Friday, June 11, 2010

Who Wants To Borrow My Mom?

 the most amazing person I've ever known
she is: someone you can tell anything to and will never make you feel bad or judge you, she will always encourage you and cheer you up, and gives AMAZING advice
my plan: to share her with the world
why: because I get hundreds of messages a day, from people who need good advice, need a mom, or have a mom but they don't get along, or can't talk to her
AND MY MOM HAS BECOME A MOM TO BOTH ME AND ALL MY SISTER'S FRIENDS, they even call her, and in high school I'd come home and my friends would come over just to talk to my mom! They still do! She's like mom-to-everyone! (I like to share. So I wanna share my mom with you!)

and every time I read on of these emails I think, I wish I had a big camp, and everyone could come to it, and I could lend my mom to them, to love them, comfort them, encourage them, like my mom does for me!
my plan: Mission ASK-A-MOM!
you can write ANYTHING you want to ask my mom, get advice on, or need encouragement about...ANYTHING!
From what to do about a break-up, someone cheating on you, being mean, to how to cook a chicken, or what to do if your tampon gets stuck (ha ha ha ha)!
OK, so we'll do a video, I'll read the questions off, (and we'll NEVER reveal anyone's name or identity)...AND my MAMA will answer your most URGENT questions!
(just don't ask her questions about me...ha ha ha, just kidding!)
So post your comments below...(we'll find a better way to do this in the future, if you guys like this idea)
here's a little video with me and my mom, the best part is the last few minutes!


Unknown said...

Kandee you look just like your mama! She is very pretty too!

Michael said...

Shannon, (and kandee; you always post this stuff when I need it the most!)

So, my mom and I used to be like bffs but lately, she has gotten sort of weird. She doesn't tell me much, she makes me worry about her, makes me cry a thousand rivers because I get scared and she acts like it's no big deal. No big deal that she worries me, that I am so stressed that I cannot eat and my hair is falling out. I don't know what to do. I cry daily. I feel so alone because everyone thinks I should just shrug it off. I've turned to God but so far, nothing seems to be working. I am at the end of my rope. HELP!

Love you both so much

Amanda said...

My goodness, Miss Kandee, your mom is just gorgeous! I said this on your Facebook page a couple weeks ago, but I have to say it again after seeing this blog post... I hope I look that amazing when my son turns 30. She doesn't look like she's old enough to be your mother, more like your big sister!

I don't have any particular questions I want to ask at the moment, but if I think of any I will come back :)

Take care! :)

narrylikes said...

How do you cope when someone you're used to seeing every day (for years) moves away and because of timezones you barely talk to each other. Usually just a quick 'hi' and 'howareyou'. It's hard, so what would you suggest would make the heart a little happier? :) This question is for mama Shannon and Kandee too :D

Jenny said...

ohhh it's a really cute idea that u wanna help people with ur mum :D
u look like her ;)
have a great day^^

Unknown said...

i would love to ask my own mum this question, but unfortunately she left us in '96, so thank you for sharing your mum xx "ever since i was 5, i've wanted to act. fame and fortune doesn't bother me, i just want to be able to use my talents. how do i go about getting into the business without any formal training? i'm now 25 and am so scared that i've missed my opportunity and lost my dream." any ideas would be extremely appreciated and definately will be used. thank you both, huge hugs xx

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee,
I love this idea, and there's something which has been bothering me for quite a while, and i would really like to get an advice on this..
There's a guy who i really like, and he likes me too, but there are some issues and it would never work out, so before anything started i closed on the whole subject... it really hurts though, because we both really like each other.. how can i get over him? i spent days crying over him :( please help me Shannon..
love u both. xoxo

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee..
I totally love this idea, well there's something which has been bothering me for quite a while, and i would love to hear your advice on it..
There's a really cute guy who i really like, and he likes me too, but there are some issues and it would never workout.. so before anything happened i refused to go out with him, because i knew if we got together it would end badly and painfully and i would get too attached to him.. what do i do to get over him? please help me
love you both xoxo

VeronicaL said...

Kandee, your mom is beautiful. You look so much like her!

Haraje Snow said...

AWW so cute video! =)

Pinkhair said...

WOW kandee what a fantastic idea..I wish i had a mom like yours...unfortunatley she isnt...and that makes me so sad...will def be watchin this vid..hope your leg is healing..lots of love from UK xx

Fleur-de-Lis said...

Thanks for sharing your mom :D
Great idea ^^
Well, although i have a great mom, i would like to have an advice about a friend who betrayed me professionaly and now she had this amazing opportinuty and "forgot" that i even exist. I know she doensn't even deserves my time, but i would like to hear an opinon from someone else. I'm a difficult time of my life, there are no jobs in my research area and i don't have financial stability or independence to move on. I'm almost 23 and feel stuck, helping at home and researching and it's very frustrating* Thanks for the amazing blog ^^ it makes me smille

alexia said...

