Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding MakeUp

Here's Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding, official makeup...(she had said she was going to do her own make-up, and someone told me of her "secret" youtube tutorial addiction...ha ha ha
Wouldn't that be something if she had seen my videos?!?
Here's from my look I thought would be a great "royal wedding" make up for her:

Watch the video and see all the products I used...
I used some bargain brands too (to stay wallet-friendly)...
here's some of what I show in the video...
Fit ME Blush in Medium Pink
Powder brush with ANY translucent powder
Make-Up Forever HD Foundation
Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion for Face
MAC black liquid eyeliner
Revlon Lipstick in Pink Sugar
Dazzlelights eyeshadow (shimmery ivory color) from MAC
L'Oreal Quad eyecolor in Blackened Smokes
Scene (plum-ish grey) eyeshadow from MAC
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in:
HEIST (warm grey-plumy) 
REVOLVER (light brown-grey)
S & M (shimmery grey)
CARBON (black) eyeshadow from MAC
TOAST lipliner from Maybelline (nude rose brown)
NAKED (my fav) nude rose beige from URBAN DECAY
COPPERPLATE (warm grey brown) eyeshadow from MAC
SHELL Cream Highlight from MAC
Silver Dusk Highlight Loose Powder from MAC

Here's the video...hope you enjoy!

may you have your own special princess don't need to marry a prince....we are all princesses!
huge love my beautiful princesses....your kandee

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Very bad days...

 You can still see the glass jars and toaster that once was the cozy kitchen to a family....
So many heart breaking disasters have been going on around the world...
and now in the southern states of the US...
a massive Tornado has killed over 200 people and made parts of Alabama look like a bomb hit it...

Alabama reported 180 people killed
Mississippi  32
Tennessee  33 (my sweet great-grama was from Tenessee)
Georgia at least 10
and Virginia has lost eight...there are even more states with more being reported missing and killed.
People's entire homes are missing, hospitals are filled to capacity, power has been out for days in some areas and the death tolls keep rising...
It doesn't matter what country we're from or what nationality we are...we all have a heart that beats and a desire to be loved and have a safe place to call home.
Please pray for the people who are now dealing with this in their day...

The poor Red Cross is trying to help out with all the disasters all over the world...and though we can't be there with our hands, we can help donate money to give the hands that can, some help

You can go to the American Red Cross website here:
or you can TEXT:  REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
Feed the Children is providing bottled water, canned and ready to eat meals, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and other disaster relief supplies.  They are shipping supplies straight from their TN distribution center!

To make a gift by check, please mail to:
  Feed The Children
  Attn: Tornado Disaster Relief    
  PO Box  272186
  Oklahoma City, OK  73137

If you would like to make a gift via credit card, simply call toll free:  1-866-851-9271

please pray for those in the southern states, as well as all the other disaster areas and the broken hearts and homes all around the world...
let's be a message of hope and helping hearts in a sad world...
huge love, your kandee

PLEASE RETWEET, RE-POST THIS...ANYTHING TO HELP GET THE WORD OUT...TO HELP....EVERYWHERE IN THIS RECENT GLOBAL DESTRUCTION.....People are hurting, hopeless and without anything...we need to help

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Contest Winner & Song that's stuck in my head!

Hooray! We have a winner for the celebrity favorite jewelry, Stella & Dot contest!
(all other contest winners were announced April 7th on my blog)
(Unless they don't contact me in 48 hours, then I'll have to post a new winner!) Sorry it took so long..I had to wait to hear back from Stella & Dot for the winner!

The winner for the STELLA & DOT contest is: KIKISHAV08
Hooray for Kikishav08, I bet you're going to be so excited!!!
(thank you Stella & Dot for helping me celebrate 500,000 subscribers on youtube and donating a prize!)

and the song that's now stuck in my the song from the Stella & Dot video for the contest by: THE TEMPER TRAP
(song: sweet disposition)
(hee hee, hope you'll be humming it all day with me too, now!)

have an awesome day no matter what seems to be going wrong, know that I am sending you baskets full of hope...and a sweet song to be stuck in your head! huge love, kandee

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I got interviewed at NYX & found a fun matte lip cream!

Look who got to go to the NYX Cosmetics showroom in LA!
Check out my interview at NYX ! It was so fun!
While I was there I fell in love with their new SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS
in ADDIS ABABA (hot pink)
goes on like a gloss, dries velvety matte, long nothing you've ever tried!

and I love this nude-pinky color called Tokyo!

come and peek at my interview in the NYX showroom! Funzie!

hot pink lipgloss....your, Kandee

Beauty in the Streets

My Jordan showed me this on youtube last night...
Beauty is everywhere...we just have to see it...
Art is everywhere
...not just in museums or in fancy buildings. And sometimes the beautiful things don't cost a thing...just your time to appreciate it.
No one had to buy a ticket to see this...
These dancers haven't spent years in dance class...
this is beauty on a street Oakland, California. Where this style of Turf (supposedly an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor) dancing originated.
It's like Micheal Jackson's moonwalking moves meet ballet meets acrobatics, meets amazing!
watch at :53 (Mann, the dancer in the black jacket...AMAZING!)

