Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh sweet cupcakes and Glaminar.....

I shared my love of cupcakes, with red velvet cupcakes from DOTS in Pasadena, red chocolatey cake with cream cheese icing! I didn't even get to taste one! ha ha ha
a little view of, what was one of the most amazing days of my life!
me in the middle of our "group shot", with some of the amazing girls that stayed til' the end to talk with me, share their stories and experience of the day with me....I had gone through so many tissues crying with these precious hearts!

I had the most incredible day....I cried with everyone, laughed with everyone, hugged and loved everyone...and my heart just felt like it grew 10 sizes bigger for taking everyone into my heart...sharing not only my make-up knowledge and tips and business necessities, but taking in each person's heart!
I will NEVER be the same after this!
This was the  BEST 1 YEAR "GLAM-A-VERSARY" of the GLAMINARS!

I lost my voice that night after all the talking I did, but I gained more love! Thank you to everyone who was a part of such an amazing experience!!!

I tried to type a blog post last night, but I have only been getting about 3 hours of sleep a night preparing for the glaminar, that I fell asleep with my computer on my lap in bed...with nothing but a POST title typed in that said...."I am sooooo tired"! ha ha ha ha

I promise I will type a better post about the GLAMINAR & IMATS later, but I'm off to another doctor appointment....I've already had 3 yesterday for my leg...It was very, very swollen after the GLAMINAR weekend! ha ha ha....But I have an awesome new silicone thing, that goes over my scar that will help it look a little "nicer"...it's the same thing that burn patients wear. I love it already, my scar doesn't hurt so much when my pants or leggings rub against it! Hooray!

Off to another doctor appointment! I love you all...! Each set of beautiful eyes that are reading this...feel the love I am sending to your heart!

REMEMBER: you're more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more LOVED than you can imagine!

Have a beautiful day, filled with more smiles, more love, and more happiness in your step...no matter what happens or goes wrong...remember...there's a reason, there's hope, and I believe in you!!!
huge love from your one and only, kandee

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My day in Pictures

me and my mama, shannon at IMATS (international make-up artist trade show) in Pasadena, California
me, JulieG, and Judy from It's Judy Time, they are the sweetest girls, and I had such a great time with them! Thanks girls foe being so nice and fun!

me and a scary pirate!
me and Koren (Enkore on youtube) after the IMATS in front of the hotel
and on the walk back from dinner, with Judy and Julie...look what i saw...they were prepping the room and the sign was up that says: KANDEE JOHNSON'S GLAMINAR!!!!

I was so excited! We walked around the room and i am soooo excited...! Like every glaminar, i'll probably only be able to sleep for a few couple hours! soooo excited!!!!!

huge love, great dreams, and thank you to EVERYONE that came up and said hi, let me hug them, and share their inspiration! I truly do love you all!!!!

hugs and love....kandee

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love Sharing

Sometimes the greatest thing we can do...no scratch that...THE greatest thing we can do is to share love...
I love make-up and fun things like shopping, getting all dolled up...but greater than all that...more important to my heart...is not becoming famous for doing make-up, my dream is not to become the most well known make-up artist, it isn't to work on celebrities...(I've already done that for years now!)

WHAT MEANS the MOST to me? When I hear that people have been more touched by something I've said or blogged about. Our beauty on the outside is fun to decorate, but I want to decorate hearts, share my love, share my happiness, share my sadness...and how in the middle of my sadness, my heart grew strong!
Today I got to go surprise, Kimberlee, for her birthday, at the stables where she rides her horse. Her mom had arranged it all! She cried when she saw me and I hugged her! To feel love and impact I had on her heart....made me want to cry too!
I had such a fun afternoon with her whole family, and to hear how I had been able to encourage her heart through some hard times...is what truly is the desire of my heart! She had hope and joy, and was inspired...she didn't just learn how to put eyeliner on...make-up comes and goes, but your heart is there trying so hard to beat with happiness everyday!
(thanks kimee, hayley, stephanie, and donna, I had a wonderful day! Especially since I hadn't been on a horse since I was about 13!)

Then, I heard a sweet voice ask from behind, "ARE YOU KANDEE JOHNSON?"....
I got to meet Cami...
who was so adorable I just wanted to hug her and tell her how cute and precious she was! To hear these girls say how my blog has encouraged them (and all of you reading this!)...means more to me than anything! I'd stay up all night typing, to know that I am sharing love and happiness and watering the gardens of your hearts!

I just want to say thank you, to all of you who come up to me and tell me, or write me comments (and I do read them all!)...thank you, for letting me be part of your day, your life, and your heart!

I am honored beyond words! I love you all, and there are no words, at all to describe what my heart feels to be able to inspire and love you! Thank you for letting in to your hearts...you are in all in mine...and please, if you ever see me..come up and say hi, and let me hug you!

you're more beautiful than you know,
more talented than you think,
and more LOVED than you can IMAGINE!!!

huge love from my heart to yours, your friend, kandee

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

We have just 2 days until GLAMINAR day on sunday! I am soooo excited to get to meet everyone, inspire your hearts, fill you will love, hope, knowledge, and everything you need to make your dreams happen! Yes, it's about make-up...but so, so, soooo much more! There are things in store that we've never had at any Glaminar before, and probably won't be able to do again! ha ha ha

This is our 1 year "glam-a-versary" of the Glaminars! So this one's gonne be good!
I am so honored, that the girls that started the Kandee's Glaminar Scholarship Winners page, started a discussion about an "AH-HA" moment they had from me....and my heart was just sooooo excited to see that not one comment was about MAKE-UP!!!! It was about their hearts! Make-up is fun, but to touch someone's heart is something that no price can be put upon, no words can describe! I have to say, they love that the girls on that page show each other is awesome!!! I am so proud to see me "lil' kandee family" loving each other and spreading their joy and encouragement with each other!