Hi kandee! You are the most beautiful person I've ever met. I hope you can help me.
There are two "gangs" in my class. Some of the people have a lot of fun while others are very quiet. I don't fit in among the ones having fun and I don't feel good being with the quiet ones. What should I do?
Sorry my english

Kitty said...

Hey, no questions from me but just to say you are both so generous with your hearts, I just think you are amazing, my housemate and me (a GUY!!) sit and watch your videos and laugh and giggle with you - so amazing, hope I look half as good as Shannon when I'm older - stunning, you are both wonderful. Kisses x~x

Raspberry Monkey Pies said...

Help me Kandee & Mama Johnson!!

I feel sooo LOST! I haven't a clue what I want to do in life, but I know I have so much to give! I am a very creative & loving person and always has been. But lately I've felt like everyone else knew what they were destined for straight away, they followed that dream and are successful with it. While I'm busy trying to figure out who I am! Not to mention the future... Is it too late for me to become successful in something that I don't even know what it is yet? And how will I find out what it is?

I can worry myself sick at night just thinking about the future! Some people tell me to study, well I wouldn't know what to study in the first place? Other say start my own business, well what type of business? And then there's always some that say, try as much as you can and you will find something! But I'm not in a financial situation to do so unfortunately.

I want to follow my dreams but I am seriously upset that I don't know what they are yet. How is this possible?! I'm also very indecisive and I have a different idea every day of what I might want to do...

Right now I feel like I'm stuck in a wave, just trying to survive.. rather than swimming around in the beautiful coral reef!

Kandee my sparkling wonderful best friend, thank you for sharing everything with people around the world. You are my inspiration x x x

Raeven Marie said...

you ladies are sooooo cute! i love the energy & the makeup looks fabulous..both ms. kandee & mama! you two are such an inspiration!

The Beauty Vixen said...

This is such a sweet idea. I love my mom and get along very well with her, but it's sometimes good to get a different perspective when you have an issue. you guys will be hearing fro me. Get ready for the madness "mom." Take care ladies :-).

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Hope said...

awwww Kandee you two remind me of my mam and me and can I just say your mam is a stunner :D shes gorgeous even without the make up :) and ill be addapting that new "couture" phrase for mature skin i loves usual u never dissapoint thank you xoxox

Unknown said...

First of all, both of you ladies are absolutely beautiful. I've been struggling with my weight for a few years now. I used to be completely comfortable in my own skin and then I started dating this guy who verbally abused me and would tell me how fat I was all the time. Of course I broke up with him, but I began heavy duty dieting. I lost 20 lbs and was a size 2. I still wasn't happy. I've since gained that weight back and am even more depressed now. I want to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see at ANY size. I admire people who can do that. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee and Shannon!!
last year, when i was 14, i was diagnosed with an eating disorder, and my doctors wanted to put me in an eating disorder center thingy for 12 hours everyday of the week, 7 am to 7 pm. long story short (very, very long story)she refused immediately. after yelling and crying and countless hours trying to talk me out of all of this, her and my dad contacted an old friend from the Lake Mcconaughy days :)) she's a dietitian, and her friend was a therapist and after about 4 months, TA DAAAA!!! i was better! SOO how do i repay my mum (and dad haha) for being so amazing through all the therapy? they truly, truly saved my life

thank you SO much, and i adore your videos, Kandee!


kerryo said...

Kandee you and your mom should try

You can synchronize it with twitter and facebook... it's basically a website where people can ask you questions either anonymously or with their account, and you can answer them.

Mine is just as an example :)

Oh, and I haven't had blogspot for very long, so this is the first opportunity I've had to leave you a comment. I'd just like to say how beautiful you are, inside and out. I wish everybody would spread as much love as you do!!

Cynthia said...

Hi Shanon and Kandee !
Thanks for offering your help.
Do we have to send you a youtube message for this or you have a email adress we could use ?

K-dawg said...

That is a great idea Kandee!
My question comes with a bit of background story, anyways......I have a friend, we'll call her A for short. She has always been a good friend to me, been there for my times of need and also great to hang out with. Now i am seeing a different side of her, she rarely talks to me and it just doesn't feel the same. She also has a problem with money, but i just feel like she is using me because ever year since grade 10 when i met her i have been giving her birthday gifts and cards while whenever it comes to my birthday she becomes like a non-existant human being. She plans parties for her other friend who is horrible to her, and for herself but when my time comes i'm like an alien to her. I don't know what to do or if i should say anything. Please help!

missria said...

My boyfriend of 1 year and I decided to be just friends (it was a mutual decision because we are both going to be attending different colleges, in different states) but I am still so in love with him. What should I do if he starts to date other people? and also, how do you know if a person is "the one" as in your forever?

... said...

this sounds amazing. :)

Gabysakura said...

Hi!! I know you read this a lot but...I love you Kandee!! You are awesome, and your mom is very pretty too, she looks younger with the make up on, WOW!!
I don´t make up myself (and nobody) because I don´t know how to do it, but seeing you doing this, makes me want to go to buy things to put hands on work!!
I was wondering myself if you want to give me some advice about how can I put some make up on myself?? I can send you my picture for some annotations or some advice. Thank you in advance!!
You are great!! Love from Guatemala

Anonymous said...

