Friday, January 30, 2009

Audrey Hepburn Make-Up Look

I've seen more posters & pictures of Audrey Hepburn in people's homes, than any other celebrity...even good ol' Marilyn...

So here's an Audrey Look, similar to her looks in Funny Face, Sabrina, and Roman Holiday! I love them all....

have a little Breakfast at Tiffany's today....(funny cause that's my sister's name) with me!

you can watch the video on Youtube I have on "applying fake lashes"...and dont' forget to subscribe to me! Thanks everyone, so much!
BRULEE eyeshadow (MAC)
ARDELL eyelashes in Demi Wispies
White eyelier from Sephora #222
MAC fluffy brush in #217
any angled brush
lipliner in WHIRL (MAC) or
Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipliner in TOAST #100
lipgloss in (Underage from MAC)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marilyn Monroe - pin-up girl series

Everyone loves Marilyn Monroe....
glam to the tenth power....
over-drawn red lips....lots o' liquid liner...some fake beauty mark-action.....and POW! Icon Make-Up......

watch related videos: defining eyebrows, flawless skin & applying false eyelashes

white sparkle/pearly eyeshadow (I used URBAN DECAY's SHEER eyeshadow)
brown eyeshadow in ESPRESSO from MAC
liquid liner in BOOT BLACK from MAC
Lipliner- STONE from MAC
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neutral Eye -Day Look

Bonus note: Today I booked the new Campaign and Catalog for Skagen's (the watch company) new line of jewelry....yay! I get to play with some fun highlighting techniques to make the models skin look as sparkling as the jewlery...I'll try to take some pics on set to show you guys!!!

Introducing the first, in a collection of, "Shifting-into-Neutral", flattering, day-time looks....on all eye and skin colors!
Plus, they are fast-fast-fast! we like quickie make-up!

videos to go along with this one:
defining your eyebrows (Youtube username: kandeejohnson
flawless skin (same as above)

BRULE (eyeshadow)
BARK or SCENE (eyeshadow)
CONCRETE (eyeshdaw)
CARBON (black eyeshadow for defining lashline)
PHONE NUMBER (eye liner or you cn use SMOLDER)
DEEP PINK( powder blush)
ANGEL (light pink blush

BRUSHES: fluffy brush, flat blending brush, rounded tip blending brush, angled brush

Thanks for subscribing everyone!!! You're all part of my fabulous team now! lipgloss and lashes, kandee

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A good kind of Pink Eye

not the pink eye where you're sent home from school....
but a fun pinky-valentine's day, 80's glam, look...that looks really good on ALL eye colors.....

here's what I used:
Hot Pink Lipstick from Covergirl in Pink Wink
Hot Pink Blush (on your eyes as an eyeshadow) in DEEP PINK from MAC
*any cheap pink shadow from the drugstore will don't need to spend al lot!)
Black Eyeliner in SMOLDER from MAC
Light Baby Pink Shimmery a pearly-light pink...I can't see the name of the one I sorry
Highlighter in SHELL from MAC
Light Pink Blush in DANDELION from Benefit
White pearl eyeshadow for highlight on cheek in PLATINUM LUSTER from the The Body Shop

flat angled brush
fluffy brush like (224 from MAC)
flat blending brush
fluffy cheek brush

And I already primed my face- you can watch my video on Youtube on Getting Flawless Skin

Thanks for watching!! And you can watch the video on's looksso much better, I think! Lipgloss and Lashes, Kandee
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green With smokey eyes

Thanks for the requests everyone! And for everyone subscribing to my Youtube videos.....soon I should be able to do some REALLY fun videos if everyone keeps subscribing!!! we love green....this look will make BROWN EYES, look like they are glowing....and I know how hard it is to make brown eyes as brilliant as blue or green....

I know...I own a pair! ha ha ha


Peachy-Yellow pearly creme eyeshadow or creme highlighter (like SHELL from MAC)

Light Yellow shimmery shadow (like SASS from Bare Essentials)

Matte Yellow/Flesh Color (FRILL from MAC)

Green Pigment (loose powder color) (in GOLDEN OLIVE from MAC)

Dark Green Eyeshadow (matte) (FEMME NOIR from MAC)

Dark Green creme shadow (like Stila Smudge Pots in JADE)

Black eyeliner (MAC smolder)

Black Liquid Liner (MAC Boot Black)


Lipliner (Buerre from MAC)

Highlighter lip pencil (# 056 from Sephora)

Lipgloss (C-Thru from MAC)

and here we go

My Work in a Book...