OH YES! I will be at IMATS on saturday!
I'm having a meet up at IMATS- SATURDAY at the URBAN DECAY BOOTH at NOON! booth # 328

PLEASE, please if you see me, don't be scared to say hi! I'd love to say hi, hug you...and if you want to take a picture with me....i'm not scared either! ha ha ha

I can't wait to see you all there!!! My secret....go early before they sell out of everything! If you go in the afternoon, or late in the day, they sell out of everything!

oh yes, here's a little video I made explaining it all! I made it after working on the computer for a couple hours and I was trying to go to sleep but then I forgot.."Oh NO!!! I forgot to make my imats, meet up video!"....so here's what 1 am looks like with me! ha ha ha ha

Don't forget...to give anyone the power to ruin your day today! This day is yours, God gave it to you to be wonderful...enjoy this gift day of life. Smile at a couple extra people! And I love ya!
I care about your hearts...and I am sending you a huge FRIDAY hug!!!
xoxo kandee


WINNER of the KANDEE & HERSHEY's giveaway! Using Random.org, it generated a random winner for me, which is: (and is she doesn't respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked!)

TAYLOR GOODE ( i think is your last name)
you have a twin brother...does that help...I need your mailing address so we can send out your yummy gift basket! Taylor, please comment below with your address...I won't publish it, for privacy.
And don't worry i'll know it's you because when I click on your post it will take me to your ABOUT ME page from your blog!

HOORAY! AND thanks to everyone who entered! Keep checking my blog for more giveaways! huge love and chocolate....your kandee

Thursday, June 24, 2010


LOCATION OF TYPING: a bed at a Holiday Inn (with the fashion tv channel on)
WHY: Last night roadtripping to the Glaminar with my mom I couldn't stay awake at 2:30am and drive anymore

.....oh little did I know the inspiration and revelation God hit me with while I sat at my little table with my food in front of me!

I first scooped up on my little plate what was left over from the breakfast...
some potatoes that were so dry they almost choked you
a "round wheel" of cinnamon french toast
as I sat there choking on my potatoes I spotted cereal hiding under a tablecloth
My one bit of advice echoed in my head: "ALWAYS ASK!!!!"
I asked if I could have some cereal....."yes!"

As I first went to grab what sounded good - FROSTED FLAKES
I saw my mom grab the healthy choice of KASHI's Heart to Heart cereal...
I decided to put my "sugar flakes" back and go for the HEALTHY choice!

And as I sat there crunching my cereal I thought:

This is like life...
If we follow what just sounds good to our desires....I want to  scream at that person because they made me mad, my life feels out of control and maybe if I cut myself I will feel a different pain, maybe I'll just eat McDonald's or have another piece of pizza, maybe I'll just sacrifice me my likes, in order to be loved from someone....

EVERYTIME we make a good choice....it may not feel great at the time, or like what we really want to do...but the GREAT CHOICES ALWAYS HAVE GREAT RESULTS....
the poor choices ALWAYS have NEGATIVE RESULTS!

What is the result of me doing this? Is it gonna feel good right now, or will it feel better later?
I may want to be loved and I'm lonely, so I start dating someone that fills that void, but they are not the best for us, they may hurt us be mean to us, but we don't want to leave them because we are scared or afraid of feeling sad.

RESULT: you stay in a relationship that is full of hurt, and eventually they will cheat on you or leave you, because they are not true "keepers of your heart", or you will stay in a horrible cycle of hurt or maybe even abuse

Every time I've made a choice that was hard, BUT I knew the right thing to do...it was ALWAYS worth it in the end!
I decided I wanted to be a make-up artist....I worked hard, and  worked even harder...I didnt' buy myself any new clothes or shoes for a year, so I could save money to move back to LA.
Did I want new clothes? yeah! Did  I want my dream even more! YESSSS!

I decided I wasn't going to eat 3 bowls of cereal each night before I went to bed. (PLEASE NOTE: this post is NOT about eating healthy things! ha ha ha It's about wise LIFE choices) WHY? I was working out and getting in shape.
I ran and did Tae Bo videos every day. And at night I'd look at my cereal and think: Yes I want you, but I don't want the effect you're having on my body! Packing on an extra 700 calories from my 3 bowls of cereal!
THE RESULT: I got in the best shape of my life. People asked me everywhere what I did to work out. I packed food with me, I ate all day long, but healthy things: celery, whole wheat pretzels, fruit, sandwiches I made myself, whole wheat bread & turkey with spinach and cheese, Puffins cereal from a baggy, and bananas....
my body was a food furnace!
And when someone would pop up with trays of brownies and cakes (which they did every day in beauty school)....
I was like, NO WAY...I work way to hard to look like this, to let a 1 minute of me tasting that to ruin it! I remember what a brownie tastes like...I'll just think about it, then go eat my crunchy sweet apple!
(yes it's okay to indulge in yummy things, this is just an example of choices we can make and how they effect us...you all know my love for cupcakes!)

My choices were hard...but I made the right one, and the pay off was worth it!

CHOOSE WISELY my sweet things! Choose love wisely, protect that precious heart of yours, don't let it get hurt by someone careless! Don't choose what seems good immediately, choose what will be good for you now AND in the future!!!

huge love and a healthy cereal box later...and I feel better about my cereal too!!!
xoxoxo kandee

You're more beautiful than you know,
more talented than you think,
and more loved than you can imagine!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

THANKFUL for what!?!

(This picture says: "for what!?!" perfectly)

Every day, with everything we should be thankful!
NOT: you should be thankful FOR everything, but THANKFUL IN EVERYTHING!
We may not be thankful that our car broke down, that we are sick, that our heart is hurting...BUT we can be thankful that we have a car that can be fixed, or that we even HAD a car, thankful that we might be sick, but at least we are alive, breathing in oxygen today...and we can be thankful that even though our heart might be hurting...we have a heart that is beating that allows us to feel and live!

