Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Foods & Drinks To Avoid To Look Younger

Okay, some of these you may already know, and I'm not preaching to you, I need to be reminded of these myself. And as you know, I am guilty, if you follow me on instagram you will see all my posts of cupcakes and rainbow sprinkled covered fro-yo! But I will say, I patted myself on the back, when I avoided the ice cream shop, even though my tastebuds really wanted one. Now, this doesn't mean you have to cut all these out of your life...everything in moderation, and don't eat a whole bag of sour gummi candies as a meal, like I have before! hee hee hee
And make wise food choices as often as possible- If I just ate what tasted good, I would live on cupcakes and hot chocolate- but instead I'll make my smoothie (recipe video at the bottom) to balance out when I go on a cupcake spree!
So let's get this party started...

#1. SUGAR - awwww man! I have more than a sweet tooth, I have a sweet jaw full of teeth!
*Turns out, our moms were right, sugar is no good for our health or our skin!
*Sugar molecules do major damage to not only our internal bodies, but it also our skin. Sugar gives our skin a big shove to having more wrinkles, as fast as possible. Not to mention, making you feel more tired and making you crave more sugar after your sugar "high" has worn off!
*Some studies show that SUGAR ages the skin faster than the sun. (You won't burn or get skin cancer, but sugar will push you to bonus wrinkles just the same!)
The not sweet side of sugar:
  • has an inflammatory response in the body
  • lowers your immune system
  • is awful on your insulin levels
  • is a mood buster – sugar highs then sugar mood blues 
  • oh and bonus weight gain is always a nice one

#2. CAFFEINE  - Your daily cup of joe may give your day a jumpstart, as well as a jumpstart on wrinkles! I've never been a huge coffee drinker, but coffee ice cream is one of my favs, it's a good thing I don't need a bowl of it to start my day.
*Coffee is a diuretic, it dehydrates you. Which is why you always see these "cellulite" treatments with coffee, it just basically dehydrates cells, constricts blood vessels, so you get a temporary illusion from dehydration of the cells. This is like saying, wearing Spanx, helps you lose weight.
Bottom line, any dehydration is no bueno, for your skin cells that need water to stay plump an to help flush out toxins from the skin.
*So all those mocha-frappa-rappa-donka-donk, drinks are not just hittin' ya with the caffeine, but a 1-2 punch of the "bonuses"  sugar on top- it basically a wrinkle-booster-in-a-cup! Ha Ha ha ha
*If you have to have your coffee, I suggest drinking a couple extra glasses of water to help hydrate you and your face!
* You are supposed to drink half your weight in ounces: EXAMPLE: you weigh 140 lbs, you need to drink 70 ounces of water to maintain proper hydration. Remember, one of the key component in fatigue is dehydration.

The bad side of caffeine:
  • exhaustion, fatigue- requiring you to buy more coffee, Starbucks loves this!
  • addictive
  • creates artificial highs and lows
  • insomnia
  • dehydration
Where it's found: coffee, a lot of teas, soda (watch out for Mt. Dew, it a sugar and caffeine doozy)

 #3. ALCOHOL -  No matter how many people quote the anti-oxidant power of wine, the damage that the sugars and the dehydration from the alcohol, do more to make your skin de-plumped, and more prune like, which ushers in prune-like wrinkles to be formed and to form a lasting bond with your face!  If you can't live without a glass of your favorite whatever, make sure your sipping water right along with your cocktail.
The free gifts of alchol:
  • Robs you of vitamins especially Vitamin B and minerals
  • Dehydrates leading to wrinkles- "say hello to my little prune-y face"
  • Affects brain cells
  • Ages skin and organs
  • and no one wants Liver disease, on top of wrinkles! Ha ha ha 
 #4.  TRANS FATS & HYDROGENATED OILS - (also note, that is not butter, butter is ok, well dont' eat a whole stick for a snack or anything, it's margarine that is the bad news)
What is that? It is a process where cheap sources of liquid oils are heated and turned into solid fats. Just take a look at the ingredient list on some of your fav snack and treats and you might be surprised how much hydrogenated "goodness" you'll find.
And these are the lovely things it causes:
  • Heart disease
  • Malabsorption of healthy oils
  • Diabetes
  • Adult Acne - acne can be caused by the internal inflammation that these cause in our bodies.
  • Attacks the nervous system
Where it's found: Cakes, cookies, biscuits, pastries, oils, spreads and pretty all kinds snack foods!