Lee has been a photo-illustrator and photographer in Hollywood for over 30 years....

I did a shoot with my one of my model/actress friends, Jaimarie, with Lee....and then one day my mom was looking through a book she just bought....and lo and behold, her first born's make-up artistry was decorating some pages....

this is the picture that I dolled up....yes it was supposed to look like 80's glamrock! ha ha ha

and he photoshopped all that smoke in.....

here are just a few more pictures...(i didn't have anything to do with these peep's make-up mind you) but I thought it was just interesting to show you the power of photoshop.....before and after photoshop has glammed them up a bit....prepare for the magic....oooh ahhhhh
I call it BP (before photoshop)...

then AP (after photoshop)
BP & AP.....i know! right?!?
and i call this one....10 years younger!
even boys get some beauty love.....

even though I've worked with some real artists in photoshop, like Erik Almas....his photos look like surreal, paintings, like a Van Gogh, very beautiful....he does a lot of ads that you see in magazines...

they can't do without a make-up artist....they can't blend eyeshadow that looks real...even out a complexion that will look real- you'll notice in all the "After's"...that the skin looks unnaturally even and kinda' real contouring.....
and I've yet to see someone photoshop lipgloss or lipliner on....ha ha ha...they still need me! hooray!

NEXT smokey, goldy-green amazing for brown eyes!!! Good for every color...but this is one that makes BROWN eyes look lighter-more gold.....and that's hard to do...I know, I own a pair!
Glossy smiles.......Kandee

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glammy -hot valentine's date look / glam wedding look

(here's this look that I created for this bride)
(and below......I re-created it for just me for a hot-date night...except I wasn't on a hot date, I was just all dolled up from making the video below....ha ha ha ha...

things are heatin' up.....heart day is just a couple weeks if you wanna add some heat to your look....OR
if you wanna glammify the biggest runway of your life (AKA the wedding aisle)...then watch on dollface.....
the things I used:
peachy shimmer eyeshadow
matte nude eyeshadow
waterproof- Black eyeliner, liquid liner, and eyeshadow and mascara
grey eyeliner and eyeshadow
nude-pinky-rose lipliner (Buerre from MAC)
light-light pink lip pencil (to highlight)
pink lipgloss (C-Thru from MAC)
helpful videos:
flawless skin video
applying fake eyelashes

Friday, January 23, 2009

How To- Pin-Up Girl Make-up (Betty Paige/Dita Von Teese)

Give me some swing music, some clothes that make a girl look like a girl, glamorous hair and make-up.....I'd love to walk in in the 30's and 40's in a pair of high heels with some great hat with feathers or something fun from that era....

I was raised with old movies of those days....and hunting in antique I love me a good vintage treasure from those years.....I've got vintage PJ's, jewelry, little Asian figures, high heels....all kinds of retro rarities!

Both my grandmother and great grandmother are still alive to tell me of the fun they had back in those days.....dances and high heels, leopard print bathing suits...

So bust out your Victory Rolls....and watch this little video fresh from my Youtube oven.....

thanks Lydia for requesting this look!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How To Get Flawless Skin

consider yourself warned....I have NO make-up on in this that you're prepared...
if your skin doesn't look great....ain't nothin' gonna look great...not'll just see red, blotchy skin!

so here's what you'll need:
you don't have to use it all...but I'll just put it out there.
bronzer (i love St. Tropez foam bronzer-you can get it at
foundation (i love Laura Mercier)
concealer (in 2 shades-one light and one dark) (again Laura Mercier's my fav)
MAC highlighter in SHELL
MAC powder blush in BLUNT
Loose Powder (i use MAC in the video)
on with the show!!!

and please help me so i can make better videos on Youtube....subscribe to me and leave a nice comment!!! thanks everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fake Lashes

Fake Lashes that is....
I've gotten some requests for how to put those suckers here goes....
Prepare to wink and blink and flutter those eyelashers!!!
The goods:
Pair of False Eyelashes....
Ardell lashes in  Demi Wispies (that's what I use in the video) you can get them at Wal-Mart or Target, or any drug store
Lash Grip Lash glue
a toothpick to apply glue to lashes
some eyeballs with lashes (or not)...
and please, please go to Youtube search kandeejohson, and rate my video and subscribe so that I can post better videos on there! Thanks so much.....have a beautiful day!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Radio-Active

I am so happy you like the videos!!!
Thanks for all the nice compliments you tell me, they are sparkles of encouragement to me....
And I am working on videos for all the suggestions and questions I am getting...
they're on their way, I promise!

