hugs to my precious kandee family!

CLICK ON EACH CONTEST NAME BELOW TO ENTER THE CONTEST...only a few more days to enter the other ones!

Monday, March 28, 2011

500,000 SUBSCRIBER thank you & week of giveaways!

I have no words except: "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek hooraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

I want to thank all of you for being the most awesome kandee supporters, fans...I don't like calling anyone a are my "KANDEE FAMILY"!

and to thank all of you for your love and support, kindness and love....
I am having a  WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS......
from an ipad2 to chocolate to a more!!!!

Check back here daily for the giveaway of the day!

It's my way of giving back to you..for all the love and kindess you've shined on me!

I love all of you..from my first subscriber to the one who just clicked subscribe!

here's my lil' way of trying to give some sparkle back!

huge love...thank you...and get ready for a givwaway bonanza!!!....your kandee

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I HAVE A BIG SURPRISE for you guys! (hey it rhymes)

almost 2 years to the day i made this shirt cutting video  (you can watch it below if you've never seen it)...
and i have a special surprise to share with you guys!!!

check back for my big announcement video and i'm going to be giving one of you something special to celebrate!

are you ready for this?

one of my precious "kandee family" going to win an:
ipad 2!!
(i don't even have an ipad 1...or 2, ha ha ha)

get ready for my special message video tomorrow...and check back here on the bloggy for the ipad and more giveaway....(and you know me....there's not just an ipad being given away....i've got more! hee hee hee)
huge huge huge love, your kandee

oh i almost forgot....the video....ha ha ha

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sneek Peek Surprise!

Yay! Not only did I make one new video yesterday...but 2....
this is one of my favorite "green" looks...with hot pink "matte" lips!
and then...
I did my most requested, EVER....make-up look...the wedding/prom look I had done of my Bethanie...
I had her picture in my portfolio and seriously, everyone always requested the make-up look I had done for her...whether it was their wedding day or just special event..everyone LOVED, LOVED LOVED this look..and so do I! hee hee
It glamorous, glowing, a little smokey, yet not heavy eyeshadow...shimmery and just plain gorgous...and this make-up looks great on every eye and skin color and tone!

So yesterday we re-created it (when we had a slumber party at my house: click here if you wanna read about it on my kandeeland bloggy!)...
get ready to have a new glamorous wedding or prom look!
(We were laughing how her hair looks nothing like prom or wedding hair! ha ha...just imagine her hair in a fancy updo! ha ha)

(PS. remember when I said I was going to do the Mila Kunis look...the lighting was so bad I can't use the video I shot...I'll have to re film it later!)

these looks are comin' just takes me hours to they'll be up soon....

I have some fun surprises to share with you these videos are in the line up to be edited...
(and yes, it takes me days to get a video finished! ha ha ha)

packing up sparkles to send your way...huge love, kandee

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Day in San Francisco at Levi's!

I look like a dark haired Doris Day walking down the street! ha ha ha
 I have no idea where they got these "wipe off" quotation boards...but I love them!

So for everyone that didn't get to come and meet me when I was in San Francisco at the Levi's store to do a meet and greet....
here's what it was like...!!!

And a huge thank you to Levi's for inviting me to their big Curve ID event...and for giving me 2 pairs of jeans!!! Yay! I am actually wearing them as I type this!...

They even offered to film me and edit this video for me....
it was so funny because it's normally just lil' ol' me with my video camera all by myself...
and they had a whole film crew and microphones...and fancy camera's...
definitely not how I normally film and do everything myself! ha ha ha

they edit wayyyyy better than me!!! this video looks so awesome..unlike my normal videos! ha ha

this is awesome...because it usually takes me hours and hours to film, upload,edit, and finally export a video...! So this is an awesome present...thanks Levi's!

Hope you guys like being a butterfly in my get to see everything! yay!

blue jeans and san francisco....
your kandee

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor: an inspired look

Elizabeth Taylor...
not only one of the world's most beautiful women...but a legend, icon, and example of a true
glamorous and gracious woman...will be truly missed!
One of the most beautiful things about Elizabeth she knew that true beauty had nothing to do with what you looked had to do with your heart!
look at how gorgeous, young Elizabeth Taylor was....
she was stunning from childhood!
not only was she breath-takingly, unreal-ly beautiful...but she had violet eyes to sparkle at the world! (which you can't even see in this black and white picture)
her face just made you want to stare at her, because she didn't look real!
she was gorgeous at every age....

i love this picture...
I wanted to do a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor...
so I thought of all the things and looks that remind me of, cleopatra, her lavender eyes, and ofcourse her trademark eyebrows!