#5. FRIED FOODS - (oh sweet french fries!) - the problem is the heating and sometimes re-heating fats and oils. The heat is what changes the chemical balance creating the same problems as those sneaky ol' trans fats.
What it does:
  • Produces cancer causing chemicals
  • Increases bad cholesterol
  • Turns ‘OK’ food into ‘bad’ food (fried zucchini is not a healthy veggie anymore!)
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Ages the skin- you're skin will look crunchy and fried like the food you're eating! ha ha ha
Now you might be thinking, well what am I supposed to eat and drink today! Well, if you have to put down your donut, your barrel of coffee or your jug of soda...this might be a little bit trickier! But hey we're not all going to just live on the veggies we're growing in our imaginary garden, so just limit the junk as much as you can, and eat healthy as much as you can, and go fill up a glass of water right now- AND DRINK IT! ha ha ha And sometimes, like for me, this is a good reminder, to get my food eating on the right track and make it easier to say no to dessert or a side of fries or will stop me from  adopting a lonely pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!

I actually had a list of 10 things, but didn't want to overwhelm everyone! And I will say, once when I cut out all sugar (The only sweet things I ate were fruit or berries) for 30 days, I've never seen my skin look so amazing. Oh, you sugar, you!

And if you're really feeling like jump-starting your day without a coffee for breakfast, you can make my morning smoothie AKA Beauty-Energy-Feel-Good Smoothie:

And yes if you follow me on instagram, I will still eat a cupcake and frozen yogurt, just not everyday! Or maybe I'll just keep posting "eye candy pictures" of crazy food, just to enjoy with eyes, not needing to really eat it! ha ha ha

Hugs, your healthy-reminder, Kandee


Monday, April 29, 2013

A Peek At Some of My Make-Up Secret Weapons

This weekend I did make-up for all the girls I did make-up for in my prom videos...because their real prom was this saturday.

And I busted out my make-up secret weapons...all the big-power make-up that are in my make-up artist kit, which I should really call my "make-up luggage" ha ha ha.

Maybe I'll do a video of ALL, or at least most of what's in my kit- it's a lot of pro stuff, that is super powered pigment, super long lasting, and special products for weddings, tv, film, video, and for special appearance and any time anyone needs to look really good, for a long time...ha ha ha


RCMA  "Vincent Kehoe"  or "VK" 18 FOUNDATION & CONCEALER PALETTES- these are the essential foundation/concealer palettes for any make-up artist. You can match ANY and EVERY skin tone from the lightest fair to the deepest dark tone. I remember once when I was key make-up artist for a fashion show that had models of multiple skin tones and nationalities and I had all these make-up artists,  good ones that have their work in big magazines, coming to borrow my RCMA palettes! Because I was perfectly matching every different skin tone, nothing was too yellow, pink, light, orange, dark- because I had ALL my options!
I use these for my own personal foundation and concealer too. You can cover, highlight, contour your face from tan in the summer to lighter in the winter and every shade in between!
 I've used both the #10...

 and #11 palettes for years.
*they are professional grade, which is different than theatrical or "everyday" make-up, they are composed of 50% pigment, which means a little goes a long way and it won't look cakey because of filler ingredients that theatrical  or your average drugstore or everyday make-up has.
*they last a long time, because you use much less than your regular foundation or concealer.
*perfect match and contour and highlight your own face in every season
*they contain no animal product ingredients, perfume, mineral oil, lanolin or petrolatum.
*they only use pure plant oils, natural waxes and FDA approved pigments

*Plus, say hi to the Kehoe family if you order! They are still a small family owned and run company and they care so much about the quality of their products and make-up artistry! They care more about the quality that products, that their father and make-up artist started back in the 60's.

