Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Win an ipad2 & Chocolate Contest!

get ready.....to thank you for 500,000 Subscribers..i want to give back to all my awesome subscribers (click here to see my thank you message!)
...and Chocri is helping me celebrate by giving away an ipad2 and  a box of their delicious chocolate bars to you guys....my awesome followers!

 (Jordan makes a special appearance in this video too!)

(i was not paid to do this contest, or any of my contests...this is just a fun way to give back to you guys for being wonderful!)

here's the official rules for the:
chocri chocolate 
ipad 2 giveaway!

Official Rules & Guidelines:
(chocri's guidelines & rules for contest)
You can be under 18, just have your parents' permission
*The iPad can be won by anyone in Canada or the United States
(if it was up to me this contest would be world wide, but Chocri might have some issues with customs, so they can't offer it worldwide. Don't worry guys! I have more contest for the next few days that are WORLD WIDE!!! YAY!)
*the big box of chocolate bars by anyone in Canada, the United States, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Belgium 
Contest Starts today: March 29th
Contest Ends: Wednesday April 6th
1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to my youtube channel (that's why I'm having this contest....for all my Subscribers! If you're not one yet....click here and subscribe!

2. You like the chocri Facebook page at www.facebook.com
 3. Each person is allowed to enter the following ways:
One entry: Your customized chocolate bar creation as a comment on my "ipad & chocolate" giveaway video on youtube!

The entry is only valid if you use base chocolates and toppings that can be found on http://www.createmychocolate.com
  (ex: white chocolate, real silver flakes,"i love you" writing, candied rose petals & bourbon vanilla)
You can enter a customized chocolate bar created by you as many times as you like, as long as it's a different creation each time
Additional Entries: 
you can re-comment one of your entries for another chance to win by doing any of these things:
 You like the chocri Facebook page at www.facebook.com
*Additional Entry: You follow chocri on twitter www.twitter.com/chocridotcom
*Additional Entry: You click "like" on this blog post below
*Additional Entry: You re-tweet this on twitter
*Additional Entry: You follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/kandeejohnson
* Additional Entry: You can comment what you would name your flavor chocolate bar below here on this blog below in the comments
so to re-cap....where to enter comments:
*enter your chocolate bar creations below the video on youtube
*enter your chocolate bar name below this blog post
*and for every tweet or re-tweet about this contest with @kandeejohnson and @chocridotcom you get to post your entry again, both here and on youtube!

Watch & Get ready to win!

You guys are reason....i started youtube...and each one of you are the reason why I am still on youtube!
I can't believe we are 500,000 wonderfully strong....sending huge hugs to my precious kandee family!

CLICK ON EACH CONTEST NAME BELOW TO ENTER THE CONTEST...only a few more days to enter the other ones!

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