How do you find the encouragment to keep going when ur trying to reach a goal ? Ive been trying really hard but it never seems to be good enough because I feel like I'm just not good enough or smart enough to be successful in life. I'm not proud of anything I've done at this point (im 20), and sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a battle I will never win. Is it really worth it to keep fighting for your dreams ?

Unknown said...

hi kandee and kandee's mama!!
my mama lives far way :( so I don't get to see her much... her birthday is coming up and I wanted to ask you for any ideas for a nice thing to do for my mama... to make her happy even though I won't actually be there with her... I really appreciate your advice!!!
Love you kandee!!!

BrianneAM2008 said...

I think doing an Ask My Mom video would be a great idea!

VLP said...

Awwww!! This is a GREAT IDEA, Kandee!! So cool! Your Mom will be like Dear Abby....except, it'll be Dear Shannon. LOL You're both wonderful, beautiful peoples!!!!



...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

AWWW thats so great that you can do this for other people. You and your mom have such a great big heart.

Unknown said...

Dis is such an amazing video..! are soo much like your mom....i cud'nt stop smiling while watching it... :)
love and hugs...<3

siniann said...

This is a wonderful idea!

Karen said...

Wow is your mom gorgeous! You two look like you could be sisters. Here's my question? Will my teenager daughter outgrow her pigpen ways? Her room looks like a warzone and it doesn't even phase her. I am so the opposite...It's driving me insane!

Unknown said...

aw :) i never grasped the idea from sharing that you're supposed to learn when you're little... it's nice to see you being so shareful... lol. Your mom is so beautiful too Kandee, such brilliant genes in that family of yours :D

Anonymous said...

Your mom is so cool!! You look just like her too!
I was just wondering what would be your go to fast easy meal to make when you're tired and don't feel like cooking.

Blonde Mafia said...

Hi Mom,

First question. Where do you go to find GOOD friends? Ive always considered myself to have a fairly large group of friends around me but it seem like the past few years I have really noticed how they never call to just ask how I am, or how so and so situation is going, or about any of the problems I have tried to talk to them about. One certain friend calls me her best friend but only wants to talk about herself or her problems when we hang out and she only calls me these days to ask if I want to go to bars or complain about how a guy doesnt like her. I know to have friends you have to be a friends but it seems like the people I am friends with are selfish or really dont care about a friendship, they only care about convenient relationships. I have tried meeting people in small groups at church and had a BAD experience with that. Ended up being in a group with the most catty gossip talking, back stabbing girls I have ever met. Ive tried to meet people at school but it seems like everyone is so busy. They are like me, they are trying to balance school, other friends, families sometimes, boyfriends/husbans etc. And its not like you can just go up to someone and be like hey you wanna be my friend and hang out..haha
Im just lost MOM and its hard going through life with no TRUE friends around you that CARE about you. The only friend I have around me right now that calls and acts like he cares is a guy friend of mine and the only reason he does it is because he likes me and wants to date me. Why is it SOOO hard to meet nice trustworthy friends and genuinely care about you and a friendship. Are people THAT selfish and just worried about themselve now? Help mom :)
And THANK YOU in advance!!!

Sheryl said...

Kandee, how awesome you are! I recently found you on YouTube and am catching up on your blog. I was reading about the court issue and just don't get it...what's in us is what comes out, and if you're willing to share your mom, who was willing to do this, you must be the most loving, giving mom yourself. You're smart, gorgeous, and encourage others' beauty outside and're such an inspiration!

liz said...

omgash yall look exactly alike!!!
so beautiful :D

MM said...

Aww that's is so generous of you. The pic of you and your mom is beautiful. You look so much like her. I'll def take advantage of this opportunity.

Have an AMazing day to you and your mom.

LiveLife8 said...

Kandee I love both you and your mom! She is amazing because you're amazing! :D You are lucky to have a fantastic mom!

My question would be about love: How do you know when its true love, as in the one? And what do I do if he doesn't share some of the same beliefs as I do, like faith? Just general love, relationship and family advice would be amazing! xoxo

}definitely try formspring-its awesome!}

Anonymous said...

my question is
what should i do
eve since i remember i wanted to be a singer and an actress
i have singing lessons but i have alot to learn
and my parents dont take me serious
only my best friend is behind me
should i go after my dreams or just forget about it i live in the netherlands so theres not a big scene here in acting and singing i wanan travel for it but i cant leave my family behind what should i do?

Shelby Renae said...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this! Even though my mom and I are pretty close, I feel like she's too busy or won't understand whenever I need advice. I also have a hard time opening up to people, even my own mom. So thank you so much for this! That video of you and your mama is absolutely adorable.