*it's a super-powered make-up sealer, that makes your face sweatproof, waterproof, cry proof (good for weddings and tears), and I used this when I was sweating in NYC in August years ago and everyone has make-up melt-down, except for me!

This stuff is amazing, and I use it on everyone for weddings, I used it for the girls for prom, and I used to get bride's emailing me that they slept in their make-up on their wedding night, and woke up looking like I had just finished their make-up- nothing had moved or melted off! ha ha ha ha

YABY GODDESS LIP PALETTE - Yaby was started by my friend and make-up artist, Liz. Again, this is a pro product, it's more pricey because you use less, it contains so much more pigment than "regular" make-up, and the ingredients are not a bunch of fillers like in cheaper make-up. I love this palette because you can make the perfect nude pink or pin-up red!
*And if you order, tell Liz I said hi! She's the sweetest make-up artist, business woman, and mama!

GRAFTOBIAN - I love the Graftobian Cool Blush Palette
Again, this baby is more expensive because you're buying an 8 piece palette, you couldn't buy 8 MAC blushes for $10 a piece! ha ha ha And this is more for professional make-up artist, because the pigment is richer, it lasts lasts longer, and is designed  to look good for HD tv and video. And I love all these shades of pink!

BEAUTY SO CLEAN - I am a semi-germaphobe! So this is not only a must have for make-up artist, but for anyone that wears make-up. I use both the Beauty So Clean Brush Sanitizer (and it's chemical free, unlike most all other brush cleaners) and I use the Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Mist which you can sanitize your blushers, powders, eyeshadow and foundation palettes - everything from your creams to powder products!
*And they release season scents like cupcake, gingerbread and chocolate!
*And say hi to Nancy, if you order- she is also a friend and started as a celebrity make-up artist, who started Beauty So Clean!

BEAUTY BLENDER - I can only sound like a cd on repeat....but I love the beauty blender! My friend Ree Ann, who's also a make-up artist, invented this special shape and special material- that has been tried to be copied- but no one can make it quite like the Beauty Blender! One application of our foundation with this and you will be in love! I found a link  (CLICK HERE) where you can get 2 more almost he same price as 1! And they last forever!

And here's some honorable mentions from on my table...

 MAC To The Beach Body Oil in Seaside - I use this on the girls arms and neck and chest area- to add moisture and a heavenly glisten, without looking all glittery. I used this lighter color on the girls that were light to medium.

And I used this or a mix of the 2 on the medium to darker (AKA more tan) girls...
MAC To The Beach Body Oil in Man Rays

The rest are just some of my brushes....
And please comment below if you want to see me do a video on ALL or at least MOST of the "secret make-up weapons" I have in my make-up kit and I will be doing a video on MAKE-UP BRUSHES:  what each shape is for and how and what I use some of my brushes for!

And if you missed it, before all the girls came over and I set my make-up table up, like above, I uploaded this video for  a "pretty princess updo and a "princess with a twist option":

Huge hugs and make this monday great, no matter what happens, hunt for the happiness, your homegirl, Kandee


Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Here: The Princess "Donut" Up Do Tutorial

Whether you need an up-do for prom, a wedding, a date night, or this would be a classic updo for any day!
Here is what I'm calling: 
It's got hints of classic pin-up hair, hints of princess hair (did someone say Cinderella?!), and then I'll show you 2 ways- without the hair color streaks, and with some fun pink highlight powder streaks to add a bit of fun and funky to this updo!

