Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Come See The New Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

The NEWEST Naked Palette to Urban Decay's growing family of NAKED palettes is the...
(naked drum roll please)
Hold onto your non-naked selves, because I'm gonna, swatch, review and then tell you all about what I think about this palette and how I wore it and compare it to the other Naked palettes in a video below.

 Here's what NAKED SMOKEY look like under her hood.
12 shades, 4 mattes colors, 4 soft lustre sheens and 4 more shimmery (not glittery - hooray!)
 I painted them on my arm (AKA swatched them) for you in more shady lighting (ABOVE) and in normal daylight (BELOW) and.....

In even brighter lighting BELOW...

It come out, for sale: July 8th
COST: $54 (which is a great deal for 12 eyeshadows when they normally sell for like $18-20 a piece

I like this NAKED SMOKY palette, the best out of all the other Naked palettes they've created. It has a great balance of mattes, shimmers, a broader range of colors, and no glittery shadows (which I love, but not in a nude color palette- shimmer yes, glitter, not as much).
If I could only use one Urban Decay Naked palette this would be the one I'd choose.
This was the Smoky eye look I created using the Naked Smoky:
And come watch my video review right here baybeh-beybeh:

Huge hugs, that are not Naked, fully clothed hugs, ha ha ha from your virtual best buddy, Kandee

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Monday, May 18, 2015

5 Ways To Stop Jealousy & Start Being A Success

It doesn't take much to feel the jealousy starting to grow in us as we just look at instagram, facebook or twitter, the lands where everyone posts the best their lives have to offer. It seems like everyone just bought a fancy car, eats the best meals, has the perfect house, vacations everyday, goes to the best parties, and spends all their money on new clothes.

Symptoms of Jealousy: feeling like a failure, angry, wondering why nothing good like that happens to you, wondering why good things are happening to THEM, feeling hopeless, did I already mention angry? Oh yes I did.

Here's 5 ways to help stop jealousy in it's tracks:

Successful people are too busy working hard on their dreams and goals to focus on what others are doing. If you have too much time to see what others are doing, you are not spending enough time going after your own goals and dreams! You be working so hard on them you don't have time to see what everyone else is doing.

Truly successful people are happy for others when they do well. Successful people enjoy their success and want others to reach success too. They cheer people on and look at what others are doing as inspiration and possibility, not with anger or secretly wishing they will fail.
Oh yes, there are some insecure-successful people like this, that are full of pride and only want to be at the top alone. But again, I said "truly successful people" and that means people that are a success as great human beings and at their goals.

The first things you need to know to be great, is you have to change your thinking. Learn to let other people's success inspire you. Every time you start to feel jealous, just remember: I'm changing my thinking. I'm going to be glad for others doing well and I'm going to let them inspire me! If they can do this or that, so can I!

Make a dream board of the things you want: the car you want, the house you want, vacations you want to go on, shoes you want, dreams you want to reach, a studio, space or office you want to have even the body you want to have. When you have your own dreams to focus on, you get less bothered by others, then you just think: "That's great they bought 8 new Range Rovers, have a closet full of Yves Saint Laurent, my closet is going to be way more amazing than that and I want a different dream car!"

Flip the jealousy into fuel for you to go after your dreams even harder. Hustle harder, dream bigger, focus more. You can't run a race and win if you're looking sideways at what everyone else is doing.

Dream bigger + work harder + start being happier for others = RECIPE FOR SUCCESS

Huge hugs and I hope that makes your heart feel a little more armed for the day and for life! Your virtual bff, Kandee

To see a video I made about how frustrating Instagram, Facebook and Everything Social Media Can Be, watch this:


Friday, May 15, 2015

7 of the Coolest Pool-floatables You Need!

All of my dreams will have come true (pool wise) when I get a pool, and when said dream pool is filled with all of these food floaties or should I say, foodie floaties? I stinkin' love all of these! And they are pretty much all of my favorite food. In high school, my lunch consisted of 2 things, either DOMINO'S PIZZA (which my school served daily) or a PRETZEL (with strawberry yogurt).
And that to my love of all things cupcake, donut and ice cream and these are all the things my sweet tooth and tastebuds desire.
And as hunter of all bargains and sweets, I'll put links for where to get these if you NEED them asap!

#1. I love rainbow sprinkled donuts more than Homer Simpson. This donut floatie is a summer must to take with you to every pool party!
A steal at $14.99 from Future Memories

#2. The Ice Cream Sandwich Floatie - this is one of my favorite things to get from the ice cream truck in summer! And it's 6 feet long!

#3 Pizza Slice Floaties - there are no limit to the amount of friends and family that I want to buy this for as a present!
Pizza Slice Option 1- Full of toppings this baby is $49.98 from HearthSong (it was sold out everywhere!) A full grown man, can lounge on this guy:

 Pepperoni Pizza Slice Option 2 -OG Pepperoni Only Slice. This is your classic pepperoni floatie. And at $26.99, it's almost the same price as a real pizza, get it from TOYSPLASH here:

 #4. Pretzel Floatie - you know there's not an Auntie Anne's or Wetzel's Pretzel I can't walk by without treating my tastebuds to one, now I can have a pool full of pretzie's! $19.90 from Swimline:

#5. INFLATABLE CUPCAKES - Nothing says, "I'm a fun person" like having inflatable cupcakes sprinkled about! Get it, sprinkled about. That's one for the pun club. It say you can get a 3 piece set from Oriental Trading Here, for $13.99: 

#6. Ice Cream Cone Floaties - You scream, i scream, we all scream for ice cream cone inflatables! Yes, I want my "future pool" littered with ice cream cones. 
 Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones - Say you want the more swirly ice cream, these cuties are 36 inches tall and are only $1.95 from Amazon!!:

#7 Inflatable Hot Dogs - if sweets are your thing, or your looking for a lively game for your next BBQ/Pool Party. You can get these GIANT HOT DOG FLOATIES, that you sit on, then you attempt to knock your "hot dog riding" opponent off, bapping them with your inflatable condiment bottle. If this isn't a good time, I don't know what it. For $26.99, ToySplash is serving up this good time:

Which one is your favorite?!?
I mean, how fun does this pool look?

Feel free to share this with all your friends that need to see these for Summer!

For something else to brighten your day, come see my Ellie, who turns out to be a natural born-performer, sing her mix of Let It Go and Do You Want to Build A Snowman, mashed together:

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Huge and Happy Friday from your virtual BFF, Kandee, that yes, has written my first blog post back in almost 6 months, did you guys miss this or me here?!?
Heart you guys!

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