Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty & Inspiration for your heart!

 priceless gifts of beauty...
each day we get a beautiful sunrise and sunset...
It's so worth it to take a few seconds and let your eyes soak in the wonder...and feel the beauty in your heart.
No make-up colors could ever be this incredible...God is the ultimate color genius!

 Near Bishop, California..stunning!

 I stopped by the Mountain Light Gallery in's always closed when I normally drive by it at night...but I got to finally go in, it's amazing, Galen Rowell was an amazing photographer, that never photo-shopped his images. Incredible! (click here if you want to see more of my stop in Bishop)
look at this picture of San looks like a cloud-city!
Big Sur, California
 Monument Valley
Moonrise in Bishop....
you know me and how I love moonrise's in the desert....
I hope this adds some beauty to your heart, no matter where you are seeing this...Iowa to Estonia...may it add some beauty, peace, and inspiration to your day and heart!

Here's one of my favorite moonrise moments in the desert...enjoy! hugs and beautiful sunsets..your kandee

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Maria said...

please check out this video
and if it melts your heart (like it did mine) mind telling your fans to vote for them on this website
it would be so amazing if this dad and little girl won.
thank you

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