Things in my life have not always been filled with, "oh goody, this is happening now!" moments, but in all these things in my life, I WILL be thankful.

I remember the first movie set I ever worked on, and the actress that I had to do make-up on, made me cry with her mean remarks to me...I remember when it was time to leave, morning after morning, and meal after meal, listening to her talk....I remember telling her "thank you"...she didn't know it, but I was thanking her, for her showing me how NOT to treat people EVER, how not to be filled with hurt and spread it around to everyone you see...I was thankful that I didn't have to be around her anymore! ha ha ha! In all her mean-ness, and making me feel so hurt, I was thankful that, the hurt she made me feel, I would make sure I NEVER, EVER, EVER said or did anything like she did.

And I remember living in a run down old house, that smelled like mold and was tiny and dark, my life was very sad at that time, but I remember being thankful for food, thankful I was alive, thankful for my babies, thankful that I could see the sunshine and beautiful plants when I would go for a walk.

No matter what you are going through, or what has fallen apart, or is broken in your life, if your car is broken or your heart is broken...BE THANKFUL IN ALL THINGS! All broken things, eventualy get fixed, or they stay where they belong in the junkyard. That goes for cars and relationships...sometimes they both belong in junkyards! ha ha ha Remember there is a reason these things are happening....
My gramma always said:
Pain is inevitable, misery is optional!
Pick your heart and your happiness up off the floor, if that's where it fell....tie a ribbon of thankful around your heart, and watch how your day will change!

huge love, huge hugs, and know that I am thankful for you, yes you, with the eyes that are reading this right now, I'm thankful for your eyes...your heart....for letting me into your day....i love you and your eyes...thankfully, your kandee

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When bad things happen!

(Before I hurt my leg, when things upset me, I would go for a run and cry, I would run as fast and hard as I could, with tears running down my face, in the middle of nowhere, so no one would see me!)

"why do bad things happen to good people?"...i know you've heard this come hurling out of people's mouths.

I had someone comment to me, "why do things keep going wrong in your life?". I don't look at it that way, I look at it like, THIS IS LIFE! STUFF HAPPENS, GOES WRONG, HURTS US, WE LOSE THINGS....PEOPLE, OUR HEARTS GET BROKEN.
But you know what...we always go on. Our hearts heal (eventually), our broken spirit can be healed, we grow back stronger.

Just like when you work out and your muscles are sore, you've torn them, them rebuild, STRONGER & MORE BEAUTIFUL than before. That is how our lives are, our hearts break or spirit gets torn into sadness or depression, but when we heal, we ARE ALWAYS STRONGER & MORE BEAUTIFUL!

It's funny because I make videos about how to put make-up on to feel more confident and beautiful, but what I really care about is making beautiful hearts!

I had a really disappointing thing happen a couple weeks ago, I was crying, sad, depressed, and a little angry inside. (ALL things I DO NOT like feeling!) After I had a tear stained, swollen-eyed face, I heard something! I think it was Joel Osteen, and he said, "don't worry about anything that happens or doesn't happen, God knows why it didn't work out, he was most likely protecting you from something"..And maybe whatever you went though is the very something that would make you and change you into something and someone stronger and more amazing!

I was putting lotion on my legs the other day after I got out of the shower, and I was looking down at both of my legs. My left leg has no scars and my right leg looks like JAWS attacked my leg (with the scar from my leg accident), but the funny part is, I have to do so many exercises with it at Physical Therapy, that my right leg (my hurt one), has more muscle definition than my good leg! Physical Therapy hurts, sometimes I feel like I can't do the things they have me do, my muscles and leg hurt and burn, when the scrub and break the scar tissue down, I want to yell in pain. But you know what, when they break down the tissue it gets softer, it heals, it because less hardened and more beautiful. That's what happens in our lives, when we go through things that hurt (a break up, the loss of someone, depression, something mean someone says or does to hurt us, losing a job or opportunity, just hurting), the process we go through to heal, makes us STRONGER, our hearts softer, we are less hardened and MORE BEAUTIFUL!

The saying that I always say about a broken mirror reflecting more light is true...some people that have shattered mirrors, sit in the middle of all the broken pieces of mirror, they sit and cry and bleed from the broken pieces, and others like us, pick up all the broken pieces glue them back together carefully, and we are left more sparkly, more reflective, shining brighter than we did before!

Now when things go wrong, something disappoints me, I think, "NO! This is not bad! This is an opportunity for me to be strong, develop more endurance, more determination, and be truly stronger when I'm done with all this!" God knew this would happen, and I know he's protecting me from something, or getting this out of the way, because something better is coming along!

Today when things go wrong, you miss your flight, your stuck in traffic, you don't get accepted for something, a boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you or has hurt you, you lose your job...SAY, "This is happening for a reason, I may not see it now, or know why, but there is a reason for this, and I KNOW this is happening for a purpose!"
huge love, from your fellow shattered mirror, that's shining brighter, friend, kandee

Monday, June 21, 2010


look at this beauty! Whenever I'm traveling with my make-up, I always get stopped and asked about my bag. One time in LAX (Los Angeles Airport), I overheard this man say, "Wow, she must travel a lot! Look at that bag!"....The best part is that you can sit on it...which is what I do in the airports! ha ha

This bag rolls like a Cadillac, and it even fits perfectly in the overhead compartments on airplanes! I have never had any make-up break while in my ZUCA! And I can fit sooooo much make-up into this than any other case I've ever used!

So enough about why I love ZUCA bags, well, actually, no, why I LOVE ZUCA BAGS EVEN MORE!!!!

ZUCA is donating 1 ZUCA bag for each class at the GLAMINAR to be given away!!! These bags are worth $295!!!!!! Yes, almost 300 hundred dollars! And they're giving us 2 to give away!

Thank you so much to the whole team at ZUCA and Justine for always making sure we've had ZUCA bags for each GLAMINAR, even since the very first GLAMINAR ever!!!

