Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's in my suitcase?

First trip since baby...can't wait to see my sister and everyone! (peek at my to see more of our gettin' ready with baby!)
Here's what I'm packin'....and it's not heat!
  • feather earrings from my awesome friend Cardi (click here to see her earrings)
  • bow rings and flower ring
  • turquoise beaded necklace
  • leather cuff i made like 80 years ago
  • horseshoe necklace from Patricia Field's store (click here to see necklace)
  • watch my friend Lawrence made...
  • and random collection of single pairs of earrings! ha ha

my make-up bags.....face stuff and a bunch of lipsticks and lipliners I dumped in there...I don't even think I had time to see what all the colors were! ha ha
and then i cried! ha ha ha not really, but i was frustrated that none of my pre-baby clothes
I tried to put some of my jeans on and just laughed how, not-far-up-my-legs-they would go! ha ha ha
leggings it is!
Thank goodness no matter how my weight has gone up or, hats, and jewelry always fit!!!
and I move so fast that pictures come out blurry! ha ha ha
back to the place where i was born and started my career.....LA baby!
LA or bust......your kandee

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