 Now come join me and my model, Shawna, as I show you how to to this easy and pretty fast updo:


A rubberband: you probably already have one, hee hee

Small Teasing or Round Brush (this is my all-time fav, just couldn't find it when I filmed this): Monroe Teasing U brush

Hair Donut- (don't buy the one I got at Claire's it was way too expensive, you can get them here for 89 cents): HAIR DONUT


CURLING IRON (I used): Hot Tools 1 1/2 Marcel Iron


HAIRSPRAY- L'Oreal Elnett

PINK HAIR COLOR POWDER- Anastasia HyperColor Hair and Brow Powder

And here's the video if you want to see how to do the make-up in the video too:

Woo Hoo, I'm off to go get ready to do all these girls make-up for prom today, all the girls that were models in my PROM videos I've done the last week or so!

huge hugs, your Kandee


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 8 Years Ago I looked like this...

 In honor of it being my Alani's 8th birthday today (click here to see more on my KANDEELAND blog)...
I thought I'd post what I look like a little over 8 years ago.
As you see me with my mom above, and me with my baby-garden-belly (and my really awesome roots, since I didn't highlight them again while I was pregnant, or after, really!). It's a good thing my hair grows slower than the average human!

And me, with my sister, Tiffany, before she had any of her babies, and still did things like snowboarding. As you can see in the picture, I was not snowboarding!
What's funny is I still own those olive green, wrap-around pants I got at Urban Outfitters, way before I was pregnant and I still own them way after! Talk about bang for your buck!

I'm off to try to edit the hair tutorial for this video:

 to get it up for you guys, and to go deliver cupcakes to Alani's class, and to get the house all decorated to surprise her when she comes home from school!

Bday hugs to everyone who has a birthday today, this week, this month....or this YEAR! (hee hee hee), your Kandee

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 Candy Colored Shoes To Fun-Up Any Workout

Now you guys know, I love anything fun and colorful, and anything that reminds me of candy!
So one day, when I was in Sprinkles Cupcakes, (yeah, I know weird place to find a pair of running shoes I'd fall in love with) I saw a lady with the most fun, confetti, party like workout shoes. She must have been celebrating her workout by getting a cupcake!
And they happened to be made my my favorite running shoe makers too- ASICS!
Even if you don't run, these are great workout shoes, or you can just wear them to do errands and you'll look and be really fast! Or like I do, I put them on, thinking I'll have time to workout, only end up wearing them all day and not end up working out.
I started running year and years ago and I've tried all different running shoes from Nike to New Balance, and my favorite shoes are my Asics.
They have incredible cushioning, support, and they are designed with incredible technology.

But the best part, to my eyeballs, is the fun "shoe party" designs they have!
Below is the list of my fav ones, and I'm trying to decide which ones to get! 

SHOE WARNING: Now before anyone gets too excited, some of these babies are harder to find than a unicorn, so I tried to find all the places that sold these, if you wanna order them online like me. Since I scoured all the shoes stores near me, but they all said to go order online!

** If you want any of these shoes, I suggest you buy them ASAP, since everywhere online I tried to find links for you guys, they are either sold out, or have just a couple pairs left!

TIP: I wear about an 8.5, but for my workout/running shoes, I wear a 9, I want extra room for cushy socks and any swelling my feet my have if I'm running.

*this is the shoe I want
They are OUT OF STOCK on the Asics site and not available in any of the 3 stores i went to!

(Just don't buy all the size 9's before I order mine! Hee Hee)

#3. ASICS GEL-NOOSA TRI 7 in Purple and Yellow

Superior Cushing, Support and Style!
Special liner design allows for shoe to be worn barefoot, (AKA sans socks), but I think I just like wearing sock.
But ShoeBacca does have FREE SHIPPING!

I love this shoe! I have the older version, that is not this cute, and it's like walking on clouds of cotton candy- these shoes are amazing!

The Kinsei also comes in this color, it's like fun bowling shoes:

These candy colored babies were designed to be extra light.
CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT THESE - Free Shipping Here too!
CLICK HERE- Free Shipping HERE too!