Jordan told me they were dancing in memory of the the dancer Dreal's (in the white shirt), brother who passed away. Dreal is incredible too (they all are), watch his arms at 1:44...!

check ticket needed...just watch these amazingly talented guys bring beauty to a street corner in the rain...

look for beauty today...anywhere...a street corner,  in the clouds in the sky, it's all's just waiting to be seen...


love and dancing in my living room, your kandee

Monday, April 25, 2011

Do Blondes Really have more fun?

(do not judge my hairstyle...this was like 100 years ago...ha ha ha)

For a short time, I wanted to feel  the "blonde" experience. It lasted until all my hair needed to be chopped of because it felt like hay or straw.
I will say, I love my dark hair....
but I was fun to be blonde...even if my hairs were like, "what the blonde have you done to us?"

While I was in beauty school I think I had almost every color hair possible from, black to golden brown, to auburn to orange, natural looking red to fire engine red, blonde to blue and green (sort of by accident)'s not a good idea to let your fellow students color your hair! ha ha

What do you think...who has more fun?
Red heads
or any other fun colors?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who wants to win some makeup?

My awesome friends from are hosting a:
They asked to pick 5 of my fav products from my Prom Make-Up Video with 3 makeup looks in one!
...and a pair of Urban Decay False Lashes!!!

i love this has been sooooo fun seeing everyone's picture on the beautylish site!

Here's everything I picked and what someone's going to win:
Prestige Black Liquid Liner
L'Oréal Studio Color Smokes Eye Shadow Quad in Blackened Smokes
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Pink Sugar (i love this color...the perfect nude color)
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Toast
L'Oréal Double Extend 'Beauty Tubes' Mascara
Urban Decay Urban Lash False Lashes in Come Hither
Yay, it's open worldwide too!
All you have to do is click here to go to to enter

have fun and can't wait to announce the winner after april 27th (all rules are on the site)

huge love and smiles...aaand yay for contests, kandee

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Saving Saturday- Beauty & Purse Deals!

Have I got some deals for you!
You're going to be saving money AND lookin' good!

First....I made a mistake...(a happy one)
when I was up til 2am picking winners for all the contests...instead of picking and notifying 3 winners for the Imosion purses....
I accidentally notified 4 girls!!!
sure enough I forgot how many I had picked...and kept on picking winners! ha ha ha
IMOSHION is not just a super cute bag company, but they are soooo sweet, not only are they going to give a 4th purse away to the extra girl, BUT they are GIVING ALL OF YOU A DISCOUNT CODE FOR 20% OFF ALL THEIR BAGS:
Imoshion purses have been featured in every magazine from Glamour to Oprah's magazine....
pick your favorite and save 20% with this code: KJ20SP (enter it on the homepage) go to:
(and FREE shipping for the US & Canada!)
I don't know how long the code is for...

get ready for my BEAUTY BARGAIN-ISTA video!
I'm gonna show you how to look great for spring...and save you some pretty pennies and dollars!
I've got some bargain versions of high-prices beauty goods.....
here's to looking good and saving money!

Instead of the new sheer glosses from DIOR for $28....I show you one for under $8!
Instead of a $200 Clarisonic....I show you a dupe for under $30 bucks!

Hope you guys like this:

here's to all my beauty bargain-ista's! love your kandee

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

Here's some of my favorite things of the week: (that I have used a lot! ha ha)

#1. my BOW NECKLACE: I got it at Hot Topic

#2. Black Sparkly Rose Earrings, from Betsey Johnson (but I only wear one at a time with a hoop on the other ear), I got mine at Macy's, they when they had a huge sale!
(as shown here on this stranger...just kidding, it's me!)

#3. HOT PANTS eyeshadow from Urban Decay (I love this and haven't worn it on my eyes yet! ha ha I just dab it on the center of my lips for a fuller, awesome highlight on my lips...lovely!)

#4. My favorite chapstick: It's giant, smells like Vanilla Icing...and I take it with me everywhere I go!
It's Treat Soft Candy Vanilla Buttercream Old Fashioned Jumbo Flavored Lip Balm (long name..hee hee) you can get it here:

#5. and this little face....
 (you can see more of her stripey pictures at:

AND my favorite video of the week, it's an oldie but a goodie (me and my kids watched it several times because they love it, not for the make-up but they love the singing... ha ha ha)

hooray it's friday...have a fun day and we'll see you back here tomorrow!
huge love and giant lip balm....your kandee

