Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet Scenes, Peeks and Things in My House

 If you were to walk through my kitchen/office right now...these are the little "eye candy" (totally pun-ful) goodies that might make your eyeballs excited!

ABOVE: I just picked this super-duper-can't-wait-to-make-them, Marshmallow Madness book, by  Shauna Sever. PS. It is just about the cutest book ever to decorate any kitchen counter.

Offray Sparkly tulle in purple and in my favorite  color in the whole world: pale turquoise from Michael's Crafts, a gold rose drawer pull I got at Pier 1 Imports, glitter and Martha Stewart flocking, and some sparkly flowers.

I love glitter. I feel like I could call myself a "glitter collector". I just like looking at all my little containers of colorful glitter. I am also almost equally obsessed with drawer pulls, drawer knobs, cabinet pulls, however you like to call them, you switch out some of these babies and VOILA...instant furniture make-over!

And last, but not awesomely, least....may I introduce you to:
My not-yet-finished-because-I-ran-out-of-special-glue, bedazzled surprise something...well, she's gonna have 2 other friends like her, that look different too.
And my (yay, because I loved personalized anything, and with a my named spelled: KANDEE, well, let's just say, as a kid I always left saddened that I couldn't find a personalized pen, or bicycle license plate with my name spelled like mine)
So enter, TATTY DEVINE, and cool personalized, plastic necklaces....with a "kandee" on it!
So that is what you see as my beautiful "butterflies on the wall" on my little, glittery house...

And no matter how poopsville your Monday may have started, you never know, the most amazing thing may always happen even when you're morning have been sheer piles of poop.

Huge hugs from your glitter-sparkly-lover, kandee

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