Here's my question: I'm 19 and I've never had a boyfriend. I've been asked out before, but I've never had any interest in the guys that ask me. The only person I want has been dead for almost a year now. I believe with my entire heart and soul that we were meant to be together, as cliche as that may sound. I've cried so many nights over him, angry at God for taking him away and angry at myself for holding on so long. Part of me wants to move on with my life, but another part of me never wants to let go of his memory, because I'm scared I'll never find anyone like him. I guess my question is, how do I move on? Time isn't healing me like they say it does. If anything, the more time goes on, the more heartbroken I become. Sometimes I feel so pathetic for holding on to a man I can never have. But I'm still as broken as I was the day he died and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get over it. I hope this isn't too complicated to answer, but any advice or encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you again sweet Kandee and Shannon! From the bottom of my heart! xoxox

Anonymous said...

I love that idea, Kandee!! I'll be waiting for that video so much!
My question:

What the most important thing being mom? How to deal with kids, to be best friend to them (not like an enemy) especial when they are teenage?

Hello*Pretty said...

aww- that is so sweet! you are truly lucky to have such a wonderful mom. my mom is pretty much crazy train and i've always longed for her to become "normal". unfortunately as she gets older, it get's worse. :( i guess everyone has their challenges. take care and give your mom hugs for me. xo - karrie

me_juLiie said...

I love your mum and that you are so close (:

I have some things that are bothering me for a while now

Currently I am graduating from high school after that I am going to attend college
but the problem is that I live in Europe and one of my greatest wishes is one day to live and work in the u.s.
My parents and me have a wonderful and deep relationship but every time when I talk about it my mom pleads me not to go and even my dad says that he doesn't like the thought of it very much - both of them aren't that young any more and I am really afraid not having enough time to spend with them because they get older every day
I know that I will regret it one day if I don't go but on the other side I'm making people I love unhappy

I really don't know what to do and it would really happy when I could get some kind of advice (:

love julie

Unknown said...

Ask Mom i live in the uk and love your blog and you! i have very dry skin on my face. does mom have a tradtional remedy that she recommends to help with this? i have read and followed a lot of blogs but never actually joined one until i cam across yours. you are stunning and i love your zest for life. i read saw your video about your life and i cried. i could not believe what you have been though. keep doing what you do and dont forget money comes and money goes, as long as we have family and friends we are rich in life!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you stay encouraged to keep fighting for your dreams if the people around you constantly remind of you of your failures ? Without making this a long story, I'm 20 and i feel like I've just been a huge dissapointment to my parents. Thats the only thing they talk to me about now too(my mom constantly yells at me and tells me how horrible I am). Sometimes I just feel like giving up and I really wish I had someone that could inspire/encourage me, but I have yet to find anyone(I never had any friends that lasted). I hope you can answer this question. Thank you ! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea! Both you and Shannon are two beautiful spirits in this world! Always making people around you smile :)

KD said...

kandee thank u soooo much for just being urself!!! i can see where u get ur kindness :) i definitely need ur mom's advice on this one :( i was in a relationship with a guy who has all the qualities of a great husband, great father and most importantly great lover, but i find myself forcing myself to be with him :S i finally came to the conclusion to break up but a part of me is thinking if i will ever find another guy and i am considering to go i being selfish?or was i being rational?

Anonymous said...

I lost my mom in 2005. I thought as the years passed it would get easier, and I would be able to cope better. But, it seems every year I get more and more miserable. I'm 21 years old. I didn't graduate high school and didn't care, mom wouldn't be there to see it. She was ALL I HAD. Now I have a boyfriend and we've been together for almost a year now. This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, I'm madly in love. How can I go on crying everyday with him around? He feels helpless, as do I. I don't know what to do to explain to him that it's not his fault. I want to marry him, and even the thought of mom not being there for that makes me break down. Any advice?

uc said...

Thanks "mom" =) and Kandee hope you answer these questions, and love you guys.
Q 1: I have no friends, I used to have "Friends" in middle school but they were not Good. I used to have self esteem issues which caused a lot of problems for me. I am now home schooled and in the 11 grade, and my attitude and self esteem have turned around 360!=) how can i make true/good friends? will God just give me the right people or what? thanks

Q 2: I feel like I`m being taken advantage of by my siblings and my grandma. because i am at home all the time I feel like I should be MORE helpful around the house instead of doing things from the heart I do them because I feel OBLIGATED. with my Grammy I feel like she treats me like a maid by asking me to do things for her like picking up her plates, and doing the dishes with her. I wish she'd be less demanding.

Q 3: My parents have been fighting for the past 8 years. my dad makes racist and discriminating, downing jokes/remarks at my mom, her family, and my sibling and me. They keep talking about divorce and how they don't love each other anymore. My mom is finishing her Doctrine Degree,and is looking for a job.My dad is a full time Manger Engineer.We don`t spend time together as a family anymore and I miss that. what do i do? This is getting to be depressing and irritating =(

Q 4: I have an older sister (she's 28) who is visiting next month, every time she visits she totally avoids me, and almost all my siblings except my 3 younger sibling.she always brings toys for the 4 younger ones but not for the 3 eldest, it makes me feel left out. I don't disrespect her or anything, in fact I try to at nice and funny with her but every time I do she tells me to stop it. Did I say something wrong? Should I even try to be nice to her, should I give up and give in like her? Or should I just be respectful and say ‘Hi” and get on with my life like she isn’t here??