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cute Hello Kitty Nails

I love Hello Kitty! 
Was it my first Hello Kitty Folder in Kindergarden or how I fell in love with the smell of all the Hello Kitty erasers, pencil cases, and mini drawing sets at the Sanrio display? I don't know...I do know I can't even switch out my, beloved Hello Kitty purse!
May I present to you..Hello Kitty Nails!
 what you need & what I used:
paint brush- any cheap paint brush from the art or craft store will work, you could even try using a toothpick if you don't have a paintbrush
white nail polish- I used Wet N' Wild polish in 449B - it' a great bargain polish, but you'll need at least 3 coats to get nails really white
yellow polish or yellow polish pen - any yellow polish will work, but I used a Migi Nail Art pen (you can get them at

black nail polish-  any brand will work, but I used "I Believe" from Dreams by Neihule polish
red nail polish or nail art pen- and red polish is fine, but I used the Migi Nail Art pen again, it's fun!
top coat- it also will help if you use a basecoat before you begin with the white polish! I used Seche Vite Top Coat
Here's a Hello Kitty image to help you when painting her on your nails!
(personally, my fav is the face with the nose with the black outline for the nails, but you decide!)
 Here's the Hello Kitty items you'll see in the video:
#1. My Hello Kitty Purse- I got mine at (they always seem to be sold out though!)
You can also try, but they are always sold out too!
I even saw them at the Macy's in San Francisco!
#2. Hello Kitty Ring- I got it at Hot Topic, it is really cute, adjustable, but mine had a sharp plastic piece that scratched my finger, I'm going to try to file it down!

Now see how to get some cute Hello Kitty nails on your cute lil' hands:

Hello Kitty and Hello Hugs....from your Hello Kandee!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Life Barbie Doll!

What the Boobs!?
Yesterday, I saw this picture on
 of Galia Slayen's life-size Barbie's she makes to raise awareness about eating disorders)

What would we look like with BARBIE'S proportions?
(here's a little funny experiment the BBC did)
(all I can insert here is me GIGGLING) that is too funny!
It's cute on a doll, but not so much in real life!

No, (hee hee) this not Barbie....this was me with my BARBIE Make-Up Tutorial...

Thank Goodness I never wanted to have Barbie's proportions or even worse, Strawberry head would be 10 times bigger than my body!

here's as Barbie as I'll ever look....(ha ha)

thankful that I don't have doll measurements.... kandee!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bacon Beauty- Bacon Perfume or Nails, anyone?

So, maybe you've tried a Bacon nail tutorial (I have not done one! ha ha) This one is from Melissa Osbourne of you're still craving more BACON in your life!

The I HEART BACON shirt in your laundry is not doing enough for your senses!

I was taking a peek at the interview about my Prom  make-up in high school (click here to read it, it's fun!) on ...
and what did I see...but BACON perfume!
 Guys and Girls can both wear this uni-sex Bacon aroma!
For $36 US Dollars you can smell like a breakfast favorite, side order...
To get your hands on a some scented sizzle of your own, go to the home of this "crazy/marvelous" potion... FARGINNAY!
AND  don't worry, it comes in 2 fragrances....Classic Bacon and Bacon Gold!
I have no idea what this Bacon fragrance smells like with the 11 essential oils....but I really want to know! 

A butcher from Paris, John Farginnay, circa 1920...
came up with his secret BACON recipe of 11 essentials oils and BACON ofcourse! And soon had people and film stars hunting down his secret "perfume potion"!

if you're still craving Bacon...
there's always Bacon Shoes from Keds..
I think Bacon Shampoo would be a hit Ha ha ha!
and then there's this guy with a Bacon tattoo....
and now for some reason I'm craving pancakes!

Now let's see what everyone thinks...weigh in on the Bacon Perfume Debate!

Bacon Bits.....kandee

Monday, April 18, 2011

BLOG SPECIAL: Red Carpet Adventure

 Woo Hoo! I got to get out of my house (ha ha)...because I was invited to the Premiere of Disney's, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure...
here is a peek at my invite:

I filmed everything I could, so you get to come with me on this red, or PINK carpet adventure!
See my feet next to my little sign on the's not even on the "pink" carpet where JustJared and OK! magazine are...oh little ol' me! You can see Ashlet Tisdale's awesome silver heels and ruffley dress

 Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale..."I wonder what she was whispering"...hee hee
 Zac Efron was on and off the red carpet faster than a water droplet on a hot griddle...
the girls from Hellcats, Emma Lahana (above) and Heather Hemmens (below)...
where such sweeties...they even showed me what's inside their purses in my "WHAT'S IN YOUR PURSE: Special EVENT  Video (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!)

Austin Butler, was a sweetheart, the lady behind us in the glasses that kept looking in the camera (ha ha, it's hilarious in  the video), said so too!
Ashley Tisdale's PR (Public Relations) lady was really rude to me, ( I know it's their job, but that does not give you the right to be unkind and disrespectful to people. I won't repeat what she said, but people were trying to make me feel better after hearing what she said! ha ha
 HOT PINK SUEDE-LIKE HEELS (even though they look red here...)
My friend let me wear this necklace from her jewelry company, called THE VALKYRIE See her amazing designs here:
Faux Leather and Faux Fur Cropped Jacket 
I got this at SPEED on Melrose (you kno the store from my Shopping on Melrose Video with Cosmo! (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! SO FUNNY!!!)
From Old Navy
 (my new favorite!) BLACK ACRYLIC BOW NECKLACE
from Hot Topic...I'm just filmed a jewelry haul video to show all the fun jewelry I got there for super-duper cheap!

 a yummy electric green-apple, melon color from

Now get ready for a "pink" carpet good time and hear everyone answer my "kandee" questions!

 thanks coming with me...hope it was fun! hugs your kandee
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