(the look I created for Cleopatra, was inspired by her make-up as Cleopatra)
And this is my Elizabeth Taylor inspired look...
...I didn't want to re-create her look...I don't have the stunning features she did...(ha ha)...I just wanted to include all the elements that made me think of her...
and I incorporated her love of diamonds (diamond glitter eyelids) and her lavender eyes and ofcourse her classic eyebrows,  to create this look in honor of the beautiful, Dame Elizabeth Taylor...
you're beauty will live on...
so here may I present my tribute to Elizabeth Taylor....

huge love, your kandee

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Prevent Eyeliner Meltdown

Have you been annoyed with:
How to keep the good ol' waterline or rims of your eyes perfectly blackened with sooty color eyeliner...?
 here's my tips to prevent eyeliner melting and smudging!
(because this has not been a requested look....yet! ha ha ha)

In case anyone wanted to know~
in the video I used:
SMOLDER eyeliner from MAC
and CARBON eyeshadow from MAC too
(but you can use ANY eyeliner and shadow)

Now let's boogie on down to make-up tip town!

huge love and the blackest of eyeliner...your kandee

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Francisco Style

Me ad my girls as we walk to Union courtesy of: my mom

San Francisco has such a cool's got palm trees like LA....
but a more NYC feel...
Lots of people with unique style....
I wanted to take pictures of awesomely dressed people I saw on the streets..but when it comes to actually doing it....I  though people would think I was a weirdo trying to take their picture as they walked by super fast!
 ha ha ha
(saw these super fun take on the Timberland boot! Please know that I did not buy these..ha ha ha..just admired them!)
girls in lots of cool thigh high leather boots and pirate style boots
(i love them!)
Lots of Black and grey color leggings and tights
lots of chunky boots with heels and straps wrapped around the ankles
guys are super styley in SF...
lots of white jeans...

funky shaved on the sides haircuts with more out of control hair on top
funky ties with fitted blazers

Look what I found at the Macy's in SF!!!
my Hello Kitty PURSE!!!!!
(my beat up one, was stuffed in the stroller below! hee hee)


HUGE LOVE....and we drove through some big mountains....
hugs bigger than mountains....your kandee

Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY: HOW TO Make Your Own Natural Eye Make-Up Remover

Get ready to cook up your own eye make-up home!

Totally natural...super cheap...and so good for your skin!
Not only will you be able to get rid of every bit of "smoky eye" evidence or black liquid liner...

but your skin is going to look better and younger!

Here's the ingredients:
*Witch Hazel (I wish it had  a nicer sounding name!)
Witch hazel is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch Hazel shrub. It was used for many medicinal purposes by the Native American Indians.

It's  used as a natural remedy for everything from psoriasis, eczema, aftershave applications, ingrown nails, to prevent sweating of the face, cracked or blistered skin,  insect bites, poison ivy, and as a treatment for varicose veins and even hemorrhoids! ha ha
how did it get it's spooky name?
I always thought it sounded like it should be in a funny tall, mysterious botle...maybe in the wagon of an old Charlatan selling potions and brews! ha ha ha
It comes from the Middle English word wiche, from the Old English wice, which means"bendable".When  British settlers arrived in the Americas, they fancied witch hazel as great replacement for chores because of it's pliable, crooked branches.

click here to see where to get witch hazel (especially if you don't live in the North America)...I got mine at Whole Foods...or you can get it at any drugstore, in the department where they sell Rubbing Alcohol, or as I learned they call it in the UK, Surgical Spirits (i personally like it being called Surgical Spirits! ha ha)
*olive oil ( I use organic olive oil, but you can use conventional "regular" olive oil too)

Save money....look even's a win win!

Now let me show you how to cook up the best eye make-up remover!

huge love and loads of black eyeliner...your kandee

Levi's giftcard winner!

We have a winner!
The winner of the $50 giftcard from Levi'

drum rolll pleeeeeease.....
it was from youtube follower:


yay! I'm so excited! i love being able to give you guys fun contests and giveaways! I wish I had thousands of giftcards to give away! hee hee

huge love and happy gift card comin' your way MOMMYSANTANA!