My eyeballs are barely open to type this....(2 hours sleep in the last 36 hours..not so good)
I had a long shoot where I yawned 578,923 times
We shot in an area that had multiple warnings of Radio-Activity...
the photo assistant thought it made his throat feel weird...ha ha ha ha
I watched a prison, inmate get scanned on an CT machine, with prison guards standing by with handcuffs and shackles.....
I ate cheese bread and cinnamon bread for dinner....(bad choices are made when you're tired)
And I'd like to post something more my brain can't offer much at the moment...
be prepared to be dazzled tomorrow though!!!

Thanks for all the love everyone...keep it coming......I am a sensitive soul.....and love kind words!

The smoke gets in your eye(lids)- the smokey eye look

This is the number ONE requested look....

9.5 out of 10...ask for a smokey eye!

So get ready to go to smokey-town..sultry and sexy eyes are yours to behold...after you watch this, anyway!

Things you'll need:

Fluffy eyeshadow brushes

Angled brush

(dome-shaped) blending brush

A nude-peachy eyeshadow (Like FRILL or SHROOM from MAC)

A shimmery peachy eyeshadow (my fav...SIN from URBAN DECAY)

Black eyeshadow (I like CARBON from MAC)

Grey eyeshadow (I like PRINT from MAC)

Black eyeliner (my pick...SMOLDER kohl pencil from MAC)

Black Mascara (I love L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes)

Now get ready to get sultry, sexy, smokey peepers....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eyebrow Make-Over

(for real...could Youtube have given me an uglier still shot?)

so here's part 1...I flipped it and reversed it ya'll...

What you need:



eyebrow brush

biz card

and a pair of unruly eyebrow....or one mean mono-brow....

Now get to eyebrow-scaping.....! get my ratings up so I can post even better videos on YouTube....feel free to go to Youtube and give me the highest rating you want (I feel like I little like I'm in high school asking for your vote to be class prezzy...) and subscribe to my videos....thanks so much!!!

A Defining Moment in Eyebrows (video)

Ain't nothin' like the power of an eyebrow....think I'm exaggerating......may I remind you of this:

or this:

I know this video seems a little backwards, since it says numero 2....but number 1 (how to tweeze and trim those suckers) had some sound a Japanese Kung-Fu enjoy some backwards-ness...number one will be out the greats....Rocky and Star Wars....the first ones came out last! And the last shall be first......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Clean Make-Up Brushes

TA-DA! I finally conquered my video software dilemmas...yay!

And now you can go out in the world...armed with the knowledge of how to properly cleanse your make-up brushes...look out world!

things you'll need to begin the conquering:

dirty brushes

paper towels

baby shampoo or gentle/moisturizing shampoo

extra virgin olive oil (no exceptions on the oil, no cooking oils......)

Make-up brushes accumulate oils from the skin, as well as the pigments, waxes, and emollients in make-up. These ingredients and oils, do not dissolve in water (they're designed that way so they don't come off easily), so they require the "like dissolves like" theory....oils dissolve oil.

The olive oil will dissolve and loosen all the make-up from the fibers of the brush, so you can just suds em' up, and they're good as new.

You can also use olive oil as an eye make-up remover...great for your lashes and skin as well...and considering you can buy a gallon of olive oil for about $25'll be the cheapest make-up remover you'll ever have.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my first make-up model

my mom always said she had my sister so I'd have a friend...
and I did,....she was not only my best-friend, but my "ever-ready", just-next-door-to-my-bedroom, make-up model...

I gave her many make-overs...

this is from the "elementary school" series...posing in the studio known as my bedroom, shot by yours truly
and the one below is from the high school days series.....

but i felt like a proud mama, on the day of my sisters wedding...

to know that this day meant so much to her...and to know, that I was again, putting make-up on my little sister on her wedding of the most amazing days of her life...i felt so honored and so proud of the little girl that played Barbie's and Matchbox cars with me...