Which shoe-fetti pair of fun would you pick, to happy-up your workouts?!?
I can't decide and I need to order some before they are TOTALLY sold out of all the colors and my size! ha ha ha

Let's get out SUMMER-FITNESS on!

Did you see this make-over yesterday, you can make it an everyday look, just leave out the lashes (or don't!):

Wednesday Hugs and Quote of the Day, your Kandee

“All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Perfect Pin-Up Princess Make-Over

After failed attempts of me trying to upload this yesterday, it's up!
Our Perfect Pin-Up Princess Prom Make-up!
And fret not, if you aren't going to prom, if you leave off the fake lashes, you could wear this every day!
It is a fun, modern, pin-up, princess look, that we came up with for a possible look for Shawna's Prom next week! And it you didn't use the lashes (or you totally could), it would b e a beautiufl, Pretty in Pink, everyday look!

And I'm also going to show you how we did her French-Glitter Manicure....
 And you'll see her updo complete with "pink streaks" added in....a tutorial will be up for that next!
Get ready I'm about to upload the video right now, check back here when it's up and I'll have a list of all the products I used to create this look!

Come watch the Perfect Pin-Up Princess Look here:(if it's not showing up CLICK THIS)

And below is a list of all the products I used in the video:

BB CREAM: L'Oreal Magic Skin BB Cream

FOUNDATION: L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation

CONCEALER: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

FACE POWDER: MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation (I use it as face powder)


SHIMMER PEARL EYESHADOW: L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte


NUDE SHIMMER from MAC: Naked Lunch


BLACK LIQUID LINER: Rimmel Waterproof Gel Liner-
I couldn't find a link for online, but I bought it at Target

Black Eyeshadow- any kind you have will work

Rosey Pink Blush: Be a Bombshell

PINK LIPLINER: Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Wicked

Pink Lip Color Pencil: NARS Velvet Matte in Roman Holiday

PINK LIP GLOSS: Revlon Colorburst in HOT PINK

HIGHLIGHT COLOR: I used the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow listed above

LASHES: Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes

Baby Pink Nail Polish: Sation Nail lacquer in Of Corset I'll Call You

Here was Hana (her make-over will be up soon), ME, and Shawna after we filmed their prom before and afters!

I really love putting make-up on others, more than me! I guess it's the make-u artist in me, that loves watching women feel so beautiful and confident, when I just enhance and bring out the beauty they already have!

Huge hugs your, Kandee


Monday, April 22, 2013

Painting the town red....

 When in doubt, wear red. - Bill Blass
 There is something so glamorous, old hollywood, and timelessly classic about wearing red lipstick.
And it makes your teeth look really white!
Equally so, the rose red, punch-boom-pow, of color that red boots can give.
Caliente baby!  
 And until you try red lips, or red boots or shoes of any kind, you won't know how insta-glam you feel!
I heart this "GIRLS GONE MILD" shirt, I got at Urban Outfitters.
CLICK HERE to see if they have any left. 

 I got my "red suede" boots from PLNDR, but I think I like these red suede, with fringe on the side ones EVEN MORE: Red Suede Ankle Booties
*And my leopard leggings are "vintage" Old Navy! Ha Ha HA

Nails: Gargantuan Green Grape from OPI
(I believe it's discontinued, but it looks very similar to Mint Sorbet from Sally 

*Make-Up Must Have of the Day: Cherry Lipliner from MAC
It is the BEST RED LIPLINER, and I wear it all over my lips and people ask me every time I wear it, what color it is! Even a girl that was wearing red lipstick yesterday, asked me!

Add some red to your week and see what happens! Let's add some shimmy and shake to this week! Monday hugs, your Kandee

PS. New video will be up on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL TODAY!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Where the Magic Happens...or where I film my videos.

 I thought it might be fun to show you a "behind the camera" peek at where, how, and what it looks like when I film a video. So here's a "butterfly on the wall", peek at what it looked like yesterday when I filmed a bunch of tutorials: make-up tutorials, a hair tutorial, we even did nails!