I can't wait for 2 of you attending the GLAMINARS to win this! Only 5 days left til' GLAMINAR time!


things I love in life:
and all things love related....

I never knew the Story of Milton & Kitty Hershey...
100 years ago, Milton Hershey, the founder of the Hershey Company, and his wife Kitty were unable to have children of their own. Milton and Kitty took their wealth and created a home and school for orphaned boys in 1909. After his wife died, Milton Hershey gave his entire fortune to the School. Mr. Hershey has been quoted as having said, “The School was Kitty’s idea. If we had helped a hundred children it would have all been worthwhile.” One hundred years later, Milton and Kitty Hershey’s legacy lives on and has educated thousands of students. More information about Milton and Kitty’s story and the Milton Hershey School can be found here: www.thehersheylegacy.com.

Hershey's and me are going to give one of you a GIFT BASKET FILLED with HERSHEY's goodies and treats right to your door!

Milton Hershey and his wife demonstrated huge amounts of love and have changed people's lives....two things that I hope to do, too!

So here's how to get a gift of love and chocolate:

HERSHEY's can only send the chocolate to our friends in the  US...

1. So you have to live in the US (sorry I can't send you a gift to all my international kandee family!)

2. Then comment below the words "LOVE & CHOCOLATE"

3. If you post this on your facebook or twitter, and include the link to your post in the comment, you will be allowed another comment entry. (so comment an additional comment with the link to whatever you've posted)

Winner will be chosen by random number selection!

Entries will be open until, Thursday night at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

WINNER will be chosen on Friday, June 25th, 2010. 

Spread some love and enjoy some chocolate today, huge huge love and chocolate kisses, kandee

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Me and my dad!

my dad is a joker, a funny guy, a wild man, and he's always fun!
When I was little me and my sister would wait for my dad to come home, because he would bring us baseball cards that had a stick of gum in them! I think we liked the gum more than the cards! ha ha ha

We would go on "dates-with-dad", where we'd get to pick what we wanted to do....my favorite was to go roller skating...and ofcourse he'd buy me candy and stuff, that my mom usually didn't allow! ha ha ha

Once when we were with my dad in his work truck, I was about 7 and my sister was about 5, he took us to 7-11 where we got Pepsi flavored Icee's (my mom never let us get Icee's), and then we drove over the railroad tracks, where the truck would kind of get some air, and we felt like we were on a roller coaster! It was so fun, my dad kept driving back over it so we could go again and again! I think I spilled my Icee on my shirt and was afraid my mom would find out! ha ha ha

Sometimes our dad's aren't perfect. Sometimes we don't have a dad. Sometimes our dad has left us. Even if I didn't have my "earthly" dad, I know I've always had God to be my dad in heaven! He'll never leave me, disappoint me, let me down...it doesn't matter how you've wanted the love of your dad. My dad is not perfect, but I know, that no matter what, the greatest thing I can do is forgive and truly not hold on to any moments that haven't been perfect.

you are loved...you are beautiful and you are wonderfully made! Celebrate today...your dad, whether he's in your life or not, without him (perfect or imperfect) you wouldn't be alive without him!

huge love and hugs, kandee

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh My Hello Kitty Boots!

Oh my boots!!! Look what good ol' SANRIO and Doc Martens have come up with to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of SANRIO!!! (can you believe Hello Kitty has been around since way before we were! ha ha ha)
There's the classic Hello Kitty colors of the white, blue soles and red bow...the black and pink boots, and then the combo of the Sanrio characters, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, and Chococat.
It's rumored that these Dr. Marten's are going to be coming out July 2010! And since I had a pair of white Doc's in high school, I have a special fondness for these little guys! How cute is that bow???

So that's your SATURDAY STYLE SNACK- shoe style!
love and hello kitty stuff, kandee

How to: Look HOT at the Beach Without have a make-up meltdown!

Who wears make-up to the beach?  A lot of girls....it helps act as a sunscreen too! And if you want to look a little glam without your make-up melting off, I'm gonna show you how!

First, waterproof eyeliner and mascara is essential! You want to come out of the water looking great, not like your crying tears of blackness! ha ha ha

Next, I'll show you a quick way to even out your complexion and hide any imperctions...Get a healthy glow...and finish it off with a pretty pale, beachy-nude mouth!

Get ready for some pretty, fun in the sun!

Get ready to see a fast, way to get ready for the beach, or any day!
huge love and enjoy the show, kandee

Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Deal with Haters & Mean People

I thought high school was bad...mean girls, people saying mean things about how I dressed, that I wouldn't drink...Then after high school more mean people, beauty school had more mean people...and then doing anything online opens a whole new world of any random person can say anything they want.
Then if you're online...oh brother! Anyone can make up anything they want, post it, and other people will think it's true! I get so many mean comments on Youtube, some really sad and mean people write all kinds of mean things about me online. But the good news is, none of these people really know me. They sit behind their computers, acting really brave and bold, and gossip. Gossiping is one of the worst things you can do! We should all be finding good things to say about people, kind things, speaking words that will make people feel better. Not tearing people apart.

There are a lot of sad, hurting people in the world, and all they can do is spread their hurt, by hurting others with their words. It really is amazing to think, if someone is so upset by you, that they devote all this time and energy to being mean...it's kind of funny really! If you really don't care about someone you wouldn't even spend the time writing a mean comment, thinking of something mean to say or do...obviously these people have no lives! I am too busy to read all the mean comments people leave...I just laughed one day, when one of my friends read this post where all these people were leaving me mean comments, and one of them said, "yeah, I bet it's Kandee posting all these comments because she's mad!"....ha ha ha ha...if they only knew, I never even read any of the junk they wrote and my friend had to tell me how silly these people were that thought I even took the time to read all the garbage they wrote about me!
I have a life, and I don't have time to waste listening or reading what any hater says. Keep your hate to yourself. It's like if someone is screaming all kinds of stuff to you.....you don't have to listen, you can walk away...then what, they look like a FOOL yelling all by themselves!