I wanted her to look so perfect that day...that when I stood next to her as she said her vows, I realized that we never found her Vera Wang veil, that she payed so much to have from the store, where girls were trying on dresses for the Golden Globes....not the ones yesterday, but 3 years ago....

She felt pretty....especially after we trimmed her false eyelashes a little....they can feel like huge butterflies have landed on your eyelids!

Thanks sister for always letting me make you over!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

home sweet make-up trailer

a haven away from set.....
when it's hot....people want to escape to the cool oasis known as the make-up trailer.
same when it's cold...production assistants seem to ask me questions that require them to linger, for unusually long periods of time...
but another amazing thing takes place when one enters the make-up trailer...
it is not only the beginning of the day's is the beginning of their "transformation" is a unique experience where, somehow in the safety of the make-up "cocoon", people feel like they can pour their heart out...

there is an intimate collaboration that takes place between the art director, make-up artist, stylist and the photographer or director, who is like the captain of the artist's personality has to work with the personalities of a particular team. And there is an even closer bond that gets formed between the make-up artist and the see them bare bones...bad hair, skin, without the help of their name it.

It is more than just the outcome of how they're going to's the act of letting their true self shine...
I myself, have a very maternal side...I enjoy taking care of people, making them feel happy and doing this I believe it makes them rest their faces and hearts in my hand...
I have been told many details and secrets that I don't think many other people know...I like to just listen to whomever is in my chair, and their heart pours out...and my heart wants to help make them feel as confident and beautiful as what they've opened up and revealed to me...
What happens when someone steps in the make-up so much more than just foundation and's bonding and I apply a heavy coat of bringing out the beauty of the person inside...without anyone knowing...just by offering my ear and kindness...oh what fun the make-up trailer had provided:
*a world famous chef made me ice cream on potato chips
*watching a mean actress get her picture taken with cucumbers on her eyes, and then someone printing it on the call-sheet the next day
*watching a 7 foot tall NBA star, struggle to duck inside the trailer door and sit on the chair like it's doll furniture
*finding latex molds of one of the Charlie's Angels stars boobs (ha ha ha)
*listening to people gossip about other celebrities...while I just LISTEN
*kids in the trailer...a guaranteed laugh....
I like that people run to the little haven I've created in the make-up trailer...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

kandee the canvas artist

(pre-script...i know this painting is not in proper's abstract-ical baby! i made it that way)
i've been packin' paint brushes and sketchpads since I was a toddler...
the only classes i loved in high school were: drawing & painting and graphic design
i really thought I was going to head off for art school...but instead I left high school (yes i have a diploma! correspondence, baby!) and left for Asia...where i got to have make-up put on me...
but in the 80's you'd find me watching fashion shows with my mom- (Style with Elsa Klench)
and I'd be whipping out pages of fully designed collections, like I was Christian Lacroix, Betsey Johnson, or Yoji Yamamoto...
I'd draw hundreds of body silhouettes...and design full seasons of clothes...i still have's hilarious...I did resort wear, swimwear, couture, you name it
I've done a little painting...I like feeling the brush gliding (side note: this is total de ja vu moment right now) all smooth and slippery across the canvas or wood (i like painting on big wood pieces)
I love the veils of color...all the colors I love in my mind that I never find the perfect shade of...I can mix it up myself...similar to whipping up a custom lipgloss color...
Art is in my heart and soul...just like any other person that loves it....I feel alive, like my soul is rejoicing...saying,"yeah, your heart beats for this"....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

human touch

i remember being in an acting class off of Hollywood and the heart of Hollywood's hey day area...right of the star walk...
I remember doing a scene with a guy that was new to the class...
and in our "two love-birds" scene, he didn't seem to really get into the moment...
The acting coach, told me touch the side of his face with my hand...
and explained that the human touch releases a chemical in our brains, that calms and soothes us, makes you feel loved...
the moment I did that....CLICK.....the scene became real and believable...

the power of touch is amazing
I know, that all the faces, that my hands have artfully touched, have felt the love that emanates from my heart.
The love that I share by making someone feel beautiful...
And the lost art of human a world filled with only the touching of a keyboard through email, myspace,'s nice to experience the beauty of real human tactility