Q 5: I want to start my own business! I’m 16 but know I can do it other people younger and older then me have so why can’t I? skin care is something I’m very interested in because I take care of my own skin and want to help other people do it too =) My mom is totally for the idea of this. I want to create facial, and body products and sell them locally like at Saturday Markets and at local makeup stores. I am reading local law books, and entrepreneur books on how to start a business, my question is “Will my products sell well? How can I sell quality products for a good price? And will I succeed?”

Q 6 : My second eldest sister (27) who is married tells me that I need a makeover. I know that sounds like a nice thing to say but she says it in a rude voice. It makes me feel like I`m not pretty enough I do take care of myself, eat right/ exercise and do fun things.Why does she tell me this? I think I look great! but could have shapelier eyebrows and longer hair.
Thank you soo much, from the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate this.

M3@9@N said...

Awww! You two are SO cute! You look a lot like her. :) I love seeing what you're up to. You remind me a lot of my aunt. It's funny how random you can be. You're so full of energy & "happy"
/lots of love <3

Anna said...

Like many others here, I have no mother; she died in 2000. But, I still have my dad, and while he disapproves of almost everything I do, we still love and respect each other. He has helped me & my husband out of many financial situations that have arisen in the last year, and for Father's Day this year I want to spoil him like I do every year, but this year I really want to get something meaningful. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money. Any ideas, Shannon or Kandee? My dad is 56, if that helps. :) ~A

StephanieJade said...

Kandee! I feel like I know you, so I just want to tell you that you and your muhma are wonderful people! You have no idea how many nights I needed some sort of guidence, and just something to lift my spirits, your blogs and your videos do that for me! The world needs more people like yourself and your mom in it!

californialove3 said...

ahw kandee.. thank you for sharing your mom! shes beautiful. youre so lucky to have her! i DO have a question and i'll try to make it short.. my mom left my family when i was 13. like.. she just never came home one day. she ended up moving in with her new boyfriend. i tried and tried to get over the fact that she left me when i needed her most. she has said before, that i kicked her out. i feel like i did something wrong. its been 9 long years and im still hurting so bad inside. she SAYS she loves me but that doesnt take away the pain. i see her every now and then but its just if she were like an aunt rather than my mom. (i hope that makes sense.) Even when i got married, she didnt want to look at wedding dresses with me. When i try to talk to her about how i feel she starts crying and says sorry but that doesnt change the past either. am i wrong for holding on to this for so long? how can i let this ache out of my heart? this is probably an impossible question to answer. some comforting words would be just enough to hold on to. thanks so much kandee and mama! and sorry for the loong story. ;)

crypticprowler said...

Shannon and Kandee,
I'd like to know how to learn to trust people that are close to me, like my friends and most of all my boyfriend. I can't figure out how anyone can let their walls down and risk getting so severly hurt. For example... I love my boyfriend very much and he definitely shows that he loves me, but I'm always worried that he'll find someone else or cheat on me, but he always says that he would never do that because he's completely against people who cheat. Can you please help?

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing gift you've given us and I'm already in tears typing just this.

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 19, lost my dad to cancer last fall when I was 35. I'm 36 now. I'm 2 yrs out of a divorce and was a stay at home mom for 10 yrs. I don't really have a question, I just need someone to encourage me. I'm trying to make it on my own, without my parents, without a hubby, and without my bf (long story on that but let's just say things are on hold there) and without any friends really because I stayed at home for so long taking care of my kids. I'm in school, trying to deal with dad's estate, trying to deal with family members that I don't get along with, trying to take care of my grandmother too and I have 2 kids in elementry and middle school that live with me 50% of the year.

I know that one day, I will be ok, I will be able to take care of my kids and myself but my problem is, I'm getting really tired of struggling, I'm tired of worrying about money, tired of worrying about my kid's dad getting upset at me, tired of not seeing my kids everyday. I'm stressed to the max and I just need someone to tell me that one day this WILL all end and the kids and I WILL be ok.

I miss my dad, I miss my BF, I miss my kids. Life seems to be crumbling and I just can't seem to get it together. School is my 1st step toward being where I want to be, but I'm looking at longer than I originally thought because I have to miss school because of the kids.

Please, any amount of encouragement you can toss my way will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you Kandee, I visit your blog everyday because you're a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stifling day.

Btw, how is your leg now? We haven't heard anything on it in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! Let me start off by saying I simply adore you and your mom. I watch all your videos, you help me with so much!