HA! HA! HA! HATERS! The thing they never realize is, the joke is on them, they look like the fool who is devoting all this time to you. How special, they have nothing better in their lives than to spend their precious lives on you.

Next time you have a hater...press delete, turn on the IGNORE sign in your head, and forget whatever it is they are saying or have said. Don't read it, don't even let it come into your head. And remember, HURTING PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE. They really are sad and pathetic, hurting, hurt, and all they have in their heart is the ability to hurt others. IT really is sad. I feel bad for them, it's like they have a disease.
And we, my precious Kandee family, know truth, celebrate kindness, and happiness...and we have the power to say: "I'm strong, wonderful, and no matter how you try to hurt me...it's not going to work. God knows the truth about me, and that's all that matters!"

You are wonderful, beautiful, talented, creative, have a good heart, and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.....you live your life amazingly! Haters are nothing more that hurt, hurters...sad, and they will NEVER have happiness in their hearts that way.

BE HAPPY! Know that people have said all kinds of things about me that aren't true....it doesn't even bother me because I know how ridiculous their lies are. If someone said, "you're a crazy clown with a red nose!", it wouldn't bother me because I know it's NOT TRUE! Same thing goes with HATERS, I don't care what they say, because I know it's not true!

Sorry this is so long, but I had a LOT I  wanted to say to your heart! Let's be lovers not haters!

typed with love, your friend, kandee

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to say when someone makes fun or tries to steal your heart!

(My sister is on the left, Me (Rapuntzel) is on the right)
Back when I was 16...
I didn't have a lot of friends...
I liked be alone anyway
I always had trouble with the relationships...
I'd let my heart fall fast for guys...and then I'd want to give up my whole world for them!
If I had only known that I should've guarded my heart, so that I never lost myself or lost my heart so much!
Later in life, as I got "older & wiser" (ha ha ha)...I realized what's really attractive is being CONFIDENT in who you are, what you like, and not changing for anyone!
I don't care what people think about how I dress, what my hair looks like, my accessories...I never have! I've always thought, "If i LIKE IT! It doesn't matter if anyone else does!" ha ha ha
Be strong. Be confident. EVEN if you have to fake it! You're fake confidence will one day grow into "real" confidence!
Don't give up who you are, for anyone! God made you the way you are, because that's the best! Like what you like, no matter who says anything to you about it!
You are awesome! Your style is prefect, just how you like it!
Wear what you love, what makes you feel happy and confident.
I have a pair of camo pants that are baggy, and I love them! I feel super confident in them, because they are me! They aren't "sexy" pants at all, they are big and baggy...but you know what is funny?
(these are the pants I'm talkin' about)
I was walking down the street in Hollywood one day, and this guy walked by and said, "you are the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"...ha ha ha, my clothes were NOT sexy at all...I had a bandana on my head, a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and my converse...but I'm guessing my confidence in my style is what was attractive. I was brave, wore what I loved and that it always attractive!
I beat out every skinny girl, walking down the street in their skin tight, cleavage showing shirts, and mini skirts, with my tomboy clothes! ha ha ha
dont' let anyone's mean words get you down, just think everytime they something, it's making you even more CONFIDENT in your look!
I used to tell my son when someone says something about not liking what you're wearing, tell them: "well aren't you glad you don't have to wear it then!" OR "it's a good thing that I wear what I like and not what you like!"

Be CONFIDENT, you are awesome and so it your unique style!
huge love and confidence, kandee

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day in My Life...

I haul multiple bags of hair and make-up....to the Green Room
I set up all my make-up in the "STAR" room.

My make-up set bag, on the set....

and after we wrapped....I went to get a frozen yogurt
Tart & Red Velvet Flavor with rainbow sprinkles! (it's too hot for cupcakes!) ha ha ha
Then I raced to get my little princess, all ready for her big dance recital, (I got to do her hair and make-up...when I finished her make-up, she looked in the mirror and said, "I look like  a clown! How will my friend's even know it's me?" ha ha ha...I think that's the worst thingI've heard after putting someone's make-up on! ha ha ha ha
I was so tired yesterday, I couldn't get an internet connection at night! And I think I ate 2 chicken fingers and keylime yogurt for dinner.... and I fell asleep with my clothes on...to wake up at 2:30am and put my jammies on and turn the tv off, which was playing the intro to CARS, over and over! ha ha with my tiniest little man, sleeping next to me in his Woody from toy Story jammies!
And now I have a lot of computer-catching up to do! ha ha ha
ANd some more Glaminar-getting ready-ness! huge love, kandee

PS. dont' forget to spread some smiles today...you never know how it will make someone's day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My dream is over!!!

Don't let delays, derail your DESTINY! 
(i heard this in church today.)
 So know matter what happens, that looks like it's the end to your dreams (you have no idea how you're dream will happen anymore), it could be the needed rest spot, on the road to your dream, that will make your DREAMS even bigger!!!

So many times I thought my dreams were over, but now that I look back at my "un-perfect" road to my dreams...I realize how perfect they actually were! Take a look at my dream-road timeline!

This is my crazy up and down, un-perfect path to my dreams, that I now see was totally perfect!