This is the BEAUTIFUL MESS, that covered my desk!

And here's a quick break down of the gear (lights, camera, and stuff I use to make my videos:
Now lighting is the most important part! And in many of my videos, especially my first ones, the lighting is atrocious. Sunlight is the best at making everyone look pretty, so I had been in search of "lights like natural window light"...and the guy at the camera shop said these would do the trick! They are no sun, but I guess as good as I can get, well, since I don't have $3,000 LED lights or anything!

LIGHTS: The ones you see above, are the IMPACT OCTOCOOL 9 bulb LIGHTS Youtube gave me a gift card to reward me for so many videos, or something a while ago, so that's when I bought those lights.

CAMERA: I have the Canon T3i Rebel
I like it because I can take really beautiful pictures and you can make the background blurry and soft, and you can brighten it up with the lighting options, which is better than the canon "video camera" that I have.
CONS: It doesn't autofocus, and since I'm a team of one, it's hard to focus on my self when I'm sitting in a camera far away from it! ha ha So I have to put something on my chair to focus on, then run around and go sit down!
*I wish is came with a remote to zoom in and out, like my "video camera" one does.


The Canon Vixia HF G10 Camcorder HD
This baby is supposed to be the bomb-biggity of camcorders, well for now anyways, until the G11 comes out! ha ha ha

*Ability to soft focus background like a DSLR (like my tradition camera).
*Comes with a remote to zoom in and out while filming yourself. I love this!
*20% improvement in low light filming
*up to 12 hours built in HD recording
*10x HD video lens
*9 cinema filters (kinda like instagram for your videos)
*And it's supposed to have a "dramatically improved" instant autofocus ability
*It's got that fancy hood that just makes you look profesh along with helping fight glare
*And the new sensor is supposed to be much better.

And here's me and the precious girls that were my models yesterday for all the tutorials I filmed! We filmed before and afters, a hair tutorial, we even filmed some nails!
Hana, yours truly, and Shawna modeling her pink-streaked, up-do!
And yes, I'm wearing the new dress I showed you in my 36 Hours in NYC: Girls Gone Mild vlog video!

Who else is beyond excited it's Friday!!!??!!
I'll see if
I can edit one of the before and afters to upload tomorrow. Do you guys want to see a video on Saturday, or would you rather see new uploads on Monday?!?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out with the Ombre in with the Sombre!

 Ok, the Ombre has been a round a while now, and it hasn't really shown too many sign of slowing down. 
I still see ombre's all day, erry' day.

And as you can see, that was me above with my OMBRE, and I even made a video on How To Ombre You Hair, Yourself!

So I asked my friend Kim Vo, celebrity "blonder to the stars", who was also responsible for the Ombre trend taking off and sharing it with the world in 2010, just how it started and will the Ombre go away, and what's next and how to do it!

He said the Ombre really originated a chic, "recession-ista" way to let your highlights grow out a bit, yet have that effortless-I-just-came-back-from-the-beaches-of-Brazil look, like Gisele Bundchen.

Kim, said, no. It's like it's own beast, it adds light and bright to a lot of girls faces, and it's like highlights. It might not be going anywhere for a while, but it will be having a little "ombre make-over" or revamp.

A softer more gentle Ombre. See Kim applying the "Sombre" technique (below), and then the achieved SOMBRE. See, it's a gentler gradation of color and highlight. It looks more like a natural highlight that you'd see in kids hair, that have been playing in the sun and their ends just get a few shades lighter. Not the full on, extreme blonde ends like an Ombre!

Give it a try, you might fall in love with your new Summer Sombre! Head to the salon and tell them you want to go Sombre, or watch Kim's Tutorial on how to do it! Comment below if you'd like a "Kandee Tutorial" on how to do the Sombre too!

put some party ole' on your hair with some Sombre fun!

Ain't not body got time for a bad hair day, your Kandee

Click here to see my latest BEFORE & AFTER video.

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