To Mommysantana....
if you are reading this, please send me a direct message on twitter...
here's my twitter:

(hurry and reply...within 48 hours or I'll have to pick another winner....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh What a priceless gift you all are!

yesterday was so amazing and i just want to thank everyone that came out and patiently waited in line so long to let me hug them at the Levi's store in San Francisco!
 (really blurry and really rainy!)
Since I've never done anything like this before...I had no idea how it would go!
And they offered to film and document my day for me to upload on youtube, so everyone that missed it could see what it was like.
The funny part is, they had "real" fancy video cameras and lights..and microphones...and a whole crew!
I'm used to it being just me...doing everything myself - no fancy lights or crews or anything! ha ha
I took alot longer to shoot everything that way, than when I do it! ha ha ha

The absolute best part was seeing everyone that came!
And for everyone letting me hug them and take pictures with them!
(I love her leopard pants!)
And Ora, from France, who was dressed so cute (everyone was so cute and stylish!)...even blogged about it and had some fun behind the scenes pictures that are so fun!
click here to read her blog about it!

 I wanted to thank every, precious and beautiful face and heart, that I got to see yesterday!
That was the best part!
To see all your precious faces, hug you, and hopefully add a little more love to your heart!! That meant the world to me!!! You have no idea how much each one of you mean to me...and to feel your love in person is something I can't even try to describe with words! Each one of you has become like a beautiful flower, in the garden of my heart...
sometimes we all get lonely and sad...but knowing that someone loves you can help you get through anything! You guys have helped me in sad times just sending me your love filled words! And I want you to know, even though I haven't been able to meet you in person...(i don't need to see your face...:)...I love you!

 I want to thank Levi's...not just for giving me some awesome jeans (that I'm wearing right now) or for letting me eat free cupcakes at the Curve ID event, hee hee...but for giving me the chance to meet everyone in San Francisco...that was a priceless gift and day and I will never forget it!

I am so sorry if I didn't get to spend as much time with each one of you....the production team had a really crazy schedule to get everything done...and I had to make sure I didn't mess anything up for them! so I'm so sorry....if it was just me I would've stayed there for hours! (well, as long as baby stayed sleeping with my mom! ha ha click here to read how much I was running back and forth! ha ha)

And to Brooks (with the beautiful eyes): I tried to post the picture I took of us but both of our eyes were closed! You are going to be amazing!

huge love from San Francisco...where we are stuck for one more day because of a severe storm warning and the possibly closing the roads to get home today! (good  thing we brought extra socks and undies! ha ha)...
your kandee

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Acid washed nails!!!

I even did my nails to look like jeans today! They are even textured like denim!
I used a dark blue polish and a silvery glitter one for texture.

1. first paint the glitter polish on to get texture
2. then go over it with the blue polish
I did an "acid washed" look on my thumb!
Just reverse the order

1. first paint on you blue polish
2. then go over with the silvery glitter to look like the acid-vintage wash jeans!
SOOOO fun...and you nails feel so cool!

You can do this with any polishes...but in case you want to know what I used...
Societal TRansformation and Just a Bit of Bling by Dreams by Neihule polish!

Now I'm off to go to the Levi's event with my denim nails!
Yay...I'll tell you all about it later!
love in blue jeans....your kandee

Friday, March 18, 2011

I got a haircut!

Tada! My new haircut!- Cut by none other than yours truly.
My favorite haircuts....have been the ones I've given myself! ha ha ha  And it saves you all kinds of money!  Unless you do a real bad job and have to pay to get it fixed!

I cut all these "kandee haircuts" myself:
(unfortunately I can't find any pictures with my nearly shaved head...this is as close as we got and this is months afterwards, with just little bits of hair peeking out of my headband...ha ha ha)

I would have done a video, but I was worried I might really mess it up, and my cutting style is pretty non-traditional and non-prefect....I just sculpt it with a razor where ever if feels like the hair is too heavy! So, just whatever feels right! ha ha ha
Don't worry....that top picture looks like I whacked off all my hair, but I left a little on the bottom!

What I did:
*blow dryed my hair like normal
*then once you can see where your hair wants to go when it's dry...
 just carve away with the razor
*I cut my bangs and carved out little chunks, like in my how to cut your bangs at home video
(I'll post it below...I love how I'm still wearing that same shirt from 2 years ago in videos that I just made!ha ha...and my old favorite yellow amber ring and watch, are in this video...I miss them!)
~cool tip:
think of your hair like curling ribbon on presents...
how you carve it with the side of the scissors into a curl....
that how you carve your hair to curl or curve where you want it to

Have fun with your hair...when I was in beauty school, my hair was a different color every few weeks...and so many different hair styles....
red, platinum, burnt orange, dreads...bob, short pixie cut, longer Amelie like hair....

happy hair day...from my trash can full of the hair I cut off! ha ha ha...kandee scissor hands
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