I dreamed of being an actress or fashion designer.
I get married at 17 find out I'm pregnant right before I turn 18....everyone tells me my future is over, now I'll never work in the movie biz!
I spend 2 years just taking care of my baby, but I'm in a verbally abusive and controlling marriage.
I finally leave, move home.
Go to beauty school.
Right when I graduate I get offered to work on a movie!
I love it!
Move to Hollywood.
It's hard being a single mom in LA, by yourself.  I only had my roommate or my childhood friend, Jim, to help babysit, while I worked on photoshoots and my restaurant job. I was paying $550 a month just for my son's daycare...and had to turn down jobs because I didn't have anyone to watch him.
After doing this for a while....I decide to move back to my parents.
Now I really think my dreams are over.
I meet a guy...we get married, I'm pregnant again. (Now I really think things are over.)
I work on photoshoots and tv shows doing make-up, all the way until I'm 8 months pregnant, and get offered to travel with the tv show, but I can't because I was due with my baby girl!
This marriage is not good either, we hardly knew each other when we got married.
I try to work any make-up jobs I can get....I had to have my husband bring my daughter, after I'd been there for 2 hours, to breastfeed her in the photographer's office...the client walked in and was like, "what are you doing?!?"...
My mom even drove her around so she would sleep on one photo shoot, then I would have to borrow the photographers car, drive out of the location, meet my mom, breastfeed my daughter, then when she was about to fall asleep, my mom would take off driving, and I'd go back to the shoot!

Right when we are talking about getting divorced....I find out I'm pregnant again! Oh brother! Now I'm really done with!!
I had a photo shoot for VANS shoes when my son was 10 weeks old...my mom was up in the hotel where we were shooting with my son while he slept, then I would run up and breastfeed him, and pump milk for my mom (the only time he ever drank from bottle!). This was really hard.
I get divorced.
I am a single mom, trying to take care of my 3 kids with no money from fathers....and I have no idea how I'm going to work, since my mom was moving away!
I prayed and asked God to find a way for me to take care of my babies!
My friend tells me about youtube.
I start making videos.
I realize that touching people's hearts means more to me than any of the dreams I had of being in movies or designing clothes, or even doing make-up. I wanted to make people's hearts over, I wanted to fill them with love and hope.
My dream had a very bumpy road, that looked so far away. I remember sitting in my little tiny house, that only had a few windows, was really old and dark, crying, thinking my dreams will NEVER come true! Sitting at my gramma's house with my mom, my 3 kids, after I moved out from my husband's house, crying, again thinking...I am NEVER gonna have any of my dreams come true.
But little did I know, that, all of that was getting me to the place, I needed to be to find my real dream...and the dream wasn't even about me...it was about all of you....reaching your hearts...pouring love into each one of you...and hopefully watering the garden of YOUR dreams!

Having my Glaminars..is so much more than just staring your make-up career, it's about lighting a fire in your heart, filling you up with hope, and filling your heart up with love and happiness to shine in the world!

Thanks you all for being my dream come true! Each and every one of you are my little dreams! I love you and I am honored to be a part of your life!
huge huge love, your imperfect-perfect dream path coach, kandee

Saturday, June 12, 2010


this is how I feel! ha ha ha...I've been reading emails for people entering to win a SCHOLARSHIP for the Glaminars non-stop for over 5 1/2 hours...good thing I took a speed reading course when I was younger!

I was crying as I read so many emails filled with the most horrible heartaches, from watching family members die, to being forced to go to homeless shelters, to living with cancer or having an incurable condition, to losing everything, to being abandoned by husbands left to take care of lots of babies as a single mom, to even more, that I want to keep very private, due to the severity of their stories!

I love helping people and I know that these are not just people looking to get out of paying for the class. I know you all work hard and want to pay for things on your own, but I know what's it's like when I didn't even have food to eat and someone offered me something. It was like heaven opened up and God poured out a blessing in my life. That is what I hope this opportunity is, a  life changing blessing!

There were HUNDREDS of entries! How do I pick?!? Each one broke my heart!

  As difficult as it was, I had to narrow it down. I could NOT pick just one!!! I narrowed it down to 41 stories that touched my heart. And since it was exactly one year ago that I held my first Glaminar, I wanted to offer a special opportunity to celebrate, so I made arrangements to get additional seating for our 41 winners. Yes, 41 GLAM-A-VERSARY SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS will be given the opportunity to change their life!

 Don't worry! For those who've paid for their GLAMINAR tickets, you will be getting special up front seating, amazing gift bags from Urban Decay, and will be entered to win our incredible prize give aways! (scholarship winners will not be getting gift bags, regular glaminar seating or prize entries)

I am so excited for all of you to be there and I can't wait to meet you in person and fill your hearts with hope, encouragement, and give you the inspiration and tools you need to go after your dreams!

Since, I wanted to protect the privacy of our 41 winners and their precious stories, I have emailed all of them instead of listing their names here.

TO EVERYONE THAT LIVES FAR AWAY! I've put you on a list, if I'm able to do more Glaminars near you, I'll email you when one is close!

I can't wait til June 27th! We're gonna have a fabulous, heart inspiring time! huge love and hugs, kandee

Glaminar Scholarship Entries are CLOSED

hi guys, I have hundreds of emails to finish reading (i think I'll be reading until midnight!) ha ha ha
Your stories are all amazing and I am sending huge hugs to you all!
Check back for the winner!
huge huge love, kandee


hi guys! wow! I am overwhelmed with messages about the scholarship! I wish I could just say you all can come, but I don't have enough room or giftbags to let everyone come! (ha ha ha)

I had to change the time limit to 1pm (pacific standard time- so about 30 minutes from this post)...due to my blog account keeps shutting down due to all the incoming comments! I have been reading for the last hour straight and I'm no where near  getting close to reading them all! I have been crying reading some of your messages...and I really wish I could have you all come, but I don't have room to invite everyone!)

Thank you so much, and I'll try to announce the winner as soon as I'm done reading them all!

huge, huge love, kandee

Free SCHOLARSHIP to GLAMINAR today only!

When I went to beauty school, I was a single mom, trying to work 2 jobs, and I was only 20! I talked with the owner of the beauty school and told her my story, she decided to let me go to beauty school for free, I didn't pay one penny! Her name was Bonnie, and she will never know the blessing that, that was in my life!

I want to help someone else like that too!

I want to offer a FREE scholarship to the June Glaminars in LA! (Don't worry, if you've already purchased your tickets, and you had a hard time coming up with the money, you can still write in, and I'll refund the money if you are the winner!)