This has been really bothering, and I don't have anyone to talk to really, my mom asks me not to involve her in my personal problems.. We don't get along to well.
There's this boy, and I really liked him. I talked to him occasionally and he would always look at me in the halls and watch me haha.. We would just make eye-contact. Anyways, I always took this as him liking me. He really gave me that certain look haha! He started dating his ex again, and people say we look alike. She has big boobs though and is popular and I just feel like there's nothing I can do, that I have control of to help me. I'm just wondering, how do I help overcome shyness and really talk to a guy to get him more interested or know i'm interested? And is there anything that really helps you guys when your bummed out over a situation with boys? Thanks so much!! Love you!!!

Noelle Garnier said...

Dear Kandee's Mum,
You are so beautiful! Thank you for taking our questions!

Q: What is a book that every girl ought to read?

Q: Someday, I would like to be the First Lady. What do you think of this?

xoxo for Kandee and her mama,
kandee fam lil sis

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee and Shannon!!

Shannon, I would just like to let you know that your daughter is the kindest most beautiful spirit I have ever met!! I love you both!

Ok, my question is...
What do you do when you are demeaned against for being yourself?

Background info to this question:
I was told that I was trying to copy this celebrity... OK, first of all I do know that its ok to copy. Its a complement. But I have changed SO much. Much like you, Kandee, I have a pretty unpredictable style! One day I may wear jeans and a tshirt... and the next a pair of leopard leggings and a pink shirt with earrings and curled hair!

But they still treat me like they did when I was supposedly "copying" this person... I am SOOO different!
I am a "future" makeup artist, so I wear really crazy looks to school sometimes, (crazy being very normal to a makeup artist! I wear dark colours and hardly anyone wears actual looks to school :D) I wear different clothes other than a high schooler would normally wear. Thats my style. What should I do?
(and her beautiful daughter)

XOXOX Sarah <3

Unknown said...

URGENT URGENT URGENT QUESTIONS! I've been waiting so long for this opporunity!!!! :D

The past week I've had exams for university. When I know that people have something important on, or even when it's nothing overly important, I'm always so excited for them regardless and I always wish them so much luck. For example I knew my friend had an exam at 7am, so I got up extra early just to wish my friend good luck. And when I knew the exam was over I checked in with them to see how it went. But I have no one who does the same for me. No one wishes me good luck for my exams. No one cares about important things that happen to me. No one is supportive or encouraging or congratulatory of me when I do something good. So I guess my first question is, how can someone like myself get through being alone. There's only so much encouragement I can give myself. And sometimes I just burn out and it all builds up.
My second question has to do with parents. I'm 19. Yet my parents treat me like I'm 9 years old. I've been "seeing" a guy for a while now. And next weekend we are going to a ball for his football club. He's doing the right thing and coming to pick me up even though I live an hour away. But it would be much easier if I could stay at his afterwards because of how far away I live and he lives really close to where the ball is being held. But my parents won't let me stay at his. I've never stayed the night at a guys house before. So my first question in regards to this is how can I get my parents to let me stay at his? I've tried everything and nothing works. And secondly, any small bits of advice on waking up at a guys house? I'm very self conscious and don't like to be seen without my make up on and I'm also very body conscious. So how can I stay the night and not be petrified of waking up in the morning and having him see me without make up on and without looking my very best?

People like the both of you are so rare. Thank you so much for taking our questions. You're both inspirational people and if I can turn out to be even half as good a person as you I'll be extremely happy.
Love to the moon and back xxxxxx

monavampire said...

I have a question for your mom (don't be angry Kandee,I love you so much!): Did you always believe in your daughter's decisions and plans?If no,what did you do to tell her gently that you don't appreciate some idea?Or instead,how did you tell her that you are 'ok' for all her decisions?

Guys,you're great :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you should totally get your Mom a twitter! Kind of like that other twitter "Stuff my Dad says" only clearly, your mother would be giving more positive advice lolol

Terrace said...

Kandee-I'm such a fan of yours I'm a makeup artist too so watching new videos of yours is like a little boy and his video games. You are such a talented and beautiful young lady I admire everything that you are just because you love everything you do and you are always so perky and high on life all the time. I love that you're lending your mom for advice (she's drop dead gorgeous, by the way!) and I really just need some advice right now on this particular topic that I'm sure us girls have all gone through, or will have to through at some point.. I'm almost 21 years old and I was in a 7 year relationship with my ex boyfriend until December, we went our seperate ways to focus on ourselves because thats what we need to do right now. But, he told me recently that he has no feelings for me anymore and we both need to move on. sooo now I am CRUSHED, because I thought we were going to get back together in the future because thats all we ever did. I just need advice on how to break that URGE to call or text him every day because hes totally moved on, and I dont KNOW how to move on! urrghh.. Why is it SO easy for the guy in situation but the girl ALMOST always gets the heartbreak...Any Suggestions??

Kayla Humairah said...