Monday, January 5, 2009

excuses excuses

i know...i was supposed to be like, Stephen Spielberg, of the make-up videos tonight...BUT...
again my voice is toying with one minute...gone the next...not good for speaking and having people understand you...

however...thanks to of the peeps on a commercial shoot posted some pics..and lo and behold....some show me doing what I do right before the camera rolls.....

yeah...and thanks to the bill on the hat you see me wearing.....when I ducked under that jib-arm-thing that holds the camera, that's made of steel, I hit my forhead so hard on that thing...that when I tried to look at the monitor to see how the girls looked, everything was blurry. 
I didn't even care how bad it hurt, I just wanted to make sure that no one saw me do one rushed to my aide, except one of the sound guys that was standing right next to me, e asked if I was okay...
to which I replied, "yeah, I'm fine"....but really I wanted to say, "ssshhhhhh, i think only you saw that....don't ask if I'm okay...people will ask what happened!!!"
gotta go sleep, I have to do make-up for a milk ad tomorrow...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

eyebrows: the good, the bad, the ugly.

a picture says it all....

eyebrows make a big, bushy, difference....

I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly....and I am ready to share with you my addiction/obsession, with creating eyebrows...that will send people clammoring for  the scoop, on your razor-sharp-lookin' eyebrows...and a good pair of tweezers

so...I was going to do my first intructo-video..but unfortunately my voice has hit the road...via the highway of my cold....

for now I'm gonna get you ready....

tool list for killer eyebrows...

so gather these essentials:

#1- a good pair of tweezers (i'e tried many a tweezer...and nothing works like a tweezerman)

#2- a pair of curved cuticle trimmers (can be purchased at any drugstore...usually where you find nail files, polish....that kind of stuff)

#3- an eyebrow brush/comb (you can pick up one of these for super cheap, in any cosmetics department of your favorite store...Target, Wal-mart, you get the idea)

#4- and last, but not pictured....a business card....any form of hard cardstock will due...index card...anything (you'll find out why later)

get all these babies ready....and hopefully my voice will have a homecoming....and you will be raising some eyebrows of your own.

sick days

since i've been hibernating in my cave of sickness....i thougth I pop into blogville...say hello....and toss out some before and's my lovely friend Bethanie...that asked me to do her make-up on her most special day.....cue billy idol singing...."white wedd-dang".....

so as I've been resting on my couch-o-healing....I've planned out some really cool ideas for make-up demo-videos....putting my knowledge into your hands! hooray...

i'm working on MacGuyver-ing up some lighting for the until then.....I'm cooking up some fun stuff....

wait and be pretty...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

all lubed up for the new year

 my-first-day-of-the-year-in-the-morning-face (minus any form of make-up)...with the bonus of a cold of some sort and all my glorious freckles are out to say hello...BUT...
what i do have on...that i smear on every some Un-Petroleum....ahhhhh...the lube-y goodness feels like a velvety layer of Crisco on your face....
just try and invite a wrinkle to form on your face with this stuff smoothing and sealing your face up, with a protective coating of the best greasy-feeling...and it won't clog your pores because it's made with vitamin E which heals, protects, softens, soothes and rejuvenates skin
and doesn't have mineral oil (vaseline is pure petroleum) which is made from real petroleum which is basically waste from making petrol chemicals AKA gasoline, that spreads across the skin clog pores and irritate skin

my super suggestion for infantile looking skin:
slap on your regular moisturizer
then rub this heavenly product on you face
you can't handle it all over..just layer some on your eye area...ABOVE & BELOW and around the crows feet land on the outskirts of your eye (if you're over 20 you know where this is)
and around the "smile" wrinkles...unless you never're good to go
and if you don't want that big wrinkle line like Kimora Lee Simmons has on her neck....then slap some on your neck too

bonus uses for make-up....*for a shine and highlight on the cheekbones...dab a little Un-Petroleum on the cheek bones
*apply on the eyelids for a glossy look ( used for shoots as this look needs constant retouching)
*just apply the Un-Petroleum after a self-tanner/bronzing foam...and it gives a dewy, clean looking sheen

i buy mine at WHOLE FOODS or you can click here to go to their website CLICK ON THIS
happy new year of baby-looking skin....lube it or lose it!

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