1.You have to write a short message about why you should win the scholarship (just in a comment to this, but I won't publish any of the comments, in case your story is too personal)

2. you have to write in by 1pm (pacific standard time) (and I'll announce the winner tomorrow!)

3. You have to include your email address so I can contact you, as well as be willing to send me a picture to post in the WINNING BLOG POST! (without an email address I have no way of telling you you've won!)

4. You must live near the LA area, (I wish I had money to pay for people to fly here, but I don't have that kind of money, yet!ha ha)

So go comment below right now! And I hope to see you there!!! This could change your life, just like the gift of going to beauty school did for me! It was the beginning of an amazing dream come true! (even though I didn't even end up doing hair! ha ha)
huge love, your friend, kandee

Friday, June 11, 2010

My First VIDEO BACK!!! (update Vlog)

hot off the youtube presses...and hot off my smokin' macbook....my very first, video back (not an old one that I've had to edit, like I've had to do since my leg accident)
no more explaining or typing...just get a snack, and let's hang out for a few:
huge love, your friend Kandee

if you want more info on signing up for the GLAMINAR in a couple weeks, click here:


I LOVE this HELLO KITTY Purse! And I get stopped everywhere I go, by people asking where I got it! (i literally got stopped every 10 minutes at Disneyland, asked where people can get my purse!)
Where did i get it????
BUT WAIT!!!! Since the girls at BAGHAUS, said they get so many calls from my fans, and they said you guys are the nicest fans EVER!!!! They are giving me a DISCOUNT CODE to GET 15% OFF of everything on their ENTIRE SITE, HELLO KITTY stuff too!!!! The code is only good through SUNDAY, June 13th!!! so hurry!

AND this is just for the KANDEE-FAMILY (all of you!!!!!)......
so go to the website and enter code:

check out all the other Hello Kitty goodies they have!!! (and enter your code for 15% off everything..this weekend only! And make sure you tell them a huge thanks from KANDEE and YOU!!!)
If you want the HELLO KITTY PURSE like mine, they are expecting a shipment from Asia any day now...you can CALL THEM directly, and put your name on the waiting list to get one...they are gonna sell out REALLY, REALLY FAST!!! (tell them you're a fan of Kandee's too, to make sure you get on the  list!)

love and hello kitty treasures, your kandee

Who Wants To Borrow My Mom?

 the most amazing person I've ever known
she is: someone you can tell anything to and will never make you feel bad or judge you, she will always encourage you and cheer you up, and gives AMAZING advice
my plan: to share her with the world
why: because I get hundreds of messages a day, from people who need good advice, need a mom, or have a mom but they don't get along, or can't talk to her
AND MY MOM HAS BECOME A MOM TO BOTH ME AND ALL MY SISTER'S FRIENDS, they even call her, and in high school I'd come home and my friends would come over just to talk to my mom! They still do! She's like mom-to-everyone! (I like to share. So I wanna share my mom with you!)

and every time I read on of these emails I think, I wish I had a big camp, and everyone could come to it, and I could lend my mom to them, to love them, comfort them, encourage them, like my mom does for me!
my plan: Mission ASK-A-MOM!
you can write ANYTHING you want to ask my mom, get advice on, or need encouragement about...ANYTHING!
From what to do about a break-up, someone cheating on you, being mean, to how to cook a chicken, or what to do if your tampon gets stuck (ha ha ha ha)!
OK, so we'll do a video, I'll read the questions off, (and we'll NEVER reveal anyone's name or identity)...AND my MAMA will answer your most URGENT questions!
(just don't ask her questions about me...ha ha ha, just kidding!)
So post your comments below...(we'll find a better way to do this in the future, if you guys like this idea)
here's a little video with me and my mom, the best part is the last few minutes!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Get Rid of A Tattoo (with make-up)

INTRODUCING: Kandee "the tattoo remover" Johnson

I think tattoos can be beautiful works of art, however, I am too indecisive to ever permanently get something on my skin. I like change too much, that I'm sure in 4 years I'd want to change it! ha ha

But as a make-up artist, for tv, movies, and special events....especially weddings...Even the most tattoo loving brides don't want to walk down the aisle with the rose they have on the back shoulder blade!
Even for models, companies don't want models that have tattoos. The girl I traveled with to Asia, to do modeling with, had a dolphin tattoo removed from her hip, so she could get more work...IT LOOKED SO GROSS, like a huge canker sore-crater of bloodiness was what was left over to heal!

I'm going to show you the tricks of pro make-up artist and special effects artist, to get rid of tattoos!Well at least until you wash it off!
It would even work on this guy!
What you need:
a razor (to remove hair if in a hairy place leg arm or leg)
rubbing alcohol (to cleanse the skin of all oils)
an airbrush (I LOVE Dinair airbrushes, Dina was the first person to ever use make-up with an airbrush)
Dinair Paramedical Make-Up (this is make-up like no other, it won't come off on clothes & will last all day long, it will cover, scars, birth marks, vitiligo, port wine, acne, tattoos, rosacea, bruises & burns. It's designed to hold up in for actors in movies, under hot lights, and for the scrutinizing eye of High Definition Cameras!)
Tissues just like tattoo artist need to clean off the area...you need to gently buff the skin between layers
Fawn Brown Glamour Airbrush Make-up to give the authentic look of freckles or beauty marks
(optional) STENCIL for Freckles & Beauty Marks this is what I use in the video to give it a very realistic look
Get ready to watch and be amazed! ooooh! Ahhhhhhh!
And a HUGE thanks to my boyfriend's brother, Billy, who've I've known since he was little, and didn't have one tattoo, just blue or green hair! (Thanks Billy for getting tattoos, so I could cover them up!hee hee)

WATCH ME AT WORK IN MY "Un-Tattoo" SHOP! Like Kat Von D, but in reverse...I'm Kan Von J! ha ha ha ha
huge love and tattoo coverin', Kandee

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

for those of us without perfect lives...