Hi Kandee..I absolutely love to read your blog..When I'm down,i feel i have to go and soak up some of your positiveness to get me through. I actually have something for ask-a-mom...I'm 21 and I'm jobless..but I'm trying my hardest to find one coz everything needs money nowadays huh? But it seems my bf's family doesn't like that my bf is supporting me for awhile while i frantically finding a secure job. Why can't they see,my bf is helping me out of his love for me and not that i went to hold his money hostage? It actually hurts that they call me names and saying i pulled him away from his family,God and everything. When i don't have anything to do with it. It's stressing me out and how i handled these atrocities is by being harsher to them. Well,obviously,nothing good comes out of it right. But,what should i do to let them know,me and my bf are getting married someday,maybe next year and the best thing they can do is give us their blessings? Should i leave my bf so as to let him go from all this misery or should i stay and armor ourself,fighting for our love?

Amanda said...

why does it always seem like the beautiful women wear so much makeup? Sure makeup does amazing things, but for goodness sake, you both have such gorgeous features! I hope this isn't how you wear your makeup every day! You've both got natural beauty-curl the lashes, sweep some mascara and chapstick on and you're done! even with "mature skin" that's all either of you need. You're too beautiful to hide behind face paint. (though you do an amazing job with that face paint...I come to your videos when I need to know how to look glam).

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Kandee this is so awesome of both you and your mom!! I appreciate this so much from both of you!!

I need some major advice because this is something I can't talk to my own parents about. I'll try to make the long story short!

I met this guy, liked him a lot and he liked me too! Amazing guy exactly what my parents would want for me except he's black. I never in my life would have thought my parents were racist they have friends that are of different races and never have had any kind of mean attitude toward different races until I wanted to date somebody outside my race. I was appalled at their reaction and being a teenager at the time I decided just to date him anyway. They found out and blocked any way I had of contacting him. By this point we truely were in love and found ways to contact each other only to get shut down by my parents. His family had to move away because he is sick and needed better hospital care and we haven't been able to see each other but we are still together and love each other so much. It's been over 2 years since that happened and we can't live without each other.
I talked to my parents about it and
My parents claim they would have gotten used to the idea but because I went behind their backs theyll never let me date him again (which is hard to believe I think that just makes it easier for them to say no.) I've grown and matured so much and never went behind their backs in my life except this one thing and they will not forgive me and let it go. I would have taken any punishment I know lying to my parents is wrong and had never done it before but I felt like I was right! I was 18 when we started dating, I knew what I was doing! But no matter what, they'll never let me be with him.

We don't know what to do because we want to be together no matter what but I don't know how to tell them. They're good people but grew up with a messed up view on this. Thank you so much for your time and advice. Thank you thank you I haven't been able to talk to anybody older than my age on this topic (I am now almost 21) and its hard going everyday paying for my own separate phone they dont know about just so we can stay in touch. I plan to go to graduate school by him after I graduate and will have to tell them eventually.
I appreciate the advice so much!!!! Maybe I'm on the wrong track and don't see it or maybe I'm doing whats right. I'd hate to lose my family over this but they need to understand it truely is what makes me happy. Even critical advice is helpful!!!

Kandee-You've inspired me so much to follow my dreams and being with him is a very important part of my dream. The obstacles you've gone through in your life show me I can get through mine. Thank you thank you thank you for what you've done for me. :)

if you could e-mail me back at if or when you have the time that would be amazing!! If you can't get to it I totally understand.

Thanks again both of you!!!!!!!!

misa said...

this is so wonderful of you to do this! hopefully my question isn't too late and makes it in. =]
i'm about to go into my 4th year of college and i have no idea what i want to do with my life. i changed my major [from japanese to asian studies] but i have no idea what i could do with it when i graduate. my parents are slowly putting stress on me with what i want as a career. all i know is i don't want a daily 9-5 office job. i want to have fun with my life but i'm totally lost.
hopefully if this gets answered, you can help me a little. thanks again! ♥

Unknown said...

Dear Kandee & Kandee's mommy

Almost 6 months ago my mommy passed away from asthma. Her death was out of the blue and shocked me and my family. My mom and me were very close as you and your mother are. She was literally my best friend and now that she went to live with the other angel mommies i have no one to talk to. Yes, my family but, my sisters are both much older then me and ... me and my dad well, we've never really gotten along bc he's very "normal" and conservative, me on the other hand i'm unique and a little out there and he doesn't like that about me. My mom was the only person to give me the time of day and believed in me. She is the reason i am the way i am today and now that shes gone i feel like i have no one there to support me and the dreams i have for myself. My question is how do i get my dad and sisters to realize makeup isn't just for play that it can be a real job and a good paying one at that also, that if they gave me a chance i could make this into a career. I need help ... mostly someone to talk to ... to motivate me and to help me not give up. thank you for your time. It means the world. xoxo

Brooke <3

c h a said...

Hi! I must say you both are very inspiring. I can see a very positive aura from both of you and I wish I could say the same for my mom and I. :( Well, question I have is how does she look so young still?! What are her beauty tips? I wish to look that beautiful when I grow older. thank you !

c h a said...

Hi! I must say you both are very inspiring. I can see a very positive aura from both of you and I wish I could say the same for my mom and I. :( Well, question I have is how does she look so young still?! What are her beauty tips? I wish to look that beautiful when I grow older. thank you !

Oops I forgot to press follow up email, could you answer this one instead? ^^

Mackenzie said...

I just graduated high school and don't plan on going to college. I have a job as waitress, which I do not plan on doing for my whole life of course,but for now, I'm undecided on what I want.

Since I dont have any plans right now, I feel just completely stupid and not special at all. Before deciding on not going on to college, shouldnt I have thought of another plan? I would love to travel,but money is a huge issue for that.

I obviously have some self esteem issues. How can someone love me if I dont love myself, you know?
I just dont know how to gain that confidence and love for myself.

Thank you so much for reading this and hopefully responding. I would appreciate it greatly.

Rebecca said...

First off, I really appreciate what your doing for us, you both have such beautiful hearts.:)
My little brother has autism. He's had it for about 5 years now. My mom has been desperately giving him all these medicines to try to make him better.He used to not talk and now he does. She doesn't realize what a miracle that is; some kids with autism never utter a word. Whenever he get angry or violent towards his toys, electronics or even us, she starts complaining and cursing God. I've been praying for theses last 5 years for God to heal him and he has definitely improved.(He's 8 by the way.) I'm just so sick of living in a house where I'm the only one with hope/having a positive outlook.If you have any advice at all that could show my mom how much God loves her and her family, I'd appreciate it very much! Thank you again for being such beautiful people, inside and out.
love love love,

rock star said...

Wow you have such amazing relationship with your mom, I'm close to my mom too.

Unknown said...

Hello Kandee, and hello Kandee's mom ^^. It is a wonderful idea you have here, and you are so thoughtful of others. I really love all your videos, and I appreciate everything you do. Anyways, I'll get to the point.

I have problematic family issues.
I've never been close to my mother because she works a lot, and since I was young, I was put into the care of my grandmother, while my mom was working.

Growing up in a traditional asian family, where everyone are busy making a living for a dozen of people in a same small house, I never got close to anyone. And not being allowed to go out a lot, I wasn't close to my friends either, and started closing up upon myself...

But now I'm in College, I met this wonderful guy, he's my confident, my best friend, my boyfriend. But he's not asian. I used to lie and hide whenever I went out to see him, because I know my family wouldn't accept that (until I graduate University! But even then...). During this past year, a lot of things happened, they found out, we argued very often, etc. I wanted to move out with my boyfriend, and they wanted to disown me. But when they realized I was serious, they accepted my relationship (even though they don't like it), but I have to stay home.

I have already signed a lease for the appartment, and I'm torn between the two "loves of my life". My boyfriend wants me to go live with him, but he doesn't want me to lose my family. At the same time, he doesn't want to wait 5 years before living together. I'm already 20, but this matter is something I cannot make up my mind on. For my family, it would be dishonor, sadness, if I move out now.

Should I leave home or should I stay? Should I break up with my boyfriend (it's gonna happen eventually if I don't move out)?

A lot of people told me to do whatever would make me happy, but knowing my family unhappy doesn't make me happy. And I have a little sister who is very attached to me.
If I move out, one thing for sure, I'll be coming back often to visit everyone. And I'll be more motivated to do all the things I want to achieve, because at home, I only receive negative comments. Rarely encouraging ones...

I'm also afraid something bad would happen to my mother. She's been through a lot of painful experiences, and never healed. She was very depressed back then, and even now, she isn't as happy as usually. Every day passes, and she seems to be fading away slowly. It's painful to see my mother that way. She told me that if I'd leave her, she would be so sad and hurt she'd rather die than live on. I don't want to hurt her, but I want to be able to live on with my life as well.

Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you so very much! Everything you do inspires me, and I'm grateful for the help you give out to everyone around you.

- With love.
A girl in distress.

Unknown said...

my mom is probably older than your mother. though i am only 19 this year. seeing u touching ur mom's face, i wonder if u noticed how different her skin feels like compared to when u were just a little girl. i do. everytime i touch my mom and feel skin, i get scared of the signs of her aging. i dont want to lose her and i feel so hopeless because i cant reverse it.

steph said...

first off thank you SO much! you're videos made me feel and look beautiful for my are truly an amazing person. i really need a pick me up. ive had horrible skin since i was 13. im going to college in the fall and its only getting worse. ive tried every product out there and several dermos. i dont have any more options. i just feel so depressed. i dont want to see my friends and whenever i get upset around my mom...she never understands. do you have any advice on how to deal with this. i dont know how much longer i can handle it. i just feel so out of place when im out with my friends. they all have glowing and gorgeous skin. i know they accept me and i do talk to them about it but it doesnt help.

thanks so much <3xox

ilona said...

I lost my mama a month ago... God bless you, Kandee, for helping me stay strong. Because you taught me to be thankful not FOR everything, but IN everything. I'm so thankful for 22 precious years spent with my mom. Now i know that the fact she's gone doesn't mean that nothing good is ever gonna happen to me, it is just the reason why i should be happy, for both of us.
Love and hugs from Ukraine

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