KANDEE: has not had a perfect life (watch the video below)
yesterday, I cried...
it's funny how one moment things can be fine and just a little while later, something can happen that will make you feel crushed.
I felt like rain clouds moved over my head, and tears were falling instead of rain.
Whether your heart has been broken, your heart feels sad or discouraged, you've lost a loved one, you are just overwhelmed with life...
I love these lyrics from SUPERCHICK' song Stand In The Rain:
So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day, whats lost can be found
You stand in the rain

Know that I'm with you, my heart goes out to you, each one of you! My life has had moments that make me feel more saddened than I can explain, and I know that in this life it won't be perfect, but I know God knows at night there may be tears, but in the morning He can fill me with the happiness to be dancing!
The message goes out to all the precious hearts that have emailed or posted something on my facebook about hurting...and I want you to know how much I care about each of you!
Let's all stand strong, no matter how life may be crashing down around us, we WILL stand through the pain, we will make it out of each horrible situation, stronger!

May your day be filled with sparkles of happiness and your dreams be filled with sugary sweetness, and the feeling of this BIG HUG I am sending right to your heart!!!!
types with extra love, your friend Kandee

watch a little bit of my story here:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer SKIN: saving face

3 things I don't like: dry skin, frogs, and black licorice
Ideally I want to look like I have the skin of a 7 year old the rest of my life! ha ha ha
I am always on the hunt for the best moisturizers, lotions, and creams...
I have found a moisturizer that I love...it is all natural, has organic ingredients, and it works really well!
No more dry crackly face here, I'll be dewy fresh for summer. And hopefully I'll keep looking younger and younger....and younger! One can hope!

This awesome stuff is made in Canada, and the packaging is adorable, each box has a love letter...how can you not love this stuff!

Here's the link of you wanna see how great this stuff is!


happy summer skin! huge love and lack of wrinkles, kandee


It's GLAM time!
ONE YEAR AGO, I held my first GLAMINAR when IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) was in in LA, well actually very close to LA in Pasadena, California!

And we're doing it again! I had lots of requests for people out of town asking for me to do the Glaminar when they'll be in town for IMATS. Ask and you shall receive!

SO I was up til 1 am redoing my website that got erased....my head hurt, my heart was having funny palpitations...but it's done!!!

I can't wait...and we have Urban Decay that is going to give us gift bag goodies again!!! And I'm working on other companies giving us prizes to give away!!!

CHECK out the website: (just a reminder, I can only fit so many people, and tickets start going like crazy, we've already have people flying in from all over the country!)

I can't wait to see all you all and share my knowledge, give you love, and encourage you like no one has before!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's GLAMINAR time!!!

I'm busy working away at planning this today!!!
I'm so excited!!!
Here's the basic details:
JUNE 27th, Sunday
in PASADENA for everyone in town for IMATS!
check back for more later....I have one trillion calls to make!!!
love you all and can't wait to see you there!!!!!
huge love and please leave me comments of where you'd like to have me come do a glaminar!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fav Movie Treat: Popcorn or Candy?

9:45pm (last night)
Me and My mom venture into the movies to see Letters to Juliet. (I liked it by the way.)
The second we walk in, it smells like goodies, popcorn, yumminess.
And what did my trusty Hello Kitty purse have inside for me!?!? you ask
LET me first tell you....
I've made a change!
I am going to eat good foods so I feel and look good!
The normal Kandee, would want a few bites of someone's popcorn, something chocolatey. And maybe some red vines or Junior Mints! And I'd probably want someone to order an Icee, so I could sip from it.
Anyone who wants to join me, on my, GET FIT & FEEL BETTER FOR SUMMER, come along, we'll do it together!
For the 1st time in my life (at the movies anyway)....
I DIDN'T eat any candies or popcorn!
Back to what Hello Kitty had hidden inside!!!
I didn't, but I thought I would, have a hankering for a chocolate treat!

TRY IT, it's sooooo good! Like a sweet soft, frozen, sorbet Bon-Bon!

wash grapes
put em in a ziplock, plastic bag, in the freezer for a few hours
put em in your purse wrapped in paper towels (so they stay cold and don't get your purse wet)
and you'll be so proud of yourself, and you'll have less calories to work off to get bikini ready!

love and movies stubs, your grape-lover, kandee

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What!?! Leggings aren't pants!

Someone wrote in some article: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!
And I could hear crying coming from my leggings, all folded up in their little legging drawer!
Who would write such a thing!?!
Yeah! Yeah! I know, if they are nylon, like "tights", I agree, way too much can be seen through those babies! Undies, maybe the absence of undies! But come on, some solid, OPAQUE, cotton, maybe cotton/blend leggings! They are pants!
LEGGING CROTCH, must be covered. No one needs to see that!
That why I DESIGNED my little "crotch-cover-skirt"!!! hellooooo?
I LOVE leggings, so much, that I am getting married to them. (ha ha ha)
I don't think I need say anything more, except show you these snapshots of my life-in-leggings.
(Top Left, me in Urban Outfitters with my $7 forever 21 leggings, top right my clearance $5 zebra leggings from Kohl's, who knew, I never even had shopped there before!)
(above, me and my friend Tessa, right before I bought my fav SUPREME necklace, in another pair of $7, Forever 21 leggings! BELOW, left leggings from Charlotte Russe, RIGHT, me posing as Snow White in another $7 pair from Forever 21, and bottom, my fav Zebra babies!)
leggings are as comfortable as being without clothes on, as you'll get...being clothed! I love to travel in them, walk in them, dance in them, work out in them, live in them....
I dare someone to try to step to me and tell me they aren't pants, I can move my legs so well in my leggings, I'll windmill kick the air right near their head....I'd like to see them try to do that in their tight skinny jeans